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Ibnu Battutah

Ibnu Battutah was an Arab traveller. He traveled about 120,000 kilometres. Ibn
Battutah’s full name was Abu ʿAbdullah Muhammad ibnu ʿAbdullah al-Lawati al-Tanji ibnu
Battutah. He was born on 24 February 1304 in Tangier, Morocco. He came from an educated
Muslim family and received a traditional education in Tangier. He began his travels at the age of
21, in 1325.

His first journey was to travel to Mecca, the holy city. He went there for pilgrimage. On
his way there from Morocco he stopped in Egypt. There, he realised that he wanted to keep
travelling and to visit areas of the world as many as possible. He loved learning about new
people and cultures.

Ibnu Battutah studied with well-known teachers during some of his visits. He became
known for his learning and for his travels. He was shown favour by many powerful people.
Some of them helped him continue his travels. Then, he travelled from China to Spain and
visited many places in between.

Ibnu Battutah has visited what are now Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Iraq,
southern Iran, Azerbaijan, Africa’s eastern coast, Turkey, Ukraine, the northern Caucasus,
Central Asia, Afghanistan, India, the Maldive Islands, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Tunisia,
Sardinia, Algeria, Spain, and Mali. He became known as “the traveler of Islam”.

Almost 30 years after he began his travels, Ibnu Battutah dictated his adventures to a
writer, Ibnu Juzayy. Ibnu Juzayy wrote the Rihlah. He died in 1377 and was buried in Tangier.
He was a great traveller and explorer.