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Netvizz is being updated regularly. If you encounter a problem, please check the FAQ for how to report it.

Since this application has not passed Facebook's app review for the "Page Public Content Access" permission,
it may stop working in the near future. More details here.

To keep the high number of API calls this app makes under control, users are limited to 50 requests per day.
Hammering will lead to permanent blocking.

Developing and hosting netvizz costs time and money. If the tool is useful for you, please consider


The following modules are currently available:

page like network - analyze networks of pages connected through the likes between them
page posts - analyze user activity around posts on pages
page timeline images - analyze images from the "Timeline Photos" album on pages
search - interface Facebook's search function
link stats - generate statistics for links shared on Facebook

Big pages can take some time to process (minutes or hours). Be patient and try not to reload!

Version History
1.6 7.8.2018 Added interactive visualizations to the page like, page posts, and timeline images modules

1.5 28.7.2018 Getting ready for app review: removed group module, moved to API v3.1, some cleanup.

1.45 21.2.2018 following the February 5 2018 API changes, a number of features have been removed from the page module; reaction counts were added to the
basic statistics for the page module and to the image module

1.44 5.6.2017 added attachment retrieval for comments, both for page (top 200 & full stats) and group modules

1.43 25.5.2017 link stat module updated to API version 2.9, which adds valid comment and reaction counts

1.42 3.3.2017 added the ability for multiple seeds to page like network, internal housekeeping and optimizations

1.41 3.12.2016 added caching to page like networks to reduce API strain: page information is now only retrieved once per 24 hours

1.4 5.11.2016 added page timeline images module and reduced the number of posts to calculate page activity in page like networks to 50 to reduce strain

1.35 25.10.2016 added the possibility to get 200 comments per post to page module, small interface updates

1.31 23.08.2016 changed API call for link stats after Facebook closed old API access point

1.3 19.05.2016 moved to API 2.6 and latest SDK, loads of refactoring, new error handling, and a number of changes and new features:

 group data module: added Facebook reactions; changed some variable names to match API more closely, memory and performance
 page data module: added Facebook reactions; added fans per country output; changed some variable names to match API more closely,
memory and performance optimizations;
 page like network module: added post_activity and username variables, changed likes to fan_count;
 search module: added location (latitude/longitude) to places and events, added response counts for events, changed variable likes to
fan_count for pages;

1.25 08.08.2015 added social interactions output to group module and additional housekeeping in the group module

1.21 14.06.2015 added "stats per day" file output to group and page data modules for very fast analysis of activity over time

1.2 15.04.2015 moved everything to SDK 4.0 and API v2.2, reworked group module, new search and link stats modules

1.05 14.02.2015 moved pagelike network to API v2.2 and added two fields

1.04 29.01.2015 removed personal network and need for extended permissions (blog post)

1.03 14.01.2015 added like stats per country to page module

1.02 31.12.2014 fixed bug in like network (was limited to 100 likes per page), added stat only feature to page module

1.01 03.07.2014 added date range selector to page module

1.0 24.01.2014 big refactoring, move to module structure, bugfixes and optimizations, file field descriptions

0.93 20.10.2013 Like network changes: fixing call limit, removing location, adding liked object category and full likecount

0.92 03.10.2013 Various changes to lower load on the API

0.91 03.10.2013 Bugfixes for pages

0.9 07.07.2013 Added page like network feature (blog post), new page engine (with threaded comments), maintainance

0.84 18.05.2013 Added "link" field to page output, moved to new server

0.83 04.05.2013 Retrieved comments for pages limited to 800 per post because of API changes

0.82 12.04.2013 Optimizations, smaller bugfixes

0.81 23.03.2013 All group data anonymized, pages local bug fixed

0.8 15.03.2013 Comment extraction for pages, minor bugfixes

0.73 01.03.2013 Bug fixes for ego network counts, dynamic request frame sizing for handling very large pages, donate button

0.72 15.01.2013 Page feature now gets both page and user posts

0.71 30.12.2012 More maintainance

0.7 14.12.2012 Maintainance, housekeeping, new measures for personal profiles, users are anonymized for page data

0.61 20.11.2012 Added group interactions feature

0.6 23.10.2012 Added page data feature (blog post)

0.51 09.09.2012 Cosmetic changes

0.5 08.09.2012 Added like network feature (blog post)

0.44 25.05.2012 Major bug fixed, huge and groups should be much faster now

0.43 23.05.2012 Finally moved to new server, https works now

0.42 30.01.2012 Group methods updated

0.41 11.10.2011 Fixed group permissions

0.4 29.9.2011 Moved most things to the graph API