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Complete the sentences with the words

/expressions from the boxes.

a) A teen’s life isn’t always easy. There is the ____ and when
that ends a ______ with a lot of suffering. Nowadays
1 2 some try the new experience of ____ on the Net.
b) The number of ____ has been increasing, in spite of the
School grades Graduation Career choice sexual education at school.
c) At school there is the worry about ____ . When these
aren’t good they cause____ at home.
d) After ____ should they make a ____ or take a ____? It’s a
difficult decision.
e) Some opt for looking for their ____ and start earning
some money. This is the best way to fight the chronic ____
to buy what they want.
f) School mates aren’t always easy to deal with. ____
4 5 6 creates many problems, especially to those that don’t
First job Gap year have a strong personality.
Lack of money
g) The role of ____ is very important during this period of
h) We can’t forget the importance of teens’ ____, who
function as a model to follow.
i) Much of their free time is spent ___, going to ____, being
on the ____ or ____ to friends.
j) Mostly girls don’t accept well their ____. They want a
perfect body image, and so they start crazy diets which
end up in _____ like ____. They see themselves as fat ugly
7 8 9 girls.
First love Cyber love Broken heart

k) Teens are also pointed out because

of their ____. Now, not only boys,
but also girls drink a lot when they
l) The number of girls that is addicted
to ____ has also increased. It has
become a social habit.
10 11 12 13 m) Many teenagers love doing
Teen Social Texting Gaming
________ on their bodies, which
pregnancy networks doesn’t always please their parents.

14 15 16 17 18 19
Parties Addictions Smoking Binge drinking Eating Piercings and
disorders tattoos

Teen pregnancy

20 21 22 23 24 25

Anorexia and Body changes Idols Friends Peer pressure Family conflicts
a) First love
Broken heart
Cyber love
b) Teen pregnancies
c) School grades
Family conflicts
d) Graduation
Career choice
Gap year
e) First job
Lack of money
f) Peer pressure
g) Friends
h) Idols
i) Gaming
Social networks
j) Body changes
Eating disorders
Anorexia and bulimia
k) Binge drinking
l) Smoking
m) Piercings and tattoos