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Institute Of
Engineering and
Technology (I.E.T.)



Submitted To: Dr. H.K. Paliwal

Director,IET Lucknow

Submitted By:Pranjal Mittal

ECE B.Tech II yr
IET Lucknow

Transmittal Letter

The Director
Dr. H.K. Paliwal
IET Lucknow

Date:Oct 10,2019

To Whomever It May Concern:

Receive a sincerely greeting. I am the representative of
students of B.Tech. in Electronics and communication
engineering II year.

We have noticed the issue of a lack-luster approach in

green waste management and hence conducted various
cleanliness campaigns in the past which have been very

We have concluded that this can no more be the solution to

the problem and the management of the waste itself should
be improved; hence we present this proposal in your care.

It will be a pleasure to work with the institute in this matter

under your wings.

Yours sincerely,
Pranjal Mittal
(ECE IIyr B.Tech. Students)

Draft Contract
This is a contract between the _________________ of the
proposing body and _____________________ of the
proposed to body. Its breach will result to the discussed
It is effective from__________________.
It is effective until a proper contract is formed in which case
it should be legally handled.
Now it is hereby agreed upon that:
(I) The proposing body will be liable for all its
decisions and must submit a monthly report to
the institute.
(II) The proposing body must be ready to reverse
its decisions at any stage if not found needed
or proper by the institute.
(III) The institute must follow all the orders given
for a proper and healthy symbiotic relation and
(IV) The agreed upon fund will be provided by the
(V) Excess needs shall be fulfilled as agreed by
both parties at the time.

Sign of the representatives of both parties

(I)__________________ (II)_________________

Sign of witnesses
(i)________ (ii)___________ (iii)___________

Table of contents:

Letter of Transmittal 2
Draft Contract 3
Executive Summary 5
Introduction 6
Problem and it’s solution 6
Background 7
Objective 7
Scope 7
Technical Procedures 8
Methods 8
Plan of attack 8

Managerial Procedures 9
Sequence of activities 9
Equipment 9
End Products 9
Personnel Qualifications 9
Cost Estimates 10
Conclusion 10
Refrences 10

Table of figures:

Chart Of Waste Production 6

Expenses Distibution 10

Executive Summary

This proposal is to tackle the issue of green waste

management . Now-a-days the waste production in the
campus is increasing day by day and no proper
treatment is used for its disposal which in turn create
many medical and environmental problems resulting in
hinderances for studies of the students.

We will use peak of the age and latest technologies and

measures for the waste management in the campus that
will be feasible according to our needs.
We are aiming to be a result oriented along with a vision
oriented organization.

Problem and it’s solution
Green waste, which is also commonly called biological
waste (i.e. any waste that can decompose), usually
includes refuse from gardens such as grass clippings,
flowers, leaves, and kitchen wastes that are high in
concentrations of nitrogen.

It can be easily decomposed and be helpful to the nature

but instead it is usually dumped in large amounts in the
landfills where it gets mixed with the chemicals and
seeps in the soil causing more harm to the nature
instead of help.

The institute produces at an average above 50% of It’s

total waste in the form of green waste daily.

There is a small community in my hometown where they
segregate the waste according to its type e.g. food
waste, paper waste, cardboard waste, tetra packs, metal
waste e- waste ,etc and is then treated accordingly.
When they initiated this procedure they were very
concerned with the quality of the soil as they are a
farming centered community and in a very short amount
of time that is 20 months they achieved their set goal and
are very diligently following this arrangement.

I was very impressed, inspired and motivated to do some

work in this field following their lead.

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce proper
disposal and treatment of the green waste and an
adequate green weaste management.

This can only work if each and every entity which is part
of this campus will whole-hearterdly participate in this
project and thrive to make our campus a role model for
proper green waste management.

It can not only properly manage green waste but also

control other types of wastes too if followed properly.

Technical Procedures:
1) Biological Reprocessing: Green waste can be recovered
through composting and digestion processes to decompose the organic matter,
which is then recycled as mulch or compost for agricultural or landscaping
purposes. In addition, waste gas from the process (such as methane) can be
captured and used for generating electricity and heat (CHP/cogeneration)
maximising efficiencies.
2) Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis is a process of thermo-chemical decomposition of
organic materials by heat in the absence of stoichiometric quantities of oxygen;
the decomposition produces various hydrocarbon gases.

Plan of attack
We will educate the masses to segregate the green
waste at individual leveland then collect the segregated
waste and treat it accordingly. We will convert it into the
top soil,manure etc for agricultural purposes and supply
it to the fatrmers as needed and when the biological
reprocessing will not be available then we will follow the
process of Pyrolysis.
The fuels generated from the beforementioned
processes Can be used as cooking or transportation
fuels according to the result and method used to get the
This will also provide work to a number of people and
also arrange for their wages ensuring their livelihood at
the same time without needing much of an outside

Managerial Procedures:
Sequence of activities
1) Initial funding
2) Waste segregation
3) Waste collection
4) Waste portioning for various treatments
5) End Product collection and storage
6) End product distribution
7) Fund Management

1) Protective gear for labor
2) Proper tools
3) Adequate facilities like warehouses,gober gas
plants, etc
4) Transportation Facilities

End Product
1) Fuels(Propane,Methane, etc)
2) Manure

Personnel Qualifications
1) Proper knowledge of waste management
2) Skill knowledge for facilities handling
3) Unskilled labor
4) Managerial skills

Cost Estimates:
Dustbins, Wagons and personnel costs along with
their equipments and other factors may total upto along
the lines of Rs 1,00,000 for the initialization and first
phase of the project.

The detailed report will be provided at the time of

contract signing.

The proposal contains the overview of our
background and methods to tackle the green waste
management in the campus.
The green waste is harmful with improper
management but very helpful with proper treatment.
If the system is properly installed as discussed,
then it will be beneficial to the environment, provide jobs
to many and will be self-sustainable.

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2) Personal life experiences