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Alpha Communications

Stakeholder Analysis

Influence / Level of
Stakeholder Stakeholder Interest Where do we need them Strategy / Communication to Stakeholder
Power Interest
The President Wants to see a reliable and Sponsor the project, make recommendations Bi Weekly updates provided by AlphaComm
dependable process in place regarding 9 9 on implementing project solutions, and issuing
the execution of the event communications directly to Project Managers
Needs to provide the CIO and others Sponsor the project, approve the project Weekly status meetings with the PMO Director and
with assurance that the process has 4 10 schedule, direct communications to senior his staff
been fixed and is working leadership, and provide personnel and general
support to the project
CIO Goverance Council (CIO-GC) Approves the final work products Review results of the project at each phase, Monthly briefings on project results and work
produced from the project and wants 8 7 approve project deliverables and work products
to see successful implementation of products, and sponsor / support the
solutions implementation of solutions
IT Directors and Managers Need to see a consistent and reliable Champion the solutions to their program areas Distribute monthly CIO Council Briefings to this group
(ITDM) process for evaluating IT investments 6 7 and monitor the progress of implementation, and invite to critical meetings as the project nears
report back the results to CIO Council and other completion and begins implementing solutions
senior leaders
Project Managers (PM) For those that want to see good Leverage those Project Managers that agree Identify and include a group of Project Managers with
performance data, there is solid the process is broken and highlight their test piloting proposed solutions. Include this same
interest. Other Project Managers success to drive full scale implementation to group in progress reports throughout the project life
5 4
consider proper accounting a wasted other projects that ignore project cycle. This would include communicate updates /
exercise outside the area of project recommendations and solutions news alerts to the entire population of Project
management. Managers
Project Staff - Analyst, Most of the project staff concur with During full-scale implementation of solutions, Include senior staff level people with all pilot testing
Schedulers, Planners, etc. (PM the need to mature the current most of the project staff will be impacted. May and any final briefings or communications that are
Staff) process and put better controls in 3 4 have to involve some project staff during directed at educating people on changes to the
place. Measurement and Analysis phase. existing processes.

Budgeting Department (BD) Expect good reliable numbers from Support the mission of this project and its Copy them with communicate updates / news alerts
reports provided by the Project 4 8 solutions since this impacts the integrity of how that are going out the Project Managers.
Managers. they do their job and the reliability of what they
distribute to others.
External Agencies (EA) Expect good reliable numbers from Once solutions are fully implemented and Have the CIO Brief those outside agencies that are
reports provided by the Agency depending upon the extent of the problem, heavily impacted by the changes implemented as a
6 2 may need to notify or brief those agencies that result of this project.
have relied heavily on cost performance data in
the past.

Matt Evans Page 1 11/20/2010

Stakeholder Analysis Graph
Cost Data Integrity Project


Keep Manage CIO-GC

Satisfied Closely

Power PM


Monitor PM-Staff Keep

Casually Informed

Low Interest High

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