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Objectives of Maggi noodles

MARKETING OBJECTIVES: Increase value market share to 85% in the instant noodles
market by 2014 from the current 79.3%. To promote Maggi noodles as a healthy ready
to eat convenient food among mothers and single working professionals. To provide line
extension by introducing Instant noodles.
Brand MAGGI has started “Simply Good” initiative, in line with Nestlé’s global
commitment which is firmly embedded in our Purpose and Values which is to enhance
the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.
Simply Good journey has started with everyone’s favourite (MAGGI 2-Minute Masala
Noodles) fortified with iron which will now provide consumers 15% of their daily Iron
Iron deficiency is one of the leading micronutrient deficiencies in our country. Not many
people are aware of how stark the problem is but as per National Family Health Survey,
2015-16 more than half the women and children in India are iron deficient. Contrary to
popular belief that iron deficiency is prevalent only in rural parts of the country we see
that the issue is equally spread across urban and rural geographies.
Brand Self Analysis
As a marketer striving to build a winning brand in a sea of competition, your chances for
success are greatly increased if:
1. You have profound insight into your consumer’s values and motivations.
2. You fully understand the following for all the categories in which your brand operates:
(a) the different market segments, (b) the competitive set, and (c) which consumer
benefits are “cost-of-entry“ versus “differentiating“.
3. You fully understand the decision making process (rational or not) the consumer uses
to purchase your brand.
4. You defined the role, target consumer, essence, promise, archetype and personality
for your brand and are certain every key stakeholder is united around each.
5. You have absolute clarity around what your brand stands for (and what it stands
against) as well as how it is unique and compelling to consumers.
6. You have criteria to help you decide when you can use an existing brand, when a
completely new brand is needed and when a sub-brand is the right choice.
7. You have a strategy for building the brand from the inside out, ensuring all employees
understand the brand promise and know how to bring it to life.
8. You ensure the brand’s positioning is the lens used for making all decisions, from
growth strategy to customer experience strategy to new employees to new products and
The success of your brand depends on many things…but mostly on you.
Market structure
Creating a brand and sustaining a brand are two different things. Over time, many brand
owners have gone out of business because of the lack of sustainability and also the lack of
making the brand glow and grow.

The influx of some brands into the Nigerian seasoning food market has made a lot of other
brand owners’ stand on their feet while others play second fiddle.

Let us take a look at the two major brands in the food seasoning market in Nigeria. One
being the Knorr cubes and the other Maggi cubes.

In 1912 the first Knorr Bouillon cube was introduced and since then, Knorr is now being
enjoyed in virtually most parts of the world. In 1957, flagship Knorr brands like bouillon and
soups were sold in 8 countries and by 2000, Knorr products were sold in nearly 90 countries
around the globe it is growing fast beyond its European heartland, particularly in Latin
America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Knorr is Unilever’s biggest- selling brand and it
markets a line of low-calorie products; with its annual sales topping €3 billion.

In December 2013, Unilever Nigeria PLC revealed that it sold over 10billion Knorr cubes
seasoning; it is a development that demonstrates the growing consumers’ confidence in the

On the other hand, Maggi is an international brand owned by Nestlé. It has been in
existence since 1447. The bouillon cube or “Maggi cube”, which was another meat
substitute product, was introduced in 1908. Because chicken and beef broths are so
common in the cuisines of many different countries, the company’s products have a large
worldwide market. In West Africa and parts of the Middle East, Maggi cubes are used as
part of the local cuisine.

Even with the introduction of new seasonings into the market, these two brands have
continuously battled for the No.1 spot in the Nigerian food seasoning market, through new
ideas, promotions and ad campaigns. At least 7 in 10 meals in Nigeria has a Knorr or Maggi
cube in it. But with a motley crowd of well branded and ubiquitous seasonings swarming the
market, it just be a matter of time before Nigerian consumers decide who is the real Mccoy
in the seasonings business.



KNORR is said not to have a milder, less MAGGI is said to have a rather salty taste
salty taste and comes in a variety of but it comes in a variety of flavours


KNORR soups are low in cholesterol and MAGGI is so popular that it is a generic
Fat name for food seasonings in Nigeria


KNORR launched its Cook ‘n’ Win promo MAGGI, has occupied a big space in the
where winners received different prices hearts of consumers before now, it has
like cars, refrigerators, etc. It also managed to endear the brand to
launched the ‘Power of Meal Times’ customers thanks to its marketing
campaign project which was aimed at communication activities. Like its annual
organizing family picnics as a way of ‘Cook for Mama’ competition and its
preaching meal-time bonding. Maggi Million and More Promo which
produced 13 millionaires in 13 weeks.