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Juniper Networks Certification Program

eCertificate Download and Print Instructions


Your JNCP eCertificates are now available in your user account on the Juniper Networks Learning Portal. Please follow
the simple instructions below to download your JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP or your JNCIE eCertificate

Instructions in Brief
Detailed instructions below

Step 1: To access your eCertificate you must have an account in the Juniper Learning Portal. This account must have
your CertManager ID and use the same email address as your CertManager account. Retrieve your CertManager I.D.
and primary email address from CertManager
nager or the notification email you received from CertManager.

Step 2: Create or update your Juniper Netwo

Networks Learning Portal User Account

• To create a new user account on the Juniper Networks Learning Portal, go to Step 2A below.

• To update your existing user account on the Juniper Networks Learning Portal, go Step 2B below.

Step 3: View your active eCertificates in your user account My History.

Step 4: Download and print your eCertifcates.

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Please allow 5 to 7 business days from the date of your exam at Prometric for your eCertificates to become available
in your Juniper Networks Learning Portal user account.

Step 1: Go to CertManager and login to your account. Make note of the following because you’ll need to enter this
information into your Juniper Networks Learning Portal user account exactly how it is represented in your CertManger

• CertManager I.D. (This is different from your Prometric I.D.)

• Your primary email address registered to your CertManager Account. Note: To access your eCertificate the
email address in your CertManager account must be the same as the email address in your Juniper Learning
Portal account. You may choose to change your CertManager email address to be the same as in the Juniper
Learning Portal. If you choose to do that it will take 24 hours after you change your CertManager email address
for your eCertificates to appear in the Juniper Learning Portal.

Note: This is a good opportunity to update your personal information by accessing Update Personal Info.

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If you are unable to access your CertManager Account, email us at certmanager@juniper.net and include your
Prometric I.D. for account recovery assistance.

Step 2: Go to the Juniper Networks Learning Portal Home page at:

https://learningportal.juniper.net/juniper/default.aspx to create or update your Juniper Networks Learning Portal user

Step 2A: If you are a new user to the

Juniper Networks Learning Portal,
click on ‘New Users Register here’ under the login
window on the right side of the Learning Portal home

• During the registration process you will create a user profile. In order to access your eCertificates you must enter the
following information when creating your account:
o Enter your CertManager I.D.
o Enter the same email as your CertManager Primary email
o Hit Register

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It may take up to 24 hours to receive the email to activate your account. If you do not receive this activation email
within 24 hours please email us at training-req@juniper.net.

Step 2B: If you are an existing user to the Juniper Networks Learning Portal, please login to the portal using your login

• Then, go to My Profile

• Then, go to Edit My Contact Information and do the following:

o Enter your CertManager I.D.

o Enter the same email as your CertManager Primary email
o Hit Update

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Step 3: To Access your eCertificates

From any page in the Learning Portal, on the top right of your screen, do the following:

• Click on My History

• Then, In the Display Drop Down List, click on JNCP Certificates

• You’ll see all your active eCertificates names listed.
o NOTE: If you have a credential that has expired, you will not see it appear as an option for you to print.
Only active certifications are available to you.

Step 4: To Download and Print your eCertificates

• Under each eCertificate credential name, you click on View Certificate
• Open the certificate and either print it directly from the portal or you can download it and print it from your

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• If you are having issues viewing and printing your certificate, try the following:

o Temporarily disable pop-up blockers as this can sometimes prevent the download

o Check that you have the most recent versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox

• If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at e-certs@juniper.net.

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