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Transworld Group of Companies

Real Estate Division

Real Estate Builders and

Developers We cross boundaries with
our clients to create values
We Are
Your partner in global business and property

1 Market Studies / Feasibility Studies

2 Feed Mills / Poultry Control Sheds

✓ 3 Real Estate Builders and Developers

4 Overseas Property Development and Management

5 Multi Family Appartments Administration Services

6 Payment Solutions / Retailing Virtual Banking

7 Industrial Goods and Services / Supply Chain Management

Our Subsidiaries and Associates
We believe in diversification and growth.

• Bhullar Construction: Government Contractor building dams, roads and power projects.
• Ghous Gardens Housing Schemes: A housing scheme with four phase of development
• Safax Properties: Developers and managers for overseas properties in US, South Africa and Namibia
• Transworld Halal Feed Mills: Pakistan’s first national halal poultry feed mills .
• Trimax International: Payment Soultion Provider, Retail Banking Channel Developers
• Transcom Solutions: Sales and Marketing for development of Retail Channel for payment solution.
• Chaudhary Enterprises: Government Contractor for roads, schools, urban development

Our Associates in Development are:

• Jers Engineering : Town planning & Infrastructure Design

• Noor Durrani & Associates : Structural Design & Drawings
• Suhail Ahmed Associates.: Public Health Planning and Design
• Jon Sons Engineering : Electrical Planning and Design
• Econ Engineering : Electrical Planning and Design
• RMC Construction Co : Execution Work
Bhullar International Contractors

Bhullar International Contracts pvt Ltd is Government • Associated Electrical installation for item 3 & 4.
and Private construction contractors having vast •Camp at Tarbela site contract c-01 for Ghazi Barotha
national and international experience of developing project.
infrastructre and small dam projects. • Provincial highway project Jhang Chiniot 88 KM
Few of the projects are: structures.
• Constraction of air port road network at Baghdad •Cement factory best way cement Chakwal.
international airport for Fougerollesar-Batignalle.J.V •Development of Millat Tractors employees’ co-
• Constraction of drainage of sewerage system and operative housing society Lahore.
treatment station for Baghdad international airport • Construction of Sialkot international Airport limited
project. Sialkot.
• Construction of foreign ministry office building for
ministry of foreign affairs Baghdad Iran.
• Constraction of Babylon hotal project for ministry of
tourism Baghdad, Iraq
SAFAX Properties, Houston, TX, USA

A Multifamily real estate development and

residential property management company,
SAFAX's custom approach and commitment
to its residents, investors, owners and
personnel distinguishes us within the industry.
Safax strive to achieve an outstanding
reputation for excellence, both in the quality of
residential units produced and the manner in
which they are maintained. we aim to attain
high standards in building operational
management efficiency.
Trasnworld Halal Feed Mills

Transworld Halal Feed Mills, with 60,000 bags

per month capacity, is situated at Ali Pur
Chatta Road, Gujranwala involves in
manufacturing of Vegitable Base Halal poultry
This is the state of the art unit of its own kind
who is making Halal Feed mill catering the
need of our corporate clients like C.P
(Thailand), Five Star Chicken and many
others export based poultry meat processing
units. Our Thai national doctors has
developed a unique organic formula which has
decrease the mortality of the birds to 0%
Trimax International

Trimax International is payment solution

provider, having its integeration with Banks,
Nadra, Mobi-Cash and other financial
institutes makes it a unique service provider to
cater the payment delivering problems of the
clients on real time basis.
Our company is providing eTicketing solutions
to Pakistan Railways, TDCP Lahore Tour Bus,
TDCP Patriata Sky Chairlift Resort and Muree
Safari softwheel Train service to name few,
Besides we are providing instant fine
collection service to Trafic Police Lahore.
Transcom Solutions

Transom Solutions is creating the retail

channel for the product Reload, as one point
payment solution to cater $9Billion Telecom
industry of Pakistan.
It is currently working is UAE, South Africa
and Pakistan. Main Products are
•Prepaid Cards / Loads of All Telcos
•Utility Bills Collection
•Money Remittance
•Ticketing for Railways
Transcom Solutions

We are into Restaurant Retail, evaluation,

supplies and consultation business as well.
Our new venture by the name of Antique Café
is first café in Pakistan which is built on
aquarium. After getting an immense feedback
we intend to open in other branches nation
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www.transworld pk.com | info@transworldpk.com