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OPTIMASS 6000 Technical Datasheet

Mass flowmeter for high performace ships

fuel applications
• Temperature range -200°C to +400°C
• High accuracy: 0.1% of actual flow
• Measured values: massflow, density, temperature
• Twin V-tube design with optimised flow divider for minimum
pressure loss
• Fully welded maintenance free measuring tubes in stainless steel
• No requirement for straight inlet/outlet sections

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Technical data
Measuring system System / converter combinations
Measuring principle Coriolis mass flow The EcoMATE® software
takes care of data
Application range Mass flow and density measurement of liquid acquisition, logging,
calculations, monitoring
Measured values Mass, density, temperature and reporting.

Measuring accuracy
Measuring accuracy ±0.1% of actual measured flow rate
Remote converter with
Repeatability Better than 0.05% plus zero stability display for indication of
flow data and counter:
Accuracy of density ±1 kg/m3 MFC 400 F
Field mounted
Accuracy of temp. ±0.5°C

Design / construction Flowmeter from the side, showing tube layout:

Features Fully welded maintenance free sensor in stainless steel 1 Measuring

with twin V-shaped measuring tubes tubes
Options Available as remote version with optional I/O 3 4 2 Drive coil

Operating conditions 2
3 Sensor 1
4 Sensor 2
Ambient temp. Standard temperature range: -40…+65°C

Medium temp. -70°C... +230°C (Cryogenic -200°C... +40°C)

Maximum flow rates Max. flow calculation examples Coriolis measuring principle
(All instruments offered (Viscosity 15 cSt,1 bar pressure drop)
will be sized based on flow/
process calculations) S8: 400 kg/h Static meter not energised and with no flow
S15: 2600 kg/h
S25: 14000 kg/h
S50: 25000 kg/h
S80: 60000 kg/h
A Coriolis twin tube mass flowmeter consists of two
Dimensions and weight measuring tubes j a drive coil k and two sensors (l
B and m) that are positioned either side of the drive coil.

Energised meter

When the meter is energised, the drive coil vibrates

A the measuring tubes j causing them to oscillate k
and produce a sine wave l. The sine wave is moni-
tored by the two sensors.

D Energised meter with process flow

Dimensions (mm) Weight

(±3) (DN15) (DN25) (DN40) (DN50) (DN80)

S8 156 341 - - - - 123.5 137 6.6 kg When a fluid or gas passes through the tubes j, the
coriolis effect causes a phase shift l in the sine wave
S15 186 510 514 - - - 123.5 137 10.2 kg
k that is detected by the two sensors.
S25 282 - 600 610 - - 123.5 137 20.7 kg This phase shift is directly proportional to the mass
flow. Density measurement is made by evaluation of
S50 326 - - 709 715 - 123.5 137 26.6 kg the frequency of vibration and temperature measure-
ment is made using a Pt500 sensor.
S80 411 - - - 895 915 123.5 137 56.1 kg

Other dimensions on request

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