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By: Symone Jay Lapiz

Generic Brand Drug Class Mode of Indication Dosage Contraindication Side Effects Adverse NSG
Name Name Action Effects Responsibilities
1. Always check patients
Metoprolol Lopressor Beta- Unknown. A Hypertension 100mg Hypersensitive to CV: CV: apical pulse
adrenergic selective drug. hypotension Bradycardia 2. Monitor BP
blocking beta blocker Acute MI GI: nausea Heart failure 3. Store drug at room
agents that Pt. with sinus and temperature.
selectively Angina bradycardia, vomiting 4. Inform patient about the
blocks beta1 Pectoris cardiogenic shock Respi: side effects and adverse
receptors; and heart failure dyspnea effects of the medication.
decreases Skin:rash 5. Advise patient to take it
cardiac with meals.
output, 6. Tell patient to report if
peripheral he/she feels shortness of
resistance, breath.
and cardiac 7. Tell patient that
oxygen metoprolol is not advisable
consumption; to breastfeeding mothers.
and 8. Advise not to withdrawn
depresses drug abruptly.