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Weapon Ranle
Tupe Sub-TtJpe Name
Ammo Iost
Nearj Lonq Keqwords
I (300')

Derringer Remington .41 Shortdouble Derringer (1865) 2 $20 X x X small

Light Pistol Webley & Scott Police Model .32 ACP automatic pistol 8 $10 +2 +0 +0
Soviet military/
TT:33Tokarev 7.62mm autouratic pistol (1933) 8 $45 TZ +0 +0 X polie sidecm

+2 +0 +0 X Japanesemilitary
NambuType 14 8mm automaticpistol 8 $40 sidearm

Mauser "Broomhandle" 7.62 mm automatic pistol (1895) l0 $50 +2 +0 +0 X

Colt PolicePositive.32 revolver (1907) 6 $15 +2 +0 +0 X LIS Polce srdearm

Walther PPK .32 automatic pistol (1931) 7 $70 +2 +0 +0 X

Flare Gun Very 12-gaugeflare pistol (1882) $30 r1 +2 incendiary

reliable; US Military
Heavy Pistol pistol(1926)
Colt M1911A1.45ACPautomatic 7 $50 +3 +1 +t X Sidwm

German militar)
Luger P08 9mm automaticpistol (1908) 8 $50 +3 +1 +l

Gelme militdy
Waltler P38 9mm automatic pistol (1938) 8 I /J +3 +l +l X sideam

FN Browning High-Power9mm semi-automaticPistol ll +l +l +l

( I 935)

WebleyNo. 1 Mk IV .455SAARevolver(1915) 5 $25 +3 TI - l X UK milituy ridcm

Smith &Wesson .38 Specialrevolver (1902) 6 $10 +3 +l +l LIS police sidearm

Smith&WessonModel 27 .357 Magnumrevolver(1927) 6 $80 +3 - l +'l X

Light Shotgun WinchesterM 1912 2O-gaugepump shotgun( 1912) 5 $50 +3 +0 +0

+3 +U
Remington M32 20-gaugeshotgun (1932) 2 $35 '+ l\ +0 X double-bcrcled
Winchester M I 912 I 2-gaugepump shotgun( 191 2) $50 +l +t +0 X
I Shotdun
a +3 TI
Remington M32 l2-gauge shotgun (1932) 2 $35 (++) (+)\ +0 x doublebareled

Light Rifle Remington M34 .22LR sporting rifle (1932) 20 +2 +0 +0 +0

Tfimiii&ter-e;cano M I I 9i 6.5mmbolt-actioncarbine +2 +0 +0 +0
6 $20
( I 892)
q r1
q) Heavy Rifle M a u s e r9 8 K 7 . 9 2 m m r i f l e ( ' 1 9 3 5 ) 5 $1 2 5 +l +l

M 1 G a r a n d . 3 0 - 0 5r i f l e ( 1 9 3 6 ) 8 $1 2 0 +3 ft +l f l

L e e - E n f i e l dM k l l l . 3 0 3 r i f l e ( 1 9 0 7 ) l0 $1 0 0 +3 +l +1 +l

Holland & Holand Double Express .600 elephant rille 2 ++ +2 +2 kickback

Elephant Rifle $500
( 1903)
Submachine 20,30,50 full-auto, jams,
T h o m p s o nM 1 9 2 1 s u b m a c h i n ge u n ( ' 1 9 2 1 ) $200 +3 +l +l X
ddE Guns or 100 seep. 65

aS a
full-auto, jm,
"Schmeisser" MP28 submachinegun (1928) 32 $200 +3 +1 x scep. 65
+x ix,vi
2A Machine Gun
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .303 machinegun 20 $500 +4 +2 +2 +2 prone or bipod,
full-auto, seep. 65

Homemade Molotov cocktail ? +1 +0 x X incendiay

Pipe bomb +2 +1 -l

Dynamite Dynamite (stick) 7 +3 +2 X

Dynamite (bundle) +7 ++

Environmental Propane tank +4 +0 incendiary

b incendiary, Pulp-
Exploding car ++ +2 +0 2 only

Firedamp, coal-dust, or mill-flour expiosion +6 +4 +1 .l

X Gas Main +9 +5 +0 incendiary

Military Rifle-Grenade ? +3 -t x
Hand-Grenade I ? +3 +l 2 X

Land mine I ? +8 +3 I x
Mortar shell or rocket attack I ) TO +l +0 X incendiary

Artillery strike or bomber attack I ? +t'l +8 +1 2 incendiuy


,) {
Unarmed Punch or Kick
---- ---
1 requiresboth shellsbut lets you use parentheticaldamageat Point Blankor
Clubs Blackjack
L roseKanges

-1 May add *2 points to Firearms pool, or *3 with a 50-100 round drum, but if
vori do you must reload:

o Heavy CIub +0 full auto bonus once only per encounter

can ignite flammable materials at up to long rmge

F when used on full auto, if you roll a 1, your gun jams even if you hit your target

round after firing action must be Difftculty 3 Athletics test to remain upright
z firer must be prone (or havea bipod)

Improvised weapon (small) Cars do not explode in Purist gameswithout using an Explosive Device

i ImprovisedWeapon (large)

f t Difficulty to searchfor firearm on person bearing it

Simple Phqsicnl
A simpletest occurswhen the Investigatorattemptsa difiicult action without
activeresistance fiom anotherpcrson or entity. Hurt
l. Assigninga Difliculty Numbcr rangingl'rom 2 to 8.You mav revealthe If your pool is anywhere from 0 to -5, vou are hurt, with a few superficial
Difficultynumber in Pulp games,except frrr SenseTrouble . cuts and bruises.lnvestigativeabilitiesspendsare not permitted.l'he Difficulty
2.The playermay chooseto spendany number ofpoints from the relevant Numbers of all testsand contests,including opponents'HitThresholdsare
abilitvpool, to add to the final die result.'I'hesepoints are lost. increasedby 1. Make a Conciousness roll.
3.Theplaverrolls a singledie and addsthe points; ifthe result is equalto or Conciousness roll: You may delibcratelystrainyourselfto remainconscious,
higherthan the Difiiculty Number, the charactersuccct'tls. reducingyour Health p<xrlby an amount ofyour choice.(Youmay not voluntarily
reduceyour Health pool below -1 1.) For eachpoint you reduccit, add 1 to your
Contests die result.The Difficulty ofthe Consciousness roll is basedon your Healthpool
Contests are ongoing tests which occur when two characters actively attempt to
thwart one anothcr. Chases and auctions are cxamnles.
bcJorcyou make this ruluction.
First Aid: When you are hurt a characterwith the First Aid abilitvcanimprove
L Decide who gocs first in orclcr, first to flcc, li>west rating, NPC, dic roll.
2. Each participant takes turns to roll against a Difficulty, usually 4.
your condition. For every First Aid point spent,you regain2 Healthpoints-
unlessyou are healingyourself,in which caseyou gain only I Hcalthpoint. First
3.The plaver may choose to spend any number ofpoints from the relcvant
Aid can only re{ill your pool to whcrt' you were befbre the incidentin whichyou
abilitv pool, to add to the final die result.These points are lost.
receivcdthis latestinjury.
4.The player rolls a single die ancl adds thc points; ifthe result is equal to or
higher than the Difliculty Number, the character succce<ls. Wounded
5,The contest continues until a character fails a roll.The opponent wins. If yourpool is between 6 and 11, you havebcen seriouslywounded.Youmust
Combat make a Consciousness roll.
Whether or not you maintainconsciousness, you are no longer ableto fight.Until
Determine an order ofaction, ranking all participants in the combat according to
their present pool valucs in the fighting skills thcy'll be starting the fight with.Ties
you recciveFirst Aid, you will lose an additionalHealthpoint everyhalf hour.A
charactcrwith the FirstAid ability can stabilizeyour conditionby spending2 First
are broken in favor ofcharacters with higher rotings in thosc skills.This orclcr is
Aid points. Howevcr,he can't rcstore vour Health points.
aluays used.
Aftcr you receivefirst aid, you must convalescein a hospitalor similarsetting
1. When called upon to act, each combatant may strikc at any opponcnt within
fbr period offorced inactivity is a number ofdays equalto the absolutevalueof
range of his wcapons.
2. The player may choose to spend any number of points fiom the currcnt
your lowest llealth pool score.(So if you were reducedto 8 Health,you are
hospitalizcdfor 8 days.)On the day ofyour discharge,your Healthpool increases
lightingpool (Scuffling,Weapons or Firearms) to add to the final dic result.
to half its maximum value.On thc next day,it refieshesfully.
These ooints are lost.
L For each attack (usually one), the participant rolls a single die ancl adds the Dead
points; ifthe rcsult is equal to or higher than the opponcnts HitThreshold, When your pool dips to 12 or below, you are dead.
the participant succeeds.
4.The participant rolls damage, adjust according to weapon type and armor.

' Investigative abilities can only refresh between complete adventures, or major breakpoints in campaigns.
. Creatures Creatures not encountered lbr 24 hours refresh all but Health, which refreshes ld5 per day.
If a creature is encountered later in the same day it can refresh all but Health up to half their rating.
' T h r e e G e n e r a l p o o l s e x c e p t H e a l t h , S a n i t y a n d S t a b i l i t y c a n b e r e f r e s h e d o n c e p e r s e s s i o n , i n a s a v eh a v e n .
. Athletics, Driving, Firearms, Piloting, Riding, Scuffling and Weapons refresh 24 hours after the iast expenditure.
' Health refreshes 2 points per day of restful activity. (See Injury table for First Aid for wounded characters)
. Stability can be recovered by following Drives (p.73) PsychologicalTriage (see p.79) or Confidence rolls (see p.79)
Ask for a Stabilitv test u.hcnever an event mentioned on the Stability loss table. It is usuallv described in the form "A n-point Stability tesC'

1.The Difllcultv Number for Stabilitv rolls usuallv 4.

2.The plaver mav choosc to spcnd any number ofpoints fl'om the Stability pool, to add to the final die result.These points are lost.
3.The plaver rolls a single die and adds thc p<>ints;ifthe rcsult is cqual to or higher than the Diflicultv Number, no points are lost, otheru.ise n points


A human opponent attacks you with evidcnt intent to kill


not neccssarily threatcning, ()mcn or magical eficct a wall covered in horriblc insects, a talking cat, or a



,,--.,,,, .", * - ,l
I Youkill a fiiend, lovedone, or SourceofStabilit)' 8i

Stabilitq LossTable

This Mvthos truth poses a clear ancl present dmgcr to innocents; this truth gocs ""1''"
6""' decper, reaches back farther, or has wicler 3
implications, thm rou previouslv beiieu.d

This Mythos truth could destroy the world or is doing so right now, probably inevitably; this truth proves your Drive to be
or doomef u
Numbers for all General abilities increase bl l.

2-point spend.

Start a neu lnvestigator.