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Problem statement
Which type of food has the highest energy value?

The final temperature reading/energy value for peanut is higher than bread and biscuit

MV : type of food
RV : the energy content
CV : volume of distilled water

Materials and apparatus

biscuit,peanut,white bread,distilled water,boiling tubes,plasticine,pin,thermometer,bunsen burner and wire
gauze,stopwatch,retort stand and clamp

1. white bread weighed and its weight is recorded
2. 20ml distilled water is poured into boiling tube
3. The boiling tube is clamped to the retort stand
4. Initial temperature of water in the boiling tube is recorded
5. The white bread spiked firmly at the end of the pin which is mounted on some plasticine
6. The white bread Ignite by holding it in the flame of a bunsen burner and immediately placed beneath the
boiling tube to heat the water
7. The water stirred gently with the thermometer
8. The final temperature is recorded (highest temperature reached) as soon as the peanut has stopped burning
using thermometer.
9. The energy value of the peanut is calculated using the formula below

Energy = Change in temperature X volume of water X Specific heat capacity of water

Mass of food sample

10. The results are recorded in table below

11. Steps 1 to 9 are repeated by using different food sample such as peanut and biscuit.


Food sample Temperature 0C Mass of Energy

Initial Final Increase in food value
temperature sample
White bread 330C 420C 90C 3.3 229
Peanut 270C 480C 210C 1.5 1176
Biscuit 300C 420C 120C 2.2 458

1. State three precautions needed when carrying out this experiment.
Make sure that the nut is completely burnt before reading the temperature.
Make sure that the nut is put as close as possible to the bottom of the boiling tube.
Make sure that the water is stirred before reading the temperature.

2. Does the mass of the nut effects energy value?

No. Because the energy value is the amount of energy produced when 1g of food is completely oxidized.

3. How can we apply the knowledge of the energy value in our daily lives?
To plan our diets according to our daily needs.
Hypothesis is accepted. Peanut has the highest increase in temperature/energy value.