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Table of Contents

Executive summary 2

Summary 2

Unique value proposition (UVP) 2

Targets / Objectives 2

Problem Analysis 3

Solution 4

Company 5

Company overview 5

Company history 5

Management Team 5

Market Analysis 6

Market forecasts 6

SWOT analysis 6

Marketing Strategy 8

Target market 8

Competitor analysis 8

Create a landing page 8

App rating 9

Product growth 9

Financials 10

Startup costs 10

Revenue models 10

Funding required 11

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Executive summary

This is the first and most important part of your business plan because it’s the first thing
an investor will read. The form of the executive summary should be clear and concise,
without detailed information about how your product works.

In your executive summary, address the situation in the market, who your target
customer is, and what unique problem your application can solve. Read More 

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Unique value proposition (UVP)

 Help Tip
Unique value propositions change over time. No app business plan survives
contact with real customers and the market in action; however, you should have a
starting point.

If you are entering or attempting to create an entirely new market, it might be

harder to define this. But for those entering established markets, you need use
this opportunity to outline why you are different from the competition.
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Targets / Objectives

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These goals should be based on your business analysis. Investors will be
checking to see whether your goals meet their needs. You also have to determine
the ultimate goal of your exit plan. In addition, to increase the attractiveness of
your company, you need to make a list of funding requirements and the proceeds
that will be used. One of the important factors in the success of a startup business
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plan for your mobile app is ensuring maximum transparency at each stage.

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Problem Analysis

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A problem or series of pain points is something that you know your potential
customers are having. Either no effective solution exists, or the current solution
has serious shortcomings. It should also demonstrate that this problem impacts
enough people to make your app startup a viable commercial proposition.

Successful businesses identify these gaps in the market and fill them with
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products or services:
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 Help Tip
The solution is where you introduce your app. Don’t go into feature details on how
your app works, instead, stay true to the problem that you just identified. List
exactly how your product solves the problems you identified.

1. What does my app allow people to do that they couldn’t before?

Read More 
2. How will my app change the status quo people are dissatisfied with? (identified
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Company overview

 Help Tip
Here you should describe your company:

Type of business structure

Location of the company
Statement of the concept Read More 

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Company history

 Help Tip
Describe the history of your company, how your team formed?, How you came up
with your idea? What steps did you take to understand the market and customer
pain points (e.g. develop an MVP, do some market testing)? How did you
assemble the team?

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In addition, you can talk about the main stages of your company’s development
and the experience that precedes the launch of the product.

Management Team

 Help Tip
This can not be understated how important this section is. For everyone involved,
either full-time or who plays a key role in the strategic direction of the company,
investors want to know more about them. Give details on how they got involved,
their role and responsibilities, along with academic and professional experience in
mobile application development or related fields.
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If you have an advisory team, it's useful to list who's on-board and how they are
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Market Analysis

 Help Tip
Information about the state of the market should be the main factor in the
realization of your idea. You should be knowledgeable about the state of the
market in your industry, have current information, and make a short-term forecast.
That is, you should have a marketing plan. The market analysis section of your
business plan shows the viability of your project.
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In order to be aware of the popularity of mobile applications, you can constantly
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Market forecasts

 Help Tip
Forecasting is an integral part of writing your business plan for the realization of
an app development startup. You can include data on the growth in a number of
companies in the mobile application industry and data on the amount of money

Read More 
Your goal is to assess whether there’s a real market for your product, whether
there are enough customers in the market and, accordingly, whether those

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SWOT analysis

 Help Tip
One method of strategic planning that allows you to give a structured description
of your situation is a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis can be used to study
products, enterprises, regions, or even entire countries. SWOT analysis stands

Strengths, Read More 

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Strengths Weaknesses
Mention positive tangible and intangible Factors that are within an organization's
attributes. Internal to your organization. which control that detract from its ability to attain the
are within the organization's control. core goal. In which areas might the
organization improve?

Opportunities O TThreats
External attractive factors that represent the External factors, beyond an organization‘s
reason for an organization to exist and control, which could place the organization‘s
develop. What opportunities exist in the mission or operation at risk. The organization
environment which will propel the may benefit by having contingency plans to
organization? address them should they occur.

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Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a bridge that allows your product to fall into the hands of your
customers. You have to convince investors that you have such a bridge.

To succeed, use the following marketing strategies for your mobile application:

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Target market

 Help Tip
Research the target market

The first step is to attract your target audience by choosing a certain group of
consumers whom your product is aimed at. This target audience should be
defined based on demography, habits, psychological characteristics, and lifestyle.
Analyze how your ideal client will use your application. Read More 

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 Help Tip
Competitor analysis

Research of competitors

Researching competitors is an element of business analysis. This information will

help you highlight the features that distinguish you from competitors and will also
help you improve your processes and solve problems in your market.
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Create a landing page

 Help Tip
Creating a landing page for your mobile application will help you expand your
target audience as it will inform readers about innovations and updates. Make
sure your page contains the name of the application, a description of its
functionality, promotional videos, and so on.

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App rating

 Help Tip
To improve the ranking of your application in search results in the app stores, you
need to improve its characteristics, for example by optimizing the mobile
application in term of load times.

Obviously, a high position in search results will draw the attention of potential
customers. Read More 

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Product growth

 Help Tip
The process of expanding the user base is different depending on the type of app
startup, and the business strategy for entering different markets also varies.

For example, a massive advertising attack only makes sense in markets where
consumers understand your product or service and its usefulness.
Read More 
Take an example from applications that have successfully implemented massive
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Finally, the time has come when you can proceed to the financial part of your business
plan. You must clearly understand what kind of financing you need to move forward.
Moreover, when reading this part of your business plan, a potential investor should also
understand the funding you need.

The financial model includes, as a rule, a three- to five-year forecast of all theRead
mainMore 
forecasted models, including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheets, start tables, and

Startup costs

 Help Tip
Inform your investors about estimated costs. Since this information may fluctuate,
our advice is to place reasonable estimates and leave room for extraordinary
expenses that you may face.

Some costs are going to remain fixed, such as salaries, subscriptions, and office
rent. Whereas others are going to increase as your business scales, e.g. More 
space. Base your cost projections on your revenue, so that an investor can see
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Revenue models

 Help Tip
Explain how your business going to make money out of your application. For app
founders, the following revenue models are available:

Advertising. This works if you intend for your user-base to be the product,
whereby they get it for free and advertisers pay to reach them.
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Paid. Although many people are averse to paying to download, apps can still

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Funding required

 Help Tip
And finally, to secure investment, with these numbers in hand, you should be able
to outline how long it will take to achieve profitability and how much funding is
needed. This is the amount you are asking for. In exchange, you need to say how
much equity you are giving away, or alternatively, work out how long it will take to
bootstrap until profitability - once you've got an app to launch.
Read More 
Every technology startup and app is different. All of them take a different road. No
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