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School: Grade Level: II

GRADES 1 to 12
Teacher: Learning Area: ENGLISH
Teaching Dates and
Time: Jan. 2- 6, 2017 (Week 8) Quarter: 3rd Quarter


A. Content Standard Grammar Awareness and Comprehending Literary Text Oral Languages in English
SPECIAL NON- Structure Weekly Test

Demonstrate grammatical Respond to literary text through the Have sufficient facility in English to
awareness by being able to read, appreciation of literary devices and an understand spoken discourse and to talk
speak and write correctly understanding of story grammar and interact with others about personal
Communicate effectively, in oral experiences and text listened to or read
and written forms, using the
correct grammatical structure of
C. Learning Verbs Retell and/or reenact events from a Create and participate in oral dramatic
Competencies/ story activities
Objectives Objectives:
Identify some words that comprise Objectives:
contractions (e.g. can’t = cannot, Participate in the retelling of poems Objectives:
it’s = it is, aren’t = are not) and stories Dramatize familiar stories, rhymes and
Arrange pictures as they happened in poems using English
the story
Write the LC Code for EN2G-IIIg-h-3 EN2LC-IIIi-j-2.6 EN2OL-IIIg-1.16
II.CONTENT Lesson 25: I Can Shorten Words Lesson 26:I Can Retell Stories Lesson 27: I Can Respond to Situations
A. References CG pages 15,28-29 CG pages 15,28-29 CG pages 15,28-29
1.Teacher’s Unit 3 pp.39-40 Unit 3 pp.41-42 Unit 3 pp.42-44
2.Learner’s Materials LM pages 313-314 LM page 315-318 LM page 319
3.Textbook Pages
4.Additional charts, pictures charts, bundle of barbecue sticks, cord, charts, pictures
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Materials from picture of people

Learning Resources quarrelling, pictures of sons
(LR) portal quarrelling, picture of sons trying to
break the sticks, picture of sons
breaking a stick
B. Other Learning
A. Reviewing Drill Drill Drill /l/
previous lesson or /oy/ Repeat after me as I read the words Listen then write the number of syllables.
presenting the new toy and tap the number of syllables. _____ fight
lesson boy old _____ bundle
ploy over _____ bathroom
annoy together _____ sticks
enjoy man _____ peace
soil table _____ table
foil unity _____ barbecue
coil sons _____ break
boil peace _____ meal
loin brotherly _____ unity
got Review
power Do you remember how your group
another presented yesterday?
Which group has 5 yes checks? 4? 3? 2?
B. Establishing a Motivation: Motivation: Motivation:
purpose for the Let’s recite the short poem “I am How many have brothers/sisters? Today, you will have another group
lesson Proud of My Country” with action. Is it fun to have brothers/sisters? Why presentation.
or why not? But before that, let’s have a game.
Game: Truth or Lie
(The pupils will be asked to give any
information about them. /
The teacher can give the information
about her/him.
The class will decide whether the
information given is truth or lie.
Example: My birthday is _________.)
Do you like this game?
Why or why not?
How do you feel when the information I
give you is LIE?
How do you feel when the information I
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give you is TRUTH?

C. Presenting I Am Proud of My Country Unlocking of Difficulties Reading of Verse (Refer to LM page 319.)
examples/ instances “I am a Filipino” my teacher said a. quarreled (Show picture of Read the verse.
of the new lesson to me. quarrelling.) To Be Honest, To Be True
Wherever I may go, wherever I What are the people doing in the By Rose Ann B. Pamintuan
may be picture? I promise to be honest; I promise to be
I should tell others of my country’s b. bundle of barbecue sticks (Show the true
beauty. bundle of barbecue sticks.) I will not tell a lie; I hope you won’t, too.
“I am a Filipino” my teacher said Where do we use these sticks? I will say I am sorry if I do something
to me. Motivation-Motive Questions: wrong
Whoever I may meet, whoever I What do you quarrel over with To speak the truth always will be my
may see brothers/sisters/friends? heart’s song.
Proud of the Philippines, I should What happens when you fight? I will tell you the truth you can always
always be What do your parents tell you when trust me
you fight? It’s best to be honest, don’t you agree?
I’m Proud of My Country What did the sons quarrel over
“I’m a Filipino” my teacher said to always?
me. What happened when they fight?
Wherever I may go, wherever I What did the father tell them when
may be they fight?
I should tell others of my country’s
“I’m a Filipino” my teacher said to
Whoever I may meet, whoever I
may see
Proud of the Philippines, I should
always be.
D. Discussing new Are they the same? What is the title of our story? Discussion of Verse:
concepts and Where do they differ? Who is the author? To Be Honest, To Be True
practicing new skills What does I’m stand for? Who retold the story? I promise to be honest; I promise to be
#1 I’m is a contraction of the word I What is meant by retold? true
am. What kind of a story is it? What is the promise?
Here are other examples of What is a folktale? Is it a good promise? Why or Why not?
contractions from the story I will not tell a lie; I hope you won’t, too.
Lampin. What should one not tell?
(Refer to LM page _____.) Why is it not good to lie?
What will happen if you are always
telling a lie?
I will say I am sorry if I do something
What is the right things to do if you do
[Type the document title] 2017

something wrong?
Do you say sorry when you do something
When was the last time you said sorry?
To speak the truth always will be my
heart’s song.
What will be the heart’s song?
Is it a good heart’s song?
Why is it a heart’s song?
What is the symbol of heart?
I will tell you the truth you can always
trust me
What can you be trusted to tell?
If you will tell the truth to your
what do you think will happen?
It’s best to be honest, don’t you agree?
Do you agree that it is best to be honest?
Why is it best to be honest?

E. Discussing new (Refer to LM page 313) Let’s Try Let us study this situation. (Refer to LM
concepts and Read and study the sentences. A. Write under or over to complete the page 319.)
practicing new skills Don’t worry. It’s perfect for a flag. sentence. Study the situation, then act it out.
#2 Do not worry. It is perfect for a 1. The bus is passing _______ the Ben and Ted are playing catch ball in the
flag. bridge. house.
Won’t your mother get upset? Ben throws the ball so hard that Ted is
Will not your mother get upset? not able
That’s, don’t, it’s, and won’t are to catch it. The ball hits and breaks the
examples of favorite
contractions. vase of Nanay. When Nanay arrives
home, what
do you think should Ben and Ted do?
2. The bus is passing _______ the
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3. The dog jumped ________ the


B. Is it ow or ou? Write ow or ou.

[Type the document title] 2017

F. Developing Let’s Answer page 313 Have pupils do We Can Do It on p.319 of

mastery Let us practice writing the L.M
( Leads to formative contractions. Study the situation, then act it out as a
assessment ) 1. will not won’t group.
__________________ Joel, Mark, Jane, Seth, and Dave are
2. do not don’t classmates.
__________________ They are also neighbors. That is why they
3. are not aren’t go to
__________________ school together. One morning, on their
4. is not isn’t way to
__________________ school, they decide to play in the
5. cannot can’t playground.
__________________ They are having so much fun that they
6. I am I’m __________________ forget the
7. did not didn’t 8. How many are the boys? time. When their teacher asks them why
__________________ 9. How many are the girls? they are
8. was not wasn’t 10. What is the total number of pupils? late, what should they say and do?
__________________ Let’s Aim
9. they will they’ll Let us read the story.
__________________ The Old Man and His Sons
10. let us let’s From Pat Nelson’s Magic Minutes:
__________________ Quick Read Alouds for Every Day
Retold by Dali Soriano

Once there was an old man who had

many sons.
They always quarreled with one
another. They
quarreled over who should use the
bathroom first.
At meal time, they would fight over
who got to the
table first. The old man had often
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begged his sons

to live together in peace, but without
One day, he called them together. He
them a bundle of barbecue sticks. He
each one of them to break the bundle.
Each one tried with all his strength but
the bundle did not
break. Then cutting the cord that
bound the sticks
together, the old man gave his sons a
stick each.
Then he told his sons to break it. This
was done with
the greatest ease. The old man
exclaimed, “See,
my sons, the power of unity! If you
bind yourselves
together with brotherly love, you can
win any
“Divided you will fall, united you will
Let’s Answer
Answer the questions correctly.
1. What did the sons quarrel over
2. What happened when they fought?
3. What did the father tell them when
they fought?
4. How do you show unity in your
5. How do you show unity in the
6. Is unity important in our country?
Why or why not?
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G. Finding practical/ Have pupils do I Can Do It on Number the pictures 1 to 3. Write a Group Activity (Each group will act out
applications of pageof the LM page 314 sentence about the situation given.)(Refer to LM page
concepts and skills in On the blanks below each each picture. 319.)
daily living sentence, write the two
words that make up each
contraction. The first
one was done for you.
1. I’m going to help my father in
the store tomorrow.
________ ________

2. The teacher didn’t see Mario

come in.
________ ________

3. The mango wasn’t good

enough to eat.
________ ________

4. They’ll try to finish their work

this afternoon.
________ ________
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5. Let’s send our sick classmate

a get-well-soon card.
________ ________

H. Making Remember This: How do you arrange pictures as they What do you use in dramatizing familiar
generalizations and Contractions are the short form of happened in the story? stories, rhymes and poems ?
abstractions about two words.
the lesson We use an apostrophe (’) in place
of the
letters we removed.

I. Evaluating Learning Each group will retell the story in front Each group will present to the class their
Write the contraction. of the class (5 minutes only per group). own presentation/interpretation of the
1. is not ____________________ The pupils will use the rubric to verse.
2. was not evaluate the group presentation. The pupils will use the rubrics to evaluate
____________________ their presentation/interpretation.
3. cannot ____________________ Check Yes or No.
4. are not ____________________
5. did not ____________________
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J. Additional Write the contraction of the

activities for following:
application or 1. have not
remediation ____________________
2. she has ____________________
3. is not ____________________
4. we are ____________________
5. you are
A. No. of learners
who earned 80% of
the formative
B. No. of learners
who require
additional activities
to remediation
C. Did the remedial
lessons work? No. of
learners who have
caught up with the
D. No. of learners
who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my
teaching strategies
worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties
did I encounter which
my principal or
supervisor can help
me solve?
G. What innovation
or localized material
did I use/discover
[Type the document title] 2017

which I wish to share

with other teachers?

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