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Are Human Too Dependent on Computers?

People nowadays are too much associated with technologies specially

computers. Others concluded that people are too much dependent on computers while
some do not agree to this perception. Computers improve our basic life as if it
enhances our capability to do work.
Computers are somewhat special objects that are uniquely improving our
lives to the extent that it helps us to our future endeavor. Computers helps us
transcend in our limit from doing minimal works to large amount of activities done.
We, living in a gradually improving society depends on computers. We are indeed and
it helps us specially in education since most of the schools have computer and other
technologies to help us get information in the easiest and possible way. In our
everyday life, many of us expect smooth functioning of our day to day tasks so that
we can make our lives easy. As technology is growing at a quicker pace nowadays, it
is obvious that we in our society are increasingly dependent on computers. Computers
gives us relief now that it lessens our works to be finished especially in companies. In
a study, people were asked to give a personal opinion of whether they believe society
is too reliable on technology and how they came up with that response. The results
were one-sided. 77% of people responded believe society as a whole relied too much
on technology to succeed. Instead on searching for the meaning of a word in a
thousand-page book, computers are just right in the corner, watching you and telling
you “If you want to search for answers faster, why not use me?” Even in children,
games have become in demand for them because every second, thousands of games
are released to many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Because of this, it will
result into streaming. Streaming is also one factor that can say that people are too
dependent on computers. Streaming are suitable for people who don’t have a job and
also a gamer at the same time. In live streaming, people watch you and called as
viewers and as viewers, some donate to streamers which those donations can be
exchange into real money. And I’m not just referring to streaming but also every
month and year, producers of online competition games hold tournaments which the
grand prize is 500,000 or even 1 million US dollars. Imagine how many people are
helped because of computers. Computers also strive in terms of communication since
more and more people use internet to communicate rather than actual telephones. In
pertaining to communication, sending and receiving messages is too easy and fast
unlike in the past where it is so hard and expensive. It is also not fast since you need
to send your message in the traditional way or in the envelope way which is send to
the receiver personally. Some computers are also made and use for life like life
support computers or machine which can slow down our inevitable death. Computers
can save many lives specially when there is an unknown disease of course computers
and other technologies are needed for researchers to identify the disease and make a
cure for it. Computers is necessary for education too since most of the students don’t
like the traditional way or the discussion way but what more they like is somehow
associated with computers because they enjoy learning more with gadgets or
technologies. Computers can also be a way for people to express they skills even when
people are so good in using computers instead of using hand or handmade products.
In conclusion, there are many ways which tell us that we humans, are really
too dependent in computers because even the slightest and simplest work, we have
to count in on the computers. In even though that all people from around the world
don’t experience yet using a computer, time will come because it is inevitable just like
nowadays that our society is changing and soon everything will be powered by
Position Paper

Austin Howard M. Mauzar

Grade 11 ABM A