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Toowoomba Pipeline Water secures Future

The Toowoomba Pipeline is a The Toowoomba Pipeline connects the Wivenhoe Dam and the Proven Versatility of OMEGA
$187 million project developed by Cressbrook Dam close to Toowoomba in South East Queensland. In the
KSB Pumps are designed for top efficiency, long-term installation as well as of shaft seals, flanges and
the Toowoomba Pipeline Alliance first year of operation the pipeline will deliver 27 mega litres a day,
endurance and for versatility. This is especially variable positioning of the drive.The huge variety in
for LinkWater Projects. which is more than the currently required 20 mega litres per day. The
evident in our axially split, single stage volute casing the area of application was one of the reasons, why
The Toowoomba Pipeline has a additional water will assist in bringing Cressbrook Dam to a minimum of
pump Omega, which can be customized with regards KSB managed to secure the order for the
length of 38km and a capacity of 20% capacity.
to combination of materials, horizontal or vertical Toowoomba Pipeline Project.
14,200 mega litres a year and will The Toowoomba Pipeline is financially the largest and most important
secure long term water supply for single infrastructure project which had ever been undertaken by
Toowoomba in South East Toowoomba Regional Council and will ensure a reliable water supply for
Queensland. the next 50 years. Toowoomba Pipeline Project, Australia – Scope of supply and project details
The pipeline has one pump station located off Paddy Gully Road at Scope of Supply:
Operator: Wivenhoe Dam, with KSB providing the High Lift Split Case Centrifugal Omega 300-860A SC
LinkWater Pump. (High Pressure Range, special build) Operating Data:
The pipeline was commissioned in January 2010.
Water authority: • Temperature (ambient dam water) T ~15-30oC
Toowoomba Regional Council
• Design: The KSB booster pump feeding • Capacity Q 491 l/sec
water to a dam approx. 40 km away.
Contracting party: • Discharge Held (plus suction from
Our unit is being fed by a submersible
Clough Diversified Joint Venture submersible pump of approx. 30m) H 252 m
pump from a dam approx.
100m from our pump. • NPSH required NPSHreq 6.1 m
January 2010 • Type of installation: Long coupled, • Speed n 1,495 rpm
plinth mounted to electric motor.
• Pump efficiency at operating point η 85 %
• Suction nozzle: DN 350
• Pump input power PP: 1,424 kw
• Discharge nozzle: DN 300
• Motor output power PM: 1,850 kw

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