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Hung Vuong Bridge – Phu Yen, Vietnam

Vietnam’s first use of the VSoL® Polymeric reinforcement system

▲ VSoL® Polymeric reinforcement has been used on the approach road to Hung Vuong Bridge.

Hung Vuong Bridge was An economical design as well as good It was the first time that the VSL
inaugurated in April 2011 to working relationships with the owner site team had worked with the
celebrate the 400th anniversary of and the main contractor led to VSL VSoL® Polymeric reinforcement
the founding of Phu Yen province. Vietnam being awarded a key contract system but their experience meant
The bridge is the province’s fourth in April 2010. The scope of work that they soon mastered the new
crossing downstream along the Ba covered the supply of materials and technology. VSL Vietnam had fully
River, also known as the Da Rang provision of technical support for the completed the project by the end
River. It links Tuy Hoa city to a retained earth wall on the north side of of August 2010, to the complete
zone in the south of Phu Yen that Hung Vuong Bridge’s approach road. satisfaction of the highly
includes Tuy Hoa airport, the Hoa appreciative owner and engineer.
Hiep business area and Vung Ro The bridge is close to the sea and in
seaport. a humid, salty environment. OWNER
The Department of Transport, Phu Yen
VSL Vietnam therefore proposed the Province
The VND477 billion (US$25.8 million) use of the VSoL® Polymeric
bridge took five years to build. reinforcement system in the retained ENGINEER
earth wall instead of the galvanised CIENCO 5
Scope of works performed steel mesh system used in other MAIN CONTRACTOR
VSoL® projects in Vietnam. This An Binh Construction Ltd. Co.
• VSoL® design support proposal was promptly approved.
• Supply of VSoL® Polymeric VSL ENTITY
VSL Vietnam Ltd. Co.
reinforcement system for a VSL Vietnam also supported the main
900m2 retained earth wall and contractor with 15 sets of formwork DATE
support with the 15 sets of May 2010 - Aug 2010
and in casting more than 900m 2 of
leased hexagonal formwork panels. Casting took just three months
• Technical assistance during
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and installation began in July 2010.

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