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Hallo students, good morning… how are you?

I hope you’re
amazing today, because we will have a very pleasure topic.
Owh, im forget to introduce my self, my name is Mrs. Salsa,
I’ll be your tutor today…
Okay, lets begin our class. Cheers………

Before we start, I will introduce my

lovely virtual students who will come
in our class today. I wish you can
known their character. They are very
kind, and I believe you will love them
Hi. I’m Tom.. It’s pleasure to learn in this class with you. But, I really upset
with the assignments. I’ll be happy if you give me some help..

Hello guys, my name Fira.. You know what, beside reading and
writing papers, I also love to cycling. And I believe that life is like ride
a bicycle, don’t stop pedaling otherwise we’ll fallen.
By the way, nice to meet you, happy study… 

Assalamualaikum, my name Zahra.. I challenge my self to be a

professional nursing in the future. I study hard and improve my skill a
lot in lab. and clinic. however, I’m also an romantic dramas lover. If you
like dramas, let’s watch it together, that’s must be fun…

Hey, I’m Tono.. I don’t know if you like to learn outside the class or not, but I
loved to have activities out of the room instead sit and stares to the screen. So
Let’s grab that silly hat and camera, and start learning. What do you think?
Now let’s started… We going to talk about health promotion.
First, what do you know about health promotion?.... Yes, health promotion is an
activity to elevate the health status of the peoples by change behavior and
environments. Based on Ottawa Charter (1986), health promotion
is a process improve human ability in control and maintain their
health status.
In our country, health promotion is run by the government
trough the directorate of health promotion and community
empowerment. They managed several pro- grams, such as
PHBS, CPTS, CERDIK, and so on. Those programs has the same
objective, is to promote health promotion lifestyle.

Have you ever heard of one or several of these

I think I ever heard about PHBS or perilaku hidup bersih dan sehat.
it was promoted to be done in house, school, work-place, and community too.
Is that right Mrs. Salsa?

Yes dear, that’s correct.. PHBS should be done in that areas. And each areas
have different indicators. For example, there are ten indicators of PHBS in
house. Including labor which assisted by the health personnel, exclusive
breast feeding, regularly weigh infant and child, hand wash with soap and
clean water, use clean water, use healthy tolilet, consume fruits and
vegetables, physical activities, and no smoking inside the house.

And students, Please find and learn the indicators in other areas. You should
learn about that too. I might asking you in the examination
How about GERMAS? I heard from my friends, in his village, the health
volunteer encourage the community to have GERMAS. What is it? Is it part of
health promotion as well?

Of course, GERMAS or Gerakan Masyarakat Hidup Sehat is also One of

health promotion program that managed by the government.
The purposes of this program is to promote healthy lifestyle and
withdraw from unhealthy habit.

I ever read an article talked about GERMAS. There are seven steps to
implement GERMAS, first is physical activity, second is consume fruits
and vegetables, third is no smoking, fourth is not drink alcohol, fifth is
regular health checkup, sixth is cleaning the environment, and the
last is use the toilet instead of defecation in the river or field.
Hmm.. interesting. A lot of activities performed in GERMAS huh. But what
are the health checkup performed in GERMAS?

As I know, the health checkup are including weight and height scale,
regularly scale the abdominal circumference, blood pressure, blood
sugar and cholesterol measurement, eyes and ears test, VPA, PAP
SMEAR & IVA, and also breast and genital self assessment.

Very good explanation Zahra.. Tom, could you perform all that test? You
will need that skill to be able checked the community health status. I
wish you have all those basic skill, otherwise you have to read again
and spend more time to practice in the laboratory.
Umm, teacher.. Why stunting is including in health promotion program?
I read in RISKESDAS 2018, the number of stunting is decreasing from the
years before.

You’re right Fira, stunting is decline continuously year by year. However,

The prevention of stunting should keep performed to eliminate the case.
This prevention is kind of health promotion as well

And how to prevent stunting?

There are several ways in health promotion program to preventing

stunting, such as comply nutrition during pregnant, exclusive breast
feeding until six months, correct and health complementary food after the
baby is six months old, growth monitoring, and keep the environment
health and clean.
Another program that involve the health volunteer in community is Desa
Siaga Aktif. This program is managed to make an independent community,
based on the community resources or we can said Community Based
Health Efforts (UKBM). The characteristics of Desa Siaga are define by
availability of health center, community based emergency system, own
health coverage system, and PHBS practice.

Beside the characteristics that you mention, is there another

indicators for this program?

Sure, such as increasing number of health volunteer, the

medicine and facilities in health center improved, health
surveillance performed by health volunteer get advance, and
many more… you can find more information from health
ministry website
Now you know what is health promotion program in our country. We are now facing
triple burden of health problem, they are infectious diseases, non-communicable
diseases, and reemergence of old diseases that should have been treated.
Your challenge is to make the community aware and responsible to
maintain their health and environments. Find the part of the commu-
nity that possible to be improved. Encourage people to have health
promotion lifestyle. Help them to set goals together to achieve an
an optimum health status.

To be able conducting a community health nursing roles, you need

to understand the concept of health promotion and behavior change.
Many theories and nursing models that explain behavior. For now,
you can read about health promotion model (Pender, 1996) and
health believe model (Rosenstock, 1950). Please read those concepts,
I will asking you as an exercise.
Excuse me Teacher, now I a bit interest with health promotion. My question is,
what should we do to promote PHBS in community? I mean what project can
we run to make the community change their behaviors and become a healthier

Nice Question Tono, I’m happy if you interest with health promotion. Mostly,
health promotion programs performed by prevention action. Such as health
education, regular physical exercise, health dietary program, and many more.
However, not only prevention that performed in health promotion program,
another activities like screening, smoking cessation, vaccine for child, and
counseling for teen and adult also part of this program. You can do that in
community to help them become a healthier community

I really like this, I will make a plan to set a health promotion program for my
community. Friends, you will join me too right? Let’s go..
Okay, we are in the end of this lesson. If you have
any question, don’t be hesitate to asking me. And
I encourage you to study more about health
promotion programs and it’s indicators. After
that, I want you to tell me what you have learned
in the next lesson.

Bye…see you in the next lesson. Don’t forget to

get the exercise.

Have a nice day.. cheers