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Speaker Competition Application Form

Dear applicants,

Before you start filling the submission, please make sure you have read carefully the requirements
and judgement’s criteria on our Instagram page.

(This submission will be opened from November 6th - November 17th, 2019)

Applicant Information
Institution and Major:
Year of Study:

Phone Number:

Section 1: Tell us about yourself

1. What are you passionate about in life?

2. Tell us about your personal vision and goals.

How do you imagine an “ideal” future? What problem do you concerned the most?

3. What made you decide to become a speaker at TEDxUniversitasIndonesia?

What inspired you?

4. Tell us a bit about your public speaking experience.

How do you rate your speaking skills in delivering an idea to the public?
5. Can you provide us a link to help us understand you better?
(It could be an online portfolio, CV, or social media of you or affiliated institution and projects)

Section 2: Overview of the Idea

1. Tell us about the TEDx Talk idea you are going to deliver in 200 characters.

2. From what is this TEDx talk idea based on? *

 Personal opinion, thoughts, or experiences

 On-going research, program, or projects
 Completed research, program, or projects
Other: ….
3. Under which of the following categories is the content of your talk? **

 Gender and Sexuality  Environmentalism

 Science / Medicine / Health  Education
 Art / Design / Architecture  Food / Agriculture / Sanitation
 Digital and New Media Art  New or Clean Energy
 Performance Art / Literature  Urban Development
 Deep Technology  Psychology
 Humanities / Human Rights  Law and Justice System
 Social Change  Self-development

Other: ……
4. The title of your talk would be…
5. Have you given similar talk or presentation at any other events? * (Online or in-person)

 No
 Yes.
Where and when:
6. Why do you personally want to feature this idea in TEDxUniversitasIndonesia?

7. Why is this idea needs to be heard by the audience?

Section 3: Get Deep with the Idea

1. Who is the target audience of your talk? To whom it mainly addressed?

2. What are the expected outcome from audience after listening to your talk?

3. Is your idea aligned with certain global goals, impactful initiatives, and/or ideologies?
(e.g. United Nation’s SDGs, responsible research, open science, etc.)
Please provide description.

4. Please describe the expected mid-to-long term impact of your idea.

What change it can potentially bring?
5. How are you going to utilize this TEDx opportunity to further leverage your personal vision,
goals, and it’s expected impact on other people?

6. If you answered “Yes” in question number 3.

How are you going to utilize this TEDx opportunity to further contribute to the global goals,
initiatives, and/or ideologies?

7. What are your personal expectation assuming you get the chance to be featured in

Section 4: Next Step after Completing the Form

1. As mentioned in TEDxUniversitasIndonesia’s Instagram page, we challenge you to pitch
your talk idea in less than 90 seconds video.

Don’t worry, you just have to submit the video directly to us by providing a Google Drive link
with an uploaded video of yours down below (don’t forget to make it as a shareable link).

2. If your idea is an on-going research, program, projects, or its kind. Feel free to provide us a
link, documentation, or additional information in any kind below.

* Please highlight one of the following answers

** Please highlight one or more of the following answers
Thank you for completing the speaker competition application form. Please send the completed
form to tedxuniversitasindonesia2019@gmail.com.

We will thoroughly review your application and selected speaker candidate will be contacted at
most 3 weeks after application.

For further information, kindly contact our Head of Event, Vania, on 081219796385.

Kind Regards,

TEDxUniversitasIndonesia Crew