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The Earth is our home; it is the land where we live. But we are not just the only ones
who are here, there are also animals, different and varied kinds of animals that share this
wonderful place with us, that is why we need to take good care of it. We need to stop the
abuses which caused the devastation of our environment, let’s start now while there’s still

Animals on the other hand are classified, identified and exemplified in many ways. In
speaking so, they are also living in different places which is also called “habitat”. There are
many kinds of habitat, some of which are, terrestrial, freshwater, saltwater and ocean etc. and
in each habitat, different kinds of animal live and share the place. In their habitats, they are
ought to take care of themselves and not rely on others, they must catch their own food in
order to survive and escape being dead. And in that sense, animals also have different ways
of survival techniques. Some of these are, camouflaging, adaptation, mimicry, bent hind legs
etc. We can therefore say or conclude that really, animals are smart in ways they are capable
of surviving in this globally traitor and changing world. Also, as human beings, we are part of
their journey of survival. That is why, we also need to do our responsibility or if not, we have
to lend our helping hands to these animals. Because these animals are not just animals, they
are important in the well-being of our environment.

Our self-centered views and perception of life has made us emotionally and ethically
detached from our responsibilities towards nature and its inhabitants. In this race of
modernization and advancement we are deliberately ignoring to see the consequences of our
actions on the world around us. We choose to ignore that we are only taking from nature and
not replenishing it. We are only taking and taking and at some point we would loot from the
natural world so much that we would not leave anything for our seventh generation. This is
really the time to take up our roles as stewards which we were always meant to be.
Stewardship is the concept that we are stewards of the nature and our duty is to take care of
the environment. As stewards we are supposed to take from the Mother Nature whatever we
need, replenish it so that there are enough resources left for our seventh generation. Then our
children would take up the role of the stewards and they would live in a way so that there are
enough resources left for the use of their seventh generation. In this way, if every generation
thinks about their seventh generation we would never run out of resources and our
environment would be in a good health. We must always remember: “We are not superior
beings than animals, only superior animals. Like all animals we are only a part of the nature,
not the owner of it”. That is why we ought to help protect the Earth, the environment and all
that live within its borders.