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Assignment 2


1. Business case: Analyze the following business case and provide your recommendations.

Big E. Bank

1. John Adams is the chief information officer of Global Consultants (GC), a very large
consulting firm with offices in more 100 countries around the world. GC is about to
purchase a set of several Internet-based financial software packages that will be installed
in all of their offices. There are no standards at the application layer for financial software
but several software companies that sell financial software (call them group A) use one
standard to enable their software to work with one another's software. However, another
group of financial companies (call them group B) use a different standard. Although both
groups have software packages that GC could use, GC would really prefer to buy one
package from group A for one type of financial analysis and one package from group B for
a different type of financial analysis. The problem is that then the two packages cannot
communicate and GCs staff would end up having to type of same data into both packages.
The alternative is to buy two packages from the same group—so that data could be easily
shared but that would mean having to settle for second best for one of the packages.
Although there have been some reports in the press about the two groups of companies
working together to develop one common standard that will enable software to work
together, there is no firm agreement yet. What advice would you give Adams?

2. Network Media:

Part of being a network administrator is working with its hardware. It’s important to know the
differences in media and devices as they relate to cost, performance, scalability, etc. Most
network administrators work with limited budgets, a litany of user requests, and somewhat
unrealistic expectations from upper management. They need to know what requests they can
accommodate and at what cost.

In this project you will search the Web for certain pieces of commonly used hardware. Then you
will copy the image you find, record the cost, and note the specification requested (e.g. speed
rating). You may only need to visit a couple of sites to get the information. This project will give
you an idea of the general costs associated with commonly used networking equipment.

1. Open the word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, etc.).
2. Create the following tables with the same media, image, price, and rated speed
3. For each of the media listed below find the associated image, price, and speed rating by
searching the Internet.
4. Complete the table below with images, price, and speed ratings you obtained in your

S. No Media Image Price Rated Speed

1. Cat 5e cable $6.99 10/100 Mb/s
2. Cat 6 cable
3. Cat 7 cable
4. Multi-mode ST patch
5. Multi-mode SC patch
6. Single-mode patch
7. 802.11g wireless router
8. 802.11n wireless router
Table 1: Network Media

5. For each of the media listed below find the associated image and price by searching the
6. Complete the table below with the images and prices you obtained in your search.

S.No Media Image Price

1. RJ45 connector $0.99
2. SVGA cable
3. UPS(Uninterruptable Power
4. Cisco 24-port+ switch
5. Cisco 24-port+ router
6. Blade server(any)
7. SAN(Storage Area Network)
8. 19’’ Rack Enclosure(any)
9. Wiring diagram for Cat5 NA
10. Wiring diagram for Cat5 NA
cross-over cable
Table 2: Network Equipment

Thought Questions:

a) Which website had most of the media listed above?

b) Were there a variety of Cisco routers/switches for you to choose from? Why?
c) Do hardware purchases or salaries for IT workers demand a greater share of the total
cost of the ownership of the IT infrastructure at a typical medium sized company? Why?
d) Is it less expensive for companies to install wireless or wired networks? Why?