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Event: CORO ATENEO (The Ateneo Fiesta Chorale Festival)

Schedule: December 03, 2019 | 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Tuesday

The Competition
1. “Coro Ateneo” shall be carried out as part of the Non-Sports Events of the Ateneo Fiesta
2. The contest shall comprise of groups of individuals forming and singing their hearts out.

Qualification and Registration of Participants

3. Each participating Academic Organization (AO)/Unit is allowed to field in one (1) chorale
group composing of not have more than 40 members and not less than 20 members,
excluding the accompanist/ conductor. Members must be bona fide students or members
faculty and staff for the 2nd Semester of School Year 2019-2020 or alumni.
4. Only registered participants shall be allowed to participate in the contest. The participating
AOs/Units must submit the following via e-mail:
a. Duly accomplished entry form for the team
b. Scanned copy of valid ID Cards of each participant and faculty-coach
c. Scanned Copy of Validated Form (for students), Employment Certificate (for
faculty and staff), or Certification from the Alumni Relations Office (for alumni).
5. Registration requirements shall be submitted no later than 5:00 PM of November 15, 2019.
No entries will be accepted later than the said date and time.


Conduct of Competition
6. Each group is required to render a minimum of two compositions: a warm-up song of
their choice, and an OPM contest song/piece related to the AtFest 2019 theme:
“Alegria. Amor. Amistad”. Medleys are allowed as long as the performance does not
exceed the maximum time allowed.
7. There will be a maximum of ten-minute on-stage performance, exclusive of a two-
minute grace period for entrance and exit.
8. The official ten-minute start of the performance will begin as soon as the first voice or
instrument is heard.
9. The chorale groups must be ready to perform fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled
performance time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, the chorale groups are
expected to perform when called upon.
10. The members of the choral group should demonstrate the ability to add movement or
choreography to their performance that complements the music.
11. Lyrics of the songs should be wholesome and not sexually vulgar; this also includes
the choreography and/or movements.
12. A chorale group may decide to sing in acapella or have an accompaniment. The song/s
may be enhanced by using beat box, bongo, any percussion or stringed instruments, or
traditional/tribal instruments. The group may also opt to sing the piece in acapella. Outside
trainer is allowed. However, during the performance, the accompanist and the conductor
must be a bona fide student, or faculty and staff, or alumni of the Ateneo de Zamboanga
University and must be officially enrolled in the second semester of SY 2018-2019.
13. The group is responsible for bringing their own musical instruments.
14. Each unit/academic organization shall have the discretion of choosing the accompaniment
they desire to make use of. Canned music is not allowed.
15. Props may be used to enhance the performance as long as it does not violate the
Ateneo/Ignatian values and sensibilities.
16. Costumes of the participants must be their Academic Organization (AO) frat shirts.
However, the teams are not prohibited from enhancing their costumes.

Criteria for Judging:

17. The chorale shall be judged according to the following criteria:

Voice Quality, Blending and Harmonization 40%

Dynamics and Style 20%
Creativity and Relevance to the Theme 15%
Synchronization of Movement and Stage Presence 15%
Warm-Up Song 10%


18. The competition shall have a Panel of Jury for the purpose of giving independent and
intelligent assessment during the competition.
19. The Panel of Jury shall be vested with the immediate authority to give sanctions to any
participants they have witnessed violating any provision in this GM.
20. Below are the common violations (but not limited to) with the respective sanctions
(deducted to average/final score depending on the event):
• Registration Violation: Disqualification
• Participant Violation: Three (3) points deduction for each participant below the
minimum limit or above maximum limit.
• Time Violation: Five (5) points deduction.
• Guideline Violations: Three (3) point deduction for every violation
21. Violations other than those mention above will be reviewed by the Panel of Jury and will
sanctioned when a decision has been made.
22. Protests about the said event will be brought to the Grievance and Ethics Committee to
settle the dispute between the parties involved.
23. Before the release of the results, an independent auditor will assess and tabulate the
scores/grades garnered by each participant. After this, the auditor will have to fill out a
form indicating the audited final scores and to be signed by the auditor, the Non-Sports
Committee Head, and Events Head for final approval.

24. The following table details the corresponding awards and prizes for each winning team:

Place Corresponding
Champion 3 points
Second Place 2 points Certificates
Third Place 1 point

25. For any queries regarding the competition, please feel free to contact:

Mr. Elijah Marvin S. Guangco

Vice Chair for Events
0977 311 5541
991-0871 loc. 3035

Mr. Jelbert E. Perez

Asst. Vice Chair for Events
0966 405 0457
991-0871 loc. 3035

Ms. Doreen Faye S. Bacasong

Non-Sports Committee Head
0977 311 3328
991-0871 loc. 3035