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Reflection Paper on the movie EX MACHINA (2015)

Describe the intricacy of the relationship between artificial intelligence and humans.
Based on the events of the movie, discuss how humanity can manipulate A.I to secure on better

The relationship of human and Artificial intelligence are so intricacy because Artificial
Intelligence is not the only form of intelligence that is programmed. Humans are also programmed
through DNA. The human body works through codes which is in human’s DNA codes. Similar to
the humans, Artificial Intelligence functions through codes that program through software.

A.I is not like human who can free to do what they want and free to go where they want
to. They can decide for their own and they thinking on their own. On the other hand, A.I. can
never do what they want if it’s not program to their software. They can never decide for their own
because their doing what the creator said them.

Humans are naturally have feelings or emotions on everything they experience towards
other people. Sadly in many A.I programmed they doesn’t have feelings built to their software.
On what I watched on the film it’s not also impossible that A.I. can have emotions like humans.
They can learn that when they are engage with people.

Like Ava, she’s so curios on what other people can do and what peoples can experience.
She’s so curios on what is outside, what is have on the outside of her room. Nathan who is the
creator of Ava get a person who can test Ava on how she will engage and how she can
communicate. Caleb the person choose by Nathan to test Ava his mission is to do Turing-test-
passing against Ava on how she will think and communicate with other people aside from Nathan.

It’s so obvious seeing the intricacy relationship of human and A.I , based on the part of the
film where Caleb asking Ava about her on how Ava will response on Caleb questions. On the
other hand, to my surprise when Ava will be one to asking Caleb she already know what will be
the answer of Caleb to her question. She know when Caleb is saying the truth and if Caleb is lying.

Ava learn to have self-awareness and consciousness when she was communicating with
Caleb each day. Every time Caleb asking her and do their session she’s so fast to adapt every
action and also she thinks fast than people can do. Ava is a true A.I. that has human intelligence
because she possesses these characteristics and moves through the same stages that she learn
through Nathan and with her session with Caleb.
At the rate of human evolution and technological evolution are currently growing, there
is fear that a person can experience of ultimate destruction of human life on earth, there is also a
possibility that it will come to the point where computer intelligence will surpass human
intelligence. A.I can doubles what human can do. Their thinking level is much higher and they are
stronger when it comes to their ability compare to people’s level of thinking and abilities.

Based on what I watched on the film, Ava is not the only one who programmed by Nathan
their so many that every time he’s doing Turing-test-passing on what he invented they’re having
malfunction or his not getting what he’s supposed to have on his A.I. He’s the one who can decide
of what will happen to his A,I . The A.I can never decide for herself because she’s always following
what Nathan said her.

If the creator get what he want and his successful on his invention he can vanish Ava easily
and destruct her if he want to and can transfer the software of Ava in more updated and
complete type of Artificial Intelligence. On that scene I can say that those what I mention are
showing how humanity can manipulate A.I just to secure a better future.

Next scene that I can say on how humanity can manipulate A.I just to secure a better
future. When Ava cannot go out on her room, she’s just to her room where Nathan always
checking and studying her based on how Caleb done Turing-test-passing. If there is improvement
and if Ava can already use her of Nathan to his company. That Ava will be the key to Nathan
successful life and business career.