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Segmentación del mercado para restaurante de comida saludable tipo “tenedor



Our restaurant "Green Life" will be located in the

neighborhood of hope of the city of Villavicencio, strategic
site due to the proximity to universities, schools, offices,
Geographic Segmentation banks and shopping centers. In Villavicencio it is very easy
to find the ingredients for the preparation of our dishes and
to innovate with this "free fork" restaurant proposal.

Our restaurant "Green Life" is designed for customers who

wish to have healthy eating habits or who want to access
Psychographic segmentation our vegetarian menu. We also innovate in the city with our
model of "free fork" paying a value for the food they want
and can consume.

Although our restaurant brand "Green Life" is presented in a

physical branch, you will also find us through social
Behavioral segmentation networks and telephone numbers to request services at
home reaching potential customers who can not reach our
physical store, through these media can also know our
menus and information on how to carry and what benefits
are obtained from a healthy diet.

Our "free fork" restaurant proposal is available to children

and adults without distinction of gender, in addition to the
Demographic segmentation fact that the prices are very accessible for low, medium and
high strata population.

The healthy food restaurant is aimed at people of all ages but we could emphasize in different sub
Although our strength is the people who want or who lead a healthy lifestyle, this does not prevent
us from reaching different types of customers, since the fact that the menu we offer of healthy food
is not related to the fact that is food that does not please the palate or that is not accessible to
population of all strata.
As we observed in the study 4.8 million inhabitants are women, we can capture this population under
the premise that healthy food is reflected in obtaining a good figure accompanied by exercise, in
addition to healthy eating prevents possible diseases of a bad nutrition. Of course attracting women
allows them to be accompanied by family and friends.
The fact that 50% of the population is professional and that 80% have a medium-high socio-economic
level, gives us a wide range of potential clients, since by allocating time in work activities leads to
frequent food and beverage sites outside the home. Although the study shows that on special dates
the restaurants are not so frequented by their high costs, this is where we must make a difference
and position our brand competing with our low costs.
For the poor population of 1.6 million people, we can capture a small margin since with low income
what is needed is to cut costs, although the costs of our service are not high. We consider that for
this population we could attract them on special dates, since they could not frequent us many days a
The city has 10 shopping centers, amusement parks and tourist sites, this means that there is a large
flow of people, what we must do is to be located in a point as central as possible to all these places,
without neglecting the people who stay home or work places, since we also provide home service.