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Clase No. l9-15


Res ndent.

Sarr.luau C'or-rntl. througlt tltc San.luan ('tlr.rntr, Attorncr. Kcnclall ,(i. I.uus- h,-'rcbr
suhntits this Noticc ol'('ornpliautc 1tr, thc Statc Ilccorcls C'unrnrittec 1"'('orrrrnittcc")o1'thc Statc ol'
Ittah in rcsponsc 1o thc [)r'cision i.lr).1 ( frdcr ("Ordcr"')cutcrcd br tlrc ('()n-nritlce on.lLurc ]4.

In thc ()rrlcr tiorr lhc ('onrn'ri1t,:c" San.ltran ('our-rlr. a polltical srrhdi',ision ol'thc Statc ol'
[]tah and a "(ior,-'r'nrlrcntiil l:ntitr" lr:, rlcllncd in Iltah ('orlc,,\r-rn. r\6](i-l-l0l(l l)(a)rir ). iras
()r(lcred to "rcr icrr its rcct,r'tl:,; to tlclcrt.rtinc uhut rccortls arc rcsp()n:iir,: to \,'l r. Ke':;hlcar's
Iicbnrirrr (:r. l0l9 rccoruls lcqLrcsl. antl l.hcn strtricct to thc prorisions o1 (ill!.\\'1.\[.lallou \1r.
Kcshlcal the right ttl inspcct tncl litk.e c()p\ ()l thc rccorels.'" ( )rtlt'r' ttl ).
..\s a rcstrlt o['thlrl Ortlcr'. t.hc lriru.luan ('oLrnt] .,\ttorrLc-r scnt a.[cltcl'and alluclilnents Ltr

caclt irtdit iciual ('ountr ( onr:rissioncr. the ('tlr.rntr ('lerk. and thc lutcrinr ( ountr .,\rlnrinistl'ittot'
(.\ttachntcnt 1). ln that lettcr" thc (-'()r"u-r1) ,\ttorner state(l that "lhcl slr,lnlllr cr-rcouraqccl thc

('outntissit)ucrs t() pr()tcct thc ('oLrnt.r [x turning orcr thc rcclr-rcstecl recor,ls. .. lir rcricu untl

classilleatitlr lsol uc cun prr',pcrlr lcspilncl to the Order ancl prcrcrrrt 1-rossihlr:1-tcnrtllir:s lrottr
[-rcing irnprrsccl on thc ('otrntr lirr r.ru,rrcLln.rpliancc uith thc ('ornnritt,-'c"s ( )rdcr'." .lttut',htttt'nt ] p.

2. Irt respor.tsc 1tt thc lclLcr that \\iIS l>r'lrt. thc ('ountr .,\tiorltc'r rcccirccl ri-'riponscs 1l',.rrtt each rtl'the
lcsllccli\c C'onrn'rissioncrs (,\.ttachrt:rcrrt l).'lhosc rcsp()n:ics arc thc onlr ir,lclitional r,.rr:ords that

*crc l"rrorided and arc heing t'elcirscd as altachnrents hcrc. Sirn.luart C'ourlr has cr.:rnta,ctcd N[r.
Kcshlr:ar as rcquirccl irt thr: otclcr rttd iulirrmcd hinr tliat no ad,.litional rc,;,rrds arc arailablc liir

his rcricn ancl u;rprising hint ol'1his l\oticc lrcing tllccl u'ith thc I{ccori,ls (.'onrnri1lcc (,\tluchnrcnt

.l ).

It is Sarr.l rran ('or-rrttr's l"rositirrn thtt thc ('ouu1r. us r.r !lo\cl'nnrentrrl cn1i1r und,.'r r\6i(i-l-
l()3(l I XaX\ ). has courplicil tirlll rrith thc ()rclcr ol'tlie ('onrnrissiou. liau .lurrn ('or.rrrl', hiis ckrnc
crcrvthinlr that can bc rcasonablr cxi:,cctccl ol'it to conrplr riith thc Orcl:r. In thc,-'\cnt that thc
('onrnrittcc llncls that San.luun ('()Lrnt\'s conrpliuncc is unsatislactor)" lltr: (l,.lrntr rcspcctlull\

rcqLlc:its that be lirre sancti()lr:, urc inrp,t,scd. thc ('()nrnrittcc riill cousidcr thc e I'lorLs trllicn tl the

('ountr 1o courplr. ancl rcricn ulrctherl unclcr S6l(i-l-It)-ltII)(a)and ([r). San.lLri.rn ('()Llr-]tr is thc
g()\'cnlncntal crrtitr lhat is suLlr.icr:t trr satte titrrt

l)'\'l lrl) this -13"r i-la'', itl'.lLrlr. l0l()

Kcni,lall ( i. [.lrr s
San .l Lrarr ('orrrrtr r\tlrlrncr
Kendall G Laws
,I r' r:: ,1: ,r,,

(.l.\ a1r'.,:r , D, \il

[:.r '. t,1 . lt l::l,

June 2(r. 2019


San .l lzrn Clount'v' ('ontntissirrr-t

Rc: State Record's Cornnittee r\ppeal Decision 2019-15

Dear Cclnrrli ssi()ners .

As I an-r surc you are each a\\'ilrc. I wcnt belore the State Recor,.1's Conrntit'Lce ol1Jure I :i
2019 to represerlt Sair Juan {,-'oLurlf in an appeal befbre that body stenrrning liom tlre Clounty'si
respcose to a Cl{AVA Request tiotn Ilill Keshlcar back curi l;cbnrary 6.,>-019. On.tune 2.1.2019t
thc State Rec,rr<1's Conrtltttee issuerl their decision. lirr y()ur (()n\,clticlt(',.'a Jopv is attachcrl t,.r,
this lctter as erttachment 1r I .

As lou i,lill sec" the C'onttrittee GI{A\TED Mr. Ke'shlear's appr:al.'fhe C'ornmittee thc,r
order,:cl San Juan Countl to rerier', t]-rc recortls in qucsti<lr-r to detennine uhat recortls are

responsivc to Vr. Kcshlear's recotcls re(luest. and then allow Mr. Kcshlr:ar tlle nght to inspc,-'t

and take a collv of thc ICCor,.lS.'l-[r,.: ('ountv has 30 days liorl the datc ol'thr: Orrier in r.rhich to


San Juan C'ounty has Nro oplirlns base'd on the ( on'rn'rittee's cler' :;ior:,. l-he (:'(oultt)'('an

either appeal thr-'Cotnntittec decisi<'rn rlrthe Countl'can cornply r,ritl-r tlt,-'('ourrniilee''s tlecis crn.

Bascclon the plain langLragr"ol'tltc'Ortler. an appcal to the District ('ourt ol'Lhr: ('onrnrittee's
decisron i,'ould be lilvolous. Thcrt: rs signifrcant evitlcncc in the rccorrl:; thal other ilocunrents
erist rhat could be responsivc to \'[r. Kcshlear's rec]ucst.'l'herelore. thcrc i:; r'ro t'ac'tual basis ltrr

an appcal of this Orde r.

The County's only real avenue is t,o comply with the Committee's decisi,crn. 'l'herel]orc. I ant
st.rong.lv rcquesling thal the ('ount'1r pror'ide:

"Ia]ll ernarls. plLotte tec,rrrds. por;tal letters. rough dratls and anr other uratt':'irl re,lating to

authorship anci p,aytnent tbr seruicer; rn corlnection r,i,rth thc productrcrn resoiutions intrtdur:e d b.,

I(enr.retrr )larybol at a San Juan ('ourtll ('onrrnission rneeting on Feb..5..10 l): ( )directrng Sar.
. uan C'ounty' ,\t1orne1'. Lendall l.ar^,s. prepat'e a cornprehensir,'c ol'list ciril litlgalion tll )a
tesolution rescinding all prior-re solutrons 0t'the San Juan ('ountv Conrutiss:on opposing lleilrs
liars \ittirtnaMonLtent r.i)a rc's,.rh.r,itln directing thc San -luan ('ounty ,\ttcrrne -v. Kcntlall l.aws. to
inter-r'etre in three larvsuils. inclu<i ing L tah I)ine Brkevah. et al. v'. l)onald'Irrrrnp. er al anr'l

lennrltate rcprese[tation agrce|nent:i ltctuecn San Juail ('ountY and \,louritarr-, SteLtts L.Cgal

ltounclalion." {Origirral I(equrst is; attachurent rr2 to this Iettel tirr \ our e on\ urrrcrrct: ).

C)nce provided, those rec'or(is calr l)e classitlcd and processetl accorcfirlg to GR,\\1,\. Vy Of'ice .

in cunjunctroli \^'ith thc County (-l,crk and thc Chie t'Adrninistrative Ol'licer rvilI reriew thc
docurnents and classrty lherti according to GRAMA.

You w'ill also scc lionr the (lonrtnittee's decision tl:Lat therc arc FxJtc'ntial peL-raltr,.'s lbr
noncontpliance. Il'the Couruty lirils to either lllc a noticc o1'appeal r;r'a noticc ol'conrpliance
viithirt :;0 tlays o1'thc Committee's Order. the Conrnrittcc nlav rio eithcr or both of the lirllouinpl:
(l)lmpusc a ciril perralty'o1'up to S5l.X).00 pcr t'laylbl'each (lav ul'continuirlq noncontpltance: ur
(.2lSienrl r.ldtten notice ol'tlte etlti1\,':i noncor-r-rpliauce to the (lovern()r. r:See attacltcrl O::clcr).

ln orrler to give the ('ountl cnough tirne tcl propcrl,,'pr()cess au( classil)'th,i-'re-cords
r^,ithin the 30 days allouerl in thc (l''onrmittcc's decision. rie uill lleed all docunrent:; r1c later tharr
july 12.2019rnorcle'rto-ql\eusacle(luatctinretoprocessthentunder(iRl\Ml\.'fhisuill also

pre\ent clela-v-s itt our c<lrnpliance 'w'hilc the (.onunissiont:rrs arc in Las \/ega:; at:tcnrlin-q \,AC'o.

Istrongly encolrragc the Corntnrssioncrs to protect the County 1-,,i tumilt!] o\'erthe
r,tquestr:ri records. Oncc tht.:v huvt'r bcen turncrl over to the Countl, l,or r-'r'rr-'rn'and classr llcettion.

vie Cirr prurperl'y rcsponrl to the Order artil prevcnt possible pcnalties; 1rc,nt l:i'irtg irnpost:il orr thc
(lounty lbr nonconrplrancc with tlte (.'omn-rittee's Oriicr.

lt'any o1'y'or.r havc rluestrorts about hou'tr-l retrieve the requeste(l inlbnration. p ease 1i:el
t'ree t,l contact nr;-selt-, David. or Jiohn I:cllmeth to assrst 1'ou in that proc'ess. Again. r,le neetl thc
inlbnnationby July l2.20l!) in ortlt:r to have adercluate tinre to re'r'iuu,alrd c'lassily lhe recor,ls
and then rcsponcl timely tcl the ('ontnrrltee's Ortler.


-;'','. ,l

I.i.endall Laws
Sian iuan Cournt'/ Attorney'

cc: David Evr.'rilt, Interirn Cr.lunt1,,,\dtrinistrator

John David \ielson. San Juart r(.'o.uttv Clerk/ALrclitor

l\ttachment # [
Upcn Uo\'el'lltnenI - [,t?n \tale'A|cnrvcs llttps. alJIll!E\.utall.!l(,v \lU'\lLil[)[)cdl' 'tr I )'- -).lltll

Utah Divisicrr
of Arc h ives a nd
Fl,e co rC s lSe r v ice

State Reccrds Committee AppeaI [-)e:crsion


BILL IKESHL-EAR, Petitioner, v.

SAN JUAN I:OUNT'Y, Respondent,


Case No. r€r-r5

By this a[)pr3al', Petitioner Bil.L Keshterar, seeks access to records allegerJty hetd b',r Respondent,
San Juan Crrunty. Lltah.


On or abr:ru': February 6 zorg Mr. Ke'slrlear made a request for records to the San .Juern Ccuntl,
Clerk ("Atll':; Office'l pursuant tc the l.lo'rernment Records Access and l4arrargem€lnt A,ct ('GRA,lvlA )

Mr Kr:shl.r:ar requested recorcls relal[ecl to a meeting of the San Juan r]ounty Con'rnris;sion on
February 5 2019, N1r t(eshlear state<l rrr his request that ther records "rv:ruto offer nsic;ht into tl're
poLic,Tmarxirrg apparratus of the currelnt San Juan County Commission.' ln a letter ,laterd February
26, zc>tg,.John David l.lie'Lson, San Juan County CLerk,/Auditor stated tt^at a['L records respc>nsi'v'e to
Mr Keshlir:ar's reqLrest were includerJ vvith the Letter

Mr KeshLear filecl ern eippeal to the C]hrrr:f Administrative Offcer for Sarr Juern Courty, F.el.ly Pehrs;orr

Mr Kr:shLr:ar statecj thrat he believect S,an Juan County had in effect delrrie<J access to the
requesterd records b€lcaruse no record:; were inc[uded witl'r the letter f 'r)n1 Mr. Nrelson. ln,l [ett,:r
datecl March 11, ;2o19, Mr. Pehrson stal.t:d that the "resolutions you rec,erivercl are tlrr= only
document:; that my office was giverr" ,after he had reached out to the county s derparl.ments
regarding lr4r KeshLea r's records recluerst
On March 14. zo1g, Mr. KeshLear fiLecj ;rr appea[ with the State Records Comnritte'e ('Comrnitte,e").
After revievuing the written argument:; of the partres and hearing oral argriment.ind lestirn66rT al I
hearing held on..lune r3,2019, the C,clr.nmittee issues the fol[owing De<:isicn atrd Order.
I .l. j 6 l:i -10
(. l:l)lJ p
(- EN U (3!TAT ilrrl)s., ar ur l r ves utail g(Jv'\r t-'sr ud[,pr al-' |', r v- r -r. l ll.r

t Genera[[V a penson has the right t,c itrspect a public record free of c:irar<;e and llhe right to t.ll<e .,

copy of a pubtic rercord durinq nornti:rl. working hours, subject to Utakr CorCe $ 63tli-z-zo3 & -zo4
Utah Code S 63G-z-zor(rXa)
dc:lirrition of a record inctudes docurnents and electronic dill.il
that is prepared, owned, received, or retained by a governmental entily cr politicaL subdivisi<]rfl dncl
wher,3 a[L o" the information in the oriclirraL is reproducible by photoco:)y cr other mechanical or
elerctronic rneans. Utah Code S 6:G-a ro3(zz)(a), A public empLoyee r,x,ho intentionalty refusers to
release a r€lcord, the discl.osure of rvhtch the employee knows is requ recJ by ,a final unappear[erlc[,.,
orcler frorn the Sterte Records Cornrnittee, is guilty of a class B misdenreernor, Utah Code S


z ln the prersent c,ase, the Conrmittt:e was unconvincecl that aLL recorcts responsi\,/e to Mr.
Keshl.ear's recorcjs; request had bee'n provided to him The evidence ssernr; to sllow that the
responsive records rnay inc[ude attc,rrtey-cLient priviLeged comnrunir:,ltion ofCc,unty Commissiorr
Officiials wl'rich w,outd need to be r€:lvi()wed prior to being released tc, \4r. Keshte;rr in order tc>
determine,vhether the records sho,uLrl be classified as protected non-plrblic records See, Lltah
Code S (i3C-2-3c5(17)


THEFIEFORE, lT llS ORDERED THAT Lhe appeal. of Petitioner, Bil.t KeshLeriar. is GRAt\TED.
Responrlent Sarr .Juan County is ordered to review rts rec,crds to determine what records arer
responsive to Mr l(eshlear s Februarry 6, zorg records request, and thrern s;ubject t.r: the provis;ioirs
of GR:AN4r\. allow l/r Keshtear the right to inspect and take a copy of tre records


A party to a proceedilrg before the Ccrmmrttee may seek judiciai review in Dis;trir::t Cc,urt of a
Committeer s Orderr by fiLing a petition for review of the Committee Or<jer a:s prror,,ided in Utah Co<:r,:

I63Ci-z-ao+ Utah Code S 63G-z-+cl3(t+). A petition forjudiciaL revievr of a (lomn^rttee Order s;hail.
be fii.rad no later ll'ran 3o days' after the date of the Commrttee Order .Jterh Code E 63lG-z-+oz1(r)(;r).
The 5:et tiorr forluCicial review must be a compLaint whrch is governer<1 b,7 the Utirh Rules of C viL
Procedure lnd include the Committe() as a necessary party and cont;rin the requirecl informirl-ion
[istecl in Sulcsectic>n -.4o4Q) Utah C,cde S 6lG-z-+o4(1) & (e) The court shall nrakr: its decisiorr cle
novo but sl'rallal.Low introduction 01" e'; idence presented to the Comrrittee deterrnine all
questiotrs; of fact and Law without ju'y
and decide the issue at the r=artiest practical. opportr:nit',

Utah Code S 63G-z-ao4(6) ln order to protect a parttes' rights on apFre,al, a parrty rnay wish to see,i<
advice frorrr an atl.orney.

I o1'l 6 .li -l() "i. t 0B I)
(/pen u(pu'rutiAhtrititlBft)0tr&B!i 6:G-a-ao3r(:rs)r,c) if the Committee ordefUtPfrelldtldlAfr1b'lltbtBfifr$pr$r 'rrl I r ntn
produce a recorcl and no appea[ is'[ted, the government entity herein shal.L comp>[y rvith the orderr
of the Cornmittee ancl shall: (r) Procl-lce the record; and (z) Fil.e a noticr: of complt.inc:e with thr>
Comrnittere' lf the governmentiil entil.y r>rdered to produce ,a record faiLs to flte a rrotice of
complliancLr or a notice of intent to appr:aL the Committee rnay do eitl'rr>r crr both of the fotlovring:
(r) lmpose a civrl pernalty of up to liSoo for each day of continuing noncomrplianc,:,, or (z) Send
writtern notice of th,a entity s noncompli,lnce to the Governor Utah Coder S 63G-2-40:](15)(dXi)(tl). n
imposing a civiI penalty, the Comnrittr:ei shaLl consider the gravity and <:ircumstarc:es of the
violation, includirrg wlrether the failure to comply was due to negLect )r wi]S wi[Lt'rl[ or intentir:rrral.
Utah Code S 6gG-z-+o3(15)(dx i)

Entered this z4thr day of June ;rorg.



Sterte Records Corrr mittee

Page t-ast Updated June za,, i2r)tg

I o1'l 6 l:i ,l() l: . Lr)8 P

t..r't',\I I (:;o'ctL\II.ENt. R[c0R,Ds ItEQt. t.s] t].0ltLt

,\dcrt:ss otgovc.nnrcnt ot'tirc: I l7 SOUTII I\IAIN P,(Jt. lSox 3JE


I)escri[,tiorr oI r.ecur.ds ){)uLght (rccor.d s it oe
nrIst detcrihed rritlr rrasonahlc s0et:it.ic,ir:):
be describetl



p Itlcl ic crpli1,11;

rl I ai:r thc stibl;i:t ol-l,r: rr:co:C

u I a::r lhl l::tt:Dfl.,j(t 'cj)r..:j(jrll;rttvc oitltc suLlccl oiljrc rccorC.

u \1,, lti.ri ri3l,r. arc,l:i,:.tiy,irl1l:red by tire iecr.rrd an<l [.rni rnrpovcrshcJ
li'l:tsc all,,: rtrlirr:tr:tt; i- )Lip,r(lnt
),.)ur tciilr,j)t tur lt $,,livc; cftil: iics.)

i' :i]J rarjl:c)ri(i I i,:r,t ,ls llc llt p,-lri,i.;lc.s,: c:i|,r.n ult\ yr;u bcli::,".c yo.t
ll; eirl:t,cd t() auJ(ss.
)T': I .r::i 1h,' jrir).1;:c', Ji-tirt. r..;t,rC
Lr .l .ulr tllc icrs it: wlil irr'(/\,(icij ti.c uri't_x:rr.rrion

u I 'ti:l ; lifi.ri' -r':.1 :' i:.r', 1: Llrii(s l:\ ilre sLrb;ect oi tl: rocur.ti cr b;, tho
i:crsc;.l *,ho sui;nlrted ilrc grion:rairor
D ):unteirlrl.i ,r rcq.r.rrd by UCr\ 63-2-201, r; atta; jre

:r ()1,r,:i l'leil-.e c <l:i.rrr'

#- I 'til' rcLlucst rli e\re.l JJ itif .l'.ijr ts pcrnrilte,J by UCA 6l-2"1.0i. (3)(b).
r.1)lclrs: atti,ch inlcr:Iiiitcn ,ilr3 sho*s
)'3tll staii' j as n nlettli'cr oid:c r:lcliii i,nd a sttlemcni that rhe reccrds ar: ru,quu.;d lcr a storT ft.rrrorcar]ca,,t or
p''rhi:.,r1;cn, :;l lrtil,:r- itit-omtr:ttrtr lit;-tl dcn onsLrales tha', you urc cnritlcd
ro eipediteti -.:spunrc.)
_ *.1 ,_t [. t i' I r.r,

Rerluestcr's Nanre:_ ,-, L

i\lailing r\driressr---.
t', I f L. tr ,, ., r u (.- --I
,. r.r
----:)..i i t-r. [ <
(' 1

'! --. ,.- 6''l ' "

___: . ,,_!_l I ,, - . .(- (

,sigrtutur-c:_ ,- c1


All emoils, Ilhrlrre record$, postol eilers, rough drofls ond ony other motr:riol
lelcriing tcr
cufhcrslrip ord poyrnent icr st-'r,rictts in connection wlth the product on rils,olutiors
int.rrrJuced by
Kenneth A4r:ry'boy ol c SonJr-cn C.ounty Commissior meeiing on Feb.
5,20,19: l,l) o res,rluti,rn
cireclirrrT liorr.Juorr Counly Atts,rrrery Kendcll Lows, prepore o comprehensiv,e
of li:;t :ivii lirigotion
(.2) o rer;oluiion rtlscindi,''g; oll crior resolutions of the ScnJucr Counly Cc,rrmissicn
Beqrs Eors flctir:nol Mcnurnent i'j,) o re:;oluiion directing thel SonJuorr Coulty,\tt,rrnsy,
Lows, to irlten'ene in threre lowst.tits, inc uding Utoh Dine Bikeyon, ei ol. v. [)cnr:id Trr.inrpr,
el ot.,
ond ternrin':ie'represent,:fion rlgrer:menls between SonJuor Counfy qnd /vlounlqir Slcrtes Legol
Fcu n dotic n.


Tte recc,rlls sc;uglif prir,r,lr,ly b,errefil thi: pubi:c becouse they would offer
in,sic;rr,f ir:to tl-rr: poiicy-
nrok ng r:6rporol;s c'' ther current Scrn.Jucrn Ccunty Commission, Cne of the riirsl octions
of lne
comrnissicrr hos beer to wriie crrd introrluce these resolutions. Given the pres$ ng nee,::;
o1, Son

Juon Cor-rntv, this request unde. rlli?t\MA could porticlly exp,:in tne comnrir;riio:,ers,serrse of

Bill Keslriera:

Sait Lake Iii,

l80t) 699.7773
B ill. kesh le a r'l! grn a ii. c o rr
7 t23t2019 San Juan County MaLil - Request for Records in Accordance with Recorrlrs Ccrrmittee Decision

.luut Cou::il, Utait . ar;r
Laws, Ke n clall <kla ws(CItsanj uancou nty.or g)>

Request for Records in Accordance with Records Committee Decision

4 melssages

Laws, Kendall .<klaws@sanjuancounty.org> Wed, Jun 26,2019 at 11:34 lt[4

To: Kenneth Maryboy <kmaryboy@sanjuelncounlyo'g>, Willie Grayeyes <williegrayeyes()sanjuancount,l.org>, Bruce Adars,
<bbadams@sanjuancounty.org>, "Everitt, David" .:deveritt@sanjuancounty.org>, John Dilrr d 1{ielson
<jd nielson@sanj uancounty.r:rg >


Please see the attached lc.tter and attar.:hments;. lf you have any questions, please let nre know.

Kendall G. Laws
San Juan County Attorney
(435) 587-211?-.8

CONFIDENTIALII'Y NOT'lCE: "Thrs trarnsntrss;irLr r,including any attac;hments) may corrtarn conl'idential information.
prlvileged nraterial (incluclrng material :rotected lly the attorney-clienl: or other ilpplicatrle prrvilege). or constitute non-
pr-rolic information. Any ur;e of thrs inform;atrorr by anyone other than the rntenrJerj rerc pienl is prohibited. lf you herve
rec;eived this transmission in error, ple,,:se rmr,nercliately reply to the sernder and delete this irrforrrratcrn from your
system. Use dissenrination, distribution. or r,:lF)r,lduction of this trans;mi:;sion by unintend:d rer:ipirlnts is not
ar,rthorized arrd may ce unlawful."

J1 483K

Adams, Bruce <bbadams(!sanjuancounty.org> Wed, Jun 26,2019 al l2:28 Pl,tl

To: "Laws, Kenclal " < klaws()sanj l u anco u nty. org>'

I have no records to declerre but if you want to loo< at my emails or phone records they erre available. Thanks
I L)-r)le(: 1r'\l h,0ajrrl

Ken neth Maryboy <kma rytroy@sanj u a ncou nty. r:rg:, Thu, Jun 27 ,2019 at 7:15 l)lr1
To: "Laws, Kendal l " <klaws(!sanj ua n cou nty. org >'

Thank you, Sincerely Kenneth Maryboy'

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Laws, Kendall <klaws@sanjuancounty.org> Tue, Jul 16, 20'19 at 8:30 ,\lr4

To. Alex Goble <agoble@sanjuancounty.org>

Kendall G. Laws
San Juan County Ailorney

CONFIDENTIAtIl-Y NO-l-lCE. This tr,ansntissrrLn (rncludrng any attar:hnrents) ray corrtair confide,ntial informatrr:,n,
privileged material (inclu,jing material protectr:11 by the attorney-client or other applicarle privilerl3e). or constrtute non-
publrc information. Any use of this rnfc,rmation by anyone other than the intended recipient is pn:lribited. lf you have
712312019 San Juan County Marl - Flequest for Records in Accordance wrth Recorc s; Committr:e Decision

received this transrnisisior rn error, pleerse inlme(liately reply to the senderr and delele tltis information from your
system. Use, dissr:mination, distributic,n. or r€)pr(vflg6tion of this transmission llv uninlend€)ci recipie,nrts is not
authorizred anrl may tre urrlawful."

l[,]i,()ter 1ex- ll oalerl

Jr 483K
7 t23t2019 Sarn Juan Clourrty Mail - 20190312letter to clients re GRAMA equests.pcll

il, ,, I Laws, KenrJall <klaws(l)sanj uancounty.or(r>'

51;, .l:rall Coru:it, Lit:o]l cry

20190312 letter to c;lients re GRAlVll\ requests.pdf

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Kenneth Maryboy <kenneth.maryboy.l3(ilgmail.corn> Monr, Jul 15,2019 at 7:37 Ft\/l

To : "Laws, Kend all" < klaws@)sanjuancou nty.org>

1 201903111letter to clients re GRAMA recluests.pdf

- 26gK
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1 r

\1,.\1'l.itii. ttRi\t)t()tit). siltpps & sl It.lr ft:1. LLp
I r,, :,: "\ ., I r.\

I r'r l l ,\\i

',brrr r.. ({ ltiilssl l}r. rii)llt

\larr-'li 1 :1. :101 9

Kenneth \4arylrov
Willic (iray'c1,es
San .luan Clountv. [.,tah

Rc: CiRA^,'lA requests anti attonrcvlclient prir.,ilege

Dcirr C'tlrnrnissioners \4arvbov and (,iravcves:

I untict'statrclthat San.luan tl'or-tut)r has reoei'r'ed ser,'cral reLiucsts pirrsuiLnt to thc I-Jtah
(rrr\cnrlilenl l{r'coltls..\e's\s;.rrttl \ilrnlrucnrcnt,'\et ((il{ \\,,I .\1. | ('.\ i(r.lr.i-r-101. t,i.t,ri.
sc,-:krrtg to lcltr-rt ltr)\\ lcr..enl ( ottttl.r, (.'ortttttission I'c\(rluti()11s \()u:rrltlrtittctl ucrc tlnrlicrl I lilso
ull(lr:t'slilll(l )trtt rt ill .r,rrt.t ird lllcctllir tr itit Kctttiltll l.tru s. ti)c ( rrurrtr .\ [lttrnr'r. to ilise trss titis
lssurt. I att.t scnrlitUI this lctter. r,lhtch voLl rrav sharc rvith the ('ountti,\ttol'ney at vr)ur discretirln.
l,o assist \'(rLr \\ itli that lncctitig.

As.'ou kut,*'^ rr,'e have had a lotrg. prtrfcssit.lnlil relatirrnship. \'ou u'crc both dclcgates on thc
Ntr"',.r-jo Nalion ('ourtcii rlttring tlrr.: pr:riod liorn 1L)9-5 1|1p1111gh 2(l()l u,hcn I had lhc honor t() servc
as tltc (.'iriel'Lcgislatirc ('ertrnscl ol'the Navalo Natirln. Ihelpcd )ou. rii; ths C'orutcil's hoad
xtt()rre\'. uitlt rlratiing lcgi:,;lativc rcliolLlti()ns. nar.'igatirrg tire Iegr.slativrr prc)ces:,i und gencreri
issttcs of govcntancc. I think rt is liiir to saY that r,r'c canle 1o resl)ilct an.tl tl'Ltst trrrc anttther rn our
t oles ot' leeislators anLl attr)nrc\

Irr thc Iast si.r tttotttlts. tr.ru rlsketi ]t]tc to take up that rtllr: oncc asain aurl scrr.c AS v()rtr iitt(lrnev
prrlridtng adrir:c ancl hclp,r'ith drultting San Juau ('ourrt)'rltrrnurission resolutir.tr-rs. nur,rgritin11
tirc lcgislativc llrocess ancl :dvtsilrg on Bcrleral issucs oi gor,cnrance in l>an Juan ('crunt),
Bccitttsc ()l ()ur long histor\'()\'cr lhe last 24 ycars (ancl eyep 16p,,,.,- i1 lrlu ipclLrtle p1\,tirnc at
[)N.,\-Peoples' I-egal Scrr i,;cs in ]:lalcliita. []tah liout l!)tii 1111q111gh l.l-)tl). I agrccd ro rccsiablish
()ur ittt()ritcv clietit rclattottr;ltip. T.his ltas been on a voluutarl'. unpaid [rasi:i (to t.lte e,ha[tnn trt'rlv
lar.r' panners).

A{ier disuussitr-u issues urtit thu tl;l'rt ol'l'ou and understauLiinu vour rloirls. I u'as tl'rc prurcipal
authrrr ol'thc rcsolutit',trs. irrcludirrg the rcsolutir)ns c()ncenring thc Bcru:; h:ars Natritnal
N{ottunront, that are the subject o1'tir: GRA\IA requcsts. ,l'hcrc is rrotlrur"lg \\,rong or prohibited
abclut v()ur use r',1'au tlrrtsidc at[ol-nrJi to assrst vou. lt is cturrnrtln f,or Iecislat()rs t{J hal'c tltc hellt
of'attr.rrncvs in elraliing legislation irncl navigating lcgislativc prooessos.

are also good and sutllcicnt frasor'ls \\,h)'!'oll rvould not truiit adi'r,Je lirlrl \rlr. l.au,s atit'l
lvoul<l sr:ck rscparatc legal c<runscl. I'iirst. as thc [Jtah Suprerne (.ourrt ihas rrirdc abundarrtlv clcar.
llrc ('ounty,,\ttorney,represenls thc ll.lrv11p1y, rrot the individual ('lornmissitrncrs. l)rrli ltke ('ount.\;
(-rtntrnissirtn t'. ltiult l,altc (-'outtl.',:.'1lt'ornt.t,, 98-5 I'.2d 899 (1999). tlut pe-liarrs mtrre impoflantlr'.
IVIr. Lau,s iras a liistor']'that is a tt:rtilt;.source ot'doutrt atruut his adr.icc: he: tried to Irersuade tht:
Dar,'r:; ('luunl)'Attomev.'Iro,v RarvIrit,qs. 1() hring a baselc:ss crirniual prt,i-res{i11* trgainst
(lon:rnisstoncr (}ray'eyes. tlt,,:re is an open qucstion about his rrle. if arir'. irr thc cre ation ancl
tiisse:nrirtatittt-t ot'a liauclulcrrt publtc t[ocutncnt corteerrting C'omrrrissioncr (irayeve;rr irc has not
yct. to rnv kuou,ledgc. corlplrct{ r.vith clear and larvlirl c'lirer-:tives ol'hrs r:lrent to',lithdraw thc:
('ouutv li'orn thi: Bears Ears litigation. and his ferthcr. Kellr,[.arvs. brorrlrht an eloction contcst
suit against Mr. (ira-ve1'es tltat rcmaitts pcnding and w'hich inciudcs a {er,s i:lairn against his tzit}ir:r
Iirr $i|71.-171. 'l'irkeu togethcr. thes,: iltcts and circurnstatlccs raise a \ ct .\'redsonrble nced firr vou
t() secrrrc rrutsid,: lcgal counsel.

Anrl t.irrs brings us back trr thc (ilt/\Vlr\ requests. Attorney',client c()r.nluunjcatiu,ns irrc exelnpt
tiom disclosure unclcr (ll{.\l\1,\. [.]('l\ $(r3(;-2-3()5(17). \'ou havc no rl.rtv to sharc,the substattce
ot'our c()nvt:rsal ions ()r auv ltrittr--tt r'()nllluniciltions rve iravc had cone,crning thcse resolutirlns. II-
)oir sltrrr,'tl:ls lsitcr urtlr \lr. I ltrr:.'. rt riill bectrnre lr ('orrrrlr rccrlrci strh;ccl tu (i[t,'t]!1A
riirelosrrlc in)tl 1-rr1l1;1P: tlte ( rrullt) l(r:eottlr ()lliucr ulrn tltert send rt lt) t rc t.il{..\\l.r\ reqLtestors Io
rrrtrsir tltcrr eLIr':osttt'itltr,111 l11r\\ tltc t'c:ilitttt()r)s \\ct L'\titl,-'rr.

\l \\
xt.-s. tiR.rllt.'()t{l). SIIIPt)s ,& sHt tF TEt.. l,l.P
i / l)urttrlo 0llit L

/,; i.."-
_ _ _- <: _. _::_av/i, Z eni) l,
SIr'\trt ('. li,'i(''' 'J

7 t23t2019 San Juan C)ounty Marl - 20190312letter to cl ents re GRAMA' re,qur>sts.pdf


Lits} . cr;r
Laws, Kencl all <klaws(Q:sanj ua ncou nty.orcl>'

20190312 lertter to clients re GRAIt/llt requests.pdf

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Kenneth Maryb,oy < kenneth. maryboy.'l 3(llg mai I corn> Morr, Juil 15,2019 at PNtl

To: "Laws, Kendrall" < klaws@)sanju ancou n ty.org>

letter to clients re GRAMA requests.pdf

I r 2019031i!

\lA[i\illS. ltlli\l)|()lit).
Sl lll'pS & Slll]I'flrt- t.l.P
i I r"
I li

,. : .


si'totrs's1. 1 1' llss l ip.1 1;111

\{ar,;lr 1.1, 1019

Kennoth Marvbor.'
Willic (ira1,e1's,5
San .luan C'ountl'. t.,talr

Rc: (iRA\lA l'e,i-lLlesls iitrrl artonteviclicnt privilege

[)eal C'otnrnissioners Mlryt-rrtr, ilil.c] (.;ra\icves:

I unr.ierstatrd that San Juan (-'outtt'y lt,ts recei'u,ed st:veral requcsts pLlrsrrirnt to the LJtah
(i()\cnuncltl l{,,'Crrltls.\eec:s r.uitl J, lrin;rlclnL'nt.'\cl ((ilt,\\,1 .\}. t ('\ irr.l 1;-3-l{r1.,,,
.\(Cklllg trr lCitttt ll(r\\ lCr'flll ( t,Ltilir l.'()llutu\sl('n I'C\()li.lti(rlts \()u stti'lrtttttetl riet e tit.itttcrl Itilstr
tll)(l\:l slilllrl \()ti \\ill s,.r..rtt irr.'tttcclnir-l triilt Kcrt|.ilrll I ltrrs. ti)c ( ()ultt\ .\,iltrlrlcr'. to riiserrs: lhis
issttc. I attt scnr.ling this letter. u h;ir:]i voLl rni-iv share rvith thc ()ounty, ,,\ttoruey a1 ),our riiscretiuu.
Lo as;sist \'(rLr \\ .th thtrt lxcclin!.

As lclu ktrou'. \rc have had ti Irxt5: prof'cssronal rclationshilt. \'r'rr"r u'crc bttth dclegates on the
Nar,a.jo Nation Council tluring thc' pt:riori liorn 1t)t)-i 1l1p1y11gh 2tJ(ll i,ihe n I had rhe honor to servc
as the Clhiel'Lcgisiati"'e (lounsel ol the Navajo Natiorr. I hclpcci )'ou. ir:i thc Llourrcrl's hoad
att()rltL:\'. u'ith rlraiting Icgi::;latrrc ls:;olulicins. navisutrnt thc legrslat.i,,t: prouess antl general
lssucs of govcrnancc. I thirrk it is lliiI t() siil'that r,r'c carue to respcct anil trusl onc antltlrer in olrr
role:; oI legislators and attonrc\.

llt th,c Iast str ntotrtlts., !r)u .lskt:(l lre to take up that rolc once again arrrl serve its; \'()ur attcl'nc\
proricling atlr,tr:c antl hclp,,r'ith dratiing San.luan Cr-runt:\,,( orl1rrrissit-It resOlutir..rrrS. l1a\lgatlng
the legislativc ltrocess anci;rdvisirlg on gerlerai issues ol grlvcrrrance i:r San Ji:an ('ount),.
Bccatisc o1 our long Itistor\'ovcr the iast 24 vcars (and r;ven 1t)ng,cr il rou includc lt1\'titnc at
[)N,'\-Peoples' l-egal Scrviccs rn ]llalcliita. tltah liorn lglii through l9!)i). I agrered ro re6:;,16911511
()ur itttorllev cliertt rclatiotiship. This ltas been un a volunlarr', unltaici basi:i (to r:he c:hagrir-r of rny'
lar.r' partners ).

A1ier discussing issues u'itlt thc tr,r'tt ol'\'ou ancl understandirrg vour qorrls. I u,as thc prrncipal
author ol'thc rc,solutiou:. inclutiing tlic resolutir)ns c()ncenring the Berus [:ars ]Jational
N{ol'rutlr:nt. that are thc srrbjcct o1 1h: (iRA\1A reqlrests. l'hcre rs notlhing rvrons or prohibited

i! rrr.l'.. ,' 1i

,tlUlLll lr^ *\Jl )

Page 2

ahout your use oi'an or,rtsitle attornev to assist y'ou. It. is cr.iurmon tor legi:;Iat,l)rs to itarrc thc l-reil.l
oi'attorneys in dretiing legislatioti anti navigatmg icgislativc proccssc:i.

There are also goud and sr"rlll,;ieut l-:rij.sons wlty vtru would not trLlst advtt:,.: lrotl .\4r. [.au's atitl
u,oulcl scek separate legal ccunsel, Firs;t. as thc IJtah Suprcrle (-ourt hasr .rarjc abundirtttlv clcar.
tlrc ('ountl, A ttonrel, repl"cserrl s thc ( 'o Lrnty, not the inrliv idr.ral (.'orn nt isi;i .)ne:rs. 5'rt ll l' tkr' ('t )l rtl\'

Nlr. Larvs iras a historr,'tlial i:, a fcrtile soLlrce ot'cloubt aboul his arl'lrcc: irc tried ttl persuade tlte
Davis (lountr,'Atiomev.
'l'roy Rau,llngs. to bnng a lraselcss ,;rirninal procecriiux riglinst
(lornnlissioner (iravetje;i; there is an o1"ren cluestiiln atrout his rrle. it'anl'. in thc ereatioti ancl
disserrrination ol'a fi'aLrtiulent puirlic;tiocurncnl conecnring ('utnuris;sioner (ira1'c1;es., he has ttot
vct. to rn5'knou,'l,ctlgc. conrpliec[ ivi'th r:lear and la',vlirl ciirccl.ives o1'hrs,:]ient to',r,itltdrau, tlte
(loun1.t, liom tlre [Jcars E,ars litigariou, aud tris firthe:r, Kelity [-arvs. broulrrt an elci:tiolt contcsl
suit ag,ainst lr4r. (ira;-eves that rernains pending and rviricli incrlutles a l'ees clairn against his tirther
lirr $2'71.1'71.'l'al<eu togcthcr. thcsc lh,;ts and rrircurnstarlscs raise a \crl,'reasouai:le ncc<l fitr you
t() sectrrc: outsiclc legal coutrsel.

Ancl tiris briugs Lrs back to lhr,: GIlA)/{,\ r'equests. Attorney',,r:lienL cr.rrrrtLunications ar"e cxelnpt
tj'orrr disclr.rsure irtrder (iltAI\4A. t.J(1,,r\ .s63G-2-305(17). \r'ou have no duty to sharrc tlte sutrstattcc
ot'uur collversatiolts (lr arrv r.i rittcn c()ilutuniciltittns lve have harl cotrccrning, thcsie r-escllutir.lns. II
\r)Ll \l'r'n'c tltrs lettcr urtlt \lt. [.uu:. rtrtill l)cc()l1le lt ('otrrttr rccorcl sttbjr-'et to (ili.\N'{A
ri rselo:iurc trrtrl 1lr:rlr;rp: lltr: (',,runt) ll{cr:or',.1s ()lljecr ui.in tirclri scnd i't trr 1i1.' ( l{.,\\1.,\ requestors to
s;.rlirlr lltcrr r-'rtrt0sltV itl)r)ul l:r',rr tltc' r'u:()itltt()l'ls $ ct'c rr t'tlte rt.

5i ir-rccrcl5,'.

,? '1
\t \\,r'r.s. Iilt,,tlu.'()ltt). stIIP;P!i dr SHEF"I'EL. I,I,P
it Durrtryo UJJit'c
- - -- :5/fi&t3t'*i,.) ,-
('. v
)'ter c'lt ll,,J("-

7t23t2019 San Juan County Mail - (no subject)

il, $ I Laws, Kendall <klaws;(!sanjuancounty.o rq>

l-,:r: .l:.ralr Cr:ruiclr ll"ic,:l . orE

(no subject)
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Kenneth Maryboy <kenneth.maryboy.'l li@gmarl com> Mon, Jul 15,2019 at 7:36 F'M
To: "Laws, Ken dall" <klaws @sanj u an co u nty. org::,

Dear Kendall,

I have received your lette,r dated June 26, 2019 I agree that the County should do evr;rlrthing within its power to cr:mply
with the Order. The Order states that pursuarrt tr: the Utah Code, the definition of a respronsive record "includes
documents and electronir: data that is prepared, <>wned, received or retained by a governm,:ntal entitlr or political
subdivision, ilnd where all of the information in the original is reproducibler by photocopry or other mechanical or electronit;
means. Utah Code 63G-2-103(22)(a). The Order further states that "eviclence seems t: show tl-rat the responsive
records may include attorney-client pri,rileged cornmunication of County Commission OlTicials, whicl'r'would need to be
reviewed priclrto being released to Mr. Keshlerar n orderto determine, whetherthe rec:crds should be classified as
protected norr-public records. See Utah Code 63t3-2-305(17)" .
The County Clerk, who serves as the County lRecords Officer under the San Juan GRA\4A policy, and not County
employees or officials, must review the countSr re:ords and forward any records to you, ias County Attorney, that slrould
be reviewed prior to release in order tcr formuliate a response to the State Records Cornnnittee Order, Case 19-15.
Employees and officials should cooperate, bul it is primarily the job of the County Clerk t,c search th<; County archives for
records that iare responsive to GRAMA, requests and subsequent State Records Comrn ttee Orders. The policy says that
the County nrust turn overr County records and dr:fines in great detail what documents are County records. As far aLs I cat'l
tell from a re,riew of the prolicy, the only' things irr rny possession that fit that definition arrl the proposed resolutions cited in
the GRAMA request.

lam attaching a letterdated March 12,2019, frorn my personalattorney, Steve Boos, ro(Jarding the drafting of the
resoluttons that are subjerct to this GRAMA appeitl. I have previously submitted this lett:,r tr: you lf something else is
required by tlre GRAMA policy, you and the C,ounty Clerk will need to help me understand rvhat that is, with references to
the policy itsr;lf.

Thank you,


klaws <klaws(lsa nj uancounty.org > Mon, Jul 15,2019 at 8:25 F'}M

To: "Goble, Alex" <agoble()sanjuancounty.org>

i(;.rolrLr tux: ir {ralerl

Laws, Kendall <klaws@sanjuancounty.org> Tue, Jul 16,2019 at 5:19 PM

To: Kenneth M;aryboy <kenneth.maryboy. 1 3@grnail.com>
Cc: Willie Grayeyes <willielgrayeyes@sanjuancr:unty.org>, Bruce Adams <bbadams@sarrjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Marybo,y
<kmaryboy@sianjuancounty.org>, "Everitt, David".:deveritt@sanjuancounty.org>
Bcc: Alex Goble <agoble@tsanjuancounty.org>

Commissioner Maryboy:

I received y,our email in regards to the Stiate Records Committee order, and your request to clarify any
Iurther obligations you have under GRAIVIA. I have also cc'd the other comrrissioners and David in order to,
further their understanding of the situation zrnd answer questions they rnay ha.'ne that are sirnilar to those you
raise in your email.
7 t23t2019 San Juan County Mail - (no subjt-'ct)

Countyordinance 199'2-2 istheonlyGRhl4Aordinancethecrcuntyhasonfile. lthas;notbeenupdatr;dto

match the changes to rthe state statute and our ordinance is incompliant in ser,'e ral areas as a result. Pursuanl
to 63G-2-l0l the county ordinance cannrct rnodify $63G-2 Part 1 or Parl 3, 63G-')--201 ,202,205, and 206
rvhich include the provisions the State Records Cornrnittee has placed at issue.

Per Utah Code $63G-2-103 there are a ft:u'definitions that make tlie docurnerts lv{r. Keshlear requested
"records." Under $63G-2-103i,22) the exislence of a record that jis "a book, d<tcument, paper, map,
photograph. film, carcl, tape, recording. e,le<:tronic data, orotherdocutrentaq/ rnaterial regsrdless of plrysical
fbnn or characteristics that is prepared. c,rvrled, received or retained by a governntent entity and w,here all ol
the infbrmzrtion in the original is reprodurcitrle by photocopy or other rnechanir:al or electrc,nic rreans" rnakcs
it subjectto GRAMA. Even if you are using personal devices so long as it is iolated to ofljcial govenlment
matters, it is not exerrpted frorn GRAM,,\. See $63G-2- 103(22)(b).

Ilecause of your position as a commissiorLe:: in any action related to your posit.iorL you are consiclered a
"governmental entity." Under $6.}G-2-103(l l) a govemmentenlity includes rtll political subdir.isions of th:
state (which includes counties) and"e'u'ery office. agency, board, bureau, cornnnittee, clep;artment, advisory
board, or cr:mmission of an entity listed iin llubsection (ll)(a) that is tunded r:- establir;hecl by the
governn'rent to catry out the public's business."

The subject of Mr. Ke'shlear's request relalt:s specifically to acti<lns taken by t[:Le r;omrnission or an officer of
the county (a governtrlent entity) and the dc'curnents are not personal. but dire:tly'related to your position
with the county. 'fherefbre they are 'orecor([s" and they must be retained b),the county. T'herefore, any,
correspondence, emails, text messages. documents, papers, etc. that are in 1lout'prlg5gssion and are
responsive to Mr. Keshlear's request need to be provided to the County Clerl,: in order lor ther-n to be
classified and lor a determination to be rnacle as to whether they are required to be tunred over to Mr.
Keshlear or not.

You are absolutely correct about the C-ouLnt./ Clerk's role in recei'ving and mzrirLtaining records. John I)avid's;
ernail back in February to the Conulissir:)ne'rs as well as otliers, r,vhen the orig nal Gfu\MA request from Mr.
Keshlear was receivecl, requested that thr;:ss 1-s..rds should have |een tumed c,rr'er'&t that time to the C]erk's
office to be, retained. At that point in tinrre they would have also been classified. Howevcr, John Davird did
not receive any recorcls and provicled only r,vhat he had available. Mr. Kesh|:ar appealed to the count1,. ps1
Kelly' Perhr;on then enrailed the Commisr'ioners and others requesting those records againL and had they been
sent, the county would have retained ancl properly classified them. Again no records u,ere received and Mr.
Keshlear appealed again resulting in the sutrsequent order from the State Reccrds Committee that the Counly,
revieu'its records, and the State Records C'ornmittee's adrnonrtion against inli'viclual's refusal to release
records. The March l2 letter fi'om Steve,n []oos you referenced and enrailed to me indicates that other
records exist that could be responsive to the GRAMA request ancl the county tsi obligated to review, retain,
and classifl/ an)i such records.

Providing a copy of atty responsive records does not necessarily mean they rvill be provicled to I\{r.
Keshlear. 'fhey w'oukl flrst need to be classified. and any records deemed prr)trtcled would not be provicled.
lJnder ttonnal processes this woLrld be handled solely by the Clounty C]lerk's office, alt]ough they do at timr:s;
request legal assistance of my off-rce if a qu,:stion arises. However, given ther rtdvance stages of this request
and the standing ordet'from the State Rer:ords Comrnittee, my oflice would prz.rticipate in expediting any
response to the Comrnittee once the record [s classified by the County Clerk.

Please understand thal our deaclline for con,plying r.vith the order frorn the Stal,; ILecords Clomrnittee is next
week. The Countl'needs to ha'r'e the recordr; no later than Friday, July l9,2Ol!) in order to have suff-rcient
titne to classify them and cornply r.vith th.e c,rder. If the County'lails to cornply with the order it u,ill likely
result in se',zere consequences as detailed in my previous letter.

I would also like to tal<e this opporlunity to advise you that an update the County's GRAMA ordinancr; is in
order. Also the comrtission, like severalL other depar-tnrents in the county, could adopt its own retention
schedule for records as well. This is something my office would be happy to assist with, or I am sure Davict
Everitt likely has experience in this as wr"'ll.
712312019 San Juan County Nlail - (no subject)

Please provide anv do,3uments, paper or (:lectronic, that are responsive to Mr. l(eshleal''s request to the
Clerk's office as soon as possible so he can get them classified and we can resprorrd to the State Recordls

Kendall G. Laws
San Juan County Attorney
(135) 587-2',28

CONF:IDEN-l-iALITY NOTICE: "This transrrtiss, on (including any attar:hrnents) nnay,c:cntain confidential rn{ornration
prtvileged material (rncluding materrral protc,cterrJ by the attorney-client or other appllcerble privileqe,), or constituter non-
publtc tnforntatron. l\ny use of tlris inf()rnrillion by anyone other than ther intended rerltptent is p,rs515;1.6. lf vou have
received this transmission in error, pleas;er irnrrre,diately reply to the s;r:nder ancJ delete this inforrrration from your
systern. Use. disseminettion, distrbulion. or reproduction of this transmission by unintr:nrl:d recrpients is not
authorized and nray be unlawful."

liliroleci 13xl l1 0(irinl

Kenneth Mary boy <kmary,boy@sanj -[ue,

ua ncou nty'.oro> .lul 16,2019 at 5:24 f:'tVl
To: "Laws, Ken dall" <klaws @sanjuancounty.org>

Got your email,

Kenneth Maryboy

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i:).1()1(i(l iirli. ll ctlarl]]

Adams, Bruce <bbadams@sanjuancounty.org> T'ue, Jul 16,2019 art 6.03 F,tVl

To: "Laws, Kerrdall " < klaws,@sanj uancou nty. org >
Cc: "Everitt, David" <deveritt@sanjuancounty.orE> Kenneth Maryboy <kmaryboy@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Mzrryboy
<kenneth.mary,boy. 13@grnail.com>, Willie Gray,eyes <williegrayeyes@sanjuancounty.org>'

Thank you for your response. ls there a possible fine that will be assessed to the courrt,l if Lhe state records peopler are
not satisfied'?
irLlOlir/.] lri^. li (:riFrf

klaws <klaws()sanjuancounty.org> T'ue, Jul 16,2019 ert 6:16 F,lVl

"Adams, Bruce" <bbad a ms@sa nj uancou nty'. orq >
To :
Cc" "Everitt, David" <deveritt@sanjuancounty.org> Kenneth Maryboy <kmilryboy@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Mzrryboy
<kenneth.mar),boy. 13@gmail.com>, Willie Gra1,sy1.s <wrlliegrayeyes@sanjuancounty.org>

Yes, as they said in their order, it is possible that they could impose a fine of $500 per cay ()f non conrpliance.

-------- Orrgrnal message

F:ronr. "Adanrs. Bruce" <
Date. 7 t1611 3 18.03 (GtVT-07:00)
lb. "Laws. Kendarl" .
i",r(rta Irrr.i r,{,rigl ,

l-l.rotc[] taxl Ira ietl

Adams, Bruce <bbadams@sanjuancounty.org:, Tue, Jul 16,2019 art 6:1g F,lVl

To : klaws <klarvs@sanjuancounty.org>
Cc: "Everitt, Dilvid" <deveritt@sanjuancounty.orlg>, Kenneth Maryboy <kmaryboy@sanjuancounty.orE>, Kenneth Mzrryboy
<kenneth.mary/boy.13@gmail.com>, Willie Gralisyes <williegrayeyes@sanjuancounty.orc >

Ok, thanks.
'iti iexl tl (r.i1r,l
7t23t2019 San Juan County Mail - (no sublect)

Adams, Bruce <bbadams{@sanjuancounty,org:, Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 6:56 F'M

To: klaws <klavus@sanjuancounty.org>
Cc: "Everitt, Dervid" <deveritt@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Maryboy <kmaryboy@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Maryboy
<kenneth.maryboy.13@gmail.com>, Willie Gray,eyers <williegrayeyes@sanjuancounty.org>'

Will the county be responsible to pay the fine or the commissioner?

lQitOlrJ lirxi htC.jtrr.

klaws <klaws()sanjuancounty.org> Tue, Jul 16, 2019 a17.23 F>M

To : "Ada ms, Bruce" <bbadilms@sanju ancou nty. c,rc1 >
Cc: "Everitt, Dervid" <devertt@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Maryboy <kmaryboy@sanjuancounty.org>, Kenneth Marryboy
<kenneth.maryboy.l3@gmail.com>, Willie Grayeyers <williegrayeyes@sanjuancounty.org>,

That will be up to the Rer:ords Committee if they decide to impose such a sanction
i(.Jir0t,JC 1{,lxt lr oll! rl
712312019 San Juan County Mail - (no subject)

l, t I Laws, Kendall <klawsr@sanj uancounty.org>,
.Ir.re;r CorUCy, LiCeL org

(no subject)
1 nressag;e

Ken neth MarY'6e, <kenneth. maryboy. 1 3@g mi,ri Lc om> l'hu, .Jul 18,2019 art 8;38 r\tvl
Kendal I La,ws <klaws@)sanj uancou n [y.org >
To :

Dear Kendall,

I am reservirtg all arguments that my personaLl correspondence (emails, texts, documerrrts, or papers as you noted,) are
not county records pursuant to GRAMA, and tlral such materials are not subject to be ng d sclosed urrder the GRA,MA
statute, espelcially any thrat might be cr:vered by attorney/client privilege.

However, in order to help finally resolve this rnatler, I have reviewed rny perrsonal corrr:r;porrdenc;e and I do not fincl any
materials thert relate to official county r:;overnrrrent matters or that are in any way resporr:;ivr-' to tl're GI?AMA requests tha,.
you, the County Administrator or the County Clerk have fonryarded to rne. Thus, I have no records to provide to the
County Cler}<. I have already providecl a letter from Steve Boos, my attorney, which sl.ates that [r/r. I3oos worked ltrith mg
to draft the Commission resolutions covered by the GRAMA requests.


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7t2312019 San Juan County Mail - (no subjer:t)

il, t I Laws, Ker rrdal I <klarws(!sanj ua nco u nty.ot"c,>

i'.iir .lr,ul Coru:ir, [,ica] . or;r

(no subject)
Willie Grayeyes <williegrayeyes@yahoo.com> Tlru, Jul 18, 2019 at 1 :16 >ltil
To: Kendall Laurs <klaws@sanjuancou nty.org>

Attached: Response to your request.

). 1 July
10 2019.docx

Dear Mr. Laws,

I have, received your letter dated Jurre 26,2019. I agree that the County should do everrything within
its power to comply with the Order. l-he Order states that pursuant to the lJrtalr Code, the definition
of a responsive r,ecord "includes documents and electronic data that is plg[xarerd, ovvned, received or_
retained bv a qol,ernmental entitv or.trrolitical subdivision, and where all of tlre informatton in the
originial is reprod.rcible by photocopy' or other mechanical or electronic me€ ns. Utah Code 63G-2-
103(22)(a). The Order further states; that "evidence seems to show that tl'rer rersponsive records may
include attorney-:lient privileged cornmunication of County Commission C,f icierls, which would need
to be reviewed prior to being releaserd tc Mr. Keshlear in order to determirrer, whethelr the records
shoukl be classified as protecrted norr-public records. See Utah Code 63G-i2-305(17)"

The County Clerk, who serves as thr:: County Records Officer under the Sarr Jr-ran GRI\MA policy,
and not County €rmployees or officials, nust review the county records an,C lbrward s6r,r records to
you, Ers County A,ttorney, that shoulcl ber reviewed prior to release in order trr formulilte a response to
the State Records Committee Order Crase 19-15. Emplovees and official,s s;hould c,ooperate,
but it is primarilv the iob of the County Clerk to search the Countv arghives_&Lf_eS!Es.lha!_
are rersponsive to GRAMA requesl-s and subsequent State Records Clrrmrnittee Orders. The
policy says that the County must turn over County records and defines in gr,eat detail what
docurnents are C;ounty records. As fiar as I can tellfrom a review of the polic;y, the only things in my
possession that fit that definition are the proposed resolutions cited in the CiRAMA request.

I am erttaching a letter dated March 12,2019, from my former personal attorney, Steve Boos,
regarding the drerfting of the resolutir:ns that are subject to this GRAMA aptrr,eal. I have previously
submitted this letter to you. lf, something else is required by the GRAMA policy, you and the County,
Clerk will need to help me understand lvhat that is, with references to the pcrlicy itself.


Willier Grayeyes
7 t23t2019 San Juan County Mail - Case No. 19-15

t, $ I Laws, Kr: ndall <kliaws;(!sanj ua ncou nty.orq>

i'a;': .lr.ra.'r Coruiy Ucah . ot;l

Gase No. '19-15

1 message

Laws, Kendall <klaws@sernjuancounty.r:rg> Tue, Jul 23,2019 at 4:58 F'M

To: Bill Keshlear <bill.keshlear@gmail.com>, Ginia f,roctor <gproctor@utah,gov>

Dear Bill:

This email is to inform you that after e>,ltensive efl'orts to obtain additional records in conrpliance with the Decision and
Order of the State RecorCs Committee, we do ttot have any additional documents to pr<>'vide to you. l'he lack of
documents it; due to no additional records bein,g received by San Juan County and is l'urtherr set forth in a Notice of
Compliance rsent to the Flecords Comrnittee toclay. You will be cc'd on that email as wel since you are a party to the
dispute in this matter.

Kendall G. Laws
San Juan County Altorney
(435) 587-2128

CONF:IDENTIALITY' NOTICE: "This transnrissi,cn (including any attachrnents) nray'ccntain confidr:ntial information,
privilegedm,aterial (includingmaterral protecterrjbytheattorney-clientorothererpplicebleprivil,ege) orconstituter non-
public rnfornration. l\ny use of tlris infr:rntiltion lcy anyone other than the intencled rer:iprienl is prohibited. lf you have
rr:ceived this; transrnissrorr in error pleaser rrnn-rediately reply to the sender and delete this inforrnation fronr your
systern. Use, disseminartion, distribution, or relproductron of this trarrsnrission by uninren<Jed rercipients is not
authorized and may be unlawful."