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10 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

Academic language
Choose the correct option in each sentence.
1 I didn’t really follow what our undergraduate/tutor was saying.
2 As part of my History degree I’m doing a couple of modules/terms on 20th century politics.
3 She was an undergraduate in the law degree/faculty, but went on to do a Master’s in science.
4 After graduating he went on to a local college to study for a teaching diploma/minor.
5 Details about changes to the major/syllabus can be found on the department notice board.
6 It took me several months to write up and correct my seminar/thesis.
7 I’d recommended spending time resitting/revising your lecture notes before the exam.
8 I was quite disappointed by my overall grades/lecturers, but fortunately I was accepted into college.

The mind and the brain

Match each sentence beginning 1–8 with an appropriate ending a–h.
1 It seems that he’s been having second a my mind. We ended up buying the same present.
2 It’s just a thought, but perhaps b why we lost touch with them.
3 You really ought to consider his opinion. He talks c and let you know my decision tomorrow.
4 It’s almost as if she read d a lot of sense most of the time.
5 I’ll give it some thought e thoughts about applying for university.
6 I’m sorry, but I’m finding it hard to think f thinking but I reckon I’ll get the job.
7 I’ve always wondered g straight at the moment. Give me a few minutes.
8 It might just be wishful h you should consider studying abroad.

Language focus
Emphasis with cleft sentences
1 Rewrite the following sentences using the prompts given.
1 I really enjoy studying new subjects.
a What 
b One thing 
2 I want to study at Cambridge University.
a It’s 
b Cambridge 
3 He likes reading and writing poetry.
a It’s 
b is something 

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10 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

2 Correct the mistakes in the following sentences.

1 What I’m needing is a few minutes to look over my lecture notes.

2 It wasn’t while the evening that I realised my bag was missing.

3 It was only if I failed my driving test that I realised I should have practised more.

4 It’s as you never revise that you do badly in tests.

5 What happens is that I lost my laptop.

6 All of what he does is play his Xbox at the weekend.

7 At univeristy it was that I became interested in psychology.

8 What they want to do improves their grades.

Participle clauses
1 Complete each sentence with correct form of a verb from the box.
consider   ​
judge   ​
speak   ​

1 Generally , the students are very well behaved.

2 from her face, I would say she was really cross with you.
3 a broad view, I understand why they are unwilling to invest in such a risky venture.
4 All things , Stephen performed really well.

2 Complete the sentence pairs with a verb from the box. A different form is needed for
each sentence.
break   ​​
grow   ​​
give   ​​
study   ​​
save   ​​

1 a  in sufficient doses, Vitamin B12 supposedly improves concentration and other

mental activity.
b all the evidence into account, we decided to continue recommending this product.
2 a Continually promises leads to a lack of trust.
b Continually promises lead to a lack of trust.
3 a away confidential information won’t win you many friends
b I’m not sure about this, that they rarely seem to tell the truth.
4 a We got a discount, around a quarter of the asking price.
b With the money , we bought a new car.
5 a Fortunately, the topics by most candidates appeared in the exam.
b After the details of the contract, I decided not to sign.
6 a Plants in these conditions are unlikely to be successful in bearing fruit.
b up in an urban environment can offer lots of cultural opportunities.

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10 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

Word formation
1 Complete each gap with the appropriate option a, b or c.
1 Those ideas have gained widespread over the past few years.
a acceptance b acceptable c accepting
2 The author to several places which I’m quite familiar with.
a references b referred c referral
3 What upset me the most this season was the team’s .
a consistency b consistent c inconsistency
4 Too much input can make early-years classrooms challenging environments.
a sensitive b sensory c senseless
5 The broadband contract had to be paid in monthly .
a installations b instalments c installed
6 In an act of , he offered me the last seat on the train.
a unselfishly b selfishness c selflessness
7 She certainly showed her when I turned up late.
a unpleasant b displeased c displeasure
8 Each must possess a valid visa and a current passport.
a appliance b application c applicant
9 The characters in her latest novel are a bit of a(n) bunch.
a sympathetic b unsympathetic c sympathise
10 I’m not sure I like this job. It’s badly paid, and boring.
a repetitive b repeating c repetition

Reading and Use of English Part 2

Open cloze
For questions 1–8, read the text and think of the word that best fits the gap. Use only one word in
each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Positive thinking
The majority of people go (0) THROUGH life believing if they think positively, they will better achieve
(1) goals. Indeed, most psychologists acknowledge that positive thinking is an important factor in
driving motivation, and keeps us working (2) fulfilling ambitions.
(3) , recent studies have been conducted which demonstrate that thinking too positively can
cause complacency, and result in people becoming lazier. (4) a consequence they are therefore
less likely to fulfil ambitions. Furthermore, problems occur when there are setbacks to goals. (5)
seems that if you have built an overly positive vision of future success, which doesn’t happen, you can be more
significantly affected by its failure. (6) said that, overly negative thoughts can also impact on the
chances of success.
Psychologists do suggest using a technique (7) as mental contrasting. This approach requires
individuals to think of a goal, visualise the steps needed to achieve it, and then switch to a more critical
mindset. During this stage you not only need to consider all the potential obstacles to achieving success, but
(8) reflect on how to overcome these. This more balanced and considered approach allows people
to realise goals more realistically.

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