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9 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

1 For sentences 1–6, choose the option a, b or c which is not possible.
1 The study showed that children coming from more backgrounds achieved better results.
a affluent b prosperous c pricey
2 He promised to the costs of the next family holiday.
a raise b fund c cover
3 The business was forced to close down as it lacked .
a assets b interest c funds
4 They were ordered to the costs of the cancelled trip.
a compensate b refund c tax
5 If you are planning to so much money from the bank, you’d better know what you’re doing.
a borrow b withdraw c lose
6 They aren’t particularly successful but they are going to this financial year.
a make ends meet b become bankrupt c break even

2 Match each sentence beginning 1–8 with an appropriate description a–h.

1 They decided to pay for the goods in advance. a The purchase has to be paid for in agreed amounts
2 They paid for their new kitchen in instalments. over an agreed period of time.
3 They bought the house at auction. b They made regular payments over a couple of years.
4 They paid for the work in arrears. c The purchase was made when everything
was discounted.
5 He bought a new laptop on impulse.
d The purchase was unplanned.
6 She’s bought a new car on finance.
e They paid everything that they owed at once.
7 They paid their bill in full.
f They offered the best price for it.
8 I bought these clothes in the sales.
g They paid before they received what they
were buying.
h They settled the bill after the work was complete.

Describing trends
Correct the mistakes in sentences 1–8.
1 According to the latest statistics, the global population remained relatively stable among 2016 and 2017.

2 They are hoping that the launch of their new smartphone will help them to catch out with their competitors.

3 The government made slight investments of several billion dollars into the industry last year.

4 We are seeing some signs of encouraged growth in the retail sector this season.

5 Visits to the city have been steady declining since the last elections.

6 Following a series of disappointed sales, the record company decided to end her contract.

7 Sales of the game peaked on 3 million, before interest started to decline.

8 There was a sudden surge to investment when Amazon showed an interest in their product.

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9 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

Language focus
Determiners and pronouns
1 Underline the incorrect determiner or pronoun in sentences 1–8.
1 In one/every/both respect the products are identical.
2 Customers and producers all/both/each agree that changes to shopping patterns are inevitable.
3 You can keep the magazines if you like; I’ve read them all/both/every.
4 I’ve heard that two of the company directors can’t stand everyone/one another/each other.
5 All/Neither/Either team are likely to win the competition this year.
6 Some/Much/No laptops have such high-quality speakers.
7 Few/Little/Several people have contacted us about our advertisement.
8 Lots/Most/Loads of trainers were returned because there was a fault in production.

2 Match each sentence beginning 1–8 with sentence endings a–h.

1 It’s important to save for your future. All too a plenty of interest. Look at the advance sales.
2 While you are here you should make the b of you for coming to this meeting.
3 Despite it being a relatively new product there is c one, checking how much I’d spent.
4 He went through the items on the receipt one by d any took a free sample.
5 He has an awful e none as far as I’m concerned.
6 The quality of the food is second to f most of your time and visit the Pantheon.
7 I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each g often people get themselves into debt.
8 I was surprised by their lack of interest. Few if h lot to do in a short space of time.

Reference, substitution and ellipsis

1 Complete the text with the best option from the box.
it (x3) these (x2) this (x4) those

Hand over the cash

The network of veins in the palm of your hand is as unique as your fingerprint or any other biometric data.
(1) means that it is possible to use (2) as a secure method of identification. In
fact, there are several start-ups around the world who are exploring (3) process as an aspect
of payment technology. (4) companies are developing scanners which can be used in shops
and stations. (5) will allow for faster, easier, and more convenient payments which should
also be extremely secure. The technology underpinning (6) innovations isn’t new in itself. In
Japan (7) has been adopted to speed up ATM transactions in busy urban areas. However, as a
payment method (8) is yet to go mainstream as people have tended to prefer more traditional
means to make transactions. But (9) could be changing as public perception shifts to view
(10) methods as increasingly slow and out of touch.

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9 Extra Language Practice Straight to Advanced

2 Rewrite sentence b from each dialogue using substitution and ellipsis.

1 a Do you know if the online sale has started yet?
b No, the online sale hasn’t started yet.

2 a They must have seen the advertisements which we placed in the magazine.
b No, they can’t have seen the advertisements which we placed in the magazine.

3 a Although many people work here we have no choice but to close this store.
b If you close this store many people who work here will lose their jobs.

4 a Did he wire the money to me?

b No he didn’t wire the money to you, I wired the money to you.

5 a Which dress should I buy?

b I prefer the blue dress.

Reading and Use of English Part 4

Key word transformation
For questions 1–6, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six
words, including the word given.

1 He’s often very irritated by how science is dumbed down in so many documentaries.
What science is dumbed down in so many documentaries.
2 I didn’t realise that we’d bought the same shoes until we got home.
It we got home that I realised we’d bought the same shoes.
3 He studied marketing at university, didn’t he?
Am he studied marketing?
4 We can assure our customers that we will take every possible measure to fix the latest technical issues.
We promise that we will to fix the latest technical issues.
5 If they refuse to lend us any money, we might have to sell our home.
If they turn a loan, we might have to sell our home.
6 Although we booked tickets in advance, it wasn’t necessary because the cinema was nearly empty.
There a booking after all because the cinema was nearly empty.

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