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NIM : 20172020

Name : Adinda Permatasari

Class : 1A


Day : Monday, 16 okt 2017

Activity : Read the article

Title : Introduction to Accounting

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the article Word meaning

1. Shareholders Once a year the shareholders A person who owns
(Pemegang Saham) review the annual financial share company and
statement to see if the company therefore gets part of
made a profit or loss. the company's profits

2. Tax authority Some accountans ofte use creative Any goverment entity
(otorita pajak) accounting to try and cheat the tax that is authorized by
authority out of monies due. law to assess, levy
and cllect taxes.
3. Payroll clerk The sales-directur asked the payroll A person emloyed to
(pegawai penggajian) clerk to issue bonuses to the top administer the
five sales people. payment of wages to
4. Tax advisor Larger corpoation often have a A person who advises
(Penasihat pajak) dedicated tax advisor to help them other people and
minimize the ammount of tax that companies on tax
they need to pay. affairs , esp on legal
ways of paying less
5. Value added tax The goverment are talking about A tax that is added to
(Pajak pertambahan nilai) increasing the value added tax rate the price of goods or
next year. services.
Day : Tuesday, 17 Okt 2017

Activity : Read the article

Title : Introduction to accounting

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the article Wor meaning

1. Tax Payble A good accountans team A liability account hat reports
(Hutang Pajak) actually work to save the the amount of taxes that a
company money by minimize company owes as the balance
the tax payable. sheet date.

2. Bookkeepers Often the majority of the work A person who records the
(Pemegang buku) in these smaller practices is accounts or transaction of a
done by bookkeepers business.

3. Private sector Whether working in the public the part of the national
(sektor swasta) or private sector economy that is not under
direct goverment control.

4. Servere Punishment If an accountat breaks these The act of inflicting a

(Hukuman Berat) rules they could face severe consequence or penalty on
punishment. someone as a result of their
wrong doing.

5. Code of Conduct All employess must follow the A set of rules about how to
(Kode etik) company's code of conduct. behave and do business with
other people.
Day : Wednesday, 18 Okt 2017

Activity : Read the article

Title : Accounting Basic

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the article Word meaning

1. Cash Flow Non profits track the cash flow The net amount of cash
(Arus Kas) and income needed to fuel their and cash equivalents
organization's missions. moving into and out of a

2. Tax Revenues Goverment entities use As the revenues collect

(Penerima Pajak) accounting information from taxes on income and
operatinally as well as to track profits,social security,
tax revenues. contributions, trasfer
poperty and other taxes.

3. Tax Payers That maybe due to them from A person who payers
other govermental entities and tx taxes

4. Bondholders Financial statements are relied Person who owns one or

upon by suppliers such as more investment bonds.
shareholders, bondholders, and

5. Decision Making But they continue to debate how Process of reaching

(Pengambilan keputusan) best to provide and use cost decision, espectially in a
information for management large organzation or in
decision-making goverment.
Day : Thursday, 19 Okt 2017

Activity : Read the article

Title : Financial Accounting

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the article Word meaning

1. Merchandise inventory Merchandise inventory- The amount of product or
(Persediaan barang) consist of goods and service a services not been sold and
firm currently owers until it will stay on a cmpany's
ends up geeting sold books.
2. Salaries In financial accounting, cost A from of payment an
(Gaji) classification based on type of employee, which maybe
transactions, store, etc. specified in an employment
contact spending of money
on something or the money
that is spent on something.

3. Expenditure Financial statement display the Spending of money on

(Pengeluaran) income and expenditure for something or the money that
the company and a summary is spent on something.
of the assets and shareholder's

4. Trial balance All the figures in the trial A statement of all the debit
(Neraca saldo) balance and credit balances in the
ledger of a double-entry
system, drawn up to test
their eqhuality.
Day : Friday, 20 Oktober 2017

Activity : Read the article

Title : Public sector accounting

No. New Vocabularry Sentences from the article Word meaning

1. Distinctive Distinctive aspect of other Characteristic of one person

(Khusus) area of public sector or thing
accountin, including current

2. Unresolved There are still unresolved If a problem, question not

(belum terpecahkan) issues in this area. resolved.

3. Neglect Including current Fail t care for properly.

developments and areas of

4. Methodolgy One notable develelopment is A system of methods used

the applicatin for current in a particular are f study or
research methodologies in actvity.
management accounting.

Day : Monday, 23 Okt 2017

Activity : Listen to song

Title : Bad Liar-Selena Gomez

No. New vocabulary Sentences From the song Word Meaning

1. Fraction You're taking up a A tiny amount or

(Pecahan) fraction of my mind. proportion of it.

2. Distract Tryna distract my self To make someone stop

(mengalihkan) giving her attention to

3. Subtle There's nothing subtle So delicate or precise

(Halus) here as to be difficult to
analyzs or describe.

4. Disappear Tryna make it Disappear If people or things

(Menghilang) disappear, they go
somewhere where they
cannot be seen or
Day : Tuesday,24 Okt 2017

Activity : Listen to song

Title : All we know - The Chainmonkers

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the song Word Meaning

1. Flames Fighting flames of fire Hot bright stream of
(Api) burning gas that comes
from something that is

2. Chase Welve passed end, so we Pursue in order to

(Mengejar) chase forever catch or catch up with .

3. Rhythms On with different rhythms A strong, refular repeat

(irama) patten of movement or

4. Fading Are fading lovers? Gradually grow faint

(kabur) and disappear.
Day : Wednesday, 25 Okt 2017

Actvity : Read Short Story

Title : Centimenters Away

No. New Vocabulary Sentences From the story Word meaning

1. Unriable I'm still as lame as I was a child. Not able to be relied
(Tidak bisa diandalkan) Such an unriable person, right? upon

2. Breathe Which is more real than only Take air into the lungs
(Bernafas) words, and closer than yours and then expel it,
breathe especially as a regular
physiological process.

3. Bitternes I also can't bear with this kind Sharpeness of taste, lack
(Kepahitan) of bitternes any longer. of sweetness.

4. Breaker So, slanding here on the wave A heavy sea wave that
(Pemecah) breaker. breaks into white foam
on the sore or a shoal.

Day : Thursday, 26 Okt 2017

Actvity : Read short story

Title : A Sudden Light

No. New Vocabulary Sentences From the story Word meaning

1. Bobbing I just stared at the small Make a quick short
(terombang-ambing) bobbing fire. movement up and down.

2. Uncomfortable I am afraid it they would Causing or felling slight

(Tidak nyaman) feel uncomfortable when painor physical discomfort.
looked at me and I would be
their object of talking

3. Ruined I have read her books over To a taste of decay, collapse,

(rusak) and over until the copies are or disintregation.

4. Enlightened The light of the moon which Having or showing a rational,

(Tercerahkan) is very bright enlightened modern, and well informed
this roof outlook.
Day : Friday, 27 Okt 2017

Activity : Read short story

Title : Fiona Famous

No. New Vocabulary Sentences from the story Word meaning

1. Acqhuaintance She realised that she was a A person's knowledge or
good companion and experience of something

2. Terrible She felt terrible and spent hours Extremely or distressingly

(Buruk) crying. bad or serious.

3. Choosing Fiona enjoyed the task of Pick out or select a being the
(Memilih) coosing there from amongst alt best or most appropriate of
the dozens of her friends. two or more alternatives.

4. Puddle Whe she got home that night, A small pool of liqhuid, a
(Genangan air) created quite a puddle with her specially of rainwater on the
tears. ground.
Day : Saturday, 28 Okt 2017

Activity : Read short story

Titlr : Slepping Beauty

No. New Vocabulary Sentence from the story Word meaning

1. Splendor The feast wsheld with a Magnificent and splendor
(Kemegahan) small mannes of splendor. appearance.

2. Misfortune Who would fain keep his An unfotunate condition or

(Kemalangan) dear child from misfortune. event.

3. Frizzling The roat meat lef off From(hair) into light curls.
(Memudar) frizzling