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Unleash Innovation by Simplifying IT

Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by
engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud and in
the data center. By eliminating complexity and simplifying IT, Oracle enables
its customers—400,000 of them in more than 145 countries around the
world—to accelerate innovation and create added value for their customers.

ORACLE CORPORATION By engineering out the complexity that stifles agility and effectiveness. Oracle Database
• US$37.2 billion total GAAP business innovation, Oracle is engineering in plugs into the cloud, helping improve the
revenue in FY2013 speed, reliability, security, and manageability. quality and performance of applications,
• 400,000 customers, including The result is best-in-class products throughout saving time with maximum availability
100 of the Fortune 100 an integrated stack of hardware and software, architecture and storage management,
• 310,000 Oracle Database with every layer designed and engineered and simplifying database consolidation by
customers to work together according to open industry managing hundreds of databases as one.
• 115,000 Oracle Fusion standards. Oracle’s complete, open, and
Middleware customers integrated solutions offer extreme perfor- MySQL is the world’s most popular open
• 85,000 Oracle Applications mance at the lowest cost—all from a single source database, enabling the cost-effective
customers vendor. Integrated, industry-specific solutions delivery of reliable, high-performance, and
• 290,000 midsize customers are engineered to address complex business scalable web-based and embedded database
• 2,700 engineered systems processes across a wide range of industries. applications. The most trafficked websites
customers and the most demanding applications rely
• More than 25,000 For customers needing modular solutions, on MySQL to save time and money without
partners worldwide Oracle’s open architecture and multiple sacrificing reliability or security for business-
• More than 120,000 operating system options provide unmatched critical systems.
employees, including benefits from best-of-breed products in every
layer of the stack. This allows customers Oracle Fusion Middleware
• 35,000 developers
and engineers to build the most optimized infrastructure The leading business innovation platform
possible for their enterprise. for the enterprise and the cloud, Oracle
• 18,000 support personnel
Fusion Middleware maximizes IT efficiency
• 18,000 consulting experts Oracle Cloud Solutions by enabling enterprises to create and run
• 15 million developers— Cloud computing continues to change the agile, intelligent business applications.
the largest developer
way technology enables business innovation.
community worldwide Oracle Applications
Oracle delivers the broadest selection of
• 2.5 million students Customers around the world rely on Oracle’s
enterprise-grade cloud solutions, including
supported annually complete portfolio of enterprise and industry
software as a service (SaaS), platform as
a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a applications. Oracle offers choice and flex-
service (IaaS). Oracle helps businesses ibility with the most comprehensive, modern,
offload IT management so they can focus on and secure portfolio, including SaaS appli-
growing their enterprise—and their future. cations for human capital management,
customer experience, and more. Oracle
Oracle Database provides enterprise-level solutions that
Oracle Database is the world’s #1 enterprise support all types of cloud-based scenarios,
database—enabling customers to transform including public cloud, private cloud, and
their enterprises and improve operational a hybrid option.
ORACLE LEADERSHIP Oracle Engineered Systems • Oracle Financing offers payment
• #1 database The extreme performance designed into solutions with the lowest cost of entry
• #1 database on SAP, Linux, every Oracle engineered system helps for acquiring Oracle technology so
and UNIX customers reduce risk and lower costs. customers can optimize payback from
• #1 embedded database These systems deploy faster, integrate their IT investments.
• #1 data warehouse seamlessly with existing IT environments, • Oracle University provides a world-
and provide the kind of customer experi- class educational experience with the
• #1 middleware
ence that helps users do what they need best instructors in the industry.
• #1 service-oriented architecture
to do faster, better, and more efficiently.
• #1 application server Oracle Industry Solutions
• #1 business analytics Oracle Servers Oracle industry solutions are best-in-class
Oracle servers are engineered to deliver products that address complex business
• #1 enterprise performance
management record-breaking performance, simplified processes relevant to a wide range of
• #1 human capital management management, and high availability at a lower industries. Oracle industry solutions speed
• #1 marketing automation TCO. These industry-leading systems include time to market, reduce costs, and help
• #1 talent management and built-in virtualization, cloud management, customers gain a competitive edge.
talent recruiting and systems management. They support
industry-leading software for Oracle and
Oracle Accelerate for
non-Oracle applications and solutions.
Midsize Companies
• #1 in banking Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies
• #1 in communications Oracle Storage provides simple-to-deploy, packaged,
Oracle optimized storage solutions enable enterprise-class software solutions through
• #1 in construction
enterprises to simplify IT environments its network of expert partners. These solu-
• #1 in education
so they can operate more efficiently and tions provide midsize organizations with a
• #1 in financial services more cost-effectively, and be more foundation for innovation and growth, faster
and insurance
responsive to dynamic business needs. time to benefit, and reduced project risk.
• #1 in life sciences Our best-of-breed storage products and
and healthcare Communities
business-ready storage solutions are engi-
• #1 in manufacturing neered to run faster and more efficiently, Whether you’re a customer, user, or
• #1 in professional services and offer unsurpassed capabilities for partner, Oracle offers a wide range of
• #1 in public sector heterogeneous data centers. ways to get involved and be heard.
Oracle’s global communities include
• #1 in retail and wholesale
Oracle Services Oracle Technology Network, Oracle
Oracle services help companies optimize PartnerNetwork, Java.net, and Oracle
their technology investments, spanning user groups. You’ll also find Oracle
• 20 of the 20 top airlines
the solution lifecycle. communities on Facebook, LinkedIn,
• 20 of the 20 top
Twitter, and more.
automotive companies • Oracle Advanced Customer Support
• 20 of the 20 top banks Services and Oracle Premier Support Less Complexity, More Innovation
• 20 of the 20 top governments provide integrated, mission-critical support Enterprises that use IT as more than just
services for complex IT environments a provider of services can achieve greater
• 20 of the 20 top
high tech companies to help maximize performance, achieve innovation. By eliminating complexity and
higher availability, and reduce risk. simplifying IT, organizations are free to
• 20 of the 20 top insurers
• Oracle Cloud services leverage the dedicate more of their time and resources
• 20 of the 20 top manufacturers
cloud to lower costs, reduce risk, to adding value for users and customers.
• 20 of the 20 top oil and accelerate value, and achieve the The less complex the IT environment
gas companies
benefits of scalability and choice. becomes, the more room there is for the
• 20 of the 20 top pharmas
• Oracle Consulting works with innovation that can change the future.
• 20 of the 20 top retailers customers to help define their strategy
• 10 of the 10 top SaaS providers and goals, implement best-practices
• 20 of the 20 top telcos solutions, and realize enhancements
• 20 of the 20 top utilities and cost savings.

To learn more, visit oracle.com or call +1.800.ORACLE1 to speak to an Oracle representative. Outside North America,
visit oracle.com/corporate/contact/global.html to find the phone number for your local Oracle office.

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