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[Type text] Saint Mary’s University

Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

School of Teacher Education and Humanities


School Bonfal Pilot Central School Grade Level 1

Teacher Mrs. Sherry Claire T. Sales Learning Area Math

Teaching Dates and Time October 06, 2016 Quarter 2nd Quarter


Content Standard/s The learners demonstrate learning on how to remove a subset from a given set of objects.

Performance Standard/s Draw the object removed.

Learning Competencies Show accuracy in counting objects.

II CONTENT (Subject Matter/Topic) Removing a subset from a given set of objects


Textbook Reference/s Teachers Guide pp.176-179

Materials LCD, laptop, cut outs pictures, manila paper, marker, fruits ,balloons

IV PROCEDURES Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity

A. Preparation
1. Prayer Let’s us stand and let us pray. (Prayer will be shown in the video entitled “A
Gift to you”.)
2. Checking of attendance
Who is absent this afternoon?
3. Song
The children will sing the song “3 Little monkeys”
[Type text]

3 little monkeys jumping in the bed 1 fell down and bump his head. Mama
call the doctor and the doctor says,” No more monkeys jumping on the bed.
(Continue the song until all the numbers are called from 3-0.)

Identifying shapes

The shapes will be flash in the power point presentation.

4. Drill

Match the pictures with correct number sentence. This will be presented in
5. Review
the power point presentation.






I have here three monkeys and each group owned one monkey. You will be going
6. Setting of standards
to feed the monkey by giving them banana. Your monkey will be given a banana
if you will be going to follow my rules.

1. Keep silence
2. Listen carefully
[Type text]

3. Sit properly
4. Raise your hand if you want to recite
5. Participate in the activities.
Did you understand children?
Yes, ma’am
The teacher will show different fruits through power point presentation and ask
the following questions.
1. What can see in the pictures? There are different fruits in the picture.
2. Do you also eat fruits? Yes, ma’am
3. Do you love eating fruits? Yes, ma’am
4. What is your favorite fruit? Mango, apple, rambutan, banana ect.

B. Presentation The teacher will tell the story .

1. Presentation of spring board
Mother went to market. She bought 2 apples, 2 bananas, 3 rambutan, 1 orange.
Lito ate 1 apple and 1 banana. Lito was very happy because he loves eating

Comprehension check-up through popping the balloon.

Turn the spinning wheel and let the pupils pop the balloon in which the arrow
had pointed. Inside the balloon there is written question.


1. Who went to the market? Mother

2. What did mother buy in the market? Mother buy fruits
3. How many fruits did mother bought in the market? 8 fruits
4. Who ate the 2 apples and banana? Lito
5. If you were Lito will you be feel happy of eating fruits? Yes
Is it good to eat fruits?
Valuing Yes,ma’am
What can fruits give to our body when we eat them? It gives us vitamin and keep us strong and
Let us name the fruits in the story. healthy.
apple, banana, rambutan and orange
[Type text]

2. Discussion Let us count how many fruits are there in all.

How many fruits did Lito ate? Lito ate 2 fruits

What are the fruits that were left? 1 apple, 1 banana, 1rambutan and orange

I have here another set.

Let us name the objects.


a. What are found in the set? Pencil, bag, eraser, notebook

b. What do you call the set of objects found in the given set? set of things
c. What happens if we remove an object from the given set of objects? the objects will be lessened
d. Cross out the pencil in the given set.
e. Which object is removed? Pencil
f. What happens to the given set? the given set is lessened
g. Let the pupils draw the removed object
(The teacher will show another examples of sets.)

Draw the objects that were left.


Fill in the blanks.


How many flowers were removed? __________

How many flowers were left? ___________

[Type text]

Roll the dice. Let the pupils draw on their “show me board” the objects that
were left in the set.
3. Developing mastery


4. Group activity
Each group will be given a differentiated activity.

Group 1 -Draw the removed object.

Group 2- Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

Group 3- Draw the object that were left.

Each group will be graded base on this rubric.

[Type text]


Criteria 5 3 1

Output All answers are 1-2 mistakes 3 or more mistakes


Cooperation All members 1-2 3 or more members

cooperated members did not cooperate
did not

All members are 1-2 3 or more members

behave members did not behave
Discipline did not

What happens to the set to the set when we remove/take away an object from The number of objects in the given set is
5. Generalization a given set of objects? lessened.

C. Practice Draw the object that were left in the set.

1. Evaluation
V ASSIGNMENT Write the number of object that were removed.


[Type text]




Prepared by:

Mylene C. Santos

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