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AMBROSIA HSG Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.


1. The firefighters __________ local residents to stay away from the area and proceeded to put
out the fire. (JOIN)
2. Prior to the __________ that destroyed the school, two suspicious men can be seen
wandering around the area. (FLAGRANT)
3. The treasures in the cave were tempting to Jones, but he __________ from touching
anything, knowing full well that he would die if he did so. (BEAR)
4. She looked __________ in that white dress. For a moment you could certainly say she was
the only light source in the room! (SPLENDID)
5. Kim was infuriated, but in the end he was able to __________ his anger. (SCRIPT)

6. We need not come up with a definite course of action for now, but we should __________
the plan nevertheless. (UMBRAGE)
7. Enough with the __________! Tell me what happened immediately! (LOCUTION)
8. His __________ tendency to lie is the reason why James does not have any friends.

9. Mr. Incendio is very __________ by nature, so you definitely shouldn’t rub him the wrong
way. (IRATE)
10. The gravity of the situation was further __________ by the news of the president’s death.