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Speak Out 잉글리쉬 고급 - 대화의 묘미

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Unit 30 공감대 형성하기

English Dialogue

Tony: What did you say your boy friend’s blood type was again?
Belinda: B, why? Oh! Are you reading the blood type personality section of the magazine again? What
does it say? What does it say?
Tony: Let’s see… It says “The B blood type man is usually very popular with the ladies…”
Belinda: Yep, that’s right. My boyfriend is nice to every girl he meets. That’s why he’s always
surrounded by so many of them.
-->That’s why he’s popular. It has nothing to do with his blood type. [다른 여자들한테 잘해서
인기가 많은 거야. 혈액형 때문이 아니라. ]

Tony: Then, it goes on to say, “…so much that he should never be trusted with a woman’s
heart.” Wow! Bel, what do you have to say to that? Are you sure you can trust him?
Belinda: Of course, if I ever catch him cheating on me, he is dead! Hahaha! What about your girl friend?
Tony: Well, her blood type is A. It says here that “the A type woman is self-centered and wishy-washy.”
Belinda: I guess, in a way, that’s true. My blood type is A and I’ve been known to be a little indecisive.
-->I don’t think so. I’m a little indecisive but not wishy-washy. [그건 아니라고 생각하는데.
결정력이 부족하긴 하지만 우유부단하진 않아.]

Tony: It also says, “The A blood type woman loves unconditionally.”

Belinda: Hey, that’s totally me! “Unconditional love!” You see, people don’t give enough merit to
these blood type personality things.
-->That may be me but blood types don’t explain everything.[나랑 비슷할 수 있지만 혈액형으로
모든 것을 설명할 순 없어.]

Tony: 네 남자친구 혈액형이 뭐라고 했지?
Belinda: B형. 왜? 아, 너 또 잡지의 혈액형 별 성격 분석 읽고 있는거야? 뭐라고 나와있어?
뭐라고 나와있는데?
Tony: 어디 보자... “B형 남자는 대체로 여자들한테 인기가 좋으며..”

Speak Out 잉글리쉬 고급 - 대화의 묘미

Belinda: 그래 맞아. 내 남자친구는 만나는 모든 여자한테 잘 해주거든. 그러니까 많은

여자들한테 둘러싸여 있는거야.
Tony: 그리곤 “…너무 인기가 많아서 어떤 여자도 그를 신뢰 하지 않는다.” 와~ 벨린다,
어떻게 하지? 너 정말 그 사람 믿을 수 있어?
Belinda: 당연히 나한테 바람피우는 거 들키면 인생 끝장나는거지 뭐. 하하하! 네 여자
친구는 혈액형이 어떻게 되는데?
Tony: 음 A형. 여기에 쓰여있기론 “A형 여자는 자기중심적이고 우유부단하다”고 하네..
Belinda: 어떻게 보면 맞는 말인것 같아. 내가 A형인데 결정력이 좀 부족하대.
Tony: 또 있는데 “A형 여자는 무조건적인 사랑을 한다.”
Belinda: 그거 완전히 나네. “무조건적인 사랑!” 사람들은 혈액형별로 보이는 성격의 장점을
잘 안 보나봐.

Expression / Technique Master Note

Today’s Technique: Building common interest

We say ‘I have something in common’ when we have things that we share with somebody. In order to
build any relationship or friendship, it is necessary to build common interest. Of course, it is not the must
factor for any relationship but if you share common interest or common ideas it is much easier to build a

This technique is not only important in English language but it is vital technique in any language. The
first thing to do if you want to build common interest with someone; you must listen to them first and
then speak. And then you can ask questions to find out more information about each other.

- That’s why he’s always surrounded by so many of them: They are talking about blood types.
Although blood types are very popular subject to talk about in Korea, it is not very common subject in
Western world. Belinda and Tony are talking about the characteristics of B blood type man. Belinda is
agreeing to what Tony has just stated in the previous statement. By doing it so, it encourages Tony to
continue further.

- What about your girl friend: In the conversation you have to ask questions if you want the whole
conversation to flow. If the only one speaker asks the question then eventually the conversation will stop.
So if you want to have a good interactive conversation you also have to ask questions even a short one
like this. Of course, you can’t ask a random question. It must be related to the topic you and the listener
share together.

Speak Out 잉글리쉬 고급 - 대화의 묘미

- I guess, in a way, that’s true: This expression is agreeing expression but not totally agreeing. If you
were agreeing with someone, you would say something like ‘you’re exactly right’. So here, by agreeing
with the speaker although you are not totally with their point, the whole conversation continues.

- Hey, that’s totally me!: This one is expressing a strong term of agreement. The word ‘totally’
emphasizes that Belinda has the same opinion as Tony.

Today’s Expressions

-wishy-washy: 우유부단한 성격[one whose ideas are not clearly defined]

Ex) I wish I’m not wishy-washy.

-sexist: 성차별주의자, 남녀를 차별하는

Ex) The joke he made was a little sexist.

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