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TITLE: Chapter 1: The Self: It’s Nature and Significance


Before discussing Chapter 1, I thought that all of us understand our self, because we all
have self-awareness/consciousness, but when we tackle this chapter, I was shocked that many
people don’t really know who they are, not just by physical appearance/gender, but who they are
when it comes to their traits, personality, and capability. I thought that when you are expressing
and showing your thought and talent’s you have self-awareness, that all of us know what we
want, but not Because talent can learn and knowing oneself is harder than answering questions in
exam because understanding our self-need a long process of time and experience. It has
stages/levels of life that every time we step and grow, we develop and know more, changing our
self in a moral way can lead us to happiness and self-determination, being aware need not just
our consciousness but most importantly how we think rationally, experiencing issues can also
build the self because in this life we are a unique individual with our desires and ego.

After discussing Chapter 1, I now realized that when you want to know yourself you have
to get out of your comfort zone, Explore more and experience everything not only the happy side
but also the dark side, because going to the dark side teach you to handle things that can hurt
you, you can learn to handle things like problem’s and conflict’s. I know going out in your
comfort zone is fearsome but you need to overcome your fear, Don’t be afraid to move forward,
Don’t hide thing’s that needed to show, Don’t worry about the judgment/opinion of others,
Because you is you and you are the only one who knows you better than anyone, I realized that
when you go out of your comfort zone, you want to understand yourself more. But as we grow
and become mature we are unfolding ourselves one by one and become one with our self, in our
journey, our main goal in life is to be happy without regretting anything. The essence of this life
of why god gives this to us is to appreciate who we are as an individual and as one of his
children / creation.

TITLE: Chapter 2: The Self: Philosophical Perspective


Before discussing chapter 2, I thought that, Mind, body are the same also spirit and soul
but not because all of them have important job from knowing ourselves, that it’s not just the
mind nor our body. Everything is connected/ related and closely interrelated, Body cannot be
separated with the mind, because when we think of something our body move, that soul remains
with our spirit when we die, we use our mind every day, every second and every minute, We use
our mind to reason and intellect, to handle and to know our emotions and self-development in
our desires, because our body use for movement/actions and responses, Because mind and body
is equal to self. To live more beautifully in this world full of sufferings we need to learn to accept
and to just learn and discover.

After discussing chapter 2, I now realize that everything inside and outside of our body is
important and have a specific job, because mind, body, soul, and spirit makes us one as our self,
that every time we think or act we have this self-consciousness/awareness in everything that is
happening, that every organ, nerves and cells in our body function, so that we can be who we are,
so understanding yourself need a long time process, to develop the mind, to have healthy body
and to have a good soul and spirit, so that you can live beautifully in your way. there’s a saying
that’ experience is the best teacher’ having a passion for what your goal can innate yourself.
Don’t provide much pleasure and comfort to yourself because nothing is permanent in this life
we just need to be motivated and conquer life challenges with his help(God) and others help.
Having free will to help others can also make you know ‘the self’ and knowing your own
identity/ self- realization can transform problems into happiness.