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By Sheena Sharma & Tanupriya

 Cool Products, company dealing in production &

distribution of packed condiments in the state of
 Company is a Market Leader in the state of M.P
 Company decided to expand the business in the
state of Rajasthan
 They have identified Kota as a place for
establishing production unit for which they have
two tenable post by marketing or production
manager since the job involves the skill of both.
 There are two profiles of managers for the
post of GM of the unit:-
 MR. Varun Tyagi (Production Manager)
 Mr. Avinash Kale (Marketing Manager)
 As the consultant, we have to choose one of
them for the post of GM.
 Mr. Varun Tyagi is a mechanical engineer
 He has 10 years work experience in Food
Preservation Industry
 Qualities- hardworking, sincere, honest,
dependable manager, foresighted, technically
sound, pleasant personality, can handle
employee grievances, provides employees
satisfaction, goes by rule of law when in
difficulty, good reputation in industry.
 Mr. Avinash Kale has done MBA from
 His performance in academics were excellent
 Qualities- Calculative (as thinks ten times
before taking any decisions), evaluates the
prons & cons of the issue at hand before
proceeding further, hard task master,
obedient, maintains distance from workers,
Task oriented leader, good communication
skills, considered to be a Management Man.
 Leadership Style refers to the behaviour
pattern adopted by a leader to influence the
behaviour of his subordinates for attaining
the organisational goals.
As per the above case abstract, in the light of
various theories of leadership Mr. Varun
possesses Consultative Participative
Leadership Style.
 Leadership Style of Mr. Avinash kale:-
Mr. Avinash is carrying Task Management
Leadership Style as he is considered as Task
Oriented Leader.
 Strength of Mr. Avinash Personality:-
 Adaptable to Situations
 Ambitious & Achievement Oriented
 Good Communication Skills
 Decisive
 Intellectual Ability & Excellence in Academics
 Self confident & Energetic
 As a Consultant, If I would be given a chance
to meet them I would surely meet them once
before taking a decision as face to face
interaction gives you an Outright View of a
 As a consultant, I would choose Mr. Varun as
the GM of Cool Products, Kota due to
following reasons:-
 Good Experience
 Relevant Knowledge about the task
 Foresighted & have basic skills
 Presence of sense of empathy & Objectivity
 Supportive & Helpful behaviour traits
 Leadership is the activity of influencing
people to strive willingly for group objectives.
 A Leader is one who guides & directs other
 Theories of Leadership reveals Research done
by behavioural Scientists to find out what
makes a leader effective.
 Leadership style is the way the leader
influences his/her followers.