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The Internal Assessment CHECK YOUR

The table below sets out the marking criteria used to assess your research project and how to
achieve the top mark for each of the criteria.

Criteria Nature Marks What is needed to achieve the top mark for each of
available the criteria

The research and action plan must:

A Research proposal 4  Be appropriate, clear and focused
and action plan  Have a clearly identified and explained
methodology and theoretical framework

The use of concepts, sources and data must show:

B Use of theoretical 5  In-depth understanding of relevant theoretical
concepts, sources concepts
and data (written  Consistent evidence of the theoretical concepts’
report) effective application
 Effective application of relevant sources of data
 Clear integration of sources and data with the
theoretical framework

The analysis and evaluation must:

C Analysis and 7  Be appropriate
evaluation  Show sound integration of ideas and issues in a
(written report) coherent order
 Show consistent evidence of critical, reflective
The conclusions and recommendations must:
D Conclusions and 5  Be consistent with the evidence presented in the
recommendations report and with the research question
(written report)  Be well developed
Suggest future action to address limitations of the

To be of value to management the report must:

E Value to 4  Be well presented
management  Be forward-looking
(written report)  Follow the required written report format
 Have an appropriate bibliography and references

Total 25

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