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2nd Semester, S.Y. 2017-2018
Preliminary Examination

Physical Education and Health

Surname Given Name M.I.

Section – LRN: Date:

I. MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE. Directions: Write TRUE if the statement is correct; if it is

false change the underlined phrase to make the statement correct.

____________________1. Recreation is performed during leisure time, fits individual

differences, involuntary, flexible and a must for all the balance
____________________2. Hobbies may be defined as those activities which an individual
is not bound to do, but instead are chosen from his
establishment of values.
____________________3. The different recreational activities happened on medieval
____________________4. Dancing, singing, and acting are forms of visual art.
____________________5. Domino is a block luck game that originates in China.
____________________6. In the early 18th century, the game domino made its way to
Europe, specifically in Greece.
____________________7. The game was derived from the Latin word “dominus’’ which
means “God of Luck”.
____________________8. Exploratory behavior is a recreational motive where an
individual competes against his environment or with his
limitations like sports, competition in performing arts or other
outdoor activities.
____________________9. Associative behavior involves exploration in a certain degree
in which includes hiking, diving, and other activities, which
can open up new environment for the participant.
___________________10. Socializing behavior is a motive in recreation that includes
togetherness because of common interest like hiking or
collecting certain objects such as stamps.

II. IDENTIFICATION. Directions: Read each statement carefully and identify what is
asked for. Write your answer on the space provided before each number.

___________________11. It is a benefit of recreational activity that oftentimes are

hobbies performed in the form of sports that certain field will
surely sharpen it for over a period of time.
___________________12. A motive in recreation that includes companionship which the
main purpose is relating to other people in an informal or not
stereotypical way.
___________________13. It is the classification of recreation that focuses about
performance, visual and tactile.
___________________14. It is the classification of recreation that exhibit competition
involves in lifestyle.
___________________15. It includes camping, orienteering, mountaineering and hiking.
___________________16. It is defined as activities which an individual is not bound to
do, instead are chosen from his establishment of values of what
is enjoyable, satisfying, appealing, or capable of sustaining
pleasure and revitalizing his physical body, mind, and emotion.
___________________17. Sports are part of their education such as wrestling gymnastic,
ball games, and weight lifting.
___________________18. They are ancient people who have music, dance, and drama as
their form of social entertainment and lasted until 5000 B.C.
___________________19. In the history of recreational activity from 500-400 B.C.E., this
is when Athens reached the peak of philosophical and cultural
___________________20. They perform their recreations in several forms such as arts,
theatre, gymnastics, and athletics which they used in their
___________________21. This is the transition from Medieval to Modern Age which
started in France in 1350 C.E. and later in England in 1500
C.E. and is also called “rebirth”.
___________________22. They have forms of recreation like painting, sculpture,
dancing, and drama.
___________________23. Doing some recreational activities release tension from the
whole day of work and revitalize your senses resulting in
___________________24. It revitalizes senses from loads of work in school, at home, or
even work and can be achieved through active participation in
recreational activities.
___________________25. Since it removes stress, it is definitely a vital activity that could
contribute to the health and wellness of an individual.
___________________26. It merges other people with common interest as a value that
enables the individual to be more sociable and to have a
satisfying relationship with others.
___________________27. It benefits not only the mind and body but also manages the
use of the time in an efficient and productive matter.
___________________28. It includes using of gadgets and other technology based
___________________29. It is oftentimes called as hobbies or activity often done on
vacant time.
___________________30. These are activities that improve camaraderie or social


Directions: Read and analyze the following words carefully. Choose the corresponding category
of recreational activities from the box below. Write your answer on the space provided each
A. Arts and Crafts C. Outdoor Activities
B. Fitness and Sports D. Technology- Based
____31. Sculpture ____36. Basketball ____41. Drawing ____46. Jogging
____32.Badminton ____37. Hiking ____42. Football ____47. Athletics
____33. Camping ____38. Nintendo ____43.Mountaineering ____48.Gymnastics
____34.Internet Surfing ____39. Orienteering ____44. Singing ____49. EBooks
____35. Painting ____40.Watching Movies ____45. Dancing ____50. Playing Musical

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