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never spend time creating a product nobody wants, instead spend all that time interviewving and getting
data on what people actually need and want quiite à meme construire un prototype et le proposer pour
voir si les gens le veulent (make a 3D rendering if you cant create a sample, launch kicksarter campaign,
invest money in facebook campaigns to show it, pretend that it is already in sell and see the response...) =
the point being, you need to make sure your product or service is wanted and will sell BEFORE spendig
money and time ni production and pre-sells are a great way to do it
10 iteration of MVP minimum so that you have to iterate, anything under 10 is a failure of discipline
_get real bad feedback from each iteration and not from family, have thick skin, each default spotted, bad

comments and reclammation is a great gift they are giving you to better your product, good feedback is
useless aside from enhancing your already good parts
_ask open ended questions
_figure out wha they value by testing groups, offering different version of the pro-ser emphasizing different
aspect (menu plats pas cher mais bland, plats cher mais exotic...)
_Make trade-offs according to your traget customer's need, what they value most (price, quality,
Resiste the impulse to start a buisness perfectly from the start, be ashamed of your first work and offering,

instead insist on doing things shitty and being ashamed of your first offering, make money first to confirm
concept then take the time t build it cleanly
check the worst case loss scenario to not let loss aversion control you, compare the maximum loss

compared to the likely gain, the max loss will not even be that much because of all your testing systems so
you have no reaon to shy away from any opportunity
create purle cow en serie until something sticks, you have to withstand failures in creating something

original because you have no choice, creating a purple cow is your only option to succeed, and purple cow
fail more often than the succeed
Whirlpool way to filter new ideas :
_compelling solutions : is it proven by market study that customer want them and will buy them
_are they unique and hard to copy so will create sustainable competitive adantage

_do thay align with our brand

note de 1 à 5 et classe les idées en fonction de la note totale

le fichier de notation est dans le dossier "buinsess pictures"
Test & evaluate your designs and product and iterate according to feedback and more importantly
Longest and most important step - 3 step testing : consumer research + project proposition + solution
testing - 80% of your time should be spent here (creating a pro-ser is easy, the hard part is knowing what
to create)

consumer research and producing the project proposition : gather as much data as possible (at least 30
real life interview and home invasion and 100 000 opinions on @ minimum)
go to people home and make a report like wirlphool to uncover deep insignht impossible ot access with just
Surfacing deep consumer insights by going to people's home and creating reports of the experiments for
exemple and observing how they live or organise their homes, exemple whrilpool employees saw that
people dont keep their garage organised so they devised a plan to tell them that keeping up wiht jthe jones
also include rnager son garage et to create products to help them do that, they noticed that people dnt
think a badl organised garage is not a bad reflection on them because nobody has a clear garage and
everybody use it as unorganised storage rather than a real room of the house so there is an opportunity
there to change that, they also thought it could add real estate value to the house...
develop experiment plans with budget, timeline and goals to test the appeal and feasibility of potential new
opportunities especially the riskiest assumption of a ideas
define a plan to extract consumer insights by first-hand observation to find innovation opportuities

Solution testing : make 20 prototypes and sell them

after having done the consumer research and producing the project proposition
do a 100 days experiment sprint to create urgency with budget and dealine to test your riskiest asumptions
in the cheapest way imaginabe (fake website...)
This approach injects a sense of urgency and sparks an unexpected level of creativity to validate the
project hypotheses
Destroy your ideas = Try to eliminate your idea, start with 10 ideas and, instead of trying to confirm the
idea (MVP, interviews, pre-sells...), try to activly eliminta the ideas, that way you tur things n their head
and get rid of the emotional attachment by ot trying to "save" and "keep ideas alive ut instead trying to
destroy them and if they resist the destruction you throw at them then an only then you might have a
viable innovative pro-ser.
This is all to conterbalance your tendency to feel pain at the thought of "losing" the hope an idea is creatin,
of waking up fom the ream an idea has created, of losing all those good feelings and excitment an idea will
create the moment it is born
an MVP for testing can be a fake product (fake website, fake 3d rendering of product, fake invention
photoshoped, and even fake whole brand)
An MVP is not a Cheaper, unfinished Product, It’s about finding a smart and cheap way to learn what
customer want and dont want
after having done the consumer research and producing the project proposition
do a 100 days experiment sprint to create urgency with budget and dealine to test your riskiest asumptions

in the cheapest way imaginabe (fake website...)
This approach injects a sense of urgency and sparks an unexpected level of creativity to validate the
project hypotheses
_Dont ever start an work on an idea before having done the destroying and test of fire, because doing
anything on it, even thinking on it activates immediatly the fallacy of sunken cost in your brain, it activates
an illogical emotional attachment to the idea because the idea is creating an enjoyable hope and dreams
that only exists if the idea remain alive.
_Dont consider destroying ideas as work on any particular idea, to achieve this , do fire testing for 10 ideas
at a time so that fire testing feels like it's own batch process and not associated with any one idea.
_Consider destroying your ideas as succesful if you have destroyed the 10 batch ideas, andconsider it

failure if one or more ideas survive, maybe you have not been strict enough
_If one or more idea remains, it is a failure, so prepare a second destroying batch for the remaining ideas
with stricter settings, do that until no idea remains
_then and only then, keep the ideas that survived the last
_making sure to destroy all ideas in the end insures that destroying the ideas remain the goal and never
"saving" the ideas

_to choose the first 10 most promising ideas, use all the busiess idea ranking systems you learned
Shadow Testing : the most powerfull testing technique there is
take real pre-orders on your product, meaning with at the least the credit card number entered for delayed
payment, anything les is just words not real sell, there is a huge gap between "yes, i would buy that" and
actually entering your credit card number :
_when you gaher feedback, offer them the opportunity to really buy, no better answer than this

_Fitbit way became millionaires with absolutly zero risk (500 dollars) :
____Apply innovation strategy Fitbit did it by using an old startegy, adding conenient
uploading/managing/analysing content software to emerging new tech but already existing like Gopro did
for their camera
____Create buisness plan : you calculate manufacturing and shipping (software dev...) then decide on
selling price accordingly,
____Make prototype : then create a prototype, 3d rendering, graphics showing the fonctionalité and
____Gather real pre-sells : pre sell on website, kickstarter and others by getting credit card numbers and
locking in sell but without taking their money out of their account,
____Get funding : then show those pre-orders to prove the concept and start contacting investors, the
whole thing costs less than 1000 euros
____Manufactur and deliver : can take up to 1 year, not a problem (fitbit took 1 year to deliver)
(the genius is they did not have any software skills, they only wrote down an idea exploiting new tech,
checked the price of manufacturing, ocnfirmed with pre -sells and got funding to get it all done)

More Accessible way (with my money):

Fitbit chose the tech inustry because they know investors would be interested but you can choose another

You can also actually charge customers and use the raised money to produce the pro-ser without needing
or you can just use the real pre-sales without charging them as a definit sign that you can invest all your
personal money to produce a small stock to sell and use profits to keep producing BUT that invites
competition because you will move much slower by using only your money and you will not benefit from
economy of scale during production making the price of the items more expensive to customers and the
profits smaller
you could also choose to create a cheaper pro-ser that will have a competitive enough price from the start
with only your money as manufacturing capital (so cheaper products)
with only your money as manufacturing capital (so cheaper products)
Running lean testing : 3 steps

-have your idea

-make a lean canvas and fill it
-go talk to futur customers to find if they are having this problem, in what form is the problem and if it is
big enough or even if it is different from what you think, test all aspect and sumptions on yourlean canvas
(customers, pricing, competitivness)
-make a demo of your solution and pricing and show it to them for feeback
-if nobody likes the demo, keep making demos until they aremore interested
-make an embarassing MVP to test each asumptions in real life
-Increase quaity of MVP only according to feedback
-Launch to everyone once you get a few happy customers that are coming bak = the solution seems to
solve their problem

_identify the problem : 10 interviews minimum (open conversations, just talk to them,you will discover
things you had no idea about, especially their needs and problems, "buisness is slowing dows", "hard to
reach this or that region"...), to identofy if the problem is worth solving (big enough market) , to identify
the demographic of an early adopter and to identify how th eproblem is solved today

_define the solution and build demos (It could be video, sketches) or prototypes (fake website, just landing
page, 3d rendering...) with pricing model then test this demo or prototype in the cheapest way possible, :
identify with 10 interviews minimum (open conversations) if they would be interested in the service and if

the pricing model fit them, otherwise, if they hesitate you can discuss other possible pricing options, figure
out the minimum features needed for the first version, the price people are really willing to pay, and the
demographic of your early adopters
This is the time to test all your riskiest asumptions in order of riskiness, everything you are assuming but
have not proven, do it by offering the prototype or demo to pre-sell to see why they dont buy,(interviews,
landng pages, shadow testing, pre-sells...)
_keep building cheap prototypes and measuring what works and what does not, until they buy meaning the
product fit the market

_then only invest some time to build a real MVP and soft-launch it to the identified early adopers before
refining it for the general public and to identify barriers of adoption (leaving product in shopping cart...)
_gather feedback on the MVP from your early users, refine it for the general public and launch it when
80% of your early adopters are buying with positive reviews

exemple of interview unexpected results :

During a few interviews, he found out that it was especially important for busy parents to be able to share
media with their families. This led him to his Unique Value Proposition, or a short formulation that declares
what your product is and why people should have it.

His UVP was simple, yet effective: “Easy photo and video sharing for busy parents.”

In the interviews, the author additionally was able to locate a market (busy parents) in which he knew his
product was needed.
Paying Customer existence testing 80% of creating a succesful buisness :

1 - have your idea of a problem

2 - define your customer and problem hypothesis but not your solution yet
3 - your riskiest asumption is always if there is customers for this problem (willing to pay) and if the
problem even exist so start with these 2 (customers first because there are problems without customers)
3 - make a javelin board to check if there is people willing to pay to solve this problem, get out of the
building and start :
_testing the customers and the problem existence
_how far out of their way are they going to solve this problem
_ is there already good enough alternative to solving this problem, direct and indirect competition
_what are the current pains of their current solution
_is it big enough of a probem
_would they pay right now if a solution existed
_collecting early adopters contact (6-8 B2B or 15-20 B2C)
_segmenting the potential customers in groups according to different needs
4 - only after validating that there si a problem worth solving, define a solution using the lean canvas and
the lean

4 - when you have defined a solution to developp, start pre-sell with a landing page, a button "pay now" to
4 - when you have defined a solution to developp, start pre-sell with a landing page, a button "pay now" to
monitor and a form behind the button to gather more intel
5 - learn and iterate the solution according to results
6 - then start the concierge service by offering the service manually yourself
7 - learn and iterate according to results
7 - validate the cost asumptions, how much it costs you to produce the pro-ser
7 - identify the key metric to track growth
8 - then and only then start investing time and money to build the first prototype

The spirit is to find a problem with customers and that really exisit by testing your riskiest asumptions one
after the other in the cheapest way possible then define a solution to test and pivot quickly at each wrong
asumption by using the collected knowledge

find a problem
check if there is customers for this problem and if the problem really exist
think up solution, test them cheap and iterate
start pre-sells
lanch MVP

Fill in the Running lean canvas to have a clearer view of your buisness
dont be afraid, start 20 company ideas (testing...) , 1 will be successful (like that entrepreneur and angel
investor did)
Do the "take it ways from them" test on customers :
If you could not use our pro-ser anymore, would you be

Very disappointed
Somewhat disappointed
Not disappointed

ameliore ton produit acording to the results of the survey

No need for costly crowd wisdom techniques (facebook,...)
you can just use sampling, go to the centre commercial and ask 10 people their choice between 2 version
of your product
or go to centre commerciale and ask people if they want your flyer with offer (2.9 dollar chicken...)
Sampling is the process of taking a small percentage of the total output and using it as a proxy for the
entire system. Sampling can help you identify systemic errors quickly. Sampling is good for quick tests of
quality without incurring huge costs.

Always make sure to test a random and uniform sample

But, the bigger the sample size, the better, find ways and hacks to get a huge sample size (flyer, phone
number à la ortie des centre commerciaux, ...)

Unbundle to access
the level of premium price depend on the uniquness, difficulty to immitate and legal defendability of your
pro-ser are more valuable to some people than to others, find the people to whom it would be the most
valuable and advertise to them with the premium price, rather than pricig it in comparaison to other
products without taking into consideration how much added value you add to your target customers = dont
be shy in setting high prices if your target audience is seeing and getting that much value compared to the
general public
price according to the value you create (more expensive) not according to a random multiplicator number,
those who see the value of you rproduct will pay, those who dont wont buy even at lowerprice anyway

one additional and little know ethod to increase revenue is to Increase the average transaction size.

Microtransactions = sell for as little as 1 euros to drive impule buy

Metered Use: Allow customers to pay only for what they use.
Increase your price and check how many customer you lose compared to your added benefits : Imagine
doubling your current prices. If you’d lose less than half of your customers, it’s probably a good move.
identify your 3 non-consummers groups and their blocage and adapt your pro-ser or delivery to convince
them to buy

“Soon-to-be” noncustomers who are on the edge of your market waiting to jump ship._x000D_
“Refusing” noncustomers who consciously choose against your market._x000D_
“Unexplored” noncustomers who are in markets distant from yours.
give 100% free value to gather potential customer's contact :
one technique:
_give away dropship 1 dollar item related to your real offfering in a facebook ad to gather relevant leads
_wait one week after they received their item and offer them your real offering

another technique :
_write blog post related to your product and creae facebook ad to track who clicks on it
_wait one week and target them in a facebook ad for your product

Forced Scarcity, model edition limité
entrepreneurs need managers, like the manager of "Froyo factory" i saw on the reportage, he motivates
the troups to increase sells
Bundle & Unbundle to access other customer segments (pro, teams, schools, institutions ....) or people
want cheaper price giving your customer more options without adding overhead in product dev because

the same product and without confusing customer because the same product and the same price per unit,
confirming the value of you rproduct at the same time forcing them to admit more quantity = more
expensive, price does not really change
Adress the 4 barrier to purchase in your sales pitch :
_Loss Aversion: It costs too much. Makes spending feel like a loss.
best adressed via Framing and Value-Based Selling. If it’s clear that the value of your offer exceeds the
asking price, the objection is moot.
_It won’t work., best addressed via Social Proof. Show the prospects how others like them are benefiting
from the offer.
_It won’t work for me. best addressed via Social Proof. Show the prospects how others like them are
benefiting from the offer.
_I can wait.best addressed via Education-Based Selling. If the customer doesn’t realize they have a
problem, they won’t be looking for a solution. Focus your early efforts in making them smarter and then
helping them Visualize what would happen if they proceed.Convince them that the objection isn’t
Convince them that the objection is irrelevant.
_It’s too difficult.best addressed via Education-Based Selling. If the customer doesn’t realize they have a
problem, they won’t be looking for a solution. Focus your early efforts in making them smarter and then
helping them Visualize what would happen if they proceed.Convince them that the objection isn’t
Convince them that the objection is irrelevant.

add some addiction to your brand (caffein shot)
Add scarcity
Does your offer have an element of scarcity?
If not, what limited time or quantity option could you add to your offer to make it more appealing?

(exclusive distributor...)

10x selling, be unreasonable in your determination to sell, as if your life depend on selling this product

tell the customer what is important and convince them that you can deliver on that
protect against competition
you need to keep monitoring fo the small growing trends at the edge of your market and big chnages of
tech and systems that could completly disturb your buisness, if you meet an stategic infection point wich is
a big changes in customers needs then that offer you the opportunity to establish and lead a completely
new market
SIPs can be very dangerous for companies. However, by taking the right action at the right time, SIPs can
present a chance for success in the future

you can monitor for changes by asking your suppliers for the curren trends, what their sell reflect, asking
journalists, asking your buinsess comlementator (the one that sell you the boxes...) to see what their sells
and feelings reflect about any change in the indstry, in short ask the entire ecosystem of your current
and feelings reflect about any change in the indstry, in short ask the entire ecosystem of your current
buisness if anybody has spotted a disruptance or if there is any significant changes to report that could
constitute a symptome of diruptance (loss of sells, increase of sells in specific product, new demand for
specific design, buyer coming from new countries, , demand for only part of the product rather than full ...)
protect against competition
six forces at play in the “competitive well-being :
the strength of its competitors,
existing customers,
potential customers
the possibility that business can be done in a different way

for example, the computer company IBM, which was greatly affected by a major shift in how its business
could be done. Once it became possible for consumers to combine components (like microchips, hard drive
and software) that were produced and sold by different companies in an individual PC, pre-built computers
were no longer as popular. Customers simply preferred selecting their own parts and combining them to
make a PC of their own design.

Although IBM tried to continue developing its pre-built PCs, their overall design failed to compete with the
possibilities of the customizable PC.

The result? They sold fewer PCs than other companies sold components.
protect against competition
set new industry standards, dont compromise, be authentic and be a purist in a caracteristique (most eco
friendly, made in palestine...) to create real value and protect against competition long term
The customer will feel your authenticity and will slowly come to you even if youdont see the results of your

scrict standards right away, it will get traction like a wheel and become unstoppable and unimitable
be passionate tout simplement, and if you cant b epassionate then Pose-toi cette question pour chaque
business est-ce que c'est une personne hyper passionné était en train de faire est-ce qu'elle ferait les
mêmes choses que toi
protect against competition
rank the importance of the 5 forces of competition in your buisness and adress their risk one at a time in
the order of threat

Threat of new entrants-------------

Economies of scale
Product differentiation
Brand identity/loyalty
Access to distribution channels
Capital requirements
Access to latest technology
Access to necessary inputs
Absolute cost advantages
Experience and learning effects
Government policies
Switching costs
Expected retaliation from existing players

Bargaining power of suppliers------------------

A firm can reduce bargaining power of suppliers by seeking new sources of supply, threatening to
integrate backward into supply, and designing standardized components so that many suppliers are
capable of producing them.------------------------------
Number of suppliers
Size of suppliers
Supplier concentration
Availability of substitutes for the supplier’s products
Uniqueness of supplier’s products or services (differentiation)
Switching cost for supplier’s products
Supplier’s threat of forward integration
Industry threat of backward integration
Supplier’s contribution to quality or service of the industry products
Importance of volume to supplier
Total industry cost contributed by suppliers
Importance of the industry to supplier’s profit

Bargaining power of buyers------------

Buyer volume (number of customers)
Size of each buyer’s order
Buyer concentration
Buyer’s ability to substitute
Buyer’s ability to substitute
Buyer’s switching costs
Buyer’s information availability
Buyer’s threat of backward integration
Industry threat of forward integration - competition from their suppliers
Price sensitivity

Threat of substitute products or services----------

Number of substitute products available
Buyer’s propensity to substitute
Relative price performance of substitutes
Perceived level of product differentiation
Switching costs
Substitute producer’s profitability & aggressiveness

Rivalry among existing competitors----------

Number of competitors
Diversity of competitors
Industry concentration and balance
Industry growth
Industry life cycle
Quality differences
Product differentiation
Brand identity/loyalty
Switching costs
Intermittent overcapacity
Informational complexity
Barriers to exit
protect against competition

prepare an vision of the worst possible competitive futur and start blocking and preparing for it
protect against competition
keep developping core competency to :
_perfect your one core competency to strenghten your competitve advantage and protect your current
market shares
_how to use our current core competencies to create new product in untouched market spaces
_determine, learn and perfect the one core competency you will need to stay competitve and keep your
current market shares in the futur
_build and perfect one core competency to prepare the launch of a futur buisness exploiting the most
exciting buisnesses opportunity of the futur
Protect against competition
Have an updated file detailing the competitive health of your company
protect against competition long term by creating a upated file analysing your current company
competitive postition
(prediction of futur changes to the market, technologies, new competitors entering, your competitive
advantages and differenciation, the way a competitor could take your market shares, your weakness by
over reliance on limited distribution channels, all that could go wrong in the futur and how to avoid it and
maintain and grow your market share)
Have a prediction of the futur problems and implement protection against them right now
Use PEST/SWOT analysis template for exemple of threats to plan for
Have a section on th file "how to protect against all customers have bought my product, now what ?
Include a full competitor analysis in this file, what they are doing, what they are going to do that could
threten your market share.
Then use the SOSTAC method to take action :
1-Situation analysis
Asses your competitve position with this :
Porter's Five Forces
Existing competitive rivalry between suppliers
Threat of new market entrants
Bargaining power of buyers
Power of suppliers
(L'image detaillant les critere est sur le bureau)
Threat of substitute products (including technology change)
protect against competition

dont get attached to your initial strategy, change if the need arise like IBM and Intel did
Protect against competition
creating medium innovation products is not stackable work because they are bound to disapear against
creating medium innovation products is not stackable work because they are bound to disapear against
price competition so when you spend time creatin medium innovation, you are just exchanging time for a
pay like an employee, you will just need to restart from the begining once your offering is destroyed by
competition, you are not building anything
protect against competition
constantly get feedback on yur buisness from outsider to see what you could do better (suggestion box,
weekly random interview of customers to gather intel...)
check otehr people's accomplishment an other social circles to change yourreference level prompting
different and better actions
change the structure of your environment to change your behavior (no bad food in the house, ready go bag
to go run, build a ready meal store filling vegan food, bol d'avoine pret à consommer...)

working on the right thing is better than working hard
use the 5 why to find your real underlying desire and find ways to achieve your real desire in other ways or
implement it as a motivator to be more productive everyday
think of everything you do as a grand experiment :
Experimentation is learning through play. It’s the center of living a productive and fulfilling life.
What experiment could you try for the next 3-30 days, just to find out what happens?
How would your life change if you thought of everything you do as a grand experiment?
steal yourself the night before and the morning of for your 8.5 hours per day of work because it is a battle

everyday against resistence and it's rationalisations and distractions, carefull , resistence is very smart at
argumenting why you should take a pause
start with getting an overview of the problem then dwelve into the details, dont do it by starting from the
start and moving to the finish, same thing for learning, or everyday work

Solve the problem not the symptom
resistance will find any excuse to derail your work (food, "needing" to settle an argument with family...) so
be aware of that effect and dont let yourself be distracted, show up for your 8.5 hours per day and stay
focused, Don't fap during work hours, Don't eat during work hours except for a salade at 15h
Relax = showup everyday, put in your hours and then live life
"Sacrificing the choice bits of the human experience to climb some arbitrary ladder of success."
"Put in a good day’s work, then close the damn laptop. Waste some time on the rest of the human
experience. At this time of the year, eat some damn duck. Watch a shitty Xmas movie. Help decorate that
stupid tree. Dare to be so bold as to embrace the ordinary every now and then."

Learning : fast learn for as long as you can on the PC then switch to slow learn on audibook while cardio in
the sun with notepad
Greatfullness and excitment is the source of productivity not the result of prouctivity

So don't wait to have a great productive day tp be happy, instead be gratefull and excited now now to
create productivity
Empirical productivity (dont understand why but ok) :

_get a freshcool haircut and a cool shave, wash, hydrate, put on some cool clothes = look good = it will
boost your self esteem instantly and lift your mood and motivaton
_push one day for max productivity = that advance will boost your mood and kickstart your productivity
_cardio in the sun 2h twice a week (25 bosses ou velo)

_sun, 1 hour per day
_cool attitude, no rigidity, just do your best today, do what you can, pause tolerated
_music and fantasme tolerated
_no porn videos but fap and images tolerated
_be of service, find someone to give charity to or do something for someone (yam, fayrouz, faysel, haider)
_be in a short to get vitamin D
_eat 500g of epinards / bruxelle per day
Embrace uncertainty
Embracing the Uncertainty is what differentiates the good from the great.
Uncertainty is part of the game, you can’t eliminate it. There’s no point in being too afraid of it because it’s
not going away.
dont eat sugar or cereales during work hours to not get an energy drop (try to only eat cereals, oats and
sugar after 21h)
Do you have any old beliefs or patterns that make you afraid or hesitant to try new things?
a process that can be used to reinterpret past events in a simple and useful way:

Identify the undesirable pattern.

Name the underlying belief.
Identify the source of the belief in memory, including as much sensory detail as possible.
Describe possible alternate interpretations of the memory.
Realize that your original belief is an interpretation, not reality.
Consciously choose to reject the original belief as “false.”
Consciously choose to accept your reinterpretation as “true.”
Here’s an example of how I personally used Lefkoe’s process: one possible way of interpreting my brand
management career at P&G is that I was a miserable failure-I was on the management fast-track, and I
couldn’t “cut it,” so I “washed out.” For a while, I believed that was true, but that belief didn’t serve me
very well.

When I tried to explore alternate paths, my mind naturally simulated that my failure would extend to my
new projects as well. As long as my mind relied on this interpretation to simulate the future, I was stuck in
a self-defeating cycle.

There’s another way of interpreting my previous career at P&G: I learned a lot of useful information about
how large corporations work, and I also learned a lot more about what I’m good at, what I don’t
particularly enjoy doing, and how I want to invest my time. Working at P&G helped me discover a path that
didn’t work for me, so I stopped following that path and tried other things that better fit my strengths and

Which interpretation is “true”? Both are valid interpretations.

My mind wasn’t malfunctioning when it created the first interpretation, but the interpretation didn’t serve
me very well. Re-interpreting the situation and accepting the second version as “true” was much more
useful- without it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this book.

Reinterpret your past, and you’ll enhance your ability to make great things happen in the present. All it
takes is a little imagination.

delegate every tasks that ca be done 80% as well by someone else
Correct way to learn / read 80/20 without wasting time :

_survolle to see if there is benefits

_fast read full content for bird's eye view of the idea
_reframe in your language in your head
_file in the 80/20 ideas in your language, never in theirs

Never copy/past
Never start filling before completing the material and having a whole view of the ideas
Never use their fancy words, create words you will remenber
be both perceptive about risk and selective about risks you take
As long as you select the risks you take and only take calculated risks, you can avoid feeling vulnerable.
Be profeesional, sit down at your desk everyday and put in your hours without caring about the quality of
the work

You win your battle of the day or you lose it, you complete your daily decisive working hours or you dont
do not identify with your work so you are not afraid to fail , become a professional just show up and do
your work
Sit at your desk every day and put the time, you don't need to do a perfect job or even think about the
quality of your work you just need to sit down and put the time in everyday

We invent psychological diseases, drama, victim status and justifications to not have to face our shame at
being the cowards we are for not doing our work
Seinfeld said after 20 years of Dating "how long can you pretend to be fascinated" meaning people's lives,
there injustices and justification for why they are ntodoing their work are boring

You gave into resistance by pretending you had a blockage some problems social anxiety etc
You gave into resistance by pretending you had a blockage some problems social anxiety etc

The reason is much simpler, you are not doing your work because you are being lazy, be ashamed of that

Stop inventing problems for yourself you don't have any problems you just have work to do you didn't have
any problems even for the first year of medicine you just had work to do and I wanted some bullshit social
anxiety problems that did not exist you should have just just sat at your desk every day and put the work in
without caring about the quality of the work

And I have the luxury to create a lot of things so I need to get to work now and never use victimisation as a
way to give into resistance

Some entire Familys do that to not notice that the are not creating anything and are not doing any work

victimization and dramatisation is a way to give in to resistance it is a way to not do my work

Have only 1 strict rule in life to simplify everything = do your work , that is all, the rest is only advices and
if possible but not strict rules (fap, food, norp, helath, sleep caffein...)

because everything depend on doing your work, the rest is nelgligeable

-give people an A, your loved ones love you, give them that A , bcause your perception is wrong anyway,

faulty memories and desision of how to view things made in anger, ignoring the clues showing that they do
love you
You dont have a choice, There is no other way, just get it done, there iS nothing to think about, all your life
lead to one path = building your enduring buisness :
List your options and see that you only have one choice,

for exemple, right now i could keep doing and developping non-enduring buisnesses with no lasting
competitive advantage or i could focus on fulffilling the biggest oand only real dream of my life = building
an enduring buisness with a lasting competitive advantage


Learning : 2 speeds, 9h15h fast speed, 15h-00h audiobook slow learning by putting the blog posts in mp3

I dont know what will work, and it is normal and ok, that is why you need to try a lot of ideas and faster
stay focused on your goal by reducing time with family because that is the same dynamic as being married
and having kids, no need to waste focus wen i chose on purpose to avoid marriage and kids
Visualise (fayrouz, haider, yam, faysel, babai celebrating with me) dont fantasize your rel life dreams as

often as possible, that litterally create a pool of motivation out of nothing, and stop daydreaming about
superhero shit, you're not a kid anymore
the optimists do not survive, you have to face the fact that it will take a lot of time and be very difficult, full

f setbacks and unforeseen obstacle but also knowing that at the end you will succeed, you will come out on
top, and understand that it will be the defining experience of your life, to build your enduring company
respecting my schedull everyday is an end in itself to be proud of myself, it does not need to lead
anywhere, to success..., i just need to succceed everyday at completing the exact current programm i came

up with with all my current knowledge that is giving me the best chance of reaching my dreams. = that in
itself is success everyday (the programm can and wil lcchange with new knowledge of course, but
completing it daily is what matters, then i can be proud of myself daily)
Morning routine :
_steal yourself to defeat resistance today, by remenbering a pro show up and put in the time
_stop pretending to be a victim, you do that because you dont want to face the uhge shame of not doing
your work, you life is simple and easy, now get to work without excuses, angry eyes, switch your mindset to
be a conqueror
_stick it to them, show them = remember "they" are saying you can't do it,only them can, "they" are saying
you can't talk to that girl, theey are saying you can't become a millionaire = prove them wrong

I know myself that there’s literally nothing that can motivate me more than someone telling me (or even
insinuating) that I can’t do something! With that kind of message, my natural response is ‘I’ll show them!’

Imagin the moment you will be celebrating your success and the showk of my full family for motivation
How can you resolve conflicts to eliminate the need to move away from things, so you can focus on moving
toward what you want?
dont ever again assume the role of a victim in your life or in conversation, always manage your eyes (dont
dont ever again assume the role of a victim in your life or in conversation, always manage your eyes (dont
let fayrouz treat you like a kid or a victim to be pitied, dont let her or anybody talk to you like a kid, dont
pretend to be mor emiserable than you are to inspire sympathy...) you never want sympathy from people,
you want respect and admiration
Decide on a specific enemy, to use pride as motivation
_they say you cant do this, only they can do it, they say you are too much of a pussy
_try imagining what they’d do in the same situations
_imagine their surprise, shock, or admiration when they find out about your (upcoming!) accomplishments.
confront and admit nasty facts and failures while at the same time always belieing you will make it
throught o sucess
Competition an destruction are 2 good motivator for me so always have an enemy to compete against an
destroy (after having geared all your work to service the customer'need)
For exemple, when you are finished with product and startegie dev, take 5 minute to identifya foe in your
category to destroy completly (Mcdonalds,....)
Be Alexandre le grand, a destroyer, a conqueror, a leader, a predator, not a weakling, a depedant, a victim
Eyes locked, work to destroy your competitors (Mcdonalds...)
building an enduring company derives from what Joseph Schumpeter described as: ? The dream and will to
found a private kingdom ?
The will to conquer, to succeed for the sake not of the fruits of success but of success itself ?
The joy of creating, of getting things done
And I have the luxury to create a lot of things so I need to get to work now and never use victimisation as a
way to give into resistance

dont think about competition at first, check the opportunities and needs, visualize your concept then later
on only, prepare for the competition, thinking about competition first freezes you

Only the firsest warriors deserve to go to valhala
dont be one of those weakling too afraid to try anything in their life,staying in their little appartement

telling themselves they are happy
_i want to live my life trying things
Use your repeat customers as amabassadors :
To know the channel that is bringing you your most vluable customers (highest LCV) , youn need to
calculate Customer Lifetime Value per channel and focus your effort o the channel who bring the best
customers (repeat buyers)

when you know who your repat and most loyal customers are, take special care of them with ;
_loyalty discount rpogramms so they keep buying
_surveys to see what changes they would want in the product
_contact them to make them your ambassadors since they like the product so much and use them to spread
your brand
use nurturing campaign = a serie of email to slowly nurture interested customers into buyers or one time
customers into repeat customers and loyal customers into keepin gthem buying
Qualify customers : Identify your ideal customers and focus you reffort on selling to them while ignoring
the bad customers :
If you’re spending a lot of energy serving customers who don’t come in often, have a low average
transaction size, don’t spread the word, and complain about the price, it doesn’t make sense to attract
more of those customers.
Always focus the majority of your efforts on serving your ideal customers. Your ideal customers buy early,
buy often, spend the most, spread the word, and are willing to pay a premium for the value you provide.

_to find your ideal customers, separate customers by LCV, most social, most positive review and find out
from what channel did you get those customers and what do they have in common (real palestine patriot
not just jeune racaille, merde famille looking to feed her kids rather than jeune de cité wanting cheap
identify your repeat customers,with the best LCV, what channel they come from, what demography and

focus your ads spending on those channel and those groups , fire your least profitable customers. Focus on
the customers (and the products) that are making you money.
find an Autocatalysis element to add to you rbuisness to make it grow faster = each output produce
enough input to produce a new equal output
enough input to produce a new equal output
Example: money spend in direct marketing that brings in more revenue, which the company spends on
more more direct marketing, which brings in even more revenue.

do gorilla marketing at first because no mony to spend on marketing
divide customers according to their iintial purchase and upsell them on the additional product
complementary, not the same product again
Creer un faux concours dans ton marketspace (website, candidatures...) avec prix du meilleur produit à
gagner et fait gagner tes produit
Create Exponential Growth by building a perfect marketing budget / profit reinforcing loop, for that you
need to know exactly how much profit each dollar spent on marketing is adding and then use all those
added profit to keep increasing little by little the merketing :x
1-create a marketing strategy with best ROI possible
2-calculate ROI of marketing and make sure it is positive

3-change marketing strategy until finding apositive ROI
4-when you have it, keep spending all profits from marketing sells into marketing
5-keep monitoring that the ROI of merketing has notdropped
6-exponentiel growth

it is what the diet fat burning pills are doing

create a loyalty programm (specific product only accessible on second purchase ???, ability to reserve
limited edition products for unlimited time ?)
Control 100% your marketing spending and returns :

To know the ROI of your marketing , you need to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (=amount spend on
marketing/amount of new customers who buy

Communicating our meaningfull difference is the basis of marketing

Bundles to offer new options to your repeat customers

improving your conversion rates in store brick and mortar
improving your conversion rates = check al lthe methods, maybe a better sell funnels or website
referal program like paypal did, to grow your user base quick, for exempel free service fee for 1
transaction if you bring in a friend who will make a transaction
create a real culture of protecting the company for your employees, their job depends on the success fo the
compan, you need to drill that into themwith company culture
cater to a small niche customer with a purple cow and let them spread the word, make them your
Standardisation of quality = garanteed quality, consistent quality can be your Sustainable Competitive

Advantages, noboody thinks about it but mcdo is qualitative compared to others (100% pur beuof, sauce
deliceiuse, mielleurs frites du marché, fresh pickle)

Speed of delivery and cleanliness can be Sustainable Competitive Advantages like mcdoneld has proved it
disruptive strategy of low price / volume / no profits : lowest prices available anywhere thanks to
standarisation, scaling fast with zero gains for years (it is disruptive strategy because they cant copy it)

Sustainable Competitive Advantage = lowest price anywhere
it is dangerous because if something goes wrong , you start losing money immediaty because of your
concisisten overhead (loyer, employé...)
you need to keep monitoring fo the small growing trends at the edge of your market and big chnages of
tech and systems that could completly disturb your buisness, if you meet an stategic infection point wich is
a big changes in customers needs then that offer you the opportunity to establish and lead a completely
new market
SIPs can be very dangerous for companies. However, by taking the right action at the right time, SIPs can
present a chance for success in the future

you can monitor for changes by asking your suppliers for the curren trends, what their sell reflect, asking
you can monitor for changes by asking your suppliers for the curren trends, what their sell reflect, asking
journalists, asking your buinsess comlementator (the one that sell you the boxes...) to see what their sells
and feelings reflect about any change in the indstry, in short ask the entire ecosystem of your current
buisness if anybody has spotted a disruptance or if there is any significant changes to report that could
constitute a symptome of diruptance (loss of sells, increase of sells in specific product, new demand for
specific design, buyer coming from new countries, , demand for only part of the product rather than full ...)

set new industry standars to protect against competition
change the rules of life , its all invented anyway, just set as your rules you win if you move significantly
forward everyday toward creating the money to opening/building 10 orphanage from my profits or moving
1000 families out of poverty. I am realising how meaningless my goals all for myself were when thinking
like that.
zag , look at white space, the place nobody is and start there, differenciate massivly , do not copy someone
else or you will never lead, do something new and market it
use compatibilities with the biggest brands to spread your product further by making adoption of you
rproduct easy for populace customers hwhich are resilient to try new things
take your time to create something special enough that it will advance on its own momentum after launch
instead of rushing to market with a lambda average product,
Start with an extreme purple cow and innovation (ideally a patent) in a tiny segment of te market and
developp from there

Never enter a huge market (lots of competition) with a medium innovation, it simply won't work

if your prouct will not make your customer tell 5 friends about it then it is not orgiinal enough
Ideally you want to lanch an innovative products that was never done before instead of just a product

adpatation to an unserviced market, but either way incremental innovation will not be enough to enter the
market succesfully and generate early sells, brand recognition and market positioning.

high concept economy (empathy, social, brand, cause, art) Storytelling / emotion / empathy / social cause
hard counterintuitive tradeoffs, trading off performance in favour of simplicity, convenience, affordability,
or accessibility
enter a market with disruptive strategy
enveloping a new technology in an appropriate, powerful business model
Disruptive offerings typical don’t compete along the traditional dimensions as the rest of the mainstream
disruptive innovation you’ll see hard counterintuitive tradeoffs being made along one dimension in favour
of another dimension. Mastering tradeoffs is therefore a key element in disruption. (quality for practicality)
this means turning conventional wisdom on its head and, above all, breaking the rules
= start like facebook and amazon by dominate and monopolise a small unserviced customer niche in an
unestablished market ignored by the big players because not enough progit or just unproven, grow profits
in that niche and only then use those profit and position to strat taking part of the established markets
disruptive innovations are products, services, or approaches that transform existing markets or create new
ones by trading off performance in favour of simplicity, convenience, affordability, or accessibility
Disruptive startegy exemple =
Ten-seat planes used as taxis,
$25 mobile phones that only make calls, and
online word processors with limited functionality that are free: these are disruptive. Simpler. Cheaper.
More convenient.
swiffer counterintuitive tradeoffs selling balais avec tissu rechargeable doc à recommander
Xiameter added fast and easy distribution to their commodity buisness (liquid silicon) which differentiated
them from other
launch niche product with potential to seduce and be adopted by the mass public
do not try to launch a popular product from the start,instead make product for nich publics,instead choose
a niche customer base and convince them fully first, then the wide public will adopt you rproduct just to
follow the early adopter, your first small niche
disruptive strategy (small company doing what big compaies cant do, too risky and then taking over
competition) is a proven theory, always use it to enter a market

Creating a meaningful difference is the basis of all business

create something radically dfferent and new to have the monopole on it instead of competing

create something radically dfferent and new to have the monopole on it instead of competing
create a purple cow, something that will make people talk to differenciate yourself from the existing
products otherwie you will be lost in the noise, be 10x as oriinal as you think you should be
Always launch you pro-ser geared toward a very small segment of the market, ideally completly unserviced
or very badly serviced and even more ideally a very passionate segment of the audience so that you can
use them to launch your brand to enter new market and general audience markets by using the social
proof of success in your early adopter very passionate target audience
All purple cow startegy add value
actual disrupting innovation that add extraordinary value are very rare because they consist of changing
completly ovetime how something huge is done, most of the busiensses you will have ideas to start will be
product innovation with a good purple cow startegy to penetrate the market and slowly gain market shares
but that does not mean they dont add value, all purple cow startegy add value because they start by
servising an unserviced audiences so they have intrinsic value to that audience and then can use the initial
profits to get excellent and slowly excell at their edgehog concept

your pro-ser must need the exact specific requiremnts of a single customer group so that they will buy, if
you make a product in between groups or trying to serve everyone, nobody will buy , they wil just get the
product that serve their need more specifically (features added that your customer dont want or even
prefere not to have...)
Your company is not only your product, it is also building your channel of distribution, so add that to the
stategy (for some type of copany, the channel building is up to 70% of the entire buisness while product

making is only 30%)
Check and decide how much you need to focus on building your channel for your specific buisness
(building online presence if relying on SEO...)
Your buisness is a philosophical mission first to attract good press, long term and happy customers,
talented people, entusiastic investors
You start by looking for opportunities, you dont start out with an idea :
1 - Indentify opportunities: Chapters 2-4 discuss customers and their activities. The authors show that
segmentation is important, including identifying non-customers. Understanding jobs people are trying to

get done is then the real first factor in identifying innovations.
2 - Formulate and shape ideas: In this section, the authors recommend to start by focusing on ideas that
solve customers’ problems or unmet needs. But also look at competitors and how the ideas and company fit
into the market.

You don’t need a great idea to start a great company,

you can also segment your market in pricing range to offer different products for different price range
use unexpected success as a way to spot an opportunity = study and understand the unexpected success to
see of what cause it is the symptom and if that cause can be an opportunity for innovation,
use the buyer utility map to create or make sure that your product has enough utility for the customer
(image buisness)
use the buyer experience cycle in the buyer utility map to uncover roadblocks to utility at each stage of the
experience cycle
use the blue ocean "strategy sequence" to fromulate a plan in the correct order :
First - Buyer utility,
Second - pricing according to the asse, price easily accessible to mass of buyers,
Third - calculate cost feasability, costs to profit from the price,
adoption to check hurdles of adoption
= you get a commercially viable blue ocean product

that way you eliminate ideas without buyer utility, you adapt the costs to the price you can charge for mass
adoptability instead of pricing your pro-ser according to cost and you eliminate ideas with unsurmontable
adoption hurdles according to the price that mass customers will pay
use failure as a way to spot an innovation opportunity = study and understand the failure to see of what
cause it is the symptom and if that cause can be an opportunity for innovation, The unexpected failure
demands that you go out, look around, and listen. Failure should always be considered a symptom of an
innovative opportunity, and taken seriously as such
for exemple you rproduct might not be serving any consumer group, its features and confirgation (pricing)
might not correspond to any customer group, in that case, identify the customers groups in which you are
inbetween more precisly and offer 2 differen tproduct servicing more directly each specific customer
use art ,in this new age of abundance, it is not enough to build a qualitative and fonctional product, Today,
it must also be beautiful, unique and meaningful
Understand either what jobs customers are trying to get done and what metrics customers are using to
judge the successful execution of a specific job and what unmet needs exist:
the jobs or desired outcome is not solution specific

Methodes for crafting the 2 statements: observation, visits, personal interviews, dyads, triads

2 types of statement :
Job Statements & Desired Outcome Statements

_Job Statements : to create a new market

form of statement : "verb" then "object f the verb" then "contextual clarifier"
"Determine the current value of an item when at an auction"

_Desired Outcome Statements : to improve you rprouct or create disruptive innovation in a market
form of statement : "minimize" or "maximize" then "limited to time, likelihood, frequency, amount, risk or
number" then "contextual clarifier"
"minimize the tie it takes to verify the accuracy of a desied outcome with customer"

Questions ot ask to customers for bothe statement :

What makes this job — or parts of it — challenging, inconvenient or frustrating?

The response should point you toward pitfalls that you may be able to address by creating a product.

What makes this job time-consuming? What you really want to know is whether a product that speeds up
the process would be successful.

What causes this job to go off track? There may be an opportunity to reduce any instability.

What aspects of this job are wasteful? If you can find a way to boost efficiency, your innovation could be a

Desired Outcome Statements interview steps :

_interviews to make the Job map, For the Desired Outcome Statements only , you need to make a job
process step map to ask for the desired outcome of each process step and find out how to improve it
because the solution already exists,
_ethnographic or observational interviews with customers to understand the context of the job (who, when,
where, why...)
_then interview small group to find what metric they use to value each step correct completion
_check if you have captured all desired outcomes (speed, relaibility...), = discover all needs, there could be
a 100 so that you can discover the actual unmet needs where you can create value (there could be 1 or 10
or 50...)
, do not ask the people to make trade of, that is your job later in product dev, now you are trying to find out
all the needs especially the unmet ones
_rank the needs by giving the group a qcm lis with all needs and asking them to rank by (crucial, extremly
important, very important, important, normal, lower importance) , and rank by if the need is currenty met
(very well met, well met, satisfactory met, not well met, not met at all) and create a graph, the top 2 unmet
needs and top 2 importance needs being the most interesting to create value in.

Job Statements interview steps :

_check if you have captured all desired outcomes (speed, relaibility...), = discover all needs, there could be
a 100 so that you can discover the actual unmet needs where you can create value (there could be 1 or 10
or 50...)
, do not ask the people to make trade of, that is your job later in product dev, now you are trying to find out
all the needs especially the unmet ones
_rank the needs by giving the group a qcm list with all needs and asking them to rank by (crucial, extremly
important, very important, important, normal, lower importance) , and rank by if the need is currenty met
(very well met, well met, satisfactory met, not well met, not met at all) and create a graph, the top 2 unmet
needs and top 2 importance needs being the most interesting to create value in.
_ethnographic or observational interviews with customers to understand the context of the job (who, when,
where, why...)
The statements should follow this rules :
_highlight one or more unmet needs, instead fo focusing on outcome preference and outcome ranking
because the best opportunity lies in unmet needs
_craft the statement with the customer definition of value, how hey measure value not you rinterpretation
of it (offer several permutation to identify precisly the definition of value and hierarchy) (for exemple
starbucks clients wanted a cool place to hang out not great coffee, milkshake clients wanted a long thick
drink not a lot of choice of tastes)
_the statement must have universal acceptance because the job is universal
_the statement must remain constant 10 years ago, now and 10 years from now to not shoot at a moving
_the statement discovered after customer interview must prompt a course of action (so it need some
_the statement must not be open to interpretation, it must be crystal clear
_the statement must not contain a solution, technlogy or service feature
_no ambiguous terms, define exactly what a vague adjectif or adverb means
_all statement must follow the rules of grammar
_stateent must be brief without sacrificing precision = stand alone phrase with context intact so "minimize
watse" does not work because no context, better is "minimize the amount of waste due to overpouring and
overcooking" (all cause must be specified)
_the statement must be able to predict the success of current competitors offering since it is exactly what
customers want, test it, and if it does not predict accuracty the success or failure of competitors, then you
are missing or wrong about something
(for exemple the statement about the fast food success should explain mcdonald success and why other
restaurant fail perfectly and clearly)
_should be rediscoverable through research over and over again with a different set of data because it it
constant if it is the real deal

exemple :
A properly worded require-ment statement should indicate what the customer wants to achieve as a result
of an ac-tion. For example, customers may say they want to minimize the time it takes to check a schedule,
but the underlying requirement may be that they want to minimize the time it takes to determine when
their next meeting begins, or to determine how much free time is avail-able throughout the day.

to create innovation = spider’s web of interconnections :
Explore Stimuli (get exposed, get stimuli from as varied sources as possible)
Leverage Diversity (other people point of view)
Face Fears (dont be afraid of creating something totally different to the world)

_dont think you can innovate in a linear way, you need to have a process ilike a spider’s web of
as Steve Job said, innovation is simply interconnecting

so to innovate, list a full list of stimuli to gather (going out to giant toy stores, fairs, surfing the net,
checking magazines, design websites,...)
then ask a team to give you their oinion and show them all stimuli you gathered
then face you fear of creating something ridiculous and too different from what exist and create that
ridiculous thing
think in the way to find common ground with the customer, you are trying to build the same thing they
want, you are not trying to take their money because it is not wht they want

There needs to be an identifiable unservice niche for the market penetration
The best reason to start a company (or non profit, for that matter) is to “make meaning” - making the
world a better place - by doing something along these lines:

Right a wrong of the world

technological innovation need to be accompanied by receptivity from the public or it cony catch on
make sure the technical, social, or perceptual factors are all in place and if not, whether they can be
To be successful, a knowledge-based innovation has to be “ripe”
start small and simple : start with building a very simple system that works, dont try to build a complex
system from the start, and complexity will build itself slowly on top of that thanks to environmental

Are you trying to build a complex system from scratch?
Are you trying to build a complex system from scratch?
Could you start with a simpler system that already works, then build upon it?

segment your market in submarkets according to what they want and create models exactly for their need
run you rproduct throught my etire checklist at the end of the product creation to see if anything is

missing, we are bad at noticing the missing things

rate an idea using thsi method :

_need to be simple, find the core of the idea and express it in the most simple way (e.g. using flags, high-
concept pitch, analogies etc.)

rapid growth in itself can represent a change creating a opportunity
Provide adequate feedback in the design of the product to tell customer that they use dthe product
process need innovation : perfects a process that already exists, replaces a link that is weak, or redesigns
an existing old process around newly available knowledge, The need must be understood

prioritise features or upgrade of design with the best ROI for customer experience
new segmentation of the market (old segmentation no longer reflects reality , are a change that present
opportunity for a new niche
map out on a "strategy canvas" graph where the competition is currently investing and see by field
observation which aspects you should : "reduce", "eliminate", "raise" and "create" to overall create an
innovation that will create customers because it will appeal to customers un-reached, that are not
currently interested in the product (strategy canvas exemple is on the buisness images)
when you have drawn your "strategy canva", get feedback on it by customers and competitors and MVPs to
refine the tsrategy
Make trade-offs according to your traget customer's need, what they value most (price, quality, originality)
_relative importance testing : figure out wha they value by testing groups, offering all the different
permutation version of the pro-ser emphasizing different aspect to figure out hat they value most (menu
plats pas cher mais bland, plats cher mais exotic...)
most pro-ser organise trad off of convenience (dominos) and fidelity (real pizza)
organise that level of trade off according to the precise segmentation of your market and each segments

for exemple Gap, Banna republic and Old navy are the same company but different brands to service
different parts of the market

look for incongruity in the way things have always been done to innovate
look at unattractive markets to find a good market to innovate in (plomberie, anything to do with shit,
waste management, egout exploration, ...

listen to the people, they have the ideas, a goup can think much better than on person
learn wat is possible to expand your reference level, learn what your competition are successfully doing,

even concepts that works in other countries (sprinters ,josh kaufman learning that other authors are able
to be consultant also...)
Keep track of changes and new resources (tech, knowledge...) to exploit them for repeated and reliable
innovation = Systematic innovation therefore consists in the purposeful and organized search for changes,
and in the systematic analysis of the opportunities such changes might offer for economic or social

its' all invented, there is no rules, jut create somethig outside of the boundsthat you think exist
it's all invented techniqie = what assumption am I making that i am not awareness il am making ans that
are giving mewhat I see
what can I now invent that will give me more choices
innovation technique =
_association of different fields "creativity is connecting things" Steve Jobs
_questioning, keep asking questions "why cant we...?" "why are the not doing...?" "why cant we get...?"
"what if...?", playing devil advocate, justifying the opposite of your idea_x000D_
_embrace constraint "chat if we were not allowed to sell to our current customer base for a year ? how
would we keep the light on ?"_x000D_
_oberving how your cstomer use the product, the limitations of the product, how the maverick use it in
inventive ways, miming them with your body to see the flaws..._x000D_
_experimenting, iterate, iterate, iterate, make prototype after prototype even in lego...to refine it, you can
never refine it in you rimagination only, impossible_x000D_
_networking = ask everybody around you about their ofeedback, opinions of your product, solutions they
would come up with... the wisdom of crowds is 1000X times better than yours alone, innovation only comes
after coming up with 1000 ideas, not just your measly 10 ideas and it helps yucombine different life

_Ask customers hat they want, what they would like_x000D_

_copy another industry's process_x000D_

_eliminate features_x000D_

_run brainstorms_x000D_
_Examine patents. Check through patents that apply in your field. Are there some that you could license?

Are some expiring so that you can now use that method? Is there a different way of achieving the essential
idea in a patent?_x000D_

_Collaborate with another brand_x000D_
_Minimize or maximize. Take something that is standard in the industry and minimise or maximise it.

Ryanair minimized price and customer service. Starbucks maximised price and customer experience. It is
better to be different than to be better._x000D_

_Run a design contest_x000D_
_check the solution contest of the big brands to see what problems they are trying to solve

_check the idea sharing websites like IdeasWatch & ideaconnection_x000D_

_check testimonies of people launching companies with one idea (salt bug gun, squatty potty...)_x000D_

_check shark tank contestants_x000D_

_Can you bring back old pro-ser in a new updated form_x000D_
_Billboard purple cow = vibram way = a product that is worn often in public and act as a billboard (shoes,

jackets, hat, sacoche, car cover, bike helmet, motorbike helmet, motorbike driver rain protection with
design, jantes solar led, inside exaust solar led, slippers with peluche)_x000D_
_create a new "keeping up with the jones" standard to monopolise, pretend all the riche have this pro-ser

and it is a standard (specially for busnesses like real estate sells, and others that need to meet new
standards) (fire alarms, ...
innovation checklist, according to personal MBA , your buisness idea need to meet one or more of those 4
human needs , if it does not,try to add them to your idea or move on to another idea :
Our desire to collect things.
Our wish to bond with other people.
Our need to learn and satisfy our curiosity.
Our need to fight for our survival and protect our loved ones.
in priority, choose a blue ocean startegy rather than a red ocean startegy, in blue ocean startegy demand is
created rather than fought over, create new marketplace, launch completly new industries like ebay did
with onlin auctions
with onlin auctions
it is differentiation or low cost (red ocean) VS differenciation and low cost (blue ocean)
more comonly, blue ocean are created from within a red ocean by expanding the bonderies of an existing
to formulate a blue ocean startegie, use these methods :
_reach beyond existing demand

identify your most profitable customer sub segment and allocate all product developement toward their
ideas grow, the value of ideas evolve and grow or decay over time and continuous small experiments, so
dont jump on everynew ideas or throw away ideas diretly, instead keep them and nurture them, test them,
eliminate them or grow them depending on long term experiments
creativity is never a sudden flash of inspiration leading to the perfect invention, green house your ideas for
innovation in a file and let them mature little by little of deisappear according to the result of long term
small and cheap experiments and opinions
You can not just bet on every new great idea, instead file it and study it slowly with a clear process to
eliminate or value ideas
I am in the art buisness, we are all in the art buisness from now on (cars are modern scultures that happen
to drive,…) to differenciate in an overcrowded market and to respond to increasing demands

Have a huge audacious goal
great companies do not choose, it is not or but "and", low cost AND high quality, stability AND change,
profits AND purpose, conservative AND bold
get crowd feedback to better your existing products, and gesign several prototype and then get crowd
feedback to decide which prototype to produce
from now on study all the designs you encouter in life to get as much material as possible in your mind to

later be creative (the shape of objects, why not a different shape, how they could have been made
differently, packaging, architecture, art, innovative solution, buisness models, buinsness plans)
focus on simply being the best in the world at your core competency rather than specific product-market
find something you would want to do for free for people because it helps them and make their life easier
andmore fun, and dont even think of monetising it at first, just build it to help people without making any
money for yourself,
dont try to build a buisness,dont try to make money, dont even think about that, try to think of a way to
better people life, maket their life easier, more fun...that is the only way to come up with a good idea =
forget money completly and find something you would want to do for free for people
find innovative ways to get the 3 levels of non-customers (minimally buy out of necessity, dont want to buy

anyting from your industry, have not even ever though of your industry) interested in buying a current pro-
expose yourself to new patterns and information on a daily basis to developp the building blocks of
exploiting fears canbe a way to innovate (fear of social isolation, fear of failure, fear and guilt of
inadequancy especially to first time mothers, Fear of staleness (freshness of product )
experience economy :
offering a sense of discovery like Starbucks offers, i actually want to go to discover the Strabucks
experience, something new i never felt
offer/create a new experience in the world,that they never felt or experienced (dysney parks...)

experience design not product design
Dont think about profit for the first 20 years of the buisness, only focus on value-delivery and growth
the number one goal while developping your company is to increase your value-delivery, that will increase
customers trust, loyalty, retention and increase your reputation and competitive advantage.
Dont use economy of scales to make more profit, use it to multiply your value delivery

you can do that by not making profit or by reinvesting all in value-delivery multiplication

dont add features and quality customers dont care about, dont add more quality instead reach the needed
dont add features and quality customers dont care about, dont add more quality instead reach the needed
quality and move n directly to de-commoditisation
than the market needs, reach the needed quality wanted by customer then focus on uniquness and making
your product stand out because added quality will not protect you against futur or present commoditasion
of your product by introduction of similar products by competition (dont waste resources on useless
features, useless added quality, stead invest those resources on de-commoditisation and standing out)
disruptive strategy technique =
_standarisation of quality (mcdo, otacos)

_cut middle men mark-up (purple matress)_x000D_

_offer usually innaccessible product at lower quality (diamonds ?)_x000D_
_easier access to hard to get commodities (Xiameter added fast and easy delivery to their commodity
buisness (liquid silicon) which differentiated them from other)_x000D_
_mono feature version of expensive pro-ser at fraction of the price ($25 mobile phones that only make
_conterintuitive and hard trade-off product that focus on one or two customer needs (asus netbook small
and cheap and just good enough for daily use of most people)_x000D_
_simple and easy, one button, idiot-proof, does only one thing well (Flip video recorder for small

_make a pro-ser with a single old school real button that does a single thing _x000D_
_make technology less scary to use with a pro-ser with a single real old school button that does a single
thing _x000D_
_free but low quality version of pro-ser (online word processors with limited functionality that are

_turn pro-ser into subsription product_x000D_
_turn pro-ser into refuelable product (swiffer counterintuitive tradeoffs selling balais avec tissu
rechargeable doc à recommander)_x000D_

_turn single use product into refillable/reusable product_x000D_
_turn pirated or free commodity into chargeable commodity with good interface and reasonable prices
(apple play selling mp3)_x000D_

_Reduce unnecessary mental effort by the user_x000D_
_use a profit model that is not used in your sector Gillette flipping their profit model from expensive razors,
with cheap refills, to selling the handles cheaply and charging more for the blades - thus teaching
consumers that blades are disposable, and they don’t need to be sharpened and maintained; or Hilti, who
provide power tools for the construction industry, and offer a subscription service which means companies
no longer need to own the tools, which removes the need to service and maintain expensive
_endorsments, connect with other brand to create value (partner up with ciryl anouna to sing some jackets,
partner up with un algerien connu to sign the unitif jerseys for a good cause....)_x000D_
_structure innovation = how you organise the different actors of your process differently (i work differently
with my manufacturer, i use small menuiserie atelier to offer bespoke meubles...)_x000D_
_offer authenticity and artisanat in a faceless giant economy, add a human aspect to the purchase_x000D_

_innovate a new process of producing your pro-ser that others in your field are not using_x000D_

_innovate a quality that is new in the field and unmatchable by competitors_x000D_
_invent packages of complementary existing products to solve a need all at once instead of having to buy
severak things_x000D_
_offer an unheard of service quality for a premium price to fund it (amazon, returns 100 days, garanteed
_offer an unheard of service quality for a premium price to fund it (amazon, returns 100 days, garanteed

satisfaction or refund...) show your customers you care about them and they will be your
_use revolutionary channels to communicate with your customers (nike fleggship stores has old pro
basketball player as employees....)_x000D_
_your brand can be a powerful innovation in itself with a simple but big idea that resonates with

_engage your customers like no other player in your sector (blizzard custoers are fanatics...)_x000D_

_combine startegies for the best results_x000D_

_ask What decision is made, When, Who, Why to find new buisness or profit models in your sector_x000D_
_Repeatable Systematic innovation is the search and monitor the changes in the world and look for
opportunities to exploit those changes_x000D_
_fullfilling a current demand in a better, more efficient...way instead of creating a new demand (better

system, better orgnisation) = innovation can be optimising the satisfaction of the demand of customers for
current pro-ser rather than supplying them with new pro-ser,_x000D_

_use advance in tech, philo, psycho, rpocesses... to solve old problems_x000D_
_Market Dominance (very ard to do) Being First With The Most : creating a new industry or a new market
and keepin gthe monopoly by slashing price and offering a price/value unbeatable_x000D_
_Hitting Them Where They Ain’t Creative Imitation : enter the market with an immitation of an innovation
but done better than the original innovating company (lyft after uber)_x000D_
_Hitting Them Where They Ain’t entreprenarial judo (most likely to succeed): enter the market with
ansimilar offer but geared toward ingored portion of th market (lower prices, specific to a nich)_x000D_
_ecological nich ; enter with an imitation but geared completly at dominating a small single niche that the

big company will never be interested in, to be almost completly safe from competition, stay anonymous and
make money reliably_x000D_

_toll-gate startegy : having a propriatary product essential to a process (very safe company)_x000D_
_Specialty Market Strategy : developping a pro-ser by using an opportunity brought y change in a very
specialised field and becoming an uncontestable specialist in that field_x000D_
_Changing Values and Characteristics of current innovation : The product or a service it carries may be old
and have been around for a long time but this strategy converts this old and existing product or service
into something new. • It changes its utility, its value, its economic characteristics and sometimes even it s
physical shape and value. looks at the job that a customer is getting done and focuses on a better way to
serve that need. For example, the Gillette razor/blade model, pricing plans for expensive but necessary
_make accessible something hard to order and decide on the net directly (appartement à louer, canapé,
_mass customisation by giving customers direct access to individual (people or buisneseses) available
capabilities and services (3d printing)
_offering exclusive products by giving customers direct access to individual (people or buisneseses)
available capabilities and services (etsy)
disruptive strategy (small company doing what big compaies cant do, too risky and then taking over
competition) is a proven theory, always use it to enter a market
Design the total customer experience - Everything a customer sees, hears, and touches is designed
together by a multidisciplinary team.
demographic changes are the easier spotted changes that can create opportunities Demographics, or
changes in population, its size, age structure, composition, employment, educational status, and
income.total population, age distribution, segmentation by educational attainment, labor force
participation and occupational segmentation, and income distribution.
participation and occupational segmentation, and income distribution.
decide on the selling price first that the mass public will be illing to pay and then adapt the costs according
to that, ot the other way around
decide on an inspiring core ideology for your company, core ideology, Without a core ideology, a company
will never be visionary, Visionary companies are like a cult
ideaology = a higher purpose and a set of core values

Walmart’s core ideology is to bring people retail products at the lowest prices, with the greatest customer
Apple’s purpose: Think different.
Create products respecting the jobs-to-e-done method :
_People buy products and services to get a “job” done = figure out that job precisly for each customer
_Jobs are functional, with emotional and social components.
_A Job-to-be-Done is stable over time.
_A Job-to-be-Done is solution agnostic.
_Success comes from making the “job”, rather than the product or the customer, the unit of analysis.
_A deep understanding of the customer’s “job” makes marketing more effective and innovation far more
_ People want products and services that will help them get a job done better and/or more cheaply
_People seek out products and services that enable them to get the entire job done on a single platform
_Innovation becomes predictable when “needs” are defined as the metrics customers use to measure
success when getting the job done

Tenet 1: People buy products and services to get a “job” done

People have underlying problems they are trying to resolve. They have goals they are trying to achieve and
tasks and activities they are trying to complete. They may be faced with situations they are trying to avoid.
In each of these cases, people often turn to products and services to help them get a “job” done.
A “job” is not a description of what the customer is doing, the solution they are using, or the steps they are
taking to get a job done. Rather, the “job” statement embodies what the customer is ultimately trying to
The way we (the team at Strategyn and I) put this tenet of the theory into practice is to define the
customer and the job as a market: a group of people and the functional job they are trying to get done. For
example, parents (a group of people) who are trying to “pass on life lessons to children” (the functional
job-to-be-done) constitute a market. Surgeons (a group of people) who are trying to “repair a torn rotator
cuff” (the functional job-to-be-done) constitute a market. When a company defines a market in this manner,
it clarifies its target customer and the job it is going to help the customer accomplish with a product or
service offering it creates.

Tenet 2: Jobs are functional with emotional and social components

As a customer uses a product to get a functional job done, they often want to feel a certain way and be
perceived in a certain light by their peers and/or friends and others. The way they want to feel and be
perceived constitutes their emotional and social jobs-to-be-done. For example, when parents are trying to
pass on life lessons to children (the functional job-to-be-done), they may also want to feel like they are
contributing to the advancement of society and/or want to be perceived as good parents by their peers.
These are the emotional and social components they attach to the functional job, respectively.
Understanding the emotional and social components of the functional job brings companies rich insights
that can lead to the creation of a value proposition that resonates with customers at both a functional and
emotional level.
The way we put this tenet into practice is to first work with customers to define the market, and then work
with them to define the emotional and social jobs associated with the functional job-to-be-done. When
conducting qualitative research with a cross-section of job executors, it is common for people to express 20
to 30 emotional and social jobs. The job statements can be captured, quantified and used to inform a
variety of marketing and development decisions.

Tenet 3: A Job-to-be-Done is stable over time

A functional job-to-be-done is often a job that customers have been trying to accomplish for years, decades
and in some cases even centuries. Parents, for example, have been trying to pass on life lessons to children
since the beginning of humanity. A functional job is stable over time. What changes over time are the
products and services that companies offer to help get the job done better.
Because the job-to-be-done is stable over time, it is an attractive focal point around which to create
customer value. It provides a stable target for market insights, strategy formulation, innovation, R&D and
M&A investment, and growth. It also offers insights that can help prevent disruption.
In practice, we leverage this tenet by recognizing that a company’s short- and long-term strategy should
never change: the strategy should always be to help customers get the entire job done better and more
never change: the strategy should always be to help customers get the entire job done better and more
cheaply on a single product platform. This is the long-term strategy that Amazon has pursued since its
inception. A stable target and a stable vision bring focus and purpose to an organization.

Tenet 4: A Job-to-be-Done is solution agnostic

The core functional job is solution agnostic — independent of any solutions or technologies. This tenet is
vital to the theory’s claims of success for breakthrough innovation.
Innovation isn’t about “a faster horse,” rather it is about getting a job done better. A “horse” is a solution
to get a job done. The job (transporting yourself from point A to point B) must be defined independent of
the solution (the horse) so altogether new, breakthrough solutions can be conceptualized (e.g., the
Customers don’t know what solutions will get a job done best. So why ask them? Customers couldn’t
envision the automobile or the microwave or the smartphone. They are not experts at product definition
and design; they are not materials experts and scientists — so asking them what solutions they want is a
failed approach to innovation. However, customers do know what job they are trying to get done,
independent of the solution they are using or what alternative solutions are possible. Defining the job-to-
be-done independent of solutions opens the door to breakthrough thinking.
In addition, when a job is defined in this manner, it enables a company to view its competition through a
new lens. Instead of competition including only products of a similar nature, competition can (and should)
be viewed as any product or home-grown solution that is being, or can be, used to get the job done.
Viewing competition through this lens can help a company avoid disruption through technological

Tenet 5: Success comes from making the “job” the unit of analysis
Making the job-to-be-done the unit of analysis means it is the job — not the product, the customer, the
circumstance, or customer demographics — that is studied, dissected and understood at a granular level of
Note: Christensen’s view on this tenet differs from ours. In addition to saying the “job” is the unit of
analysis, Christensen sometimes says the “circumstance” is the unit of analysis — but he defines the
circumstance to be inclusive of the functional, emotional and social jobs the customer is trying to get done.
When we analyze the job-to-be-done, we begin by creating a job map. A job map is different than a process
map or a customer journey map in that it describes, step by step, just what the customer is trying to get
done (a needs perspective), not what the customer is doing (a solution perspective).
To understand the job at a granular level we then define customer “needs” as the metrics customers use to
measure success when getting each step in the job done. We call these statements the customer’s desired
outcomes. The desired outcome statement, which we created over 25 years ago, is a specially constructed
need statement that has a unique set of characteristics: desired outcomes are devoid of solutions, stable
over time, measureable, controllable, structured for reliable prioritization in a quantitative customer
survey, and tied to the underlying job the customer is trying to get done (see Inventing the Perfect
Customer Need Statement and Giving Customers a Fair Hearing).
Desired outcome statements describe customer metrics for getting the job done faster, more predictably
(without variation) and with high throughput/output. They form the foundation for the Outcome-Driven
Innovation process and have many downstream applications. Trained ODI practitioners capture desired
outcome statements in qualitative customer interviews and construct them without the customers’ help.
With the customer’s desired outcome statements in-hand, companies are able to: (1) identify where and
why customers are struggling to get the job done, (2) brainstorm ideas for new offerings, and (3)
determine in advance of development which ideas will help customers get the job done best.

Tenet 6: A deep understanding of the customer’s job makes marketing more effective and innovation far
more predictable
In Clayton Christensen’s latest book, Competing Against Luck, he says:
“Innovation becomes much more predictable — and far more profitable — when it begins with a deep
understanding of the job the customer is trying to get done.”
Here’s why: a deep understanding of the customer’s desired outcomes for a given job enables companies
to know, often for the first time, all the customers needs. Companies are able to transition from a place
where a cross-functional team can’t agree on what a “need” is to a place where they not only agree on
what a need is, but they also agree on what all the customer’s needs are (the 100+ desired outcomes tied
to the job-to-be-done). This is truly transformational as most companies (and most VoC practitioners) don’t
even agree on what a need is (learn more here) and end up using customer inputs that derail the
innovation process.
The fundamentals of marketing and innovation are straight forward: if a team can agree on what a need is,
what the customer’s needs are and which are unmet, they are able to (1) better position and sell more of
the company’s existing products, (2) improve existing products and services, (3) create new products and
services. Jobs-to-be-Done Theory makes this possible.
In practice we leverage this tenet by conducting quantitative research that is specifically designed to
reveal under- and overserved customer desired outcomes and segments of customers with different unmet
outcomes. This unique research, which we have perfected over 2 decades, overcomes the issues associated
with traditional market research methods (see Reinventing Market Research To Put Jobs-to-be-Done
Theory Into Practice).
Theory Into Practice).

Tenet 7: People want products and services that will help them get a job done better and/or more cheaply
We have learned that people aren’t loyal to companies or brands. They are loyal to getting a job done
better (faster, more predictably and with higher output/throughput) and/or more cheaply. They replace
existing products and services with those that help them achieve these goals. We have learned that some
people are willing to pay more to get a job done better, while others are willing to pay less to get a job
done worse. Knowing what types of customers exist in your market (and in what proportions) forms the
foundation for a new way to think about growth strategy.
With a focus on this tenet, we have created the Jobs-to-be-Done Growth Strategy Matrix — a powerful
framework that helps to explain the dynamics of disruptive innovation and 4 other growth strategies. A
webinar detailing this tenet and the matrix can be found here:

Tenet 8: People seek out products and services that enable them to get the entire job done on a single
We have discovered that many products and services available in the market only get part of a job done
and that customers are left to cobble together solutions in order to get the entire job done. Customers
don’t want to cobble together the solution. They want it presented to them. This finding has important
First, your product strategy shouldn’t be ever-changing. In fact it should never change. Your goal should
always be to help your customers get their entire job done on a single platform. Nespresso is a great
example. The company worked for years with a single strategy in mind: to enable customers get the job of
“preparing a hot beverage for consumption” done on a single platform.
More importantly, products and services naturally (but slowly) evolve to help customers get the entire job
done on a single platform. A company can accelerate this process once it knows what steps comprise the
job. In this sense, a Job Map can be used as a blueprint that informs a company what product
improvements to make and what M&A and R&D investments to make to create the ultimate solution —
years before its competition does.

Tenet 9: Innovation becomes predictable when “needs” are defined as the metrics customers use to
measure success when getting the job done
In order to determine if a new product idea/concept will be able to get a job done better and/or more
cheaply, it must be possible to evaluate competing ideas against a stable set of metrics. The metrics we use
to conduct this evaluation are the customer’s desired outcomes.
Since the customer’s job-to-be-done is stable over time, the customer’s needs, when defined as desired
outcome statements, are also stable over time. (See the Medium article, Define Customer Needs As
Constants). With a stable set of “needs” in hand, a company is able to:
Quantify which needs are underserved and overserved.
Discover segments of customers with different unmet needs.
Use the metrics as a baseline against which they can test product ideas and concepts before they are
Knowing which product or service concept will get the job done best early in the product planning stages
(prior to development), is the key to predictable and profitable innovation.
create an innovative busienss model, it is usually much more disruptive to enter the market and overtake it
than an innovative pro-ser
create a romantic oasis, a parralel magical world different from the real world to rest in before gettingback
to the dread of the real world (the starbuck and dysney method)
create 10 ideas everyday, you can use your file to do it, even 10 ideas about another buisness, the more
ideas you have, the more likely one of them is a winner = it is a numbers game (like asking people out)

james altucher comes up with 10 ideas at a time, he hire freelancers to build 10 websites at a time to see
what sqticks, he has founded 20 companies and only 3 of the companies succeeded and he made 10 000
000 + dollars
corporate innovation is far inferior to artisic creation when creating a product buisness, an MFA in arts is
muc mre valuable than an MBA

Check the website of idea sharing like .ideaswatch.com/browse
check all the workarounds and hacks YOU are already using and see if a pro-ser can be made to replace

them (whatsapp not taking with photos, high speed audiobook listening + notepad to record the good
Changes in perception, mood, and meaning. These are the “trends” in society. Very often it can’t be

quantified; or rather, by the time it can be quantified, it is too late to serve as an opportunity for
quantified; or rather, by the time it can be quantified, it is too late to serve as an opportunity for

challenge industry assumptions about price-performance trade offs
Building a purle cow and usefull innovation for a niche unserviced market needs to be feasible with my
capital (no need for 30 000 dollars molds,,,)
brainstorme 100 ideas and make them visual with the available people, always, coming up with as many
ideas as possible
Billboard purple cow, to the level that each product is a moving billeboard just like vibram five fingers
which sells are doubling every year because it is so unusual and each pair is spreding the word on its own
better to build an extreme purple cow and huge innovation that will only appeal to a tiny market than build
a medium innovation that have a huge market because the first one you can market and make real money
on, the second one is bound to disappear in the ever price lowering competition of china, india and
associate utility (customer need), uniqueness, obvious benefit and believability of your promise
an obvious benefit is different from a dramatic difference, you should aim at creating both , for exemple
2.99 1 kg de poulet frit est an obvious benefit on price but it is not a dramatic difference because it is still
Success comes to products that offer a unique, believable benefit to customers. so uniqueness is missing
from your chicken idea for exemple.
Any buisness you start need to have a world-class process (outsourcable, replicable, fastest, cheapest,
most efficient, most qualitative) and if it can not be achieved now (lack of capital, volume) then have a
clear schedull and plan to where i can reach my wold-class process, anything less than world-class process
is not enough (wether it is niche product creation, fast food preparation, healthy food preparation...)

always pursue both profits and ideology
always create a pricing innovation in your buisness by relying on streamlining, partnership and cost
innovations (see picture in buisness pictures)
after launching a successful product, make only one incremental optimisation at a time to test if it works
and not lose what your customers liked to begin with with too many incré innovations at a time and dont
assume you know what they like about yoru product, you often dont relally know, so dont go and change it
too much in one go

Adress and eliminate the 4 barrier to purchase in your pro-ser :
Loss Aversion: It costs too much. Makes spending feel like a loss.
It won’t work.
It won’t work for me.
I can wait.
It’s too difficult.
a system will become complex only after starting simple and a complex system fro mthe start will never
work, so always start with a simple system

“Polarize people” - don’t aim for the middle of the road - create something people either love, or hate.
"good enough" product design =
_dont overshoot a product , instead stop incremental improvements when the customer need are met and
start making hard tradoff to sacrifice a not so useful aspect for a much more valuable aspect to the
customer, focus on more disruptive startegy like ease of use, accessibility, no unecessary markups, .... to
better your offering and to protect yourself against disruptive companies comming from below

_dont add features and functionality just because the competition is doing it, be smarter and analyse what
would make a bigger impact, what the customer need more than better pixel on the cam for exemple and
also what innovative company will focus on when they come from below to overtake you
for exemple, ASUS got know after making good enough notebooks (word processing and surf the web) that
focused on a morewanted feature which was portability (small) and price (cheap 300doll) instead of
focusing on making the best small laptops possible
_understand what a product is hired to do and find a way ot do it better, to fill that job eve better (mcdo

milkshakes hired to keep you busy during lon car commute, added thickness so it last longer and sells
_limit capabilities on purpose to reduce too many choice freeze, and reduce time sorting through the
_limit capabilities on purpose to reduce too many choice freeze, and reduce time sorting through the
generated "data"
_limit time capabilities on purpose to transfer the blame on the techologie limitation rather than on your
unwillingness to waste time and money on people
_find an incredible pro-ser (romanticla, shockingly out of place in this mediocre world) and adapt it and
blow it off internationally, for that you need to visit places to discover those pro-ser (italy romantic
expresso bars for starbuck ..., siradio did the same when he discovered the ventiuno jackets in belgium)
_create an identity of knowledgability and sophistication and eductae your customer on those aspects of
your pro-ser, it will appeal to a niche group, then you can spread it to the masses slowly (startbucks did
that for quality cfee in the US)
_add a much needed sense of cummunity to your pro-ser, a non-threatening gathering spot, people never
get to be social anymore, reintroduce the social aspect
_add an opportunity for the customer to purchase an affordable luxury (like starbuck did with his coffee,
suits lawyers buy their coffee next to the day worker... so the dayworker gets to rub elbows with the upper
class and bridge that gap in his mind)
_add a taste of rmance to people's day, starbucks did that with his geniune italian expresso vibe


_check les societé de innovation , leur travaux precedents pour t'inspirer (IDEO, altitudeinc,…)
_ajouter de la classe à un pro-ser populaire car les adultes veulent profiter de leur vieux plaisir tout en
paraissant leur age et leur classe (grec gourmet et design)
_take a transformative innovation even further, an innovation that was not taken far enough (Kebab propre,
il n'est pas allé assez loin, il n'a pas créer le decor design et propre comme "La boule")
_discriminatory pricing and ambience, ajoute du luxury à une commodité populaire (grec) avec qualité et
prix premium to cater specifically and only to one segment and purposfully keep the low class segment at
bay (violent, scary for girls...), so my customer segent pay more but they get to enjoy their usual treat
confortably, dont try to serve all customer segment
_use metaphores to find new ways (lik epoets do)
_cross and mix solutions from different fields = conceptual mixing
_look at successful pro-ser stores and see what demographic is missing to see the unserviced customer
group (at Level 5, it is a good hang ut space but there is only kids, who is servicing the adults for fast-food
and hangout ?)
use randomness by opening 5 yebsite or magazine and checking what they say
_stay aware of design trends and novelty by checking design websites, design contest, architecture design
if you have an idea for a disruptive strategy, here are the steps to implement it :

Disrupting innovation : Organize/design/utilise a new way to do something much better than it is being
done (add value) in a huge market and get everyone to switch to your solution
disruptive innovation is to conquer a market with your real added value proposition
create a disruptive innovation = flawed radical innovation + that can be upgraded to surpass existing
solution little by little
_choose a niche or emerging market or underserved target groups that belongs to a much larger target
group with a huge market to later service
_create a radical innov with worst performances than existing products but that does service the specific
unmet needs of a small segmented target audience and that has the potential to replace the already used
pro-ser by th egeneral public as well with some investment in RnD, the pro-ser you are trying to replace
need to have a huge market size and profits so you prepare to overtake a huge market for huge profits
(radical innov can just be using existing tech to facilitate access to pro-ser), you can not create a superior
product from the start, you dont have the money or data for RnD, you need to sell and make money with
the inferior product. Dont't create a flawed radical innov that only has a small market with small profits
even after upgrading its performances, dit autrement, dont create a flawed radical innov that can only
replace an existing pro-ser with a tiny market and profits.
Disruption represents innovations that make products and services more accessible, affordable, and
available to a larger population. it is not so much the technology itself that is disruptive, but rather how
technology is used in a business context."
_sell the lower performance radical innov to your early adopters
_use feedback and observation to define your edgehog concept
_use early profits to upgrade performances of your radical innov to outperform performances of the
existing products (more convenient to access, easier to use, and cheaper) turning your radical
performance into a disruptive innovation because it becomes superior to the current offering and so able
to be adopted by the genral public
use the early profits t become the best in the world at your edgehog concept
_start convincing general public to switch to your now disruptiv innov

Exemple of disrup innov : budget airlines, plain vanilla $25 mobile phones, and “good enough” web-based
word processing software
Techniques for disruptive innovation :
_innovative buisness model
_disruptve innovation is usually low tech, just using existin gtech differently
target people who want the product but cant afford it or too difficult to obtain by offering them a cheaper

version, easier to get that they will be happy to get because at least they have access to it even a low
quality version (cheap sake, soju, cheap gold, cheap diamonds...)
Standardisation of quality through systems can be a huge innovation in a field with poor consistency of
quality and very different degrees of quality uncetainty

never enter a market with the same strategy as established companies, just a slightly better product at the
same price, because the big companies will have the expertise and focus to crush you, that is exactly the
type of entry they are watching for and focusingon eliminating , instead use a different strategy like
coming frm below with cheap prices, lower quality and low margins, then they will ignore you because
they can't canibalise themselve, lower their brand id and they are focused on their available higher
margins so you will be able to get a foothold
make, expensive items with huge markup by retailers and wholesaler, cheap and directly available to the
public, direct sales and so removing the markup and cheapening the price = to apply that technique,just

find items with thos charachteristics and organise a way to ship them direct to customers (ideas =
machines compliqués, meubles haut de gamme, frigidaires, enseignes de magasin,....) like Purple did for
the mattress memory foam
breaking even startegy for fast growth, no profit, check What is the stated path to make money and what

are the company's assumptions in getting there? Do they seem realistic in light of the overall market and
potential competitors?
ZERO TO ONE, invent something from scratch, dont innovate, instead revolutionise, it wont always work
but it is the only way to create a monopoly
Whenever you see compensating behaviors or workarounds, pay very close attention, because it's likely a

clue that there is an innovation opportunity waiting to be seized


Way to innovate, check how paeople are usig products differently to solve an unet need of theirs
Use the disruptive strategy way = organising the buisness ina way big companies can not because :
_lowest price available, no gains for years to scale fast : they have shareholders, they can run on no gains
_innovative buisenss model (free, subscription, garanties...) , they cant do that because they will canibalise
themselves = c'est cette hesitation qui est à exploiter
_they are too busy milking the cow they already have
_they dont plan that far in the futur because of quarterly reports to show the investors
_they have no sense of urgency because they are doing great already
_they are just employees, they dont care about success of the company, it's not theirs
_they have tons of redtape, they cant just implement new ideas fast
_they are led by managers not creaters
Ils ne veulent pas se canibaliser d'ou le dilemme = Christensen a donc adapté sa catégorisation et oppose
donc désormais innovation continue et innovation de rupture. L’innovation continue (« sustaining ») se fait

en conformité avec le modèle d’affaire de l’entreprise, qu’elle soit radicale ou non. L’innovation de rupture
(« Disruptive ») se fait en… rupture avec le modèle d’affaire de l’entreprise, là encore qu’elle soit radicale
ou non.
I am in the art-buisness, we are all in the art buisness from now on (cars are modern scultures that happen
to drive,…) to differenciate in an overcrowded market and to respond to increasing demands

Get your product hired for an unfullfilled job that is in demand by customers
do a behavior segmentation of the market to find the specific groups , their needs and who to serve

(social/emotional shavers (enjoys it), aestetic shavers (want to be clean of hair), maintenance shavers
(shore, have to shave))
anytime your feel surprise about something, that is the symptom of a need or a change that could be an

opportunity (for exempel i am shocked that people are giving fo free their beautiful pianos on the internet,
what is that the symptom of ? how to exploit that cause ?)
it's all invented, there is no rules to respect on pricing, type of buisness, what is possible...= what
assumption am I making that i am notre awareness il am making ans that are giving me what I see
assumption am I making that i am notre awareness il am making ans that are giving me what I see
-change the rules of life , its all invented anyway, just set as your rules you win if you move significantly

forward everyday toward creating the money to opening/building 10 orphanage from my profits or moving
1000 families out of poverty. I am realisin
_put in rules = observe how the customer are using the products real life, mimick them if you dont have
access and the problems to correct will be obvious, the ameliorations to make will be obvious
Rely on marketing for growth , create a quality competitve product and reinvest everything in profitable
marketing :
McDonald's Main Business Strategy Was And Still Is Investing in Advertising & The Franchising Model
McDonald's success is because they were the first to believe in on advertising ROI, spent the most on it

McDonald's success :

_investing everything on advertising (toward kids)
_the first to advertise so much to kids and still are the biggest to advertise to kids "happy meal with toy"
_rapid growth for market dominance thorugh uniform franchising
_customer satisfaction
_partnership with recognisable brands (disney)
_investing in real estate, buying their location and then retning them out to franchisees to secure the
create a pro-ser for kids or families and advertise heavy to kids, they are the easiest to convince to buy ,
associates your pro-ser with fun times with the family, a sort of celebration like cdonal did

have the best value in the wolrd for a clean, consistent food product (subway startegy)
add alcool, caffein, marijuana to fast food treats

you dont need to be first to do it, you have to be second and do it better, take it fursther, that is how they
all do it, dont invent, copy and enhance
_fast, cheap, easy to set-up and profitable francise to growh fast and benefits from economy of scale to
lower price and increase value (smaller locals, cheap franchise fee..)
goal = remove all obstacles to fast franchising to lower product prices as fast as possible to build a
competitive advantage fast ( no need for a revlutionary idea, just a concept that is groing in trend)
Healthy perception for your franchise, sponsor and associate with fight for cancer, forght against poverty...

watch your food being made right in front of you
expand quickly thanks to marketing with heavy marketing investment, sponsorship of athletes and healthy
change the traditional reailer-wholesaler-manufacturer dynamic, invent a new way to collaborate with
suppliers and manufacturers that was never done before or simply is not used in your field, only in other
fields (like wallmart did)
collaboration was the key to success
Let the suppliers and manufacturer check the inventory needed at the stores and replenish it themselves
taking away from yourself the need to plan inventory (like wallmart did)
collaboration is the key to success
turn inventory into information
utilise the best inventory management system in the world to lower costs (wallmart success) , turn
inventory into information
penetrate the market in low competition area like small towns to grow slowly until you have enough
economy of scale to compete in the competitive areas (big cities...)

use technologie to create immersive experiences never before imagined for families, they are the spenders
moves slowly but takes big leaps toward impossible goals (take the time to learn and prepare but only

learn and prepare to make big leaps not small ones)
setting impossible goals

dont compromise, instead set the imossible goal and gettin price AND quality
dont compromise, instead set the imossible goal and gettin price AND quality
Costco model =
Cheapest + Quality + Loyalty + Prestige / Community + Monitoring

Cheapest :
_wholeslae packs to sell higher volumes
_loss leader on everything, cheapest on everything because 0 profit to attract customers
_get profits only from my own manufactured brand still cheapest in the market (but cut the middle man)
_only sell one brand per item to reduce inventory costs
_lower employee quitting by paying 20 dollar per hour and promoting from within (also better productivity
of employees)
_no marketing budget to keep prices low

Quality :
_only sell the best brand of each items (Nutella, ...)
_sell luxury items for the image (fine wines, 150 dollars bottles of champagne...)

_high paid employee give better customer serivce
_all items are garanteed and refunded if any problems except lectronics (only 90 days)
_VIP card only access so they need to keep coming to pay it off
_refund membership to the last day

Prestige :
_safe stores, enjoyable shopping with menbers's only card to make sure the violent, dirty people do not get
in the stores
_nice upscale store facade (briques...)

Constant improvement to attract more visits and more sells :

_loss leader items to attract people (4.99 rotisserie chicken, 1.5 doll hot-dog and soda at the back, 0 profit
gas station)

hook them up 1 : give them the base, make them pay refills (gilette razor base, hoover bags, water filters,
imprimantes, coffee machine...)

hook them up 2 : give them one part for free, make them pay for the subscription (xbox, phones...)
hook them up 3 : give them one sample for free, make them pay for the refill (diet pills, food court samples,
printing paper...)
loss leader startegy = give them all the pro-ser at the cheapest price available thanks to 0 profit to attract
them and sell them something with profits
give them value for free to attract their attention and users and monetise with ads (alibaba startegie
Taobao marketlace)
give them pro-ser for free and sell them a pro-ser when you attracted them (alibaba startegie additional
stores be a destination : also be a place to hangout, with your couple or your family (Ikea), that way they

can be putside cities, paying less rent but still attract people because they come for the hanging out as

turning a historically long term product into a disposable product (meubles, ikea)

gear a product for old demographic toward young people (meubles)

dont price too cheap so they dont infere it is bad quality
compare how you feel about 2 companies, for exemple GIFI VS Ikea, why yu want to hangout at ikea but

Gifi does not attract you at all ?
then you will understand fast any company 's competitive advantage

chatty thuesday if you buy something then you have to stay 15 minutes and talk to someoe you dont know
eliminer le middle man completmeent (arranger vente de l'usine directement au client particlulier ou pro,
arranger la vente de al marque directement au client)
arranger la vente de al marque directement au client)

new buisness model or adapted from another field

new pricing model or adapted from another field

new services or adapted from another field

new experiences or adapted from another field

sell without inventory

crowdpooling of money

leasing instead of selling
1 package solution, vertical buisness to offer full services from start to finish for a smooth and easy
experience like Tesla cars

fastest speed of manufacturing like Zara
crowdsourcing free work like wikipedia

offer cheapest price by removing historic cost (bank 100% online without branches to lower costs of

subscription fee model
dessine la value chain from start to finish and see where you could innovate, remove, fasten, optimise (for
exemple to remove grossistes)
performance-based contracting approach like the Rolls royce selling thrust hours to the airlines and
maintening their engine themselves, a sort f leasing agreement of themotors instead of selling them
rent out the extra un-used capacity of your machine to other buisnesse (depending on what kind of
machine you built, sourcing company, factory...)
always keep track of new tech (virtual reality..) and see how you could apply it to your buisness or an
existing buisness to create an innovation (pokemon go...)
create a copy product but with extreme focus on what the first mover is missing and more importantly
geared exclusivly to the need of an underserviced nich (snapchat for youngs)

innovate in a cool way a traditionally for ol dpeople product (greeting cards, unwelcomegreetings...)

offer them the first machine at cost (5doll) and hook them up for the refills like dollarshaveclub did

adapt a product to a tight-knit, passionate and large enough market segment like gopro did
build it all on athlete and celebrity endorsements by offering strategic win-win , no loss contracts to

celebrities, for exemple you build the brand, invest , do everything and they just wear it for 70% of the
“Your margin is my opportunity” Jeff besos, that is how you disrupt, see where you can remove middle men
and take a portion for yourself with another system
lower decision complexity innovation, site de comparaison avec reviews, add all necesarry info to make a

decision that are now missing on websites (safe renting abroad only website with garded appartmnets...
for female students)
new way of creating labor like freelancers as opposed to employees or... leveraging all the poeple to do a
work that only later paide for ? or create concours for solving aproblem or ...

buiding a huge resource with capital that then bring regular returns (theme parks...)

creating value of non used resources (people bakyard, people unused rooms...)

efficiency, gettin more output for the input
efficiency, gettin more output for the input
productivity innovation, allowing one person to get more done, with tools , automation, specialised
freelancers that will act as a machine to do a certain work (post on cdiscount...) ...

new hard to replicate quality (ice wine...)

peak experiences, build an experiences that has to be felt once in your lifetime at least (space travel...)
price differently, take your money in a different way than simplemargin like everybody does (by comission,
or service fee or subscription or per product or...)

revolutionary environment that people never experienced before

revolutionary marketing message that resonates with people immune to marketing and blazé

innovation in the way things are distributed
algrythm to help customers decide or less choice to make them decide or something to easy their decision


create a quality control unmatched in an industry with shitty quality (wholesale...)

build resilience into a system that fail often or is expected to fail (machines manufacturing...)

offer sustainable, green pro-ser wen there is only toxic ones at the moment

innovation on toughness and reliability, the pro-ser does not break and last for years
creative copier technique, specialising a succesfull innovation to an unserved niche lke Snapchat did for
whenerver you see a rule, try to break it (prnstar are paid a 1 time fee for a scene, grossiste ditribute the
factories stocks while taking a cut...)
plan to Cross the chasm slowly, first you rely on your first adopters then you convince the mass public little

by little that your slution is superior even if they dont think so yet because you will have created a new
standard (of cheapness, of quality, of... and thay will be obliged to follow t if they cant to compete
change how buisness do buisness by setting a new stanard by making sacrifice in one aspect to maximise

another (slow but cheapest, expensive but fastest, quality but expensive...) then they will all have to come
to you or lose in the competition withother buisnesses

shocking new tech from the futur like the iphone was in 2007

service that can be bought on the internet (plomberie...)

fix garanteed prices of an undustry with weird, scammy pricing (plomberie, serrureri, contractor,...)
eliminate all large fixed costs of an industry to be the cheapest (like wallmart did removing need for
push an existing idea to a much better qulity like apple did with the touch screen that existed but need to
be stabbed at to work
invent a danger people need to protect themselves from like Oakley sayin gyou need their glasses because
UVA, UVA, ad now UVZ are the thing that is deterioating yur eyes and their glasses are the solution

create a cool luxury not indispensable product for a niche market and expand the niche to other countries
to get sale volume, like Ooni fire pizza oven did, their product will not appela to the mass public, only a
niche in eahc country but that is already millions and millions of dollars ot be made
create a cool appliance for parties to be a conversation pieces for the customer to show off to his friends
(fire wood pizza cooker, margarita amker...)

remove the nedd for refills on a subscription product (dyson bagless ...)

collapsible more transportable usually un transportable things
adap a common product to extraordinary circunstances (hydratation pack instead of bottle water so you
can drink while running)

sport/activity specific gear (climbing shoes, runnning shoes...)

single serve verion of usualy big batch pro-ser (single serve cofee)
go the opposite direction of the trand in a huge way like the hoka running shoes with their ridiculously
think cushon soles to become differentiated and the leader of a niche
wearable computer (watch, monitor...) for specific activities (marathon...), a lot of money left in the
wearable computer market, it is just starting
traditionally heavy gear made of lighter materialto be transportable (even colapsible)

single use product of traditionally multi-feature, multi-use product (lightweight windbreaker instead of full
jacket with many mayers, le FLIP short video only)

Pay for use instead of pay for possession (even for lighting systems for compaies led...)
modular pro-ser, get what you need and upgrade easily without chaging completly the pro-ser (modular
lego phone...)
add a little useless connected tech to a beautiful new color of designed product you discover so you can
have a reason to put it on kickstarter and people have a reason to buy it but rzlly they are just buying the
new available beautiful design (like the irredescen tumbrella with useless notification of wether and
forgeting t)
single phisical button at home with app activating a specific action that usually takes several steps to do
(laposte button facteur come take the package and emballe e colis, dominos button...)

connected device that help you track your expense (water, electricity, heating, time ?, ...)

utiliser l'e-ink pour etendre la batterie d'un appareil usually needs everyday charging
capteur medicaux connecté avec batterie for weeks not days avec gathering des datas like "withings" is

control electronic items with a physical action (button, retourner un galet to turn of the lights...)

bring technology (data collection, sensors) to fields/sports/activities where there is not (equitation...)

look into a field you dont know anything about and is so foreign to you (DJ like edjing...)
find a way to access , use an dcommercialise AI in your product , it is th emost remarkable innovation
integrated plateform taking any form of buisness it needs = create a vertical buisness servicing an entire

industry from start to finish, being everything the customer need rather than being just a pc company, or a
retail company... just service them from start oto finish like Tesla does, like my idea of a "We help you sell"
build an ecosystem = penetrate a profitable market by first entering by providing another different and
unrelated free service to those customers then when the relation is established, offer them the other
paying andmuch more profitable service, espacially effective with small companies
_launch a bait free product to get in touch with the target customer base then offer them your real product
_identify a customer segment that you need to reach and earn trust with raher than trying to launch your
main product directly and trying to reach them without any access or trust
offer a free service to gather monetisable datas = pool data toguether to create value, monetise the
gatered data, also find ways to collect those datas, maybe offer a free services that will ensure you get the
datas thats you then use yourself for something else or offer to customers in exchange for a fee

Substituer, replace an element by another

adapt another concept to your current problem


Modifier et Magnifier to exageration current concept or parts of the concept

pricing model has a service with abonnement for maintenance rather than a 1 time purchase product
developping your company
your startegy needs to be clrystal clear at all times and all decisions need to be easy since they all are
made and optimised to achieve a single vision
developping your company
we have a bias toward intervention when a problem occurs, remenber to try the null hypothesis before

every system change you want to make, meaning doing nothing, would it be better than changing the
system because of a normal error ?
Developping your company
There needs to be adjacancies to the brand that are high profit items, high price

developping your company

the first step is always to achieve sufficiency (profit slightly above expenses) then th ebusiness is
successful, you can move on to optimisation
Developping your company
Standardisation can be a good way to build a franchise selling an existing popular commodity with the
most perfect standards, efficiency and consistensy (mcdonalds, subway, otacos)
developping your company
Simplify your systems, a complex buisness is a bad buisness :
keep systems simple, a complex multi steps system will have more normal accident than a simple system
and you end up losing all your time fixing your cmplex system raher than advancing
imagine all that could derail your plans and create contingency plans for normal accidents, for the worst
possible scenarion happening to your plan (ventiuno all of a sudden dont want to sell at 115 and all my
plan for pricing ventiuno crumbles and i feel low but i should not, if i had imagined it and planned for it
then it woud have not bothered me ...)
analyze breakdowns or “close calls” when they happen and create contengency fr them
_dont overreact by adding more complex systems when you suffer a normal accident, instead just keep the
system as simple as possible while changing something so the accident never happen again.
Do you have plans in place for when your system fails?
Do you take time to learn when your system breaks down?
What can you do to avoid overreacting when problems inevitably occur?
for exemple, dropshipping ventiuno rely on way too many steps and veriable , it is a waste of time,
instead make a simple produce and sell system and get smaller benefits at first but a lot less
wasted time dealing with accidents and errors
developping your company
segment your data to serve them better (demographic, psychologic, performace sells)

How can you use segmentation to understand what different groups or people or processes are
developping your company
refactoring, analyse each steps of your system and see how it could be done bettet and more
efficiently without necesarly changing the end pro-ser
developping your company
prepare for uncertainty, risks you can not see = How much does your plan rely on accurately
predicting or forecasting the future?_x000D_
Can you prepare for several different scenarios instead of relying on making an accurate
developping your company
optimize one aspect at a time to measur ethe effect, then move on to another optimisation, always
one at a time to be able to measure the good improvments but also the bad effects
Developping your company
only choose adjacancies that have a high profit potential, that reinforce your current buisness ,
that use your current core competency, that have the same customers
developping your company
only adopt new technology if it helps you achieve yoru hedgehog concept, meaning stay focused on
your edgehog concept and dont get distracted by new tech if they are not usefull to your concept
developping your company
Negotiation :
_Add a buffer, pretend to speak in the name of the boss making the decisions
_even if it is more work and more money, developp offers and samples from 5 different companies

first before choosing one, if you settle on one too fast, you will get stuck by the fallacy of sunken
cost so never just developp sample from one single company or you will end up losing money on
their innevitable price increase, lower than expected quality and mounting cost to match your
correct vision.
Developping your company
minial risk innovation needs ot be one of your core competency on top of whatever other core
competency you need to breakthrough the merket
After market pnetration, you need to keep continuously innovating but in a safer way like wirlphool
and their piramid of innovation adn product updating :


Base = Remplacement des produits core

optimisations et relooking d'anciens produits to introduce "new" products in the market always

Niveaux 2 : Innovaton marketing
Nouvelles fonctionalités ajoutés aux produits existants pour lesquelles il n'y a pas de concurence et
difficile à copier

Niveau 3 : Nouveaux produits

Satisfaisant des besoins clients non satisfaits

Niveaux 4 : Nouveaux buisness

Nouveaux clients et buisness model
developping your company
Measure everithing, but especially the Key Performance Indicators, create a measurment file for
each aspect of the buisness , only by measurments can you notice the right changes and
optimisations to make because the mind is terrible at remenbering datas and creating
measurments with visualisation and memory alone
What are the critical parts of the system you’re analyzing?
What could you measure to determine how well the system is operating?

_Value-Creation: how quickly is the system creating value? What is the current level of inflows?
_Marketing: how many people are paying attention to your offer? How many prospects are giving
you permission to provide more information?
_Sales: how many prospects are becoming paying customers? What is the average customer’s
Lifetime Value?
_Value-Delivery: how quickly can you serve each customer? What is your returns or complaints
_Finance: what is your profit margin? How much purchasing power do you have? Are you
financially sufficient?

What are the key components of the system you’re analyzing? How can you measure them?
Of those measurements, what is the set of 3-5 KPIs that will give you the most important
information you need to know about how the system is operating?

developping your company

Map out your value strem (all steps to create and deliver pro-ser) so yu canfind ways to multiply
your value delivery (outsourcing steps for speed to market,lowering costs toinvest in quality...)
from first step of ideation, specification folder for sample prod, factory choice, sample prod...until
shipping ot customer
developping your company
make your systems as independant from other people as possible, The more your system depends
on other people, the higher the risk of failing.
Are other parties responsible for supplying inflows or processes in your system?_x000D_
What is the risk that they won’t perform as expected, and how would a failure effect your system?
Can you minimize or mitigate that risk?
developping your company

make a buisness plan, with one proof fo concept and then look for investissors (starbuck, fitbit...)
developping your company
lower the dependancies in your buisnes plan as much as possible, rely on as little partners... as
possible and the partners you have, make sure to be able to replace them easily by another partner
doing hte same thing
Where do interdependencies exist in your system?_x000D_
How tightly-coupled is the system?_x000D_
Can you do anything to reduce unnecessary dependencies?
Developping your company
Look for new customer segment first, long before even thinking about expanding the line and even

before trying to increase repeat customers because it is proven that the more a company is big, the
more the customers come back to buy a second time on their own
developping your company
keep a file describing the nevironment your buisness operat in to spot any adaptation you need ot
make to the changing environment
What environment is your system operating in?_x000D_
What changes in the environment could influence the operation of your system?
developping your company

It takes a team to make something work - find some other people to work with.
developping your company
Introducing Friction intentionally can sometimes encourage people to behave in a certain way or
make a particular decision
For example, adding a small amount of Friction to your returns process, like requiring the
customer to provide a receipt or explain the reason for the return, can decrease the number of

people who return your product._x000D_
You don’t want to add too much, since that can negatively impact your Reputation (customers get
angry if you make them work too hard for a refund), but a little Friction in the right place can
prevent frivolous returns.
developping your company
identify and eliminate bottle necks one at a time :
Identification: find the limiting factor.
Exploitation: make sure that the resources related to the Constraint aren’t wasted.
Subordination: redesign the system to support the Constraint.
Elevation: permanently increase the capacity of the Constraint.
Re-evalution: after making a change, reevaluate a system to see where’s the Constraint.
Developping your company

ideally, there will be adjacancies later accesible with high barrier to entry
Developping your company
Have a clear plan for building a successful company but be willing to change it and adjust direction
according to the feedback of the market, also have enough resources to chnage course for an
emerging strategy
developping your company
focus on benefices (roi), cash flow and market share instead of chiffre d'affaire growth, "Chasing
revenue in a commodity business is really dumb."
developping your company
find ways to Remove Friction from your business for your customer to increase quality and
efficiency, like amazon does by saving your credit card number so you can order without entering
your number...with less friction, people will buy even when they did not plane to because you are
the easiest solution.

When a customer signs up for Amazon Prime, the customer’s average annual order volume

increases by 150%, and 82% of Prime members choose to purchase items on Amazon even when
the item is less expensive at a competing retailers. As a result, orders from Amazon Prime
customers total an estimated 20% of the company’s overall US sales… all from finding new ways to
reduce Friction in the buying process.

_find ways to remove friction and wasted energy in your system to improve your buisness process
as well
developping your company
establish a reference level to check for and investigate when the levels are going too far out of
acceptable fucuation range (sells, customers, profit, weekly sells...)
developping your company
Dont think about profit for the first 20 years of the buisness, only focus on value-delivery and
the number one goal while developping your company is to increase your value-delivery, that will
increase customers trust, loyalty, retention and increase your reputation and competitive
Dont use economy of scales to make more profit, use it to multiply your value delivery

you can do that by not making profit or by reinvesting all in value-delivery multiplication
developping your company

do Scenario Planning, prepare for all evantualities "what would happen if"
Developping your company
do not add flavour or variations of your product to grow, instead add adjacancies (after having
entered in all the customer markets you can think of with your current product) , that is products
in differet categories, more variations and choice will only make the customer freezebecause they
cant decide and you are only competing with yourself instead of taking the 80/20 of adjacent

developping your company

diminishing returns : do it 85% as good as you need and then move on, always ask yourself if you
are in the region of diminishing returns with the optimisation you want to work on next, if you
cannot have a better ROI by focusing on another type of optimisation or moving on to otehr work
all toguether, if it is not "good enough"

Optimizing everything to perfection is almost impossible. After picking the “low hanging fruit”,
further optimization can cost more than the returns you’ll reap

“The last 10 percent of performance generates one-third of the cost and two-thirds of the
developping your company
Developp your instinct and decision confidence by analysing all your decisions, when were you
right and why, when were you wrong and why
developping your company
developp nd implement a set of internal controls in you rbusiness : Budgeting, Supervision,
Compliance, Theft and Fraud Prevention
developping your company
developp in 3 repeating phases :
In an Expansion cycle: the company is focused on growing._x000D_
In a Maintenance cycle, the company is focused on executing the current plan._x000D_
In a Consolidation cycle, the company is focused on analysis and pruning waste and inefficiency.
developping your company
developp a few fail-safe fr the most important part of the buisness (several employees lined up,
several suppliers lined up...)
Developping your company
Define your edgehog concept (or unique value proposition, or differenciating value proposition) as
early as possible using observation and interviews instead of feedback because people may not be
able to articulate what they really use you rproduct for (what job your customer use your product
and other similar product to do like mcdo did to figure out their milshake real job) and then only
focus on excellence and becoming the best in the world at your edgehog concept.

_being e hedgehog is ignoring all "one in a lifetime" opportunities that come your way and focus
solely on improving and developping your one edgehog concept

_the edgehog concept can take 4 years to cristalise (it needs to be one thing you can be best at
BUT also one thing yu can make money at adn one thing the poeple want and are not getting from
the merket), you can start your buisness with a guess at your edgehog concept and then refine it
with experience of the exact demand, monetisation and what you can really be the best at

_the resalisation that you can be the best in the world at that one thing comes slowly and on it's
own, one day you wake up and all the accumulated work has put you in a position where you can
be the best in the world at one thingif you keep directing your efforts in that direction, it is not an
arrogant boast, it is just what is true and logical, to get to that point, dont lie to yourself that you
can be the best in the world at anything, start by choosing something plausible then make strides
toward it little by little until you reach that point where you can be the number 1 in the world at it
(for exemple, not processor chips but rather something that is accessible to you)

_ you can not be the best in the wolrd at everything, that is you lying ot yourself, you only have a
few options according to your personal preferences, yu rpersonal qualities and what you know how
to monetise, choose one of those few options and go from there until you arived at a point where
you can become the number 1 in the world
Not the domain wher you WANT to be the best at, only the domain that you CAN be the best even
if you dont have the competences right now
A good wayto figure it out is to find out what can you not be the best at ? and if you cant be best
then dont even start it.
developping your company

decide on a huge goal for each company, a social goal as well to inspire customers and myself
developping your company
Cretae and track ratios of everything (Return on Assets, Return on Capital, Return on Promotion,
Profit per Employee, Closing Ratio, Returns / Complaints Ratio)
What ratios could you construct that would make it easy to see relationships between critical parts
of your business?_x000D_
Which measurements are particularly important to compare? Are they important enough to be
Developping your company

create epxeriences, we are switching to an experience economy
developping your company

Create checklists and Standard Operating Procedures for you rbuisness
developping your company
check everything so the quality does not suffer overtime, write down all the steps you are not
checking and a the task of checking them (arrivé des stock, check for propreté...)
developping your company
Build resilience into your buisness :
Low (preferably zero) outstanding debt._x000D_
Low overhead / fixed costs / operating expenses._x000D_
Substantial cash reserve for unexpected contingencies._x000D_
Multiple independent products / industries / lines of business._x000D_
Flexible workers / employees that can handle many responsibilities well._x000D_
No single points of failure._x000D_
Fail-Safes / backup systems for all core processes.
Developping your company

become the market leader on your market before thinking of adjacancies
developping your company
Be the best at what you do, and ask yourself “If our company isn’t good enough to win, then do we
need to exist at all?”
Developping your company
Be the best at one thing, stick to the knitting and only move on when you are the best, consolidate
dont diversify
developping your company
analyse your data dispassionatly, dont fool yourself,
ask other poeple to analyse for you to have an uninvolved view, ask them to tell you why it won't
work (not why it will work)
Developping your company
allocate resource wisely on and only one yoru edgehog concept , anything not aligned with
creating the best products in the world get scrapped, the steve job way
developping your company
after launch, do a concrete and precise Investigation de find out how people are using your
product and what job is your product hired for if if not for the job you planned and flip the strategy
of your company to fulfill that job even more efficiently and be hired by more and more people to
fulfil that job, but only if there is enough people hiring your product to fulfill that job and if you feel
it is a much more needed job to be fulfilled around the one you first planned to fulfill with your pro-
developping your company
80/20 rules, write down:
What 20% of inputs are causing 80% of your desired results, and how can you spend more time
and energy doing those things?_x000D_
What 20% of inputs are causing most of your frustrations and problem, and how can you eliminate
them quickly?

Developping your company

_understand what job your product is fullfiling for your current customers and make it fullfill that
job even better with ameliorations
Developping your company
Imagine your business as a nationwide franchise from day one, then build the first store.The
franchise approach makes sure you build a business based on systems, not people.
The franchise approach makes sure you build a business based on systems, not people.

Hard systems – inanimate objects like your coffee machine.
Soft systems – ideas and living things, like your free cookie policy or the work attitude of your
Information systems – training materials and manuals, and the data you collect, for example how
many customers order lattes vs. cappuccinos.
Developping your company
the initial startegie can rarely be followed to the end becaus you can not predict market reaction
so it is only a guiding structure to start with = establih your full startegy from th beginning BUT
keep looking for emerging strategies (startegies that impose themselves on their own on your
buisness according to the market response to your initial startegie from your initial steps) and
actively switch your startegie and resources allocation according to the emrging stategies isntead
of following your initial plan tothe letter
developping your company
Use technology to further your edgehog concept, nnever just pick up technology just because it
appeared, that is getting unfocused, you are not focused on creating value with your
edgehogconcept, instead you are just chasing new fads and diversifying in things you can nver be
the best atin the world
developping your company
look at other people retail buisnesses and see all the barrier for yourself and others to buy :
_i dont even know how much it is, prices not clearly indicated
_i dont even know the size of the portion, value/price not indicated
_i dont know if their kitchen is clean, cleanliness not emphasised
_i dont understand clearly what they sell, confusing storefront
_i dont know how the door works an di am shy, uninviting layout
_i dont have a private spot to seat and stay without akwardly being stared at while eating, no
cosiness, privacy

_wiredly graphity style logo, i have serious doubt about the seriousness of the restaurant and the
taste of the owner in logo design and probably in foods, no standards, no consistency
_i have to enter akwardly to order, no drive thru window
_i can top in a car, no parking
_i dont want to eat some shitty crepe, no originality or added value
_i dont want to spend 7 euros eating some shitty crepe to block my artery, no higher healthy
_i dont knwo what it will taste like, no samples
_its empty, it must be bad shit, no social proof
developping your company
_rule : the ability to scale at the start of a startup is overatted, resist that and just focus on building
a meaning full product
developping your business
What new core competency would we need to build to participate in the most exciting buisnesses
of the futur ?
Multi-stage competition : the only way to take advantage of the biggest futur opportunities is to
start preparing now, when they appear it will be way too late to launch a buisness then (need to
get competency...competitors will appears in bulk out of nowhere because they will have prepared
for years)
after entering the market , put in place allocated resources (time, money) to start competing for
the futur, there are opportunities that can not be exploited if the work to acuire leadership
competency does not starts now:
1_decide on a picture of the futur 3-5 years from now according to the obvious reasearch and
obviously predictable changes in the world but dont be too specific, observation of weak signals
and trend lines but even more important a childlike deep and boundless curiosity and innocence
about what could and should be, just a leading direction (potential chnages in the world,
competitor intentions and evolving customer needs), understand the competency you will need to
exploit the rising opportunities, what are unsatisfied human needs
2_start developping those competency without too much specificity to wtay flexible because you
dont know the futur
3_decide on what signs will be acceptable as your signal to launch you rnew buisness and keep
monitoring for those signs
4_put in lace a startegie to bring on your imagined futur faster rather than just wait for it to
5_launch your new buisness

Amazon is doing that by setting up the entire hardware buisness as a preparation for the software
buisness of the futur
developping your buisness
developp your buinsess
create an open innovation concours in the company so people offer you free design and innovation
ideas once the company is launched
choice of buisness
start small BUT aim at leadership
innovation needs to start small and neeed to be simple, that way it will work, never try to start big
An innovation, to be effective, has to be simple and it has to be focused
The greatest praise an innovation can receive is for people to say “this is obvious, why didn’t I

think of it?”
Effective innovations start small. Grandiose ideas, plans that aim at “revolutionizing an industry,”
are unlikely to work. Innovations had better be capable of being started small, requiring at first
little money, few people, and only a small and limited market. BUT, if an innovation does not aim at
leadership from the beginning, it is unlikely to innovate enough.
choice of buisness
what can you be the best at, dont chase revenue by diversification, just stay laser focused on
becoming the absolute best in the world at your 1 edgehog concept, pushing your flywheel slowly
and adding omentum to it with every new actions, all directed toward the same edgehog concept
and it will then move on it's own momentum
_your edgehog concept is about what can you be the best in the wolrd at, what are you passionate
about and can you make money with those 2
choice of buisness
Build a monopoly (by innovation, patent, purple cow..., never compete) competition in not

stackable, and monopoly is the only way to make money, by setting the prices you want, if you sell
comodities, you will always end up compting on prices
choice of buisness
after guessing the futur, make sure your core competency are things that will be in demand in that
futur, if not, then start switching your core competency now to match the demand of the futur
choice of buisness
contribute, it makes life and the work less scary than to just do it all for yourself (case and point =
my impulse to learn jujitsu for my children)
choice of buisness

94% of hypergrowth companyes are created by 2 or more people
choice of buisness
dont focus on your core competency, instead focus on what competency the customers value and so
you need to developp =
looking outward at the trajectory the customer is on and asking "what will they need in the

future"? = "skating not to where the puck presently is, but to skate to where it is going to be’" =
Companies must focus on what jobs the customer is trying to get done and therefore, what skills
they must master to support those jobs. What improvements will the customer seek in the future
and what skills we you need to fulfill those?
choice of buisness
The existence of the market can be good it proves there is a Demand , so there is a big risk that is
taking off, that your product will not sell and do not have a demand
choice of buisness
research the segments that will grow and then decide which segments you can serve most

profitably and then compete in that segment
dont try to compete in a segment that will not grow or that you can not serve profitably
choice of buisness
Never re-sell brands again, it is a waste of your life to resell brands, only sell your brands and your
products, that is an iron rule, apply it even if you feel it will lose you money right now, even if it
makes you miss "opportunities" right now not because i am petty, but because i will put in effort on

something i have zero control over (stocks, prices...) and i will irremediably regret it later, there is
much better opportunities to focus on my own brandsand more importantly, it is not stackable
work, you can not build a company off of other people's brand so it is just a waste of your life to re-
sell brands
choice of buisness
In reality, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to recognize a great idea in its infancy, just write the

business plan fast and see the idea with the best potential to uncertainty ratio for success
according to my own strenghts
choice of buisness
find a proxy to use to measure what seems immesurable right now (no prototype...)
If you’re having trouble measuring something, could you measure something else that’s related to
What proxies could you potentially use to triangulate into a better understanding of your subject?
choice of buisness
evaluate a buisness idea with this 10 market criteria :
_urgency (does the customer really need the product or can he make do without
_market size
_pricing potential (can i sell expensive stuff)
_cost of customer acuisition
_uniqueness of offer

_speed to market
_upfront investment
_upsell potential (one time uy or can i keep reselling to customer)
_evergreen potential (how much additional or continuous work do i need to do to keep elling the

rank an idea, if the total is less than 50, move on, if it is more than 75, then keep the idea
choice of buisness
dont ever start a buisness for money, only buisness who will better people's lives will succees,
forget money for the first 10 years, Make Meaning. The best reason to start an organization is to

make meaning. Meaning is not about money, fame or power. Instead, meaning is about making the
world a better place, increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong and preventing good from
choice of buisness
do not take risks : no idea is above the rules, Make decisions like Warren Buffet, conservative and
by using all your tools to not fall into all the biases that make human being terrible decision maker
(overconfidence, sample bias….), always follow your rules for making decision (quantity to order…)
and never treat any new buisness decision as an exception that does not need to bend to the rules
(just like i was going to do ordering 300 jersey per model before waking up to my mistake and
ordering only 6 month stock = 100 unit per jersey)

Don't try to convince yourself like a lawyer that this business does not need to follow the rules i
have learned and notice when you are doing that and insist even more for this particular buisness
to use all the rules very conservatingly because you have huge bias toward this one. So excitment
for a buisness is clear sign that you need to be extra strict in applying your buisness rules (like you
should have been for brandcenters.com instead of spending 5000 euros on an MVP that could have
been free) _x000D_

choice of buisness

do deliberate mental simulation which nobody ever does to find the flaws in your idea
choice of buisness
Build upon work : before starting any task or buisness, it needs to pass the perennity test, First
and foremost, all new task and work must end in a perenne accomplishment
choice of buisness
a big barrier to entry is a good thing, it lowers competitionin your field (only if you choose
competition as your buisness strategy which you probably wont)
choice of buisness
it’s much better to operate in markets where customers have a high lifetime value

What is the average lifetime value of a new customer for your business? Is it high or low?
The higher your average customer’s Lifetime Value, the better your business.
Choice of buisness
make your startegy as independant as possible, not relying n any market or gvernemental forces to
Choice of buisness
Less dangerous startegy = Be patient for growth and impatient for profit = offer a sustainably
competitive pro-ser with profits from the start, chase excellence and hedgog and growth slowly
and methodically and launch small new-growth businesses regularly without using too much
profits to go fast, instead slowly growing them rofitable without "buying" growth
Choice of buisness
Decide your target audience - dont try to sell to everybody, choose and define your target market
and create product accoding to their needs
Steve jobs did not want to create a notebook because
“I don’t know how we could bring out a quality product for $300.00”. In that one sentence, he
reaffirmed Apple’s very strong willingness to lose on price. Apple said ‘no’ to the very large
number of customers looking for cheap computers.
In that statement, he also defined his marketplace: customers looking for quality and other
Choice of buisness
complete previsionel = make a complete projected returns analysis of your startegy to see when

you will be profitable and what it takes exactly to reach that (daily sells monthly sells, sells per
location, roi on each items...)
Choice of buisness
use already made buisness analysis for market entry to enter a market (like the analysis saying to
enter the market with emotional and aestetic shavers for safety razors)
Choice of buisness
throw away and ignor all profit opportunities that are not stackable, even if they are big profit
Choice of buisness
start small like IKEA was une petite epicerie en Suede
"pour faire grand il faut viser grand d’entrée de jeu" est un modele mental erroné, au contraire,
pour faire grand il faut commencer tres petit pour pouvoir itterer , fail et donc comprendre ce qui
marche puis laler dans cette direction, aussi à se rappeler , complexity is born from simplicity
Choice of buisness
Stackable work (monopoly to not have to compete on price and destroy yur buisness, no trends, no

brand distribution so you dont rely on desicion of another company, no complete dependency on
one distribution channel so you dont have to restart all from the beginning if they cut you off,…)
Choice of buisness
lower the dependancies in your buisnes plan as much as possible, rely on as little partners... as
possible and the partners you have, make sure to be able to replace them easily by another partner
doing hte same thing
Where do interdependencies exist in your system?_x000D_
How tightly-coupled is the system?_x000D_
Can you do anything to reduce unnecessary dependencies?
Choice of buisness
Look at industries impossible to innovate
there is opportuity for innovation everywhere, don't focus on just disruption for the sake of it, but
rather where is an industry either stagnant or in decline, where the product or service has stayed
pretty much the same or maybe even gotten worse over time? It’s worth looking at industries
which a lot of people think are impossible or think you can’t succeed at — that’s usually where
there’s opportunity. If everyone thinks you can succeed in an industry, they’re probably diving in.”
Elon Musk
you can innovate by creating a brand new product to make your own opportunity _x000D_
oppotunities are not always to be found in the wild, problems to be solved, opportunities are to be
created by entreprenariat as well (nobody wanted the bycyle, radio, voiture, Internet, téléphone
look in markets that are not even asking for innovation or dont even seem to need innovation and
create your opportunity in those markets

forest sliding
water bottle
sac plastiques
punching ball (connecté)
Choice of buisness
do market segment sizing and arket segent futur growth analysis to check if your market will allow
growth and profits
Choice of buisness
choose an auxilary buisness to the growing fields with growing competition because of low barrier
to entry, during the gold rush (low barrier to entry only manpower) selling shovels made you rich
not prospecting fr gold, parei pur le chinois qui vends des emballage apour fast food au lieu
d'ouvrir un autre fast food
Choice of buisness
better to build a extreme purple cow and huge innovation that will only appeal to a tiny market
than build a medium innovation that have a huge market because the first one you can market and
make real money on, the second one is bound to disappear in the ever price lowering competition
of china, india and globalisation
choice of buisness

You need to have a clearlong term plan to obtain the monopoly on your sector
choice of buisness

successful entrepreneurs all try to minimise risk, they are not risk takers
choice of buisness
pick 5 huge ideas that the world needs and bet it all on building them over the long term like Elon
choice of buisness
do not stick to your strategy at all cost : Even sometimes it seems like entrepreneurs are more

interested in pursuing their original strategy that keeps the business afloat.
The harder it has been for a Company to work out its strategy, the more trouble it has abandoned.
choice of buisness
do i continue the Incremental and distinctive innovations to keep short term revenues or just

iallocate allr esources of time and money into building the best product in the world like steve jobs
choice of buisness
Add meaning to your rules, it needs to be meaningfull to you, Ajoute comme regle building
something great, something you can be proud of, that is motivating, chasing excellence
choice of buisness

Higher concepts is the new economy
choice of buisness
Enter a market where the big companies cannot competition like for example personalised table
like the one in son of God Son of Anarchy
choice of buisness
All business school graduate millionnaires can be predicted by checking if at graduation they are
focused on fostering a meaningful type of business or just making money
choice of buisness
The pursuit of meaningfulness
choice of buisness

Only started product if it is a meaningful amelioration and if it will help your customer needs
choice of buisness
A meaningful difference is only Lee what sells the customer need better than what is already
available in the market a meaningful difference is not not just a gimmick innovation
choice of buisness

Creating a meaningful difference is the basis of all business
choice of buisness
-contribute, it makes life and the work less scary than to just do it all for yourself (case and point =
my impulse to learn jujitsu for my children)
choice of buisness
_my company need to pursue excellence, i am not here just to add product to the market, i am here
to find tricks to make money, i am here to be excellent and build excellence
choice of buisness

_empathy, caring
choice of buisness

choice of buisness
what can i see myself building for the next 15 years, you need to belive in the value of your work to
be successful
choice of buisness

choose from a recession proof undustry


we liek shiny things, add some shine to all you rpro-ser
use social proof by pretending your product is flying off the shelves and by spreading meme and
pictures of people using you rpro-ser (give to bloggers, make people use them and record secret
video with hidden camera)

use smells

use peer pressure to sell, make dominant people use your pro-ser , the rest will follow
use Nostalgia for the past, Nostalgia demands authenticity and nothing authentic can be perfect.

From pre-washed T-shirts to (apparently) randomly broken chocolate pieces, (machine generated)
chalk signs a Whole Foods, all these are attempts to fake authenticity with imperfection.
use contrast, comparaison to better the perceived value of your offer :

What are your prospects currently contrasting your offer against?_x000D_
Can you offer an alternate contrast that frames your offer more attractively?
Use association to decide the brand of your product :
What do your customers currently associate your offer with?_x000D_
Could you cultivate associations you’d like your prospective customers to have regarding your
umarket Health, use unregulated terms like natural to give extra appeal to your brand without

added costs, use unregulated associations and buzz words (amazonian rain forest, himalayian
to keep peopl's attention, create a mistery, a hole in people knowledge that keeo their attention
because they want it filled,

highlight some specific knowledge that they’re missing, dont tell the facts upfront
shift our thinking from “What information do I need to convey?” to “What questions do I want my
audience to ask?””
think about the channel you use for your marketing and adpat it to your buisness, be mindfull of th

econtext of the merketing
_be careful of the tone of the marketing and the timing as well
the more trust the customer has in you, that you will deliver, the easier it is to sell them
tell stories as a narrative, it i the new way to do marketing, apple are using it (storeis of your

brand, stories of your customers and stories that your potential customer could write about their
sticky ideas and ads always follow this 5 principles :
Simplicity = what is the 1 core, the 1 lead of your message "if you say 3 things, you don't say
anything at all", use memory flags, what is already in their memory to make a long idea concise
Unexpectedness = ad with a car radio system which shake an entire bridge, create a mistery, a
hole in people knowledge that keeo their attention because they want it filled, highlight some
specific knowledge that they’re missing, dont tell the facts upfront
Concreteness = use universal language, "we will save the uptown plain wilderness, not 20 acres of
land" = dont use abstracts but concrete things, nobody know what 20 acres looks like only you
because of your curse of knowledge, remenebr people dont know what you know, dont forget to

explain the "obvious" details and in a concret way, use apunch line, not datas (deers kill mor
epeope than sharks)
Credibility = establish credbility by simply telling vivid details stories (history buffs appar
knowladgable by simply sharingone detailed story), use the sinatra test, "If you can make it there,
you can make it anywhere.” showing that you have the securitycontract for fortknox so you
immediatly have credibility
Emotional = emotion works on one individual, not on asses (we dont give to charities to help
millions but we give to one person in need)

start with WHY to inspire poeple, why you have created your product and why it will make their
life better, dont just list your features
Selling Fear ( fear of social isolation, fear of failure, fear and guilt of inadequancy especially to first
time mothers, Fear of staleness (freshness of product )
sell using sex, add the possibility to et laid by using your product or the possibilty for romance and
marriage for women ads

provide free value then ask permission to follow up

only talk about what your customer care about or they leave
only do high ROI guerilla marketing :
dont advertise your product, figure ut the end result and job your pro-ser is fullfilling and advertise
for that (advertise the hole, not the driller, advertise the prestige and power frm gong to
harvard,not the sitting in a classroom)
watch publicity to see how they do it, they rarely show the product, they show the satisfactiobn of
being uen fée dulogis adequate
only advertise to your customers, waste of money to advertise t everyone, think of ways to touch

only your customers and invest (tie and money) in that kind of advertisement only (stand at algerie
matches, pamphlets at algerie matches...)

Marketing to the kids with free gifts to hook them for life

marketing must have human faces

make up a viral game to plya using your pro-ser to get viral
Make a mantra. Not a mission statement! A mantra is not a tag line, it’s for you and your
employees to turn your company's work into a calling
include play in your branding (vide games...), dont create a too serious brand, add play to the
Hire “infected” people who love your product and Hire better than yourself, because if you hire

people that aren’t, they will in turn hire people worse than them, and so on. This is called a “bozo
here are other rules of branding to implement
1. Create a sense of belonging (e.g. LEGO clubs)
2. Have a clear vision (e.g. Steve Jobs and Apple)
3. Mobilize against a clear enemie (e.g. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream against climate changes)
4. Generate evangelism (e.g. Manchester United)

5. Create a sense of grandeur (e.g. Bellagio Hotel)
6. Tell an endearing story (e.g. Sony’s EverQuest game)
7. Generate sensory appeal (e.g. Harley-Davidson)
8. Celebrate rituals (e.g. Olympics)
9. Establish and sustain a meaningful symbol (e.g. Christian fish)
10. Create a sense of mystery (e.g. Coca-Cola formula)
give 100% free value to gather influencers :

_run facebook ads à la recherche candidature influencers in my field
_run facebook concours posting picture against free products

framing : emphasize and focus on saying only what your product deliver best without even
entering into the customers's mind the trade off you had to make to make that one sided

excellence happen
ex: ""2,9€ full meal pick-up"", dont talk about quality, dont even say that it is just chicken and no
Find the influencers and make them try your product, give them even some kind of a lifetime
supply of your product especially if they're very influential influencers like Subway did with that
fat guy, why better to focus on one very influential influencers with the right persona for your
emphasize that all other similar products are fake because , Using counterfeit products, not only,
fails to improve our self-image but undermines our internal sense of authenticity.
Embrace your evangelists., keep a file listing your evangelists, find them, reward them and re-use
them constantly
embrace your brand iimperfection, it show authenticity and approchabilty, The Pratfall Effect.

Someone who stumbles or is clumsy is more appealing because they become more approachable.
Flaws make brands more appealing.
do not be neutral, pick a side ("pick a political camp and you will have half the country right there
and the other half talking and raging about you with free publicity")
data mine your records and find who is buying from you, when and why to optimise you rmarketing
to them and offering
customer are skeptical and can spot dishonesty in an offer in a split second, you need to convince
them that you can deliver on your promise , have a real reason for customers to believe you will
deliver your promise :
"Real Reason To Believe":
_clarify you promise and dont overpromise so you can deliver perfectly everytime,
_be humble and don't seem overconfident, it seems shady and unpleasant
_look pleasant (clean, curtious...)
_add credibility with testimonials
_add credibility with adding a face to the owner and an identity to the business
_Create Internet Credibility, watch infomercials and commercials with and without sound and see
how they deliver their promise benefits and emulate, state your promise as simple,clear and true
as possible
create controversy, and make it viral using the techique of the social media manipulator liar =
make smaller blog talk about your product and contact bigger blogs to tell them about it with
reference so they write about you, they have a place where they get their infos and that plce is free

to post content on
_create a fake outrage on the internet or fake racism....to illicit
_pretend your product has been banned...
_find other ways to create controversy
celebrity advertisement is the golden egg, and should be pursued with the most affort after having
crafted a compelling brand and pro-ser, start wit small celebrities and slowly move up
branding is reputation, tout simplement, protect your reputation to charge a premium, reputation
is the best marketing
boring marketing is not marketing

associate utility (customer need), uniqueness, obvious benefit and believability of your promise
an obvious benefit is different from a dramatic difference, you should aim at creating both , for
exemple 2.99 1 kg de poulet frit est an obvious benefit on price but it is not a dramatic difference
because it is still chicken
Success comes to products that offer a unique, believable benefit to customers. so uniqueness is
missing from your chicken idea for exemple.
Always do sense branding :
_have a propriotary recognisable color scheme associated whit your brand
_add a propriotary shape asociated with your brand (packaging, logo)
_add tactile feeling to your brand
_add hearing to the experience (of unboxing for exemple, music on the wbesite or just o open of
the website...)

_add smell to the experience (clean smell stays on the jerseys even after washing)
_add tatse to you rbrand (with propriatary bonbon inside the box)

best exemple is Haley Davidson, plan to match Harley's absolute level of baddassness
"Very early on they created a unique look, a unique sound and they created a unique feel…it’s a
magnet, it pulls you in…when people see a Harley…even if they don’t ride…they will say ‘nice
Harley’.” — Bill Davidson"
aim your product at the young or the old but not at both because the young have a tendency to

stop using a pro-ser as soon as the old uncool people start using it so choose one, dont try to target
Adress and eliminate the 4 barrier to purchase in your advertisement :
Loss Aversion: It costs too much. Makes spending feel like a loss.
It won’t work.
It won’t work for me.
I can wait.
It’s too difficult.
Add novelty to your buisness, even if it is products that will never sell, it is just to gather and keep
attention of people
Are you offering something new on a regular basis to maintain attention?_x000D_
What can you do to keep people from getting bored with what you offer?
add a hangout aspect to your store liek decathon is doing by having un atelier MMA animé par des
_create an identity of knowledgability and sophistication and eductae your customer on those

aspects of your pro-ser, it will appeal to a niche group, then you can spread it to the masses slowly
(startbucks did that for quality cfee in the US)
_add an opportunity for the customer to purchase an affordable luxury (like starbuck did with his

coffee, suits lawyers buy their coffee next to the day worker... so the dayworker gets to rub elbows
with the upper class and bridge that gap in his mind)

_add a taste of rmance to people's day, starbucks did that with his geniune italian expresso vibe
_add a much needed sense of cummunity to your pro-ser, a non-threatening gathering spot, people
never get to be social anymore, reintroduce the social aspect
ride on popular social phenomenons, liek the Hootsuit video about games of thrones

only showcase human stories about specific people with tiles with pictures, with their names as the
title like Microsoft does, no need to be popular people, it can be eveyday people you are sharing
the story f and that have something to do with your brand and your products on your website ,
even if you are selling products
mak an FAQ, "ourproduct, your question" and answer people question with tiles with pictures,
videos and stories, more a blog than an ecommerce website
your e-commerce website need to look like a blog inspiring positive magazine with tiles, photos of
people and ther stories and some videos tiles
Branding / Marketing
Value virality and content gathering even if only for thelaunch phase over profits (exemple : set-up

a 5 euro remboursé dans la boite for all that upload a pic of them wearing the jersey ina cheerfull
way to their instag and show us proof to viral it)
Branding / Marketing

Use simple and natural dialogue - 5 year ld can understand tag line
Branding / Marketing
tell the uniqueness of you product so it stands out and why it is not just another commodity like
many offered in the market, De-commoditization would be all about product valorisation, health
and safety, sustainable production systems and markets and eco-sustainability.
Commoditization is more often the perception than the reality, your product can become
commodity even if it is not one so you need to combat that perceiption with your own continuous
perception-building startegy
Branding / Marketing
monitor your customer feedback to find new value your customers are perceiving in your product
that you did not know about then make sure to advertise that value of you rproduct to the
appropriate customer segment
_often customer discover a velue in you product that you did not suspect you were giving (like les
maillot palestine ot support la cause, j'ai decouvert ca apres un commentaire client)
you can send uqestionaire or ask customer directly why they like your product
_dont hesitate to change your focus according to what value customer are perceiving, what jobs
your product is hired for
_also to discover your value, Think of everything you do in terms of delivering value to your

customers and audience with the understanding that they have choices and you are not the only
choice. Why they chose you ?
_uderstand your market enough that you can divide it into segments according to the perceived
value they see for buying your product and the unified perceived values for all the segents, then
advertise differently to your different custoer segments according to the value they are perceiing
from you product and keep advertising to all segments with the unified value they see
_look for opportunities to enhance and solidify your current perceived values
_look for opportunities to create new perceived value while staying in your edgehog concept
_look for why some segments find more value in you than any other competitors (proximity...) and
enhance that value
Branding / Marketing
identify your most profitable customer sub segment and allocate most marketing investment
toward them
Branding / Marketing
Buldle with complementary products from established big brands to give credibility and perceived
size and quality or bundle with brands with values and bold stand to give perceived ethique and
empathique aspect

Branding / Marketing
_offer an unheard of service quality for a premium price to fund it (amazon, returns 100 days,

garanteed satisfaction or refund...) show your customers you care about them and they will be your
Branding / Marketing
Your marketing message need to be simple and need to position you has the market leader in on
market, or in your own market that you created
Branding / Marketing

Use picture schema to explain your concept and points fort, picture = 1000 words
Branding / Marketing

unexpectedness is an important factos in products that stick
Branding / Marketing
They must feel LOVE and TRUST for your brand:
You achieve that by being :
Human and moral not a robotic machine, care and compassion; being good and fair
Stand for something, have values, have an opinion, a message
let people know that your organisation always strives to do the the right thing
Branding / Marketing
The world became fiction , the story , aura and cultures surrounding a brand can be more
important than the reality = tell a story and create a whomle universe with your brand
Branding / Marketing
the buisness need to fit with a value driven message, for exemple party gear would be hard to fit
with a value , social tye of buisness though you could still do it
Branding / Marketing

Never show greed
Branding / Marketing
Is Your Brand proud/confident ?
Be confident, be proud of yourself, have an opinion like i did with the arab boxes, i embraced my
identity with pride

channel what someone much ore confident and proud of himself would say :
confidence, risk being ridiculous, be proud of what you are,assume what you are,simple
message,emotion, positivité, vulnerabilité, take a real stand, have a real opinion, not afraid to be
Branding / Marketing
high concept economy (empathy, social, brand, cause, art) Storytelling / emotion / empathy / social
Branding / Marketing
first understand why people are buying from you, what you are to them and only then decid and
settle on a brand identity that enphasize what they need and want, dont impose your perception of
what you are onto them, let them tell you what you are to them and thenadopt that identity full
hearteadly (like starbucks, not a coffee shop, just a col hanging place)
Branding / Marketing
every actions need to be aligned with the brand identity to create authenticity and humanness
(even the choice of factory) so you can be 100% transparent
Branding / Marketing
Definit ton identté precise et complete et donc ton narratif marketing complet à utiliser partout =
quel est ton message ?
Branding / Marketing
Define your philosophie wit this tableau :
5. Our Goal (or several goals in large or divisionalised businesses) What is our principal goal?
When do we plan to achieve it? How will we measure that we have achieved it? At what point will
we have succeeded in what we set out to do? Goals can change of course, and new ones
necessarily are developed as old ones are achievedbut at any time we need to know what our
organisation's main goal is, when we aim to achieve it, and how its achievement will be measured.
And again all this needs to be agreed with our peopleincluding our customers if we are very good
4. Our Mission (or Missions if there are separate businesses within the whole) How do we
describe what we aim to do and be and achieve? What is special about what we are and do
compared to any other organisation or business unit? Do our people understand and agree with
this? Do our customers agree that it's what they want?
3. Our Vision dependent on values and philosophy. Where are we going? What difference will we
make? How do we want to be remembered? In what ways will we change things for the better? Is
this vision relevant and good and desired by the customers and staff and stakeholders? Is it
realistic and achievable? Have we involved staff and customers in defining our vision? Is it written
down and published and understood? The Vision is the stage of planning when the organisation
states its relationship with its marketplace, customers, or users. The Vision can also include
references to staff, suppliers, 'stakeholders' and all others affected by the organisation.
2. Our Values enabled by and dependent on philosophy and leadership. Ethics, integrity, care and
compassion, quality, standards of behaviourwhatever the values areare they stated and understood
and agreed by the staff? Do the values resonate with the customers and owners or stakeholders?
Are they right and good, and things that we feel proud to be associated with? See the section on
ethical organisations for help with this fundamental area of planning.
1. Our Philosophy fundamentally defined by the leadership. How does the organisation relate to
the world? This is deeper than values. What is the organisation's purpose? If it is exclusively to
make money for the shareholders, or to make a few million for the management buyout team when
the business is floated, perhaps have a little rethink. Customers and staff are not daft. They will
not be comfortable buying into an organisation whose deepest foundation is greed and profit.
Profit's fine to an extent, but where does it fit in the wider scheme of things? Is it more important
than taking care of our people and our customers and the world we live in? Does the organisation
have a stated philosophy that might inspire people at a deeper level? Dare we aspire to build
organisations of truly great worth and value to the world? The stronger our philosophy, the easier
it is to build and run a great organisation. See the section on ethical organisations and the
Psychological Contract for help with this fundamental area of planning.

When things go wrong in an organisation people commonly point to causes, problems or mistakes
closer to the point of deliveryor typically in operational management. Generally however, major
operational or strategic failings can always be traced back to a questionable philosophy, or a
philosophical purpose which is not fitting for the activities of the organisation. If you are an
entrepreneur or leader, or anyone contributing to the planning process, think about what you want
to leave behind you; what you'd want to be remembered for. This helps focus on philosophical
issues, before attending to processes and profit.

Whatever your philosophy, ensure it is consistent with and appropriate for your organisational
activities and aims. Your philosophical foundations must fit with what is built onto them, and
Branding / Marketing
Branding It is what your customer understand and feel about your brand that matters, not what
you say
Branding / Marketing

Be unexpected, surprising
Branding / Marketing
All futur buisness need to be woke buisnesses with a cause first, deisgn of product later (like

Babyfist, they sell normal tshirts but it is their palestinian woman cause that sells) (women is
always a good cause by the way)
Branding / Marketing
"Price is no longer the king, if it ever was. Value no longer rules, if ever it did. Quality of service
and product is not the deciding factor.Today what truly matters is ethical and philosophical quality"
You need to deide on a clear ethics and philosophy for your brand and then only do actions that
will show, reinforce and reflect that ethic and philosophy. Never do an action that goes against that

ethics and philosophy even if it can be lucrative because you are then destroying your previous
work to give your company it's philosophy.
Every action need to be consistent with your philosophie and identity, never do actions that are
confusing your identity and confusing customers on who you are.

Branding / Marketing
Create a viral loop :
_create an incredibly compelling, funny, cool video and make it easu to share and embedd
_ What’s your viral media? (blog, video, facebook) and then optimise your integration in that
media, meaningmake it easier for people to share the content in that media (ready made blog post
to use, easy share and ebedable video...)
_make a crazy product as part of your product line, outragous price, with real gold... a palestine
jersey with real gold at 5000 euros with 90% of profits going to help of the cause...
_unexpectedly refund a small amount to the most social customers pretending that you made a
mistake of quality... so they feel joyous and indebted to share that great thing you did
_use refferals against partial refund (https://viral-loops.com/ give that option easy)
Branding / Marketing

Give the message at the 5 grade level
Branding / Marketing
Marketing by telling the benefits to the customer not the features the benefits is the Promise the

message what it will do for the customer what problem it will solve not the benefit and the
composition that is just the details
Branding / Marketing
Be boastful me twice as boastful as you think you should be in highlighting your benefits do not be
humble on marketing never
Branding / Marketing

Communicating that difference is the basis of marketing
Branding / Marketing

_use powerful and meaningfull stories for your branding
Branding / Marketing

_anger or positivity make photos and stories sharable not sadness
Branding / Marketing
create an emotion in your customer like going to mcdonald felt to me as a kid
Branding / Marketing
perfect logo from the first time to be able to keep it 90% unchanged in the futur like subway with a
recognisable trademark (mcdo M arch,subway arrow...)

The best reason to start a company (or non profit, for that matter) is to “make meaning” - making
the world a better place - by doing something along these lines:

Increase the quality of life.

The best reason to start a company (or non profit, for that matter) is to “make meaning” - making

the world a better place - by doing something along these lines: Prevent the end of something
Think what the competitors and established company do wrong morally, what people dont agree
with and what they do with bad quality
my offer need to appeal to an badlyserved or underserviced segment market with a unique value
proposition compared to the other competitors

when you are in a retail space , list your feelings about the place, what you can do and cant do and
try to find solution to the things you feel you cant do and the things you dont like

create peer pressure
create a cult around your brand (charismatic leader, enemies on the outside, all the answers to life,
peer pressure...)
monetise by selling franchises = you can make money of franchising instead of trying to make
money of the actual product you sell, the franchise can be the source of remuneration, creating a
simple and cheap system for people to start their own profitable buisness and then you take a 7%
cut of their profits, you dont care if the franchise lasts or fail or if it is forever, you just build

franchises quickly and get as many adherant as possible to make money
Par exemple le gars de Nabab, il organise uen franchise, ouvre 2 locaux pour recuperer des
chiffres (CA possible...) à presenter lors des salon, ensuite fait les salons pour vendre la franchise
et reclte ses 7%, c'est pour ça qu'il peut suivre la mode des tacos tres rapidement et devenir 2eme
en france, il copy tout simplement et ouvre 2 locaux
lire les commentaire facebook et google pour comprendre ce que les gens apprecie d'un buisness
et ce qu'ils n'appreceint pas (oint b...)
otacos style = focus on serving only your target audience and perfectly = traget audience children
15-25 only care about taste and portion size and offer them the best tasting food, the biggest
portion size and the cheap price they can afford + difital communication + personalisation for the
fun part , not trying to be everything to everyone, focus on serving their target customers

be a creative follower like Takos King and Samsung
a specific proud identity can be in itself a differentiator and a competitive advantage if your

customer target prefere your identity to other competitor lack of identity or identities that do not
resound with their customer market or somesegment of it

start small geared toward a weirdo nich like Whole food which started as a small store for hippies

à la carte a volonté to enjoyr a real restaurant experience without the worry of the tab
up the price of something and add an ambiance to filter out the aggressive poor people in a sector
with a lot of aggrssive oor people (food, ...)
make a scary place more accessible to the general public to enables people to walk through its

doors with confidence, like dunkin donuts is doing for the coffee shop, it is true that i am
intimidated to walk in a starbuck but i would not be to walk in a dunkin donuts
list the place intimidating to walk into and find ways to make them less intimidating for the general
list and understand why Dunkin donut appeal to me so much and use their appealing strategy on

other things, do the same with other places and brands that appela to you and understand why to
use their technique
list the places you dont go to or the brands you dont buy from and understand why to create a
place that does not have those barriers

do only one thing of something very popular but multidiciplinary like twitch did for the video game
commentary video compared to youtube

check "Twitch", "by chloe" branding and you will see what a real identity branding is all about
instagram-ready for women + rising concept for women (vegan, consious...), simple concept but
completly geared toward instagram photos for women lile vegan resto "by chloe" or
"mademoisellechic" photo ista account or the pie shop in London with the tree in the middle that is
why Just salad is not working, it is bland, ugly and not instagramable
instagram-ready always (by chloe, sweetgreen...), everything is online now, you cant be un iserable
anymore that is why Just salad is not working, it is bland, ugly and not instagramable
add more fun and variety for the same price, new flavours to an old experience (BrugurIM offering
many combinaistin of mini brgers flavour)

use IOT to apply a pay-per-usage monetising model
a device that does something by being shaken, turned over or... to give a phisical control over
innovative expensive concierge service to mass adopted service thanks to slow volume building =
comencer un buisness revolutionaire et premium à un prix beaucoups trops elevé au debut car pas

assez de volume ni d'automatisation et baisser les couts petit à petit grace au volume et traction,
comme Roadie a fait avec les paquet livré par les particulier, c'est 500e pour un petit paqquet
d'atlanta à californie mais ils sont ne place et serons pret des que les cout baisse avec le volume
maximize or minimise those customer needs depending on your target customer segment needs =

Functionality, Price, Convenience, Experience, Design, Reliability, Performance, Efficiency,
Compatibility, Empathy, Fairness, Transparency, Control, Options, Information, Accessibility

Questions about positive and negative word associations with your brand

Questions asking customers to group your brand in with similar and/or competing brands

Questions comparing and sorting brands according to their preferences for usage

Customer’s Journey :

Pick a persona or segment.
Determine the stages.
use peer to peer to accomplish what was previously done by buisnesses (crowdshipping,
Subscription model_x000D_
Premium model_x000D_
Pay-per-use model_x000D_
Add-ons/In-app purchases_x000D_
License fees_x000D_
Single purchase model_x000D_
Pay-as-you-go model (PAYG
Early exit strategy_x000D_
Pay-what-you-want (PWYW)_x000D_
Tip jar/donation_x000D_
Freemium model_x000D_
Barter or swapping for services_x000D_

Barter or swapping for products


Advertisement (ad-based) model_x000D_
Affiliate/referral fee_x000D_
Get-one-give-one model (G1G1)_x000D_
Franchise model


Razor and blade model_x000D_
Open source model_x000D_
No frills model (discount or budget model)

Commission-based model:_x000D_
Auction model
other usage
reorganise the order of the steps

innove only sur une niche
innovate for the grande distribution to fit your product with their requireent of speed, shelving... to
facilitate your entry in retail stores
Obstacles à l'innovation :

Untel ne sera jamais d’accord

Nous ne sommes pas légitimes pour intervenir dans ce domaine
Nous avons déjà essayé dans le passé sans succès
Nous n’avons pas tous les savoir-faire nécessaires
Nous allons cannibaliser nos propres activités
Le risque est trop élevé
Cela ne cadre pas avec nos ratios économiques
Le marché visé est trop limité
L’offre est moins performante que les solutions en place sur le critère X
Pourquoi engager des ressources dans les ruptures alors qu’il reste tant à faire dans l’incrémental
Au début d’une innovation de rupture, un seul avantage concurrentiel suffit. Par exemple le
premier IPhone n’avait même pas la 3G. Son avantage concurrentiel, c’était sa facilité d’utilisation.
_créer un nouveau marché_x000D_
_être la référence de ce marché et le rester tout au long de sa croissance
le plus important, c’est de penser différemment. Quand tout le monde pense la même chose, il y a
toujours moyen de prendre les choses avec un autre angle. Un exemple :_x000D_
Imaginez que vous soyez en 1900. Les voitures sont tirées par les chevaux. Et puis quelqu’un met
au point l’automobile. Les gens comparent les avantages et les inconvénients par rapport à ce qui
existe déjà :_x000D_
– ça fait du bruit_x000D_
– ça tombe souvent en panne_x000D_
– il faut remplir le réservoir en permanence_x000D_
– il faudra goudronner toutes les routes_x000D_
– il faudra installer des stations à essence partout_x000D_
– ça roule légèrement plus vite que les chevaux, mais sans plus…_x000D_
Si vous pensez comme cela, quelle est votre conclusion ?_x000D_
A coup sûr, vous pensez que l’automobile n’a aucun avenir !
imagine how the futur will be and look like and go in that direction, les innovation de rupture
apparaitrons toujours impractical, impossible to implement, too many disadvanatages and
weaknesses, but they are unstopable if they are the clear path to the futur so you need to be first
in that futur just like elon musk is doing with the electric cars, even though he needs to build
power charging station everywhere, but because it is clearly where we are headed, he decided to

be the one to start it and be first, even his motto reflect that," we wnt to accelerate the wolrd
switch to electric cars" so he is doing this buisness not because he wants to invent something new
and that will maybe work, no not at all, he is doing this because it is the clear way things are going
and he will be first there

Savoir détecter les opportunités réelles mais peu visibles parce qu’émergentes
imagine how the futur will be and look like and go in that direction, identify where things are going
and dont be afraid to be first going in that direction even if your product is clanky and has a lot of
disadvanatges because when tech and values irremediably evolve in that direction, you will already
be frist there to reap the benefits

Savoir détecter les opportunités réelles mais peu visibles parce qu’émergentes

imaginge the ideal solution/situatio ot a problem and work back from there to make it happen
I dont know what will work, and it is normal and ok, that is why you need to try a lot of ideas and

recognise when you dont have any choice anyway so the decision is easyly and fast amde
choice of buisness

only invest in buisnesses where the futur is heading, never invest in the past (meat...)
innovation = surmonter des contradictions (tu peut tester la methode TRIZ pour avoir des idées
sur comment surmonter les contradiction sles plus répendues, c'est une database de solution de
reconcialiation de contradictions, pour l'appliquer, tu dois definir le resultat ideal et ensuite les

contradiction pour que ce resultat initial marche puis check la liste des solution de ces
contradictions dans Triz http://www.triz40.com/TRIZ_Fr.php)
innovate by reconciliating contradictions, think of the ideal solution (it will be contradictory in its
implementation) and then think of ways to have all those contradictions at the same time
Development of your company
learn how to present your products and get funded early on, that is what made the difference for
all the paypal mafia menbers for exemple, their network

ask how can i steal all his clients to find innovative ideas
the second sell is easy, make the first sell then go back for a second sell, do addons sells as well,

code promo 2eme article


gather and reuse your customer pipeline, they want to buy again

realy show and scream your features and advantages

social proof = collection de testimonials elogieux "best gift ever..."
never compete, add value to dominate , blue ocean startegy, never be a "me too" offer, that i

communicate with your customer to keep the line open and active at all time
social marketing everyday forever, the ROI is ridiculously high over time, and buisness is

marketing, havea 1 year plan for your marketing budget, not a 2 weeks budget because gain are
long term to show , calculate facebook ads for 1 year for exemple, not 1 week
the answer to all questions you ask yourself, ruminate and torture yourself with is always te same
= action so no need to even think
calculate, test, choose and have a vision, then commit to building the logical vision = suceed or
bankrupt (eln musk was loosing 100 K per day at one point)
describe the inflow process and outflow process with each step to see where to innovate and
Development of your company
figure out new ways to monetise your slack (stock pooling) or extra un-used producing capacity
like offering small retailers to dropship ourproducts for exemple
Development of your company

check how to optimise process to have less slack, less dormant stocks
list th e3 task to complete today to make it a productive day / clarity of purpose + urgency =

make promoton but give them a story "get the emplyee price !"
ask people what other people would do in the interviews so they dont lie to make themselves look

what are people reading on google , google trends, what questions are they asking "answer.com"
study shows = whe they compare they will always choose the product with lots of features =

powerful in custmers mind, they dont byt the simple looking product , they want the complex
product that is easy to use even if they never use all the conctionalities
the most powerful testing of all = ask someone opinion (and have thick skin)

search for proofs that negate your asumptions, it iwll be painful but it works, and the more people
you ask, the smarter your decision gets

2 minute rule = mak all reversible decisions in 2 minute max (90% of decisions are reversible)
your first startegy is always wrong, because you ave not tested it in the market so impossible to
correct form the start, so your goal is to find the correct startegy from your first asumption
Save your makig decision powers by minimising the need to make decisions on small things (that is
why steve jobs and facebook guy always wear the same thing)
study shows it works crazy = infuse priming in your pro-ser with every word and colors (nae of
colors complicated to give a thoughtout luxury feel, modern colours....)

less choice = more sells, they dont want to have to decide all the time

are you delighting customers ? (besos rle)

are you moving fast, making decisions fast and correcting later ?

are you embracing new trends ?

are you slave to you rprocess of to the customer needs ?
Development of your company

are you slave to you rprocess of to the customer needs ?
studies show crazy powerful = social proof = state the popularity of your product, the most
powerful marketing tool

have an idea and go as fast as you can, dont sress just use your fastest available speed
pool toguether to rent something to expensive alone and share it , or buy something to expensive
and split it

offer the opposite of what is currently offered
made in france + well payed employees = nationalist pro-ser (or other countries) comme le slip

all in one package
give free coffee, free bonbon... to give th eidea of the people that going to yur place or buying your
pro-ser will always make you feel happy and upbeat (but it is really the caffein)
priming with christmas style lights to associate your pro-ser with a good feeling to tap into your
good memories (birthdays, cookies...) (mcdonald is doing that)
devloping your company

dont go too fast that you product stops working, it needs to stay working

observe the users act instead of listening to what they say

move fast and break things
be a cool brand, dont veer try to sell premium if you are not a cool brand like samsung is trying to
do, first get cool then sell premium, if you are nt cool you can only compete on price

move fast, speed is the secret of facebook

listen to th customer and you will never have to have an original idea again
release quick, your first audience wont be your last, forget the fear of deceponting your first
customer and never have the coming back, that is what they are here for, my early guinea pigs
developing your company
hire somebody a lot better than you always, you cant move forward with people lesser than you, A

always hire better A players, and B players always hire C players because they are insecure and
threatened by someone better so be an A

get feedback from your family but also from your contact (siradio, samuel...)

get interested in people, only by building relatonship can you do eefective buisness
your marketing message need to be simple, if your are saying 3 thing, you are not saying anything
at all

if you can be first in your category, then set up a new category to be first in
uderstand why your customers are buying from you, what job does your products curretly fill and

try to fulfill theose jobs even better and advertise about those jobs, also adat your brand identity to
uderstand why your customers are buying from you, what job does your products curretly fill and
try to fulfill theose jobs even better and advertise about those jobs, also adat your brand identity to

for exemple strabucks realised they were not a coffee seller, they were an ambience space provider
o they focused on that and forget about coffee quality
imbu trust, transparency, genuiness and good ethiques to your brand = no tricks, no fakeness,
every action & decisios need to be made with brand building on your mind just like "Le slip
francais" did and all actions need to align with the brand (choice of factory...) so you can be 100%
starbucks and nike marketing principles :
humanity = laugh at yourself, admit yourmistakes, show genuine compassions, stand for
something, listen and watch, become a more human employer, find your soul

love and trust is the core of brand building

a service need to rely on quality , assume your service is poor to always get better

to market a service, you need to market its quality not yur company, the end resul not the pro-ser
choice of buisness
look for white space, te place nobody is, if anybdy is doing it, dont do it because you cant be a
leader by following
use compatilbility and collaboration to fasten your product mass adoption because they want
continuity and reliability
stage an experience for the customer, the more guest participation, the more memorable the
use pro picture schema to epxlin your concept / philosophy / values or message, 1 picture is worth
1000 words
be afraid of not trying huge potential concept faster = make decision faster, like jeff besos, i will
try cheaply huge concept and reverse if they dont work so there is nothing ot be afraid of, just be
afraid of not trying faster and moving faster

i will only choose project with huge potential and cheap try so there is nothing to be afraid of, just
go faster and faster
purple cow - be remarkable, commentable, if it does not make your customers tell 5 friends hen it
is not remarkable enough

you will try many different ideas that won't succeed so you need to be undetered by failures and
keep trying to open blue oceans with purple cow products until one works
be controvertial = you need to mak people talk = in your marketing and concept (moose
knuckels...), use word of mouth inside a community to get your product known, cater to that small

niche and let them spread the word themselves, it is safer to be risky by being original because
being normal will get you lost in the noise
Prefer to be special rather than fashionable
dont be afraid to partner up, 94% of hypergrowth buisness have 2 founders or more and people are
all afraid to start partnerships

do gorillan marketing at first because you dont have the budget

brainstorm with someone, not laone
observation is better than theory, try things fast , a lot of little changes to see what is optimum and
find a competitive edge

absorb as much inspiration as possible , go to a toy shop, check design magazines...

be 10x ties as original as you think you need to be
think of the positive aspect of your idea first, dont directly focus on the negative, there ill always
be a lot of obstacles to innovation or it would already be done (car replacing the horse)
corporate innovation is far inferior to an artist creation, like th eiphone and that i syour
organise ways to get your customer feedbackand decision on everything , you will make much

better decisions and go much faster overall, all testing need t rely on customer deciding live what
they prefer and want
the photo you show is interpretade by your customer as your most important value so choose it
well (family pictures = wholesome values...)
creating a marketing storyline , a brand history, values, story (2 brothers wine for hommage to
their mother breast cancer...)

brand name need to describe the product "baby einstein"
be honest about articulating your weakness and shortcoming, the best way to build trust, much
better than people discovering that weakess on their own, never pretend to be perfect
articulate your benefits as loss pevention, tell how it will rotect the customer from losing

something (health,money...) to tap into the hugely powerful loss preventioninstinct of customers,
and tell them how much they will lose if they buy from competitors (time, money, health...)
keep marketing simple and true on what you do best, dont seay 100 different things with barely
true things, it only clutters, say 1 thing that you trulydo best in the world
be likeable by being similar (copy your customers's identity) to your audience, people by from

brands and people they like (for exemple to sell to the yougins, offer them promo on PNL cds, and
other sthings they like ..
prce and show expensive items first on your website to make other products seem cheap in
create fake buzz about how many people are buying your product, say you sold 100 000 jersyes,
celebrate fake success, 10 000 maillots vendus...

referall system is exceedingly powerful, use it for all your products

find the people that have access to my market and partner up with them
look for rising industries people dont understand = people invested in alibaba early on because
they tought they could not do it themselves (AI, self driving, IOT, cloud services...)
take the time to create something that you can be best at in the wolrd and that respects all your

rules then launch the try
it is longer and hard to get started but it will then roll on it's own momentum like 'le slip francais"

create something authentic, customers will see through unauthenticity very fast
find a market ignored by th ebig players because too small (and ideally a market that hs the
chance to expand to the masses)
recognise signal vs noise , signal that the market is changing diretion or just provisoire noise
trend, figure it out by debattin gpeople

dont plan, prototype, if you are not embarassed of your first version, you are going too slow

having values is essentila t build a lasting buisness

analyse all the complaints from your competitors, a complaint is a gift to solve a problem
predict the futur, no need to know the futur exactly, just the general direction it is heading and aim
there, where the puck will be not where it is
Make sure you are building core cmpetencies that will be very valued by the market in the next 50

growth come from focusing not diversifying
set the bar with the Sinatra principle to build trust, if we can replace fort alamo security, then we
can obviously do yours perfectly (for exemple pour les maillots, tu peut dire, adopté par les vrais
palestiniens avec photo de palestiniens devant les ruinesportant le amaillots = "approuvé par les
use testable credentials = "check for yourself that we have more beef than mcdo" ,tell why you are

better than cncurence (wendy has more beef than mcdo , they sold 40% more burgers wth that

resistance aim to kill your genius, the unique gift you are here to give to the world

resistance is our mortal enemy
friends and family are the enemy, see them as little as possible, monkeys spend all their free tie

torturing each other, i will never be wise or confident enough to make those interraction anything
but harmfull to both sides so abandon them
Stay stupid
Be stubborn

Have blind faith
Passion for the work you are going to spend the next 2 decade of your life building

only start home-runs, why waste time on small projects
choice of buisness
does it feel so right ot you that you are willing to dedicate the next few years building it, od you
love your idea ?

start at the end, what is the end vision, what it will ideally be, and then work backwards to build it

choose getting your goal instead of porn, stop porn completly
differentiate betweet real thoghts and chatter, real thoughts belong to you and are the

visualisation/creation of what you want to do, chatter is just your brain repeating what society is
saying , he did not have a real thought before he was 30 years old
the universe is hostile, it is not indifferent, it is actively stopping you fro moving forward, actively
keeping you still, you need to rocefully move
always make the first draft in one go, never stop during making the first draft, same for every jobs

you will ever do, writing should neevr exist, only re-writing
dont judge yourself, dont fear, just go through your complete first draft then only go back to it
I only have one goal in this life = building my buisness before i die, that is all, all the rest i can do
i will only ever be content if i reach this goal, i wont be content as just another loser with wife and

remote access to live coaching

completing tasks as a game and sharing your results (workout...)

connected activities to compete with people
hight tech luxurisation of everyday items by adding tech features all in one package, slick design
and connectedness

beat procrastination through pavlovian training with IOT item nd immediate positive reinforcement
find and create collaborative win-win situation (with buisnesses or with customers), change you
rbase thinking, "how can i take this guy money", to "how can help this guy in his life enough that
he will gladly want to reciprocate with compensation" or "how can we collaborate to make his life
easier and better"
Blietzkrieg, speed is a weapon, become an expert at speed and deploying your tests faster,
reaching the market faser than anyone

develpping your company

get feedback and opinion sfrom your employees how to optiise the process, what to sell, how to do
things, "what would you do in my plac" , always ask this question to employees
develpping your company
give your employees th epower to make the decision that will most please the customer because
the interraction between your brand and the customer will always be the employee
choice of buisness
prioritise deas with core competency in line with the futur of business and core competency that
can be applied in many ways
choice of buisness

choose an inspiring projects to gather free marketing and attention fast
develpping your company
ave always a team in your company only focusing on looking for innovations and testing them out
like all the big companies are doing
exploit changes

Perdecption : facts dont change only their meaning (women still se themselves as being kept down
al ot, english think they are working class wheareas they are middle class)
exploit changes
knowledge : identify what aspec of th enew knowledge is missing to make it a buisness not just a
new discovery, know ledge innovation gives only one chance to succeed an dyou need to move fast
because a lot of companies will exploit it as soon as it appears and copy you even, you start in a
nich and developp the best core competency in the world at it fast or you line up partners that will
better take advantage of the knowledge and sell it to tham
as soon as you choose your project after testing, get rid of all the small money, it is a drain on your

ask yourself : would i get into that buisness right now ? if th eanswer is no then drop it
develpping your company
have meetings to understand why your best sellers are your best sellers and how to do more of the
good thing that is making it sell
aim at completing 80% of all tasks not finishing it completly so you drp the perfectionism, as soon
as the jerseys are 0% ready which they are, i should produce
develpping your company
lack of top management is th ebiggest wall to buisness = constitute a manageurial team as soon as
possible, long before you can afford it, if you need it, it is already too late
develpping your company
understand by what customer segent market my innovation is used that i did not plan for and start
catering an offer for them (palestine jerseys in Mosque ???)
develpping your company

dont try to be the boss, decide where you can be the most useful and focus on that departement
develpping your company
at the first sign of success, figure out what your company needs most now (seo expert, marketing
epert, franchise expert...) and hire them fast

creaive immitation, be the second but with more and better like Samsung

reciprocity = do them a favor and they will feel th eneed to reciprocate
foot in the door technique = get them to say yes to a small thing then they will sey yes to
everything else
labeling = tell them what they need so they see you understood what they need and then sell them
(i know you need original products to compete against cmpetitrs...")
make them commit = by telling them i am waiting for their answer

ask for a favor, they will say yes to a second favor more easily
use memory hooks in your branding and marketing so people never forget your brand (monkey
super hero flying in japaenses family screaming with joy...)
make your offer, your benefits... concrete (specifically named landscape instead of trying to raise
founds for a forest area, so it has a name and gain concretness)
develpping your company

learn fast how to raise money, contact Y-combinator, fond francais...

if you have a big idea, start small and be patient Airbnb took 2 years to start and only 20K

exploit th eneed to make friends and connect

making friends under another pretext

be your own customer at first as guerilla marketing

do a relaunch in san fransisco if you have a great idea to be a sillicon valley startup
Bubbles = launch a test the fastest in any bubble, decide on a small budget and test, it is exactly
like the VC are doing when they invest, don't think (internet bubble, bitcoin...) and you will win at

one at least even if you lose at 10 which will make up for it because bubbles are the sources of
huge gains (amazon was started because of the internet bubble and jeff besos having access to
infos on the bubble)
excellence can be a competitive advantage, amazon and mcdo do not have an impossible ot copy

buisness model but they are still leader because they excel at all (process, marketing, customer
having the bals to create something and move fast to improve before competition can catch up is a
competitive advantage (the one jeff besos, and mcdonald used)
managment is a competitive advantage = push your employees to maximum productivity, that is

competitive advanateg as well, your capacity to turn a labor force into a very valuable pro-ser for
the customer at affordable prices

speed and excellence is the ultimate competitive advanatge (jeff besos was the fastest)

brand name is very mportant on the internet, choose wisely

dont enter into winner take all tye of markets, i dont have the experience yet to win those markets

women taking care of men
see where the near tech upgrades of your inustry will be and place yourself in a good spot to take

advantage of them like netflix did knowing streaming was coming, they opened a dvd renting store
and got known and when streaming came, they were well estblished to take advanatage of it
always include building the coolest brand in your industry as part of your project, innovation and
ease of use is not enough, all great buisnesses are cool brands wihth evangelist follwoing (tesla
coolness is irreplacable and the ultimate competitive advantage because buying is choosing and
people always choos the cool brand
coolness is ahead of everything, consious, fair trade... all that is secondary to coolness
controlling the distribution channel vertically like tesla to be in charge of the full customer
experience for giving the full packae and not losing the brand coolness
dont rely on other companies, that show people that you are under other brand and tait your

coolness wth their possible lack of coolness or futur scandl, be self sufficient, that in itself s cool
like apple and tesla and peloton...
choice of buisness
choose a buisness that will make you build core competency with other huge futur industires (tesla
with their cars and batteries able to use them in powerwall, storing solar energy...)
if you have an invention and want to enter in a market where economy of scale is needed because
each unit is very expensive to produce in small quantities, manufactur sell expensive at first since

you cant lower price with economy of scale and later use economy of scale like tesla did with their
early sports car
to sell expensive at first yu need very good coolness branding
make earl promises to sell your current stock by making buzz, promises that you cant kee now but
that you will be able to keep later when your product sell
ask the question "it would be cool if..." "it would be just incrdible if..." "idealy i could..."

for exemple , it would be cool if my car could work for free forever (tesla is doing that with free
lifetime charging station access)
build a reputation for excellence, morality and integrity, <e are here to serve you, never to take

your money and let you go, never (cnstruit des ages sur ton sit eou tes clients peuvent se plaindre
et comuniquer)
introduce your product in les competitive geographic market first, so in other countries less
competitive for your specific industry
a good distribution startegy can be a competitive advantage (comme des loups, ventiuno,
look for what is technically doable right now, you will be surprised like elon must have been when

studying fusée et electric cars and seeing that we have the tech, someon ejust needed to invest in
it and take it to market

elimine un frais reguliers des gens (like elon did with the no carburant fee car)

best design can be a competitive advantage in itself

being the best at marketing can also be a competitive advantage (sponsorship... samsung, nike)
become the dominant brand of a certain niche rising activity, sports... and even popularise the
activity, lik eNike did for running
offer value in your marketing, dont show your product, for exmepl enike gives motivational insiring
messages in your feed and impressive jungling sport videos... do the same never market without
adding free value to people's lives
Never work beyonf 17h30, everything becomes seemingly impossible to do and a big joke for
thinking i could do it, you feel trapped and powerless to succeed because of the tiredness
Never drink more than 2 scoops of coffee per day, you will feel angry at everything and feel will

seem to go too slow, you get whiny, your mind also goes a little negative, agressive, angry and with
a vistim mentality for no reason

check where your audience hang out online, facebook or else and focus there instead of broadly
emphasise the re result and benefits of the product, the jb the product will do for you, not the

spread ideas not products
nike sell the Hero concept, overcoming adversities concept, motivational, they are not selling their
products (just do it, what will they sa about you, dream it, do it")
clip ads extremly sharable = nike make adds with a story that people will share and tak about like
the clip where footballer of brasil are jugling to music in the locker room, do the same create
videos merketing that will be shared and go viral, your clip ads need to be even better than
hollywood, no need to wait for rappers to include you in their clips, make your own clips

rely on sponsorships like Nike,it is th emst powerful marketing

get known for the best quality gear
place youself on a specific and restricted nich, if you try to appeal to everybody you will appeal to
no one and sink fast, like all the brand of cars that did not choose a niche during globalisation
while other who chose a restrictive nich flouriched (bmw, mercedes, rolls, porsche, each with its
own niche)
look for changes as a fast development of an industry bringing th eneed of adjacent serivces
(specific cleaning...)
when a market grows too fast, the leaders willbe too busy skimming the cream and will completly
ignore smaller niches, that is your chances, a niche in a growing market

exploit aging of the popuation
go sur le terrein in your industry and see what is missing, how people are behaving, etude sur le
abonnement mesuel pour avoir acces aux prix VIP, et referal system + 10% pour ramener des

secteur cioiffure, renovation after disaster, auto repair are impervious to downturns
lying to the poepl earoun you about the decision you are making men you are ashamed of it, so
there is something wrong with it so check that
if your gut feeling says it is a risk andnot an oppotunity so check that

sleep on your decision to have a lot more perspective
if you want to get it over done as fast as possible = clear sign you are making the wrong decision
and kind of know it, it is hurting you how wrongit is that is why you are tryng to get it over quickly
10 min Buffet rule = ask yoursel fhow you will feel about the decision 10 min frm now, 10 days
from now, 10 moth and 10 years from now
ask people around you to destroy your idea, that is the most powerful testing , getting another
perspective, you can timagine what they come up with, even if you thoughtabout the bstacle, when
they say it, it will seem different to you and you will realise it immediatly ( for exemple they would
have told me there is no need ot buy 2550 jackets at a time)
if you are afraid to talk to peopl eabout youridea, it means they have something very valuable to
tell you about the default of your idea, listento them
make tye 2 decision wih only 70% information , any more time spen gathering info will mean you
are going too slow, because they are reversible decisions
get access to the customer base with a zeero profit offer then build a vertical buisness taking care
of all the need of the specific customer segment with profit
recognise when you are not in a good state of mind to make decision (tired, deflated, just hurt by

someon, just suffered a defeat, state of conflict, shame, feeling negative angry and attacked...)
then everything seems impossible so wait for the next day to make big decision 1
the way successful people make decision is by recognisisng the bad decisions fast and accepting
them as bad decisions after the frist proof without winting for more proof then they move on
quickly and leave th ebad decicion in the past without thinking about it again(they dont call them
mistakes or failures because that suppose you are trying to be perfect, instead you are trying to
make decisions as fast a spossible and correct later)

if the decision is not pushing you toward you goal, then it was a bad decisions, move on, close the
buisness , move on to something else

you could say that for decisions 2 "you never need to "decide", only re-adjusting course after
checking if it was a bad decision, because the initialdecision is instantaneous"
like there is no writing, only re-writing
decide fast and commit until proof that you need to re-adjust, it will free you from stress and
undecision in everyday little decisions an life
dont adjust down you goal because of bad decisions or to justify bad decisions, just make more
better decisions toward your goal
Look at 5 different decisins you cou dmake that would achieve the same result to see if you are
making a bad decision
what would my peers do, what woul delon musk do ? what would steve jobs do ? ask yourself this
to see if you are making a bad decision
people want hidden specific things and want also to still be able to lie to themselves and make it
appear different to themselves and to others (nobler, more sain and logical) (elephant in the brain
self deceipt theory)=
Find what people really want , then find what they want to keep beiliving and keep signaling, then
once offer them a pro-ser that serves their real need better while keepin gthe pretense even better
exemple =
_people dont want to take car of ther helth, they want mommy to kiss the booboo, to know that the
group s and will take care of them in case of disaster with sophisticated solutions... (but they wont
exercice or sleep better) medecine is a gift you give not a solution
while pretending they want to take great effort to take care fo their health

_school is about socialising and conformism training and prestige not knowledge while pretending
to be about knowledge

_laughing is about signaling training and playing , that there is no real danger of compet while
pretending it is about humour

_politics is abut belonging to a group while pretending it is about havng an informed oinion on the

_religion is about belonging to a group by making sacrifices while pretending it is about believing
in weird stories
choice of buisness
a project ihas as much scale as you can imagine and visualise precisly and no more, dont count on
virality and nebulous ideas of huge success, instead look at the market size and how much of it you
can logicaly conquer with your strategy, and that will be as big as you can possibly grow that
specific buisness (for exemple i see the limits of the unitif jerseys and that is actually empowering
to get the 80/20 and move on, much better than live in a nebullous idea of viral success that is
impossibe and wasting my time and efforts on 80 of the 80/20)

if you cant visualise it, you can not create it

Face in your mind that You are competing with everybody but hide it and dont show it to anybody,
that only creates stressfull confrontations for you, instead always create a world without
competition when interacting socialy to lessen the stress and get the benefit of being socially
they are all my competition
every on eof my action's real motive is to get my way, nothing else, same for everybody else
Face that you want to dominate and beat everybody, that you are competing over dominance
BUT keep up the charade, fooling them that we are not competing in front of others because it has
it's benefits just dont start fooling yourself with the rest of them.
fo even furter and create the best pretense about competition not existing ever to make them feel
safe around you and in their life to get the most benefits out of them
Facing competition create stress, that stress can only be eliminated by absolute confidence that
you will accomplish your goal in life

Look for warnings that you are forgetting that :

_i start resenting people lack of gratitude whereas they have no reason to be grateful in a
competition, there only logical motive is to take advantage as much as possible
_i start to fap to sensual, huggy, femdom, milfs, tits, wroship porn and not dominant fucking porn
_i start to feel like a cistim and have he look of a victim instead of strong determined brows and
_i start to seek approval of fayrouz and others
use follow liker to start gathering an audience in each of your buisnesse niches by doing
autoupload form safe accounts (accounts that want you to share their pics, brands, ...) then offer
your brand and product to that audience as if you are unrelated to the account
-Wolswagen business model, sell other factories car

When the gears are too expensive to produce a test, you just whitelabel a model already produced
by a factory
campagne facebook cheap stuff gratuit (bracelet plastique...) en echange for adresse mail et
whatsapp to gather relevant audience to send them offer of the real product
increase customer spending per visit is easier than finding new customers and can add 20% or
more to your CA = very powerful aspect to focus on
canibalise existing serivces by posting your superior offers to drag all their customers to your
plateform like airbnb did by posting their listings on craig's list
developping your buisness
create perceived aura of activity to attract sellers or customers, ads towards your possible sellers,
fake contacts from fake customers saying they heard about them from brandcenters
always hire a design firm to make our advertising , instagram account and decoration, that is the

difference between buisnesses who make it and those who dont like "by Chloe", thos firm know
how to create Instagram gold
cool and instagramability matters a lot more than what you sell, like sweetgreen and by chloe,
creating a lifestyle
you need to be a barbarian at the lauch of your buisness like uber, doind illegal stuff if need be, ike
les trtinettes also, because it is fierce competition
developping your buisness
speed, be the first to market with a shtty product because that matters a lot more to be frist in
their mind than offering a perfect or even a good product
developping your buisness

protect againsta scandals, carefull, put failsafe in place (women harrasment...)
developping your buisness
be a copier in a small nich of a hge exploding company to give investors the opportunity to gamble

their money on you to be part of the bubble liek Lift did cpying uber, you can make millions that

dont take calls, all done with whats app
deformalise interraction like twitter did for messaging by allowing you to befriend someone you
dont know just according to their visible message history, they seem like your people

give people access to fame or something ust as normally unnatainable liek twitter did
build a premium brand in a unusual field like Picard and use the vertical buisness model of Apple
and Tesla to control the brand identity and brand value with innondation of the market technique
by choosing cheap locals and lowering running costs to keep the stores alive while the brand build
reputation by onmipresence

lancer un concours viral comme le mega tacs à 18e de 2kg à finir
add organisation to a chaotic sector , that alone is enough innovation to make millions like GIFI
has proven = gifi did not know it would work this well, he just tried the non-food hard discount and
it worked so he optimised it avec une centrale d'achat and move forward, so no need to have an
innovative idea, some fields just works very well with simple optimisation and organisation
(produits à 3, 4 et 5 euros),the hard thing is the 3 first stores and the organisation of a competitive
advantage, then the 100 additional stores build themselves
later they just wait to find locaux commerciaux with ow rent and open their concept


sampling stand has a loss leader in-store animation, also build loyalty and increas panier moyen
developping your buisness
each manager of a store is responsible for increasing the bottom line and have power to make
decisions , which products to restock...
build brand deserving of a cult following = it is a bue ocean creation = you have the exclusivity of
the brand and product you built that are simply not copyable, a huge permanent competitive
advantage if done to the etreme liek trader joe, apple, tesla

Muh easier to build a cult following by building a vertical buisness to control the full branding and
customer interraction and create exclusivity, we only find your brand in your universe
also use shocking quality + premium price to add perceived value

trader joe created a farm universe, it feels good to enter the store

a unverse people ant to be part of

"we are not trying to appeal to you" "we are ourselves" "you come to us" , "we dont need yu to buy"
"you are desperate to be part of our universe"
treat them mean to keep them kean = make the customer feel like he/she is not good enough to
buy from us, be part of our universe (like Nike does with it's "just do it (you loser)", "what will they
say about you (they will say we were the best sportswear brand, what about your pathetic legacy),
we are better than you so the customer will "need" to buy from us

for exemple for marque arab, "ici, on embrace nos racine (toi ta honte bouffon)" , "ici on a pas eur
d'embrasser nos racines (toi tu flippe, baltringue)" , "ici, on immite personne, on reste authentic,
(pas comme toi qui suce es babtou et essaye d'etre propre hipster)", "ici, pas de jean slim (espece
de baltringue avec tes jeans slim)"

on se moque des jeans slim et autre truc de pédé sur les plateformes ?
create exclusivity by adding barrier to purchase, ,play hard to get, create obstacles, hurdles for the
customer to go throught o access our products, it is not just easuly accessible (horpist did that by
not selling on marketplaces)
we refuse you, we dont want to sell you, we are activly putting obstaces for you to buy, to create
scarcity and a need frm people to be part of our universe, take away the power from the customer
and make him a follower to us

Ne pas vendre sur amazon ?


add scarcity, tous en edition limité, jamsia de produit toute l'année
when you are small, you need to compete on in store experience instead of competing on number
of choice of product or product prices
for exempe trader joes, overstarr their stores
then later , lower price with economy of scale
you can se the loss leader startegie for unrelated rpoduct like Lidle getting you through the door
with chepa groceries and make money on clothes and household iems
what other loss leader + cash cow combinaitions can you do ? (coffee + local renting like Husy...)

be a curator/flitre for services and products instead of accepting all sellers like other business (like
Urbanclap is doing)
sell a lifestyle and a worthwhile ideology not a product to get a cult following, decide what lifestyle
you are selling, what ideal persona you make the customer aspire to become
harley davidson sell the prsonal freedom lifestyle...

create an US versus THEM mentality to create the cult following

create privilege for menbers only (prix special, extra love...) to reinforce cult following

gather your cult follower in one closed space (forum...
create copy of obscure new startups with potential in other countries where the competition is 0

(turquie...), they are different market and if you can launch there and become a specialist of their
specificity , even the big players wont be able to touch you
developpin gyour company
the price of employees is very cheap in thrid world coutries so outsource all your company if
possible when you decide on your idea
No need to replace the big ones , just take a piece of a huge pie, like dunkin donuts is doing with
the coffee market by targeting a different niche and dominating it completly
choice of buisness

if there is a clear path to a home run , do it, sinon don't do it, move on
one way to start a maretplace is identify a set of passionate potential power-sellers without

ecommerce ability and convince the to post their products like estsy did with the crafter on the
specialised forums and foires
just ask some of yur customer to be your ambassadors and they will do it for free or for gift easy,

they want to participate = free work = free marketing like etsy and evernote did; if they love your
productn they will do it
for free early marketing, out of obscurity, gear your pro-ser toward a passionate community that is
social like the feminism movement against cnsumerism to go viral like etsy did
find people an dbuisnesses with things to sell and that dont have ecommerce capability and build a
MKP for them (farmers...)
developpin gyour company
a lot of method to jump start a marketplace :

_focus on getting a handfull of powersellers first to start your marketplace

_focus only on one region to move fast instead of buildin ghte full product from the start
_be a infrmation company matching buyers and sellers first then add marketplace capabilities
_fake activity completly on the marketplace with fake lead messages to sellers, panneau
publicitaire near your sellers and ads on facebook, fake forum on site... to convince seller to upload
their products for a full year
_do the selling yourself 1 seller at a time, put his products yoruself, bring hi 2 sells then move on to
anothe powersellers...
_ask your customer what thy want youto find them, then find it on sellers and bring that 1 or 2
sells at a time for a power sellers ike that
_sell your own products on the marketplace by buying some small stock first and using
dropshipping stocks from permanent stocks dropshipper (zoom, china, turkey...) and bring sellers
once you havce an audience

the correct photoshoot and styling can increase sells X5, hire roffesionals for photos, always, the
correct vibe of the photo can turn sht into gold like Nasty girl did
Nasty girl system = normal quality clothe + great styling and photoshoot + sold expensive to
afford the photoshoot + obsessive metric measuments and analyse
developpin gyour company
only do your core competency perfectly , be shitty at all the rest is ok, for exemple brandcenters

need to eb great at importing clothes from turquie to paris fasta dn cheap for exemple with
updated catalogue, nothing else for now and keep it simple, complexity only arise later

add fear of missing out in your bisness with real disapearing offers because of low stocks

create a pro-ser that add excitment to one life without risk (tinder, flirting without risks....)

create a service that help you ceck your current appeal, market value without risk like Tinder
social networks key to success is the volume and quality of content, so remove all obstacles for
people to upload, create or post content (pictures, messages, vids, audio, songs, impressions...)
Snapchat did it by removing fear of hoarding too many pics by making the pics disapear
and pics dissapearing lower the risk of posting so more posting
for women, evryhting need to be instagramable , everyting adorable, like by Chloe , you can just do
an old concept in an instagramabe way and it will work
there is a place for luxury brands for the youth teenagers or kids, pick any field and make it luxury
for kids or teenagers likeMoose knuckles
women hate to miss out on something other bitches have (married man are more attractive, ...) a
lot more than men, so all you have to do is show the all the upscale women use your pro-ser so
they will have to use it too, they wont have a choice = instagramable pro-ser with the correct
female ambassadors
Creation blue ocean en 3 etape simple (instagram used it) :
_analyse your customers, where they hang out, how they behave, how they use a certain pro-ser
_create a purple cow, cuslt brand accoding to their needs
_analyse all the datas to optimise the offering according ot what they want and need

a pro-ser that rapproches socially reunite people with the same passion like twitter
developpin your company
ne sacrifie pas ta philosophie et ton ideology cult à cause de rising competition car c'est ta
dfferenciation qui te fera survivre et gagner à la fin (comme biocoop fait maintenant) au contraire,
va encore plus loins dans ton ideology et ta philosophie, set the standards, be extreme, dont try to
be other buisnesses
Be passionate about your cause, don't compromise ! =
imagine what a truly passionate person would do for the buisness if they were in charge if you can
not find the passion for it yoursef and do that, the second best thing, if you dont find passion for
your buisness opportunit
because passion will halp you create acult brand which will set the standards

think of th emost perfect version of your pro-ser passion wise toward your ideology and ask why
ypu are not doing that ?

for exemple, for unitif, my actions are not ones of a passionate guy, i am not being extreme enough
from the start

break the rules (only way to be cool) = Show balls = be dangerous = make enemies = Be
controversial = show courage to your customer = they will love you for it and admire you, and
want to emulate you
if you are not controversial, you are not engaged, if there is no risk, no danger to your message,
you are not being controvertial enough to be seen in the marketplace (moose knucles, travis scott
"drugs to try",post mallone tattoued his face, he is commited, courageous and i respect that
instinctivly, yacin stopping the netire autoroute to clip nobody will ever forget that...)

If there is no risk of procès, you will not be noticed, plaln a budget for the procès
That is we admired phillip plein for challenging puma and nike with his posts

Think about the most outrageous, courageous stand i could take with my pro-ser and ask youself
why i am not doing that ? (like sofian stpping l'autoroute and even more), if you arent afrad
trembling, it is not enough

I am not being ocntrovertal enough on unitif

speed building franchise to make money on the franchisees not on the customers :

_trouve trendy franchise au US.., fait le design et organistion suppliers to open with less than 100K
_first import/open 2 shops en iles de france à prix normal to gather selling datas
_fait les salons pour vendre le concept et start making money off the entrepreneurs
apply the employee making the sell (comme foot locker) model to other things than fashion (like
trader joe is doing with food)
everybody is focused on building franchise for the citie people, not the middle america and

banlieux et campagne francaise, do like otacos did and focus on findding a franchise that will
answer the needs of middle of the country
speed is primordial, when you have the idea, immeditaly jump on it, because other people are
working right now to beat you for exemple ocafé is coming, coffee pour les banlieue
sell shuvles instead of digging for gold, when there is a boom in an industry, instead of copying it,
offer accesory services like jungles coot
you need ot build trust for any buisness, that is the biggest influencor of if you make the sellr not,

alibaba understood that so he offer escrow in all his buisnesses
a technique could be to add security to a historically unsecure transaction
associate hapiness and joy to learning for the sake of learning :

_imagine evry new knowledge fille you like a baloon, no need to decortique it or digest it on the
spot, it will have it's effect either way, as long as it is absorbed by myears into my body
_crave knowledge, the most the better, the faster the better

allow people to collect things lik epinterest collecting pictures
identify a new commodity on the internet and create the database, search engine library and
gathering place of it like giphy did for gifs (memes, sounds...)
developping your company
try to gather an audience, get to 1 million users without even thinking of how t monetise it,
attention is always monetisable, it wont be a problem
get long and real reviews from people by building a network of reviewers
t incetivise reviewers, give them a sense of community and a sense of usefulnes to the reviewer by
emphasizing the aspect of people being able to comment and rate the review of people , the review
on the review is just as important as the review to get power reviewers who get a good feeling
outof reviewing = because poeple are addicted to being of service
Build a free reviewer wr=orkforce by allowing them to get accolade for reviews
you can be a second commer but doing the one important thing 10Xbetter like yelp did against

pages jaues, the reviews is the 1 important part and pages jaunes did that shitty so yelp focus on
that and worked
developpin your company
get free workforce by allowing them to feel a sense of usefulness for their free work (than yous and
comment son comments, ...)
purple cow + quality + premium price + break the rules marketing for youth (moose knuckles,
phillipe plein,...)

gather data and sell it back
when you hear about something is when it is starting not when ti is finishing (youtube cheine de

lets paly, bitcoin...) so invest when you hear about the bubble, dont wait and dont think ou are too
late, you are only at the start
your brand need to be cool and fun, don't build a serious and utilitaire queshua brand, it wont
resonate, be fun and cool
identify a field with low performing proffesionals because unacountable to anyone and make them
acountable with reviews...
rent out people extra capacity in novel ways, ok to be a follower, just do the thing better and
simpler (renting car for exemple with way more info than they giving...)
monetise industrial extra capacity
"level five" names is genius, it shows young people this is a place for them to hangout, he infused

the place with an identity message to his customer base
do the same by infusing your name with the identity of your target audience to welcome them
premium price and quality + 1 handmade billboard product (to show you are supporting a cause) +

made by a laissé pour compte demographic + some nationalisme (en option) (echarpe jnitted par
les vielle retraité sans argent / sandales faites par des palestiniennen mere de famille)
developping your company
people are willing to work for free, make them do things for you by just asking (like la radio does
with telling them to request songs)
end conversation with family as fast an dgently as possible, Stay in your tunnel vision, dont spend
time with family to not get distracted (the laughs are not worth the loss of direction)
never learn, always relearn, before starting any learning video or course, go through it en acceleré
for 5 minutes and only after that, really start relearning it, never learn
experiences are what peopl ewant now = mcdo and others are not an experience, you need to
bring art/music /ambience to poeplenow on any buisness you built, it is not about qeshua anymore
offer an expensive medical test or other expensive thing ver cheap by using a assembly line
economy of scale (book 200 patients per day)
Being tired is a state of mind not physical (forgot the exciting things of life (flirting...) and feeling a
victim sorry for yourself)
pay abonnement to get access to an historically expensive service only when you need it then pay
for each use (like wework or a gym)

b2b on demande service abonnement (like wework)

give access to small towns to new things and disguise a big company into a small town community

shop by adapting each shop to the local people and town and the manager knowing peopel by
name like Carmike Cinemas

a single product done cheaper, better than everybody (lik Jiffe lube or kokorico...)
information gives you competitive advantage, find way to gather infos better and faster than your
competitors about thrends and your customer preferences

supply chain efficiency can be a huge copetitive advantage, even if it get a little more expensive

create ways to gather big data as the biggest part of your buisness strategy and process to create
a huge comptetitve advantage

you need giant balls to start something new s the 10X method and GC coaching is not irrelevant

annual fee package for a usually per visit service (liek Modern animal vetenary for pets)

offerr the highest medical discoveries to pets iek Gallant does with stem cell collection
if you bring buisness more sells, they will offer your customer crazy discounts, like Groupon is
doing and Verve for events
remote on phone services that used to be needing to go there in person (psychologist, doctor,
examen des yeux ...)
offer a free service that help yu organise you and expenses and gather your data at the same time
and then give you promo on those spending lie Truebill
think of the worst feelings human can feel and what jobs provoke those feelings and offer those
jobs cheaper and more relaiably because it means there will be little competition
shame = door to door sale

optimise restocking for pros like vendr is doing for company sftwares

renegociate and reorder stocks for pros (software, hardware...)
associate with existing network to offer cheaper but shittier servce in a field where quality does

not impact much the experince, people are overserved (like internet speed, we dont need that
much speed, only cheap price liek Wander did)

bundle and make open source software easy to use and sell them (databricks is making millions
doing that with free data analysing tools)

get the static catalogue from big retailers/wholesallers in exchange of bringing them more sells,
then mix those cataloges and organise the fast delivery for the customer (like Szoti did in poland,
using gig economy to deliver les courses to you in the same day, like sneakershead did with the
ecommerce of shoes in retail stores)
investors invest in poeple not ideas or company, proof is that they are investing in the toilet
flushing device, it is shitty but they are still investing because the team behind it is6 middle age
bearded, muscular ldominant looking middle aged men , ther CV must be good to, so as soon as
you see them, yu doubt yourself thinking it is a shitty idea because what are 6 studs doing investin
gtheir time in it, what are they seeing that i am not, that is what the investor will think

the lesson is when you start go to raise money, get yourself competent looking partners with good
CV to convince investors, that is what they look into, the idea is onyl 5% of their decision

the woman building theyes understand that , that is why she has the pounde high level developper
with good CV with her and she is emphasizing on her websit their combined CV, she is not even
empahsing the idea, it is not even mentionned and she got 30Millions already = so it is all about
the team and the confidence your team inspire

control the resell price of certain items

offer 1 only very specific job one by crowdsourcing or your own ready employees to retailers and
buisnesses (like zubale does for staking shelves for retailers)
use Polleverywhere, Amazon Mechanical Turk, survey services, or even open a freelancer job to
get opinions on a product or ask them to choose between 2 product
never do the design yourself, go to design website and places Dahan sport got his jerseys for
exemple and post a job
choice of buisness

try making something simple first
create a basic servie that exist everywhere else but in 3th world coutry like easu online tax filling
for india
service that decides for you according to a quick questionaire (platejoy decides for you your meal
plan according to your requirements)

offer customisation and dropshipping services of items
subscription fee for a usualy 1 time luxury purchase allowing you to have luxury for cheap +
diversity every month (like for perfume,...)

sampling box so you can try different product too expensive to try by buyng out right (like wine...)

help company assess futur employee or supplier skills
filter top tier selection of a niche and offer it to relevant customer (top graduate to companies, top
contractor to customers...)
offer outsourcing of an entire team with project manager of a creative work of a company for a
expensive price to show quaity and be able to hire talent on your side
if something is not a 1 click process then it is archaic and need to be upgraded and a simple but

powerful upgrade only will be successfull without creative innovation because people standards
are now everything in 1 click (like Cconvictional understood and showed me about dropshipping)
your product is 100% cashback if 3 of your friends buy too and 50% off if only 1 buy = new way to
sell in bulk and go viral
bon moyen de go viral sans donner ton produit gratuit en utilisant les influenceurs...
aussi si you and friends reunite your cart for bulk buy then you get reduction
offering an hyper-local service to have the advantage of speed like Habitat is doing focusing on

little cluster of population/restaurants for the very time consicous buyers, that need their meal in
the next 15 minutes without fail
vectordash and netflix proved once again that you can have an idea that is unfeasable right now
because of tech limits but still start it now to gather money and momentum from investors and

build the needed tech with that money, vectodash started offering low resources games then get
subscribers and investor money and build the needed infrastructure to support high end games in
add subscription services on top on the 1 time fee for added privileges (like better spots at all
I met many successful business people and noticed… hey, there's nothing special about them that I
don't have.
building a money machine = purple cow or industry where tech has not taken charge yet + spend
huge marketing + optimisation = positive ROI then go max on marketing to generate more money
, create aproduct then you need to spend up to 6000 dollars and more on adsens and online
marketing to gather sells and know how to optimise your website for more sell until you get to

positive ROI on marketin gbudget, positive ROI is not immediate, then you put all your money in
marketing because positive ROI means you have successfully built a money generation machine

our biggest advantage was picking an industry where technology had not yet taken charge. Picture
framing is still a fairly old-school industry, so we had a huge advantage out of the gate
fast become the authority website on an niche like supplements or iot development, refer pros...
then offer estimateru de prix...

then offer marketplace system or...
a authorative, credible domain name is halpfull for that
‘When such a man considers a goal or desire he wants to achieve, the first question in his mind is:
“Can I do it?”—not “What is required to do it?”’ It’s a handy approach to keep at the forefront.
When confronted with obstacles, we can first consider the conditions necessary to tackling them,
not if we have the capacity to do so.

fun + visible + giftable + subscription service = Sock Club, Slip francais...

creae a mythyque brandlike sons of anarchy and harley devidon
create an aura of succcess from the start, and an identity as if you are already an established

accelerate the advent of some technlogies like Tesla did
developp your buisness

Think globally from day 1
add a free signature product to every item bought representing the brand and serving as a walking
billboard (casqutee unitif blanche et OR..)
créer une marque de service franchise et vends la by using partner excedent facilities all over the
country + our backoffice where we handle the customers, billing..., you just learn the skill we
teach you then start yourservice company using the partner infrasctructures (like splashswim did)
(different d'uber car on garantie la qualité en formant les instructeurs et en donnatn tous le matos
ce qui construit la marque et permet de vendre la marque en franchises plutot qu'ne plateforme de
mise en relation)
create a centralised service and get a fee from all the commerciaux that manage to sell it to local
buisnesses in their territory (like birthdaypak)
you can franchise without any location or fixed cost, all online by franchising a cetralised internet
service that the franchisees will only need to sell in their area
specialise in small scale jobs that other dont do (ocntractorw ownt come to your home to repare
asmall drywall hole for exemple)

package product + installation to build a brand franchise (like blinds, motorised...)
sacrifice speed for better tasting food, made to order when customer orders (like mini
build a buisness that will make money for any franchiser from the very start and which have a
huge growing market, yby ooffering everything the individual need to setup his buisness and start
earning from the beginning (training, certification, leads, plateform, branding, marketing training,
24/7 centralised customer support, appointment booking, we provide the necessary accreditation..)
then sell them that franchise
and when you build any buisness, pretend you are building it for someone else to make money
100% at it so you can franchise it fast

and make it as simple as possible, so any individual feel like he can start right now and be his own
boss in 2 weeks earning for himself and controlling his life
take the risk of fronting the gear/stocks delivered to door and take 50% more for this, like les
outils is doing, like i am doing depot vente clothes...
poeple love 24/7 becaue they are convinced they will use it and want the liberty to make their own
help people get into scary buisnesse (flippig houses...) (by building a course, doing the nationwide
marketing for them so they are part of a known brand, teach them how to get financing....)
build the brand around supporting a specific admired group (firhouse subs, military supplements,

flat rate customisation / a volonté + restaurant feel = jackpot, resonate with customers

per cup system instead of renting
teach them a specific new skill, give them your marketed brand name, help them find early leads,
hel them get a loan to open their buisness and take royalty and keep improving the products
offered to stay at the adge of new techs (like fastsigns is doing and others...) = teach people a new
skill to open an obscur and psecialised buisness with great margins for a royalty fee
comme Forneti Mini Peciva, source ou fabrique un produit ensuite donne les outils aux nouvelles
franchises pour ouvrir un kiosque dans leur marque ou ton enseigne pour vendre ce produit
facilement sans stock pusique je les livre otutes les 2 semaines, comme les machines à café
(patisseries congelé à cuir sur place, four et vitrines fournit, easy 2000 setup and we give them
back once you return the oven = setting up an entire side buisness super eas and without costs =
Fornetti, liddle pastries model
create a feeling of trust and honnesty in a shady , scammy industr like the "christian brothers" auo
repair did for the car maintenance buisness
be a purist to attract the people wanting to seem philosoph and deep, minimlist..., to elevate any
person who walk in your store as someone deep, like blue bottle does for coffee
normal concept but with the coolest workers ever, they increase the sells through atmosphere, not
your products (loud music, party atmosphere, party people)
drive-in model istead of drive thru, so you ave time to choose without stress your special once a
year treat
give a tech cmpany feel to all your brands, like shakshake and sweetgreen did, slick edgy modern
decor, neon signs, for the millenials

In buisness as in life it is about how you make people feel
directive to the employees = "bankrupt the company !" , if a kid come crying, give him free ice

cream... empower your employees to give free stuff... = to make sre evry customer tht walks
through the door has a positive experience
people want their fast food without feeling like gardbage people (shack shaek, la boule
decoration), same for any other buisness, they want to still get their greasy, treat (or nything else
they want) while enjoying the upscale modern identity a edgy local or those archintecture glasses
give them
infuse sustainability and charity inside your buisness, each buy the customer make to give a

philosophy to your buisness
advertise a lot the good you make in the world
when an innovative way to do things is created, focus on offering a service to the different

competitors to make them win instead of trying to be one of the competitors (like kitchenunited did
for renting kitchens instead of tryin got be a meal prep and delivery company)
create a subscription for one of your items to get people through th edoor ot spend more like
burger king is doing with 5 dollar coffee subscription
always participate in valentine and other events with your brand on social media by making
sharzble and randed content liek valentine cards inventive to share with your spouse on social
every item you use in your shop/buisness need to be original, design, unique and highly

instagramable (miniature milk pitcher when serving cofffee...) = create a whole instamagrable
universe down to even using your own lingo and codes so customers feel pert of a club

people are willing to pay more to get a at home service (personal rainer, nutritionist...)
write "literrally, the coolest jersey i have ever seen in my life" on your website and brochures, it
really works, on e and on people
to create and successfully sell a franchise, you need to offer something entrepreneurs can not do
by themselves (too complicate, too daunting or impossible for a single person)
offer an pack of small services to a signle industry in a vertical way like te auto shops are doing
(air, tire, vitre tinté, autoollant, nettoyage) = to sell franchise easy because it is easy for th
enetrepreneur to set up because small jobs bt still make sense as a brand because in a single
service industry

utilise la methode de l'abonnement pour stabilisé tes business (massage l'a fait, tu peut le faire
dans tout es domaines), un buisness plus stabe est plus simple a vendre aux franchisé
ask yourself what people really want not what they pretend they want and deliver that while still
hiding what they want (like ivybrooke academy is doing by offering a safe, expensive place to drop

your kids disguised as an academy and pricey so poeple dont feel guilty without even lunch becaue
they dont even need to provide that complicated service, they just need to do the bare minimum of
parent's real desire = unloading their kids without guilt)
it is the identity of the brand that matter, not the product you sell, if you create a distinctive and
compelling identity, then you can sell anything using that identity, what you sell does not even
matter, people just want to be associated with that identity with any product that is available (like
Nasty gal, beautiful disaster... did)
before deciding what prodcut to make, that is secondary, first create the distinctive and compelling
identity people will want to be asscociated with then later the product
so for exemple for made in palestine brand, first create the brand then later think of what to sell in
Buisness model
Identified working technique = super small niche with passionate community (because ecommerce
is huge and even super small niche will generate millions) + innovative or new standard of quality

product + small, autentic trnasparent genuine brand identity via marketing by youtube videos +
expension plan into adjacancies without losing the genuine, boutique, transparent authentic feel
(xerox shoes, red golfing head, anti scars skin product...)
find a natural oddity to sell and market like the soap berry for exemple (fruit that lathers like soap)
check google for natural oddities
developping your buisness
have the complex later vision BUT at the start, divide your idea into only one offering, one product,
one service, do it perfectly and only then grow and complicate but at first always start simple even

if it means changing your idea to something simpler, there will always be time to complicae later,
but if you start complicated, you will multiply the problems arising and go much slower than what
is possible

product provisoire, will disapear forever at the end of the day
Buisness model
combinaition : small impulse buy product + infused with femal jealoucy + facebook positive ROI
marketing = exponentiell growth
Buisness model
the futur is only on vertical authentic brands only = quality evergreen niche purple cow (supported

by passionate niche audience, not trends) + marketing content plan + sophisticated positive ROI
facebook marketing
search for hipster/artists of life are doing, are using because they are at the forefront, so make a

brand of the products they are using and have not caugh on th emainstream yet (vintage bikes,
adult onesies...)
Buisness model
marketing plan looking for products to sell = rank on high competition keywords for high purchase
intent and no big seller offering the product + positive roi facebook marketing
weekly giveways to gather following to your brand to 1 million and later sll them adjacancies
prodcut making sens with your brand identity

use automated cascade marketing facebook ads to use different campaign for different people

adapt ol prdcuts to the snapchat z generation like beat box did for vodka drinks
be second, by checking kickstarter for huge product market fit ,hugely supported project without
any competition and copy it toward a different niche faster and better (like rompers for LGBT did)
youtube channel videos for any newbrand to add the authentic, transparet vaue added brand =
much more selling than instagram wich is too anonymous
Buisness model
associate credible/authoritative identity + matching prodcut like the militar supplement did,
military is related to strenght and discipline of muscle training so you listen when the soldier

tellyou how to work out and what supplement to buy
(like supplement + military, gym equipment + military, swat + shooting gears, police man,
gendarm + security system,
75% roi minimum for a product because you need to have the money to buy facebook ads to create
a growth virtuous cycle
the product is your buisness, not what you are selling, the buisness money making machine you
created that can be operated by anyone, not just you (ray croc of mcdo and naba guy did it)
the buissness is nto your life, it will fund your life
you need to work on your buisness, not inyour buisness
envision what the final company will look like and how it will work by itself to produc money, then
work backward to figure out how to build it by steps and how to get close to that company ideal
everyday like IBM did
like you did for the cabane
you can split every ideas in 3 categoreis
1 - solving a problem (with a service or a product or a franchise...)
2 - creating a blue ocean, new demand with a purple cow (invention, extremly small whacky niche
focus, simply cool, new unmatchable quality standard...)
3 - selling products better than others (sophsticated ads positive roi cycle, marketplace for obscure
hard to get products, industries bad at ecommerce....)
developping your buisness
help charities in your field which you have the expertise to help to give you rcompany a caritative

identity, to delight your employee's motivation and to make new customers of those charities (for
exemple mosque for the palestine jersey)
les marques adressé aux jeunes doivent avoir un feel de dangerosité et d'illegalité/contre la morale
(comme le jeune casquette horpist, puma fumant un joint ua milieu de la rue)

il faut que ta pub pousse les limite du legal, que la pub soit presque interdite en france sinon ce
n'est pas assez dangereux pour seduire les jeunes
breaking the rules = cool (comme le jeune en scooter)
create an ever changing menu to create a discovery experience instead of just food, with
participation ot the events likehalloween, in a small bites industry like ice cream because it would
not work on pizza, it can ruin the pizza, but ice cream can not get ruined
like th eold employee of strabucks is doing with salt & straw
people will buy from a place where the employees make them feel confortable and welcome
through their cleanness and their calm kindness like me enjoyin gbuying at carrefour de la

gendarmerie because the manager there is clean cut kind and serviableeven though we never even
spoke = that also explains why hooters and les salon de coiffure wher women cut men hair in front
of sport tvs work so well, i understand it now finally, it is confortable there
sell restaurant unsold table and any other xwasted resources cheaper to people = owner make
money + people get deals
if your public is the lower class people, you need to make your buisness unitimidating (par

exemple, la pataterie et la boule ont comprit ça,ils ont fait un restaurant assi unintimidating for
their public audience)
developping your buisness
always organise the buisness as a franchise :
_incude price of marketing and employee in a product's price or it will never be a real buisness
_only rely on unqualified replacable, cheap wage people

_build an automatic money making machine that runs wihtout you, work on your buisness not in
your business
_organise a money making machine independant of the product you sell, the buisness is the
be ulta focused on one industry making you de facto the best and the expert in it like the SEO
company for personal injury claims law companies
creer un univers à part en tiere plaisant et completement different de tou (every details) ainsi
personne ne peut faire la competiton puisque rien de similaire n'eiste, tu créer to nlue ocean race
à ce purple univers
tout doit etre differencié, rien qui peut etre trouvé ailleurs, comme trader joe a fait
jump start by not thinking and just starting works for anything (enter a customer shop, do a set of
workout, start an audiobook, start an onlin lesson...)
build pleasure for learning through image of filling up like a balloon and find other image to enjoy
_i am a balloon getting bigger with every info
_know more today than you knew yesterday
_each new info makes you much superior
developping your buisness
measure, measure, measure, to figure out who are your customer, how they are using your service,
where do they hang out, what channels have the best ROI and adapt your offering t them and
optimise for them like instagramdid whith his first all services social plateforme that he later
focused on image plateforme by seeing that their customer were ony using it for that and
becoming the best in the world at that specific thing

pour mes maillot de la Palestine l'utilisation c'est pour faire en donner en cadeau et pour
représenter et supporter la Palestine la solution elle est simple c'est d'améliorer l'aspect cadeaux
de facilité de donner en cadeau avec une belle boîte cadeau tout ça d'améliorer l'aspect supporter
la Palestine en mettant 10 % pour les Palestiniens made in Palestine
Omnipresence = increase your brand's visibility, find creative wayts to enter your brand into
popular brands, plateformes, social media, mosque hanging out places of people (coffees...), stade
de foot, places where they watch match de foot par exempl
Créer une lense snapchat pour l'essayage des maillots Palestine en virtuel
Le succès de Twitter c'est de réunir des gens qui ont la même passion et de les faire communiquer
social media plateforme are only dependant on the quality and volue of the uploaded content, so to
make your social media successful, you have to remove and lower all barrier to posting like
snapchat did with disapearing pictures so you dont have t hesitate before posting, it will be erased
some work can only be done in concierge by human, not automatic by marketplace for exemple,
because too many variables but you can still build a big company from it, until you developp the

sophisticated processes so it gets done automatically (for exemple brandcenters, offering
ephemere wholesale stocks from turkey to the world is impossible in marketplace right now, i will
need to developp processes, firs i can scale in concierge with employees)