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Dear Students,

We are disheartened, agonized and extremely pained by the serious allegations made by some
self proclaimed protectors who in the garb of open message of solidarity have tried to create
disharmony in this peace loving campus. The Constitution of India gives one the freedom of
expression subject to public order, however these self proclaimed protectors didn’t even think for
a second that their word-play and this misuse of their right by labeling the mere distribution of
sweets as communal oppression can cause serious repercussions by instilling in the minds of
people thoughts of insecurity.

Nothing is above the idea of India that calls for brotherhood and harmony, that stands firm for
‘Unity in Diversity’. The verdict of Ayodhya dispute that came on 9th November, 2019 by the
Honourable Supreme Court of India, solved decades old dispute between communities and was
accepted and welcomed peacefully throughout the country setting another example of harmony
and brotherhood not just in the country but to the world at large. As law students, we must know
that the historic verdict is the ultimate triumph of secularism and due process of law in recent
times. It should not be seen in the context of victory or defeat of any community over other.

To express joy for the idea of India and Unity in Diversity, sweets were distributed in the mess.
There was no raising of slogans or discussion or any act spreading any ideology but only to
cherish the unity that the nation showed after the verdict. Our University is a secular institution
where festivals of all the faiths are celebrated with great joy. This peaceful act was unnecessarily
termed as communal by some people through a letter addressed to all the students without
knowing the repercussions that this insensible and irresponsible act of them can cause and harm
the peace prevailing in the family we proudly call DSNLU. Being law students of a reputed
National Law University, a proper and mature act would have been to approach the university
authorities through proper procedure if someone had any issue, rather than sending a letter trying
to incite and making serious allegations which are baseless.

All those present in the mess during dinner know for a fact that there was no spread of any
ideology or raising of slogans, only mere distribution of sweets.
All those present in the hostel know that there was no bursting of crackers in the hostel. It was
only few days before that someone bursted crackers much before the verdict came. Hence, it was
totally a different event being linked to this event irresponsibly through the letter in the guise of
statement of solidarity. The Boys hostel has cameras installed through which the veracity of their
irresponsible statements can be checked.

The facts were distorted and presented to you in a false manner. This is no lesser an act than
provoking members of this family on religious grounds by using the name of communities. The
manner in which the facts were presented and blatant misuse of extreme words have only
instilled disharmony at a time when peace was prevailing. However, if the peaceful act hurted
the sentiments of any person, we want to assure them it was in no way intended as it is being

Secularism is something that needs practitioners more than preachers. Those self-declared
enforcers of secularism who have the audacity to call the secularism in India as a constitutional
delusion need not venture to distribute certificates of secularism to one and all. There is no such
thing called Secularism Certification Authority in our country or in our university and no one
need not take the burden of certifying secularism of others. The chant of Jai Shri Ram used by
some of the students was only meant to be a greeting which might not have been so understood
by some prejudiced minds. Even if otherwise, saying Jai Shri Ram will not make any one anti-
secular especially so, in a country that proudly practices the philosophy of Sarva Dharma Sama

In such a time when the whole nation stands together with each other presenting the best
example and ideals of communal harmony, we must know and make sure that DSNLU where a
small India resides should stand together and not get affected by disharmony being tried to be
spread by few people, also bringing disrepute to the university. We believe that students in this
university are mature enough to understand such a sensitive issue like this, however it was
necessary for us to clarify certain things which were being mis-spread in an era of post-truth
world where fake news spreads like wildfire, that too through an email that came late at night.
And we appreciate the fact that you as a responsible member of this family kept the calm. We
deeply condemn the act done by these self proclaimed enforcers. We hope that realizing the
effect that extreme words like those used in the letter can cause harm to the peace, people will try
not to aggravate the issue further.

All the very best for end sem exams!