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Infinitive Simple Past -Ing Form Spanish

Past Participle
Begin Began Begun Beginning Comenzar
Bite Bit Bitten Biting Morder
Build Built Built Building Construir
Buy Bought Bought Buying Comprar
Come Came Came Coming Venir
Cut Cut Cut Cutting Cortar
Do Did Done Doing Hacer
Draw Drew Drown Drawing Dibujar
Dream Dreamt Dreamt Dreaming Soñar
Drink Drank Drunk Drinking Beber
Eat Ate Eaten Eating Comer
Forget Forgot Forgotten Forgetting Olvidar
Fall Fell Fallen Falling Caer
Feel Felt Felt Feeling Sentir
Fight Fought Fought Fighting Pelear
Find Found Found Finding Encontrar
Get Got Got/Gotten Getting Conseguir
Give Gave Given Giving Dar
Go Went Gone Going Ir
Grow Grew Grown Growing Crecer
Have Had Had Having Tener/haber
Hide Hid Hidden Hiding Esconder
Hit Hit Hit Hitting Golpear
Hold Held Held Holding Sostener
Hurt Hurt Hurt Hurting Herir
Catch Caught Caught Catching Atrapar
Know Knew Known Knowing Saber
Leave Left Left Leaving Irse (abandonar)
Make Made Made Making Hacer / elaborar
Sell Sold Sold Selling Vender
Put Put Put Putting Poner
Read Read Read Reading Leer
Ride Rode Ridden Riding Montar
Run Ran Run Running Correr
Say Said Said Saying Decir
See Saw Seen Seeing Ver
Send Sent Sent Sending Enviar
Set Set Set Setting Colocar
Sing Sang Sung Singing Cantar
Sleep Slept Slept Sleeping Dormir
Speak Spoke spoken Speaking Hablar
Throw Threw Thrown Throwing Arrojar
Take Took Taken Taking Tomar (agarrar)
Teach Taught Taught Teaching Enseñar
Tell Told Told Telling Decir
Think Thought Thought Thinking Pensar
Understand Understood Understood Understanding Entender
Wear Wore Worn Wearing Vestir
Win Won Won Winning Ganar
Write Wrote Written Writing Escribir
Lose Lost Lost Losing Perder
Infinitive Past Tense Spanish
Answer Answered Responder
Appear Appeared Aparecer Pronouns
Ask Asked Preguntar
Personal Possessive Object
Avoid Avoided Evitar
I My Me
Close Closed Cerrar
You Your You
Cough Coughed Toser
He His Him
Download Downloaded Descargar
She Her Her
Fade Faded Desvanecerse
It Its It
Fear Feared Temer We Our Us
Finish Finished Terminar They Their Them
Hate Hated Odiar
Howl Howled Aullar
Laugh Laughed Reír Adverbs of time
Live Lived Vivir Past Present Future
Look for Looked for Buscar Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Love Loved Amar Last (day, Next (day,
Open Opened Abrir week, Now week,
Punish Punished Castigar month, etc.) month, etc.)
Scream Screamed Gritar (1,2,3… In (1,2,3…
Share Shared Compartir days, weeks, days, weeks,
Smile Smiled Sonreír months, months,
Sneeze Sneezed Estornudar etc.) ago etc.)
Snore Snored Roncar Every (night,
In (1997,
week, month,
Summon Summoned Invocar 2001, etc.)
Touch Touched Tocar (tacto)
Trap Trapped Atrapar
Try Tried Intentar
Update Updated Actualizar
Upload Uploaded Cargar /subir
Wait Waited Esperar
Walk Walked Caminar
Grab Grabbed Agarrar
Listen Listened Escuchar
Wish Wished Desear
Wash Washed Lavar
Die Died Morir
Agree Agreed Estar de acuerdo
Disagree Disagreed Estar en
Behave Behaved Comportarse
Need Needed Necesitar
Perform Performed Llevar a cabo
Want Wanted Querer
Show Showed Mostrar
Guess Guessed Adivinar
Underline Underlined Subrayar
Match Matched Coincidir/relacionar
Fill Filled Llenar
Remember Remembered Recordar