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For over 55 years, the Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO), a recognized pioneer in the Biscuit
industry, has positioned itself to be one of the dominant players in the Philippine snack food industry
with a growing global presence.

The humble ventures of REBISCO began in a neighborhood bakeshop in old San Juan, Metro Manila
in 1963. Starting out as England Biscuit Factory, the bakeshop was backed up by an English -type
rotary oven which was considered top-of-the-line then. The production of flagship brands Crema (the
first cream sandwich) and Sodatine (plain crackers) marked England Biscuit Factory's entry into the
market. The company grew steadily and moved to Novaliches, Quezon City to operate in a more
spacious factory. In 1972, it acquired a new image and name, becoming the REBISCO that we know

With its extensive distribution network, market research, technology and product development, and
most importantly, its pledge to contribute to building the Filipino nation through it s various corporate
social responsibility programs, REBISCO has significantly grown and continued to strengthen its
position in the market.

From a basic portfolio of biscuits such as the famous and pioneering Rebisco Cracker Sandwiches that
generations of Filipinos have loved, REBISCO now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from
nuts and seeds, cakes, wafers, breads, chips and curls, candies and gums, and chocolates. This
growth transpired through the creation of new partners over time such as JBC Food Corp. (1989),
Suncrest Foods Inc. (1995), Multirich Foods Corp. and Pinnacle Foods Inc. (both in 1999), and SPI
Corp. (2003).

By maintaining quality at par with nothing but the best in the industry, REBISCO stays true to its
commitment of offering best-value, innovative and proudly Filipino-made snacks to consumers locally
and globally—making deliciously delightful moments possible, everyday.


JBC Food Corporation

JBC is mainly engaged in the production of snacks like nuts, mixed nuts, watermelon seeds, squash seeds
and confectionary products. The company has been exporting some of its products to other countries
particularly the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia. The foremost brands the company produces include
Dingdong Mixed Nuts, Happy Nuts, Chikito Cracker Nuts, Sinbad, Captain Sid, Dragon Sid, Hi-Ho Crunchy
Nuts, Jackpot and Milkee Polvoron. JBC is presently a member of the Institute of Food Technologists and
of the Snack Food Association (SFA).
Suncrest Foods Incorporated
In 1995, the strong potential of cake snacks in the local market inspired the birth of Suncrest Foods
Incorporated (SFI). It currently carries Cupp Keyk, Mini Keyk, Cake Jam, Jam Bites, Fudgee Barr, Fudgee
Bites, Special Cheez Keyk, Choco Topps and its assorted offering in Baker’s Bunch. To further expand the
market, SFI has introduced packaged breads, Crossini and Pandolino. More so, it has also produced its
line of baked products like the Mrs. Goodman Chunkee Cookies, a chewy premium baked cookie offered at
a very affordable price.
Multirich Foods Corporation
In 1999, the company launched its flagship brand, Superstix, a creamy-crunchy creation of chocolate wafer
sticks. In the following year, the company soon ventured into cream paste snacks with Krimstix. The
company’s portfolio was further expanded in 2001, MFC was formally launched with the opening of its plant
in Bulacan. It has since ventured into jelly snacks with the introduction of Mr. Jiggles in the market. Today,
the company is proud to introduce their latest product that give you pure chocolate pleasure, Choco Mucho,
one of the company’s biggest hits.
Pinnacle Foods Incorporated
Established in 1999, the company manufactures a diverse mix of high quality chips and curls snacks at
affordable prices to the mass market. PFI is committed to provide the best snacks that are fun and filling at
the same time. Their products include Samurai Fun Snacks, Fish Crackers, Funky French Fries and
Crunchos Corn Chips.
SPI Corporation
Formerly known as Storck Products Inc., the company was established in 1968 as a licensee of Storck
Germany Incorporated with a production plant in Pasig City. Among its initial products are Storck
Eucalyptus Menthol, Storck Durchbeisser and Riesen Schoko. The company concentrated in establishing
Storck Eucalyptus Menthol as its flagship brand. Its product line grew with the introduction of Lipps with
Strawberry as its initial flavor. In 2003, Rebisco acquired SPI along with all the brands under it—Storck,
Lipps, Judge and Bazooka and is known as SPI Corporation.

 Ace
 Babble Joe
 Barnuts
 Barnuts Peanut Brittle
 Beanitos
 Bibibons
 Binx
 Bravo
 Captain Sid
 ChaLife Milk Tea
 Cheesy Melt
 Chikito
 Chiskalog
 Choco Mucho
 Choco Mucho Cookies
 Chubby
 Coco Biscuits
 Combi
 Combi Cookie Crunch
 Creamline 1.3L Tub
 Creamline 1L Family Duo Tub
 Creamline 3L Tub
 Creamline 750 mL Tub
 Criss Cross
 Cupp Keyk
 Ding Dong
 Dolce
 Doowee Donut
 Dragon Sid
 Frootees
 Fudgee Barr
 Funky
 Hansel Crackers
 Hansel Premium
 Hansel Sandwich
 Happy Peanut Spread
 Happy Peanuts
 Havana
 Hi-Ho
 Jiggels Jelly Juice
 Jiggels Jelly Sticks
 Judge Candy
 Judge Chewing Gum
 Jumpee
 Jungle Bites
 King Flakes Classic
 Krimstix
 Krispeas
 Kruffs
 Lipps Candy
 Lipps Pop Stix
 Loco Pops
 Marie Gold
 Marie Time
 Milkee Polvoron
 Milkee's Best
 Mr. Candies
 Mrs. Goodman Choco Oatmeal
 Mrs. Goodman Chunkee
 Mrs. Goodman Crossini
 Pier 28
 Pop-O!
 Potato Plus
 Rebisco Crackers
 Rebisco Extreme
 Rebisco Sandwich
 Sinbad
 Starr
 Superstix
 Superthin
 Target Relief
 Tigerstix
 Tins and Buckets
 Topps
 Torii
 Vita Cubes
 Wafertime
 Wafertime Rich Cream
 Whoopie Marshmallow Cake