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The United States Constitution:

Creating and Cultivating our Future

“The Constitution is a guide that will never abandon us.” – George Washington. The

Constitution is our supreme law of the land. At the time of its creation, the average person was

not involved in politics, and did not appreciate the Constitution and all that it represented. By

allowing our voices be heard today, this document continues to shape our everyday lives. The

Constitution was an advanced product of its time and still important in shaping today’s society.

The Constitution was a very significant advance. While Europeans fought for

independence and freedom from monarchy, America, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean,

prospered with the Constitution. The first governmental document was the Articles of

Confederation. This document had countless flaws that created significant problems for all

Americans. The most prominent problem was that it created more independent states rather than

a united nation. Each state had its own currency and could never agree with another state. This

created a very weak government that could not do much for its people. This was all resolved

when people came together and spent years forming our Constitution. The constitution allowed

freedom and created a voice of the people, while having a strong government. By creating three

different branches of government, equal powers to the state and federal governments, and

preserving individual freedoms, the Constitution was far ahead of its time. The Constitution also

included checks and balances that insured equal power between the three branches. This trait was

neglected in the British government as they created an overwhelming monarchy and parliament.

Compared to other governments of its time, the United States created a Constitution that set high

standards for other governments.


The Constitution has survived and continues to adapt to the changing world through

amendments. Article five of the Constitution describes the process to add or change an item.

These are called amendments; currently there are twenty-seven in our Constitution. The

amendments must be approved by congress and three-fourths of the states to be added to the

Constitution. These amendments are results of new ideas from our evolving U.S. society. For

example, the twenty-sixth amendment sets the voting age to eighteen. This was a result of minors

becoming more involved in their nation. This new development resulted in an adaptation of the

Constitution. The ability to amend the Constitution makes it a living document. It is considered a

living document because like animals, the document adapts to its changing nation. The

Constitution also relevant today because it protects the most general personal freedoms. Today,

the general aspect of the Constitution, allows it to be applied to any situation. With amendments

and implied powers, this document can face the challenges of the future for many generations.

In conclusion, the Constitution of the United States of America was advanced for its time

as it provided a balance of freedom and government while being able to adapt for the future. The

Constitution has survived by adapting to the nation through amendments and implied powers.

The Constitution is the foundation that has created our great nation that we live in today.