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77. Equal amount of electron are placed in two spheres 3cm apart in air.

If the resultant force

is 4 KN. How many electrons does each spheres contain?
a. 1.47x10^14
b. 1.33x10^14
c. 1.25x10^14
d. 1.4x10^14
78. If a force of 4.8x10^2 N is required to move a 40 uC charge in an electric field between
two points 20cm apart. What is the potential difference between two points?
a. 240 Volts
b. 150 Volts
c. 120 Volts
d. 200 Volts
79. A series RLC circuit has 1 ohm resistance, 0.5 H inductance and 0.5 F capacitance. What
is the resulting transient current?
a. Undamped case
b. Overdamped case
c. Critically damped case
d. Underdamped case
80. A three phase induction motor is rated 2300V, 111A and 0.75 power factor. What is the
size of the capacitor kVAR which must be place in parallel with the circuit to improve the
power factor to 90% lagging?
a. 141.9
b. 243.6
c. 131.7
d. 126.9
81. Three parallel three phase loads are supplied from 208V rms, 60Hz three phase supply.
The loads are as follows:
Load A: 24kW at 0.8 lagging power factor
Load B: 10kW at unity power factor
Load C: 34kVA at 0.6 power factor leading
Calculate the total line current
a. 153A
b. 196A
c. 88.4A
d. 113A
82. In a balance three phase voltage, Van=100/30. What is Vbc using ABC sequence?
a. 95.2-j165
b. -95.2+j165
c. 95.3+j165
d. –190.53+j0
83. Evaluate the value aj+1
a. -0.866-j0.5
b. 1.866-j0.5
c. 1+j0
d. 0.134-j0
84. A generator armature with 1000 turns rotates at 60 revolution per second across a pair of
pole with a flux density if 0.2 Tesla. The pole face has an area of 0.1 sq. m. find the
induced emf.
a. 3.97kV
b. 2.4kV
c. 7.95kV
d. 9.3kV
85. A shunt motor is taking 11kW at 220volts at full load has armature resistance of 0.2 ohm
and field resistance of 110 ohms. At no load, current is 5 amperes at 1000 rpm. Find the
full load speed.
a. 1043rpm
b. 1022rpm
c. 959rpm
d. 976rpm
86. An ideal transformer has a voltage rating of 2300/230 volts, a motor is connected to the
secondary draws 30A at 200volts, what is the resistance must be connected to maintain
this voltage?
a. 0.67ohm
b. 1.0ohm
c. 0.75ohm
d. 10ohms
87. Two single phase transformers are connected open delta bank is supplying a balanced
three phase load of 64.95kVA. What is the kVA load of each transformer?
a. 37.5
b. 25
c. 32.5
d. 30
88. A 25km three phase transmission line is composed of conductor 500mils in diameter are
arrange in triangular formation 6m apart. Calculate the capacitance per phase in micro-
a. 0.3095
b. 0.6067
c. 0.2027
d. 0.9154
89. A three-phase circuit, 60Hz, 345kV transposed the transmission line is composed of
1272MCM, 54/19 conductors per phase with horizontal spacing 35ft, 35ft, and 70ft
respectively. If the GMR of ACSR conductors is 14.2mm, find the inductance in mH/km
per phase of the transmission line?
a. 1.37
b. 1.98
c. 1.28
d. 1.64
90. The positive, negative and zero sequence reactance’s of a 20MVA, 13.2kV synchronous
generator are 0.4pu, 0.3pu, and 0.2pu respectively. The generator is solidly grounded and
is not loaded. A line to ground fault occurs at the generator terminals, determine the fault
a. 1.57p.u.
b. 3.33 p.u.
c. 5.67 p.u.
d. 4.29 p.u.
91. In a delta-wye connected 15MVA, 33/11 kV step up transformer, determine the CT ratio
for differential protection such that the circulating current (through the transformer delta)
does not exceed 5A.
a. 1200:5
b. 800:5
c. 500:5
d. 400:5
92. Electric discharge lamp of 150A and a 250A incandescent lamp is supplied from a single
phase 3 wire system. What is the neutral current?
a. 100A
b. 400A
c. 385A
d. 425A
93. What is the power factor of potential transformer?
a. 0.97
b. 0.95
c. 0.98
d. 0.99
94. Find the connection of capacitors 1uF, 3uF, 4uF needed to have a total of 2 micro-farad.
a. C1 & C2 in parallel, series w/ C3
b. All in parallel
c. C1 & C3 in parallel, series w/ C2
d. All in series
95. What will happen to the time constant if the capacitance is increased?
a. Decrease
b. Increase
c. Double
d. Constant
96. What is the main purpose of Fuse?
a. Protect the line
b. Protect the load
c. Protect appliance
d. Limit the excessive current
97. Basically lightning arrester is a
a. Surge diverter
b. Surge deflector
c. Surge alternator
d. Surge absorber
98. A switchgear is a device used for
a. Interrupting an electrical circuit
b. Switching an electrical circuit
c. Switching and controlling an electrical circuit
d. Switching, controlling and protecting an electrical circuit and equipment
99. Buchholz relay cannot be used on
a. Three phase transformer
b. 500kV transformer
c. Air cooled transformer
d. 1000kV transformer
100. What is the type of relay that detect excessive current?
a. A Differential Relay
b. Reverse Current Relay
c. Overcurrent Relay
d. Overvoltage Relay

1. The tungsten filament lamp has its filament wire length 3.89cm and 0.01mm in diameter.
The resistivity is 5.55x18-8 ohm-meter mass at 20 degree C. what is the resistance at 20
decree C?
a. 15ohms
b. 27.5ohms
c. 20ohms
d. 60ohms
2. Suppose that you wish to fabricate a uniform wire out of 1.0gram of copper. The
resistance wire is to be 0.5 ohm and if all of the copper are to be used, what will be the
diameter of wire? Resistivity is 1.7x18-8 ohm-meter and mass density is 8.92x103 kg/m3
a. 270um
b. 280um
c. 290um
d. 260um
3. Three resistor are connected in series across 240 volts dc source draw 4 amperes. If VR1 =
60volt, R2 =1.5 R3. What is R3?
a. 16
b. 18
c. 27
d. 24