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SWOT Analysis is one of the most expedient technique or tool used in the strategic Management
process for conducting the situation analysis of an organization. The proper analysis of the firm
is given in the form of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) the
company presently facing or can be forecasted for the future. It is a common approach to make
assessments in terms of internal and external environment of the organization, and to formulate
strategies analyzing its internal strengths and weakness, external opportunities and threats,
coming up is the SWOT analysis for the ABL. Such an analysis is very important for the
management in relating the strength, overcoming the weaknesses, capitalizing over the emerging
market opportunities, and craving ways to successfully tackle with the threats and ultimately
converting them in the strengths for the organization.

For the Environmental scanning of the organization is done. It is the analysis of Strength,
Weakness, Opportunities and different Threats an organization may face from the external
environment. ACBL SWOT analysis is:

 Strength
 Weakness
 Opportunities
 Threats

Askari Bank has set its firm foot in Pakistan and has gained its strengths over the
period of time an effort of enlisting its strengths can be done as follow;

General Strength Specific Strength

 It has a good reward policy  The past decade has been the biggest
of giving bonuses and strength because that was the time when
incentives for its customers.
there was not much of the competition
 Askari Bank has a flawless
Customer services and it gave time for the company to adjust
 The MIS they use in the and now it has grown better than the rest
company is always updated
well ahead of time giving  ACBL has got a well-developed on-line
the bank an upper edge
system in most of its branches.
 Honesty, Equality and
fairness prevail throughout Remittance Department is working very
the organization and that is efficiently in transferring the funds of
the utmost requirement.
people due to this system.
 The card division has strong
network facilities  One distinctive feature of the bank is that it is the
nationwide only bank working for the welfare of army officers,
which was established by Army Welfare Trust
 The bank has also started ATM facility
 The productivity of the bank is very good. Bank is
in most of its branches. 24-hour providing a high quality service to its customers
banking is new trend in Pakistan and
ACBL has also taken apart in this trend

 ACBL have strength that most of the imports & exports which are done are
handled by ACBL
 The main strength of ACBL Limited is that all of its branches are fully computerized and
they have latest software’s available to keep the records of their customer account and
other important information up-to-date. It reduces manual work and provides good
provides services.
 ACBL has a well-knitted and adequately equipped branch networking system that.
efficiently covers both the domestic and international markets. ABCL has the largest.
branch networking in Pakistan comprising of 245 branches/ sub bunches
 ACBL is one of the largest private banks with deposit base of Rs.167.68 billion/-
showing constant growth over the period 1999 till day and with many online branches in
major cities of Pakistan.
 Customers are allowed to give suggestion regarding banking services. If there is any
complaint by the customer the bank authorities investigate the reason for complaint.
Complaint monitoring system is excellent at ACBL that shows bank values more to its
 ACBL has also invested heavily in information technology resources, which has not
allowed bank to develop one of the most comprehensive and advanced system available.
With the help of this system ACBL has now achieved an “online” status via real time
facilities and features available through nationwide network.

 I.T group of ACBL has been able to create the largest network for secure electronic
financial transaction in Pakistan.

 With over 5319 online ATMS network ACBL is again an undoubted industry leader
with connectivity extended to above than twenty five cities of Pakistan. ACBL ATMs not
only serve 24 hours cash convenience and also improve on the counter services and
turnaround time at cash counters.
 ACBL is subsidiary of ARMY WELFARE TRUST (AWT) so it has a strong army
background and it definitely adds to its prestige and provides it an edge over the

 The ACBL Atm Master Card has become a global service furthering the convenience to
the customers. Traveling customers can access their accounts for a large number of
internationally deployed ATMs and point of sale unit.
 In order to save their customer's time ABCL provides the good phone banking service
that is very attractive especially for those customers who don't have time to personally
visit to the bank.

 The organization showing concern for the people, ethics and environment enjoy good
public reputation and are able to reap the benefits in the long run. ABCL management is
quite sensitive to this issue.

 ABCL is the first bank to introduce i-banking which provides convenience to our
customers by enabling them to gain access to their account and carry out any transaction
sitting at home.

 ABCL has launched its mobile atm bus service which is the Pakistan First Mobile ATM
Bus Service. No other bank has taken initiative of mobile ATM Bus yet.

The weaknesses of ABCL are listed as

 A certain education level should be set for a particular task, it adds up to the
hard-work, the company has some undergraduates as well which can effect the
 Its good to have a friendly working environment but there should be a code of
 Because of the increasing workload the employees a being over burdened
 The inventory management is not up to the mark
 Promotions and transfer from departments is a political issue.
 Bank is not introducing new products and new saying schemes. Bank should boost the
product development and increase the range of facilities offered for customers.
 Due to risk such as political economy and legal the bank has suffered losses the main
reason was piling up to of large number of irrevocable debts.
 The bank has still some of the traditional ways of operations in this advanced
technological environment. ABCL has use computerized accounting system but, still the
bankers use to make their enteries in thr accounting register also.
 In Askari Bank the individual difference has strong impact on the organization's
performance due to wrong criteria of selection of employees. So with the passage of time
individual differences start increasing which undermine the goodwill of the organization.
 No availability of sophisticated equipment's in branches lengthy credit processing and
documentation procedures.
 Bank's marketing department is not very strong. Accumulated losses pushed the bank to
cut down its promotional activities in order to reduce expense for last few years. The
Advertising media used by Askari Bank for publicity include mostly newspaper and
 The employeea of ABCL are constantly subjected to job rotation. It keeps back from
gaining complete know- how about a particular department.
 The Management system in ABCL is quite centralized leaving all the decision-making
activities to the upper management only. Employee empowerment is also over looked due
to such management policy. I personally observed that delay occured in the operations of
the employees only due to the fact that they had not got any instructions from the Head

These are positive external enviromental factors affecting the ABCL:
 Better and convenient services to employees and business class.
 Expansion of their branch network can be very helpful.
 Engage qualified professionals for providing specialized banking products and
services to their customers, reorganization of existing systems as well as
Infrastructure with de-centralized work processes.
 Institutionalization of HRM (best person should be posted for best
assignment), depoliticizing the atmosphere.
 Bank can extend its network in other countries.
 It can enhance its profitability by making use of new technology.
 The plastic money business still has a lot of potential to grow so it gives the
company an opportunity to introduce new products and services.
 They should keep on looking for opportunities in the market because it’s a
first come first served situation.
 Askari Bank is now looking into new ways of providing banking services to its
customers. New concept of mobile banking has been introduced by the bank, which will
prove to be remarkable success in the field of consumer banking.
 It is opportunity for Askari Bank to steady increase customer deposit by adopting new
marketing and promotion scheme and launch new scheme for their customer.
 Foreign remittance are another area as present worldwide control system over transfer
of currencies through illegal channels has facilitated the area of the bank.
 Foreign Trade is the focus of quite alot bank. It has become an ideal bank for the
importers and exporters but still a lot of opportunities and yet to be discovered.
 ABCL should emphasize on E-banking in which bank can design a universal account like
their foreign bank, to enhance online facilities.

 Very uncertain economic conditions.
 Actions taken by competitors.
 Political instability.
 Employees turnover rate is too high
 Politics involved in a working atmosphere has never done well for the
company it has always gone the other way round.
 Some other banks have competent taskforce, which is also a threat for ACBL,
because human resource is the most valuable resource.
 Pakistan India relations often create a war danger. This chance of war may
cause army officer and their families to increase the frequency of withdrawals,
which would decrease deposits.
 ACBL has many competitors, which are continuously increasing it products
and marketing aggressively. It may cause its customers to shift to
competitor .
 Political instability is also threat for the bank because instability leads to lower business.
The same situation is prevailing in Pakistan.
 Growing global technological advancements and adaptation of modern style of
management in banking sector.
 Askari Bank leading in the domestic commercial banking sector in Pakistan, as such there
are no close competitors of ABL but every commercial bank is the competitor for each
other. But mainly these are HBL, UBL ,Meezan Bank Limited etc they are threats for