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Oracle AIM

:Project Deliverables
1) CR.010 Establish Scope, Objectives, and Approach
In this task you define and agree on the project scope, objectives, and approach. This task confirms that both
consulting and the client have a clear understanding of the scope, objectives, and risks of the work to be
undertaken before beginning.

2) Showing the Key and High level users the features of the Application
(all the modules , reports, notifications and workflows ...etc)

3) RD.010 Identify Current Financial and Operating Structure

In this task, the project team develops a complete picture of the organizations current financial and operating

4) RD.020 Business requirements gathering

In this task, the project team examines current processes and practices to understand and
document the main activities that keep the organization operating today.

5) BR.030 Map Business Requirements

In this task, you assess the fit of standard application and system features to detailed business requirements.

6) TA.040 Define Application Architecture

In this task, you design the functional architecture for the applications. This involves identifying those key
setup parameters in the applications that are relevant to your particular implementation and establishing
the values for those parameters.

7) CRP 1

8) BP.080 Develop Future Process Model

In this task, you define the future business model in the form of integrated process flows built on the
business processes supported by the new applications.

9) BR.010 Analyze High-Level Gaps

In this task you identify the gap between the client's requirements and the application capability, try to
Make workarounds or changes to minimize the customizations efforts

10) CRP 2

11) MD.050 Create Application Extensions Functional Design

In this task, you document the functional features, use, and behavior of required customizations.
The Application Extensions Functional Design confirms that you understand user requirements,
Allows users to evaluate and approve the resulting features.
12) MD.070 Create Application Extensions Technical Design
In this task, you document the technical specifications for modifications, extensions,
And configurable extensions.

13) system integration testing

In this task you should do test scenarios to make sure that the customizations are working fine

14) CV.010 Define Data Conversion Requirements and Strategy

In this task, you define the scope of the conversion project, conversion objectives and approach, and
prepare a strategy for converting information from the legacy systems to the new application

15) CV.060 Data conversion templates.

In this task, you design and document the conversion programs.
( open interfaces, tables,….etc) also have to be mentioned

16) PM.010 Define Transition Strategy

In this task, you outline the business transition approach for migrating the system, organization, and
people to production status.

17) TE.040 Develop System Test Script

In this task, you develop the script to test the integration of application extensions with
Oracle Applications modules. A system test script contains detailed steps which testers
follow to verify the system setup and the integrity of custom application.

18) BR.110 Design Security Profiles

In this task, you gather role and function information and relate them to application
security and responsibilities. As business requirements are established and mapped to
application features, you also begin to define the user security.

19) User Accepting testing (UAT)

20) Production migration plan

This is a very important step so, you have to make sure of all the data and the documents
and don’t do parallel run try to cutoff and start operating on the new system.

21) End user training

Create user manuals

22) BR.100 Define Application Setups

In this task, you capture the setup steps and implement them in
the appropriate environment.

23) Sign off