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Meet Yogi, your self-development personal assistant

In my journey in becoming the best version of myself, one of the hardest things I had to achieve
is absolute productivity, the overcoming of time-consuming, frustrating and self-sabotaging
procrastination we all have to face daily. I have succeeded in being quite good at it on my own will, but
it was not perfect yet. So I've started learning on this topic, and what I found and understood is how our
brain is crippling us by not being capable of taking action when it's needed.

Let me explain it quickly. All your thoughts and your future actions are inside your memory at
once, either if your aware or not at the moment, from the thought of having to call your aunt and wish
her a happy birthday in two weeks, to the thought of what to pick up next or what key to press. And
here is where our brain is working against us. By having all these thoughts, it does not get influenced by
time, and it tries to do them all at once, failing to decide the next immediate action. I bet you had
experienced these situations, when you knew what you have to do and how to do it, had all this
thoughts and realize you hadn't done a single action towards them.

When you're just thinking of something and fail to take action immediately, by doing something
or by deciding something for it, you leave inside your memory an open process with an uncertainty label
on it, and these processes are the ones that uses a lot of your capacity, capacity which could be used in
working towards your goals.

This can be avoided by removing that uncertainty label. Think about a project, a goal or
something you need to do, from finishing that school/work project, to buying new batteries for the
flashlight you have home. Now think of the end goal of it, in one phrase decide the outcome you want
for it, and then the first next action you have to do in order to achieve it. It was simple right? You know
what you have to do, but why do we always fail or procrastinate in doing so?

Because after you thought about these, if you fail to put them in a trusted system you can
review later, you leave an unfinished thinking process in your brain, which will have to be re-thought
sometimes in the future, and will cause you to lose precious time and energy thinking again about it. But
the biggest problem is that will cripple you in taking the required action.

I wanted to have a personal application, a trusted system, into which I could place all my
thoughts, my goals, my future actions, an assistant which would help me in saving my thoughts, and by
doing so giving me the extra time, energy and will-power to take action based on these thoughts. An
assistant which would hold me accountable when I fail to take action towards my written-down goals, a
supervisor of my procrastination and my productivity.
"Evolution is smarter than you are." In order to survive evolution made us to be most efficient
with our resources. Our circuits are designed to reward you when you are lazy, so by evolution your
brain wants you to just sleep and eat. We have to fight this consciously and overcome it in order to
achieve our consciously dreams, because the dream we have subconsciously is only to survive, not to

I have encountered this problem in many areas of my life, for every hard and productive thing
you will have to wrestle with your subconscious to do it. But if you remove the subconscious from the
ring, you will always win with your conscious decisions. Write them down after you decide them, and
then later when you have time energy just look at what you decide and do it, and you will see that you
will do it so easily and feel good about it, without having the burden of evolution telling you not to.

Self-development, health and fitness, work and school, all these important chapters of my life
have been touched by this, and I wanted an application with systems I could trust, into which I could
insert and analyse my own thoughts and actions, system I could modify and improve based on my own
experience with using it.