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NPTEL Online Certification Courses

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Roadmap for patent creation

Detailed course structure

Introduction to patent: Definition, concepts, patentability

1. Introduction
2. Property and Intellectual Property
3. What is IPR?
4. IP and future areas to explore
5. Patent - Introduction
Assignment I
Patentability Criteria: How to identify whether my invention is patentable?

1. Patent searching and analysis

2. Patent-Definition
3. Novelty
4. Non obviousness
5. Industrial application
Assignment II

How to read a patent document?

1. Parts of patent document

2. Terminologies and codes used in a patent document
3. How to read a patent? - I
4. How to read a patent? - II
5. How to read a patent? – III
Assignment III

Patentability – tools

1. IP identification tool
2. Patentability tool
3. IP audit framework
4. Public patent databases
5. Capsule version
Assignment IV
Interactive Session - I
NPTEL Online Certification Courses
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Roadmap for patent creation

Detailed course structure

Procedure for patent filing

1. Types of patent
2. Patent filing procedure in India
3. Patent timelines - India and PCT
4. Inventions not patentable in India
5. Indicators for patentability
Assignment V

Research/ project Planning I

1. Use of patent database for research/project topic identification

2. Importance of laboratory notebook
3. In which technical category my invention falls? - IPC
4. Patent - Statutory differences between India, Europe and USA
5. Identification of inventor and applicant and their rights
Assignment VI
Research/ project Planning II

1. Developing your own IP system

2. When to publish and when to patent (confidentiality)
3. Statutory exceptions(anticipation)
4. Procedure for patent filing (Forms and fees)
5. Interaction with IP attorney (Initial drafting, FER reply and hearing)
Assignment VII
Research/ project Planning III

1. Demonstration - Research/project planning

2. Post patent filing- mandatory requirements (statutory and general)
3. Patent commercialization (licensing, entrepreneurship, bank loan, insurance)
4. Capsule revision
5. Am I ready to file my patent? (Course applicability)
Assignment VIII

Interactive Session- II
NPTEL Online Certification Courses
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


You can communicate through three platforms

1. Discussion forum
Here anyone who are enrolled for the course can write the queries/suggestions. This
is a platform where you can interact with your peers as well as with course instructor
and TAs.
If you have any questions regarding the technical content in the lectures, any doubts
in the assignments or any question related to the exam, registration, hall tickets,
results, etc., kindly write about this in the forum and the course instructor/TA will
respond to it. Please use this platform and participate to get benefit from the course.
Kindly use this platform diligently as this is a public forum.
Link to discussion forum - https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/noc19_ge09/forum

2. Interactive session
There will be two live interactive sessions.
a. At the end of 4th week and
b. At the end of 8th week.
c. If required, we can plan more interactive sessions.
In interactive session, you can ask your queries directly to the course instructor.

3. Email
For any further queries/suggestions you are free to write to us at