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6B The Virginia Gazette Nov.

17, 2010

the virginia gazette • williamsburg, virginia november 17, 2010

Featured Success Stories

Aladdin Furniture Consignment & Rug Matchmaker
7131 Merrimac Trail • Williamsburg
Aladdin Consignment: Bringing Lovers of
Bavarian Garden • Alizé Bistro
601 Prince George Street • Williamsburg
Fine Furniture and Accessories Together
757.258.8882 By K.H. Queen •
arlier this fall, a Richmond fam-
Concrete Jack
Costs about one third of replacing concrete
Call us today at 757.566.1534
E ily brought a whole dining room
of Henkel Harris furniture to
Aladdin Consignment in Williamsburg. Although there are
plenty of furniture consignment stores
Creative Cabinet Works
in Richmond, this family knew that
Come See Our New Showroom
7191-A Richmond Road • 757.903.5801 even after hiring movers, they’d still come out ahead. “It still paid them to
bring their furniture here,” Aladdin
Designs by Varujan, Master Jeweler owner Mary Ann Gist says. “There
1321 Jamestown Rd., Ste. 201 were shocked.”
Williamsburg Office Park
The consigners weren’t the only
757.259.2262 •
ones to come out ahead. The buyers
daughter-in-law Lori Detwiler, or Richmond, Tappahannock, Mathews
William A. Doig Health Club and Spa also felt fortunate. “The Henkel Harris
another member of the talented and elsewhere check in on Saturdays,
table and chairs went out the same
at Williamsburg Landing Aladdin team will look at them in your often lining up at the door for the 10
day,” Gist says. “A woman came in
vehicle and determine if they’re a a.m. opening. Customers have just as we got it set up, took a picture
good fit for Aladdin and its clientele. bought furniture at Aladdin and
and went home and showed her hus-
Aladdin also can arrange for pickup moved it to homes in North Carolina,
General Nutrition Center band. He said, ‘You better get back
and delivery. Florida, Massachusetts, and Iowa.
4680 Monticello Avenue there and buy it. That stuff goes fast.’
Monticello Marketplace She got lucky.” Call Gist a furniture matchmaker. If you really want an item at
757.565.5100 She has a two-week waiting list to get Aladdin, don’t hesitate. One man
You’ll hear stories like this often at
items in the store. She also has a recently told Gist he liked a sofa, and
Heritage Commons Aladdin Consignment. Aladdin, beside
whole wish book of items that buyers then walked away to look at other
236 Commons Way • Williamsburg WaWa on Merrimac Trail, is your des-
are looking for. Often when someone furniture and accessories. Within min-
888.623.6131 • TTY 800.828.1120 tination to find high-end, gently used
calls her with an item they want to utes, a woman walked in the store furniture and accessories at reason-
consign, she already has a buyer in and began admiring the same sofa.
able prices.
The House Key mind from her wish book. “I even call Gist quickly went back to the man and
7628 George Washington Memorial Hwy. asked him his intentions. He was
Yorktown, Virginia 23692 ready to buy, so she marked the sofa
757.968.5266 ‘sold,’ and the interested lady missed
out by mere minutes.
Piney Pointe Landing
Gist enjoys redecorating the shop
New Kent Riverfront Development
John Britt 804.514.5235 Bob Klein 804.241.8102
after items sell. She also helps her buyers with decorating tips. Stop by
during the holidays, look at the deco-
Pyramid Roofing rations including a fabulous Christmas
Certified Green Screened Company tree, and take time to enjoy Christmas
Wmbg 757.258.3595 • Peninsula 757.247.9600 cookies.
You’ll quickly see why Aladdin has
Jeanne I Ruff, OD, LLC Optometrist become a favorite stop for buyers and
1107 Richmond Road • Williamsburg sellers alike. “In 3.5 years, I’ve built my
757.229.4222 clientele of buyers and sellers into the thousands,” Gist says. “The quality of
furniture I get is high-end and that
Schumann Professional Dentistry Center quality reputation and our reasonable
Dr. Nancy Schumann prices attract both buyers and sellers.”
5309 Discovery Park Boulevard Come in once and you’ll see why.
757.564.0900 •

The Shops at Carolina Furniture

at Williamsburg
5425 Richmond Rd. • Williamsburg VA 23188 At Aladdin, you may be able to
757.565.3000 • furnish an entire home with coordi-
nating pieces that someone else lov-
Spa Botanica ingly assembled over the years. “We
Embassy Suites Spa & Convention Center had a big houseful of natural cherry
1700 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 custom made furniture from
757.213.8511 • Kingsmill—four corner cabinets,
tables, chairs, dressers, a bed and a lot
Thomas Nelson Community College
of artwork,” Gist says. “We sold
Historic Triangle Campus 757.253.4300
Hampton Campus 757.825.2700 almost everything.” Consigners like Aladdin because
they get 60 percent of the sales price,
The Velvet Shoestring a better split that many similar stores
311 2nd Street • Williamsburg offer. They also appreciate that their
items usually move quickly. Gist has
an expert eye for what will sell so if
Vertigo Dizzy Clinic, LLC she takes your sofa, china cabinet or
337 McLaws Circle • Williamsburg other pieces, she’s confident there’s a
757.476.6628 buyer somewhere. Aladdin’s mark- down after 30 days is just 10 percent,

The Whaling Company

compared to 15-20 percent at some
shops. Accessories such as lamps, mir-
people on the wish list and tell them
what date ‘their’ item is going to
in focus...
494 McLaws Circle • Williamsburg rors and art are never marked down. come in the door,” Gist says.
75.229.0275 But most items never make it to mark- Sometimes the store gets so busy
down. that regulars checking on when cer- Consignment
WindsorMeade of Williamsburg “Eighty-five percent of my inven- tain items are arriving end up pitching 7131 Merrimac Trail
3900 Windsor Hall Drive • Williamsburg tory moves out in less than 30 days,” in to give the team a hand. “Everyone Williamsburg, Va. 23185
757.941.3615 • toll free 866.403.5503 Gist says. wants to be in the know,” Gist says. 757.206.1665
If you’re a seller, Gist will make an Aladdin regulars stop by as often
The Williamsburg Players appointment to go to your home and as three times a week—the store is
200 Hubbard Lane • Williamsburg look at large pieces you’re interested open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday MON–FRI • 10AM–5PM
757.229.0431 in consigning. If you have accessories, through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. SAT • 10AM–4PM you can bring them in and Gist, her on Saturday. Others customers from Closed Sunday

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