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MEPL’s Admission Counselling Service –General Terms & Conditions

Limitations of the Nature and Scope of Services

Your Personal Details - In all communications, you must agree to honestly represent your identity and personal
Information. MEPL is not responsible for any mis-representation of personal or education details by the Client
at the enrolment.

Additional University & Pricing- Your standard service package will be limited to the package bought. Client will
need to buy the additional service.

Intake-The service will be applicable to an immediate admission intake available after signing for our services.
However, in the case of non-avoidable circumstances, service can be deferred for the immediate intake available.
No further deferments are allowed. For example, if you enrolled for admission intake Fall 2016 then service can be
deferred only for Jan 2017 and not beyond that. Student will need to enrol fresh for any intakes later than that.

Predicted / Estimated Grades or Test Scores - The final shortlist of universities will be made after taking into
account the expected performance of the student in final year, entrance tests or other qualifier tests. If the
performance in these critical tests is lower than the expected marks, then it could have a strong impact on the
chances of acceptance in the shortlisted universities. MEPL doesn’t take responsibility for any shortfall in the
expected performance of the student and resultant impact on admissions. It is pertinent that client applies to safe
universities in the list finalized by MEPL Advisor.

Change of Courses or Universities –You must indicate these changes to us in writing as soon as you realize. We will
then be able to research and begin discussions around the possibilities which are still open as per your new

Change of Country-The Client should specify country/ies of interest during Step 3 of the service. Change in country
will require a separate enrolment.

No Guarantee & Safe Colleges-We create shortlist for our Clients in such a way that their admission is safe. If the
Client does not follow our advice and does not apply to University shortlist as recommended by us then we cannot
be held responsible. Applying to safe options recommended by us is therefore important. In such cases where
student receives rejections from all the universities applied, we will guide and assist the student with another 5
university free of cost.

Plagiarism-International Universities take serious cognizance of Plagiarism and therefore our editing team is trained
to guide students to develop their unique documents. However, since the First draft of each document is provided
by the Client, he/she need to make sure that the matter is not copied from any source.

Application-We assist our Clients with the application process only to the extent of guiding on how to fill the
application, checking details and answering queries wrt applications. Student has to finally submit his/her
application himself/herself.
Documents are couriered to the universities by the Client. However, we will guide thoroughly.

Visa Guarantee - The visa decisions are subjective and therefore there are no visa guarantees. We will guide
thoroughly with your visa application; however, we do not guarantee outcome of your visa application.

Scholarship Guarantee- There is no scholarship guarantee. Scholarships are purely merit based and are competitive
in nature.

Reminders from MEPL – In order to keep discipline, MEPL will send up to 3 reminders for any activity which the
student / parent need to take care of. MEPL expects the said activity to be completed according to the timelines
specified in these reminders. Unfinished activities can have a strong negative impact on the admission chances of
the student.

MEPL’s Admission Counselling Service –General Terms & Conditions
Couriers and Application Fees – The actual physical couriers will be sent by the student to universities along with
bearing the courier cost. Also, the cost of the application forms / application submission which is charged by the
University will be borne by the student directly. Application fee payment, courier charges, Visa fee, Test scores
reporting, Credentials evaluations, International calls are additional charges and are not included in the Service Fee.

 Our office timings are 9:30 am to 7 pm. All communication with your advisor should be done during
the office timings only. Any dissatisfaction arising out of advisor not responding after office hours is
 All communication through e-mails should be done through our proprietary portal Suthradhar (SD).
This is to ensure tracking of your mails in case your advisor is not available at any given point in time.
 In case you are based out of India, your advisor will not make international calls and, communication
between you and your advisor would be restricted to e-mails.
 In order to ensure regular tracking of all clients milestones, all communication and freezing of
milestones will be done on SD only.
 If you do not respond to your advisors communication for two weeks then your account may be
rendered inactive. It can be re-activated however; you must contact the center you enrolled at.

Handling Dissatisfaction
 MEPL Team is committed to providing you with caring, ethical, and professional services. If, at any
time, you feel that our services have not served you to your complete satisfaction, please escalate
your concern as per escalation policy attached. We will take immediate corrective action to resolve
your concern.
 Student should not use social media to convey dissatisfaction. It should be conveyed to the proper
channel as communicated above. If our staff is ill-treated or malicious mails/SMS or any such
communication is done on any social media with malicious intent, all such actions will attract legal
action against the student.

Refund Policy -The service fee is non- refundable and non transferable. Manya’s Admission Counselling service
once started will not be eligible for refunds, including the case where the student drops his plans to study
abroad. Therefore, it is advisable to clarify all doubts about the service before making the payment.
Disclaimers- Manya takes utmost care to provide complete, genuine and correct data and information to its
clients. Manya is not responsible for the availability of and content provided on third party websites.