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It’s been eleven years from the time I started

travelling around the country and overseas. I have been
experiencing different people with their unique
mentalities and problems. Meeting people, understanding
them, treating them and satisfying them of their problems
has become my way of life. In the process, I realized
various powers that are hidden within each human being:
the tremendous powers of conquering the world.

Today, we are living in a very competitive and

commercial world. People are busy striving hard for a
happy and successful livelihood. This is the time when a
person requires knowledge that could improve his mental
abilities and help him move ahead in life. One needs to
understand and realize his inner, hidden powers about
which he is totally unaware.

No task seems to be difficult after you conquer your

own mind. You feel the happiness and get in love with
your life. The freedom that you experience is simply
beyond words.

After realizing these powers consist by each individual,

I found it necessary to put down my thoughts into black
and white and spread this knowledge through all possible
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mediums. After writing various books and delivering

lectures, I started with a unique workshop titled,
“CONQUER YOURSELF, To Conquer The World “. A
workshop that is now changing lives of people around the

Mind is the power-house that controls our body,

emotions and life. Although the mind resides within us,
very few humans have acquired total control over it.
Majority of people are the slaves of their mind, due to
which they face various problems in their lives.
Conquering your mind simply means conquering your life.

This book and the workshop – ‘CONQUER YOURSELF,

To Conquer the World’, help you realize and understand
your mind and the way of nourishing it. It scientifically
explains you the nature of mind along with the various
subjects that need to be studied and implement upon for
the control and management of mind on scientific basis. It
enlightens you with the powers that are hidden within you
and make you the master of your mind. Only you can
reawaken the magical powers of your own powerful mind,
but this book and workshop shall make you realize and
understand your powers and show you the proper way of
using them.
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About the author

Suhani Shah … Girl with a difference

Suhani Shah kick-started her journey to achieve the pillars

of success at a tender age of 7. She is a magician, orator,
psychosomatic counselor and a powerful hypnotist.
Started as magician, she travelled all round the country
and also overseas for her magic shows. The youngest
magician produced by the country performes the
complete 3 hours exciting and trilling magic show leaving
the audience spell-bound. The show has been witnessed
and the magician has been felicitated by various political
leaders and many other prominent personalities.
Performing shows, travelling to different places, meeting
different people with different mentalities has become
Suhani’s way of life. This positive personality keenly
observed every happening around and logically used her
mind to understand and analyze matters. She found
various people facing a wide range of problems that
aroused from lack of understanding and knowledge. Even
highly educated people lacked such knowledge. Many
people came to her and shared their problems thinking
that those will be solved by Suhani’s magical skills. Well,
magic is an art of presentation and not reality. This was
properly explained to them and were sent back by proper
satisfactory answers. Gradually, her discussions and
explanations with her such guests turned into counseling
sessions. At that point, observing such people Suhani
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thought it necessary to pen down her views with the hope

of helping a larger number of people. Her work got
published and this opened the doors for the young girl
towards an entire new horizon. Suhani then started
delivering lectures and conducted seminars for various
companies and organizations. Her work became her
inspiration and nothing could stop her. After having
acquired knowledge and experience, Suhani got
interested in practically treating people suffering from
various mental and physical problems through the science
of hypnotism. Today, she is a powerful hypnotist and is
creating wonders in the lives of people approaching her.

Now Suhani also has a unique workshop on mind powers

and started changing the lives of people all over. The
workshop is titled as ‘CONQUER YOURSELF, To Conquer
the World’. This is a workshop where Suhani personally
and practically teaches each student the ways of
conquering the mind, self-hypnosis and various other life
nourishing subjects.

Today, this powerful, young girl is a blend of talent,

insight, hard work and sheer determination. Suhani Shah,
a unique achiever, is renowned personality who creates a
spark of light with her magical skills and possesses
immense powers to touch the sky.
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Mind is extremely powerful. One who has conquered

his mind can control anything in the world. Once you
conquer your mind, you become a totally transformed
person, always peaceful and cheerful. No person and no
situation on the earth can deflect you. You are the king
and have the power to turn even the greatest odds
towards positivity. You are a source of light and power for
whoever comes in contact with you.

In today’s life, almost all our agonies and pains are

due to our not having proper control over our mind.
Instead of mastering our mind, we have become the
slaves of it. Unless we restore our master status and
overcome our mind, we are bound to be unhappy and
stressed. Understanding mind and its power has now
become a necessity of the society.

Mind powers cannot be generated, as they already

exist in every human being. Each individual has been
endowed with equal powers of the mind. The difference is
in the way of different people using them. Most of the
people are not even aware of such powers. These powers
can perform wonders. The proof of the existence of such
powers can be seen when we go back in the ancient
times. It was the time when people were able to
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remember matters without noting them and know the

happenings of a distant place without any cell phone or
television. These powers exist even today. However, due
to the development of technology, exposure and
competition, human has become dependable, weak and
has lost himself along with his powers in the hustle and
bustle of life. Human has made himself weak and has
cultivated various mental diseases like lack of confidence,
frustration depression or any other. However, all this
mental diseases can be overcome and u can retain your
mental power with a little practice and determination.

It’s never too late. You can become the master of your
mind and life and enter the path of happiness, peace and
successful living.
10 | P a g e

“You are your

11 | P a g e

Change your
thoughts and
you shall
12 | P a g e


The human mind possesses immense powers. You

aren't even aware of the powers that your mind is
possessing. However, before knowing those powers,
we first need to understand how does our mind work,
how can we change are mentality and moreover, what
mind is.

On meeting the student who grabbed 1st rank in the

class, a teenager who topped the university or an
adult successfully running a big business empire, the
thoughts that arise in our mind are 'He is very
intelligent', 'His mind is very sharp' and 'His brain is
very powerful'. Here, we need to understand that
mind, brain and intelligence are three different

13 | P a g e

Brain is a physical organ like any other organ of the

human body. If you see the diagram of the human
body, you can easily find brain as the top-most organ.
It’s an organ of the body that is visible and has a
The function of this body organ is to send orders to
each part of the body to perform in a particular
manner. Therefore, if your body is functioning
properly, it is because your brain is functioning
properly. Each body part is connected with a portion of
the brain from where it gets the orders to perform in a
certain manner. Hence, if a body part is not working
properly, the problem is not in that part, but on that
portion of the brain from where it is connected.

If you find a physically challenged person, one whose

hand is not working or who can't stand on his legs and
analyze the problem, you shall find that there is
nothing wrong with his body parts but the defect is on
certain portion of the brain from where the limbs are
There could be various reasons for the defect on the
• Lack of oxygen at the time of birth
• Less supply of blood to the brain
• Black spot on the brain
• Injuries on the brain

Therefore, physically you are normal; it is because

your brain is working properly.

It is very important for our brain to work powerfully as

only due to it we shall be able to work in a proper
manner. If we want our brain to work in an effective
14 | P a g e

manner, we need to eat nutritious food. Proper intake

of food is very necessary for the proper working of the
brain. Weakness in the body, low energy level,
sleeping disorders is the few problems faced if the
brain is not supplied proper nutrients.

This states that brain is totally related with our

physical appearance, strength and abilities.

There is a system working inside this brain. This

system is our MIND.

Each body-organ has a function to perform. Now, the

function of the eyes is to see. The organ (eyes) is
visible but the eyesight is abstract. Eyesight is not
visible. In the same way, brain is visible, but the mind
that is working inside the brain is invisible.


Mind can be defined as a system or a process running

inside the brain.

It is not an organ. It is not visible nor is it having a

structure. Being non-physical, it has no weight nor can
it be quantified in any measurement. One's mentality
totally depends on the working of the mind. As the
physical functioning of the body depends on the brain
in the same way the mental working depends on the
mind. Our mentality, behaviour, character and
attitude, all is dependent on the working of the mind.
15 | P a g e

Now, the question is, how does the mind work?

As explained earlier, mind is a system working inside
the brain. Now, every system works by some or the
other medium. An engine can work properly only by
proper supplement of oil. A machine works by the
power of electricity. Similarly, human mind works by
the power of thoughts. YES, it our own thoughts that
develops our mentality, behaviour, character and
attitude. If you wish to change any of it, than you first
need to change your thoughts. By changing your
thoughts you automatically bring a change in your
mind as it is only thoughts that the entire mind

Mental abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance

(perceiving distant scenes by mind), clairaudience
(listening to distant sound by mind), etc. are all
directly manipulated by our mind. There are few
people who develop their mental powers to such an
extent that during their life time itself, they can leave
their body at will and travel as far as they desire and
then return to their body.

Hence, every human is powerful and miraculous, just

because every human has a mind. A mind filled with
powers. You can’t even imagine the extent of the
powers your mind possesses. However, once you start
your journey towards understanding, controlling and
developing mind, you shall eventually, realize the
miraculous side of you.
16 | P a g e


The term 'Mind Powers' is now being used

commonly. However, we need to understand the
actual meaning of it. What are the powers of our
mind? Are our abilities our powers? Is our intelligence
our powers? Is our confidence our power? Or is it our
talent? NO. Our abilities, skills, intelligence develop as
we grow. They cannot be our powers because our
mind powers are in-born. Mind powers are originated
from our mind and our mind consists sheer thoughts.
Therefore, mind powers are nothing but our own
thoughts, our thinking. Every normal human being has
the power to think, hence, every individual has been
gifted by the powers of mind. Your thoughts can
create wonders but only if you realize their powers and
use them in a positive and effective manner. In
ancient times, people used their mind powers
tremendously. Reading the happenings of the history,
you shall feel that those were the years of miracles.
Sitting at a place a person could see the happenings of
a distant place. People used to remember matters and
information without any writing. Send messages and
make things happen just by thinking about them. Well,
there are many such incidents that can be added to
the list. My main concern here is to make you
understand that those weren't the years of miracles.
Instead, those were the years, when human was super
powerful. Human was powerful because he used the
powers of his mind. Those so called miracles are
possible even today only if human practices and starts
using his powers. Today, the world is advancing. In
this 21st century, with the development of technology,
17 | P a g e

exposure and cut- throat competition, people have lost

themselves. They have lost the powers of their mind.
Why will a person use the powers of his mind to know
what is happening at a distant place when he is having
a cell phone to call and ask regarding it. However, by
losing the mind powers, human has become weak. In
fact, human has made himself weak.

Nevertheless, it’s never too late. Even now you

can make yourself powerful by understanding your
mind and using it in the most effective, positive and
productive manner. Once you conquer your mind, you
become a totally transformed person, always at peace
and cheerful. No person or situation can deflect you
from your state of equilibrium. You reach a state
where you feel like the king of the kings and have the
power of doing whatever you wish to. All your present
fears and negative thoughts simply disappear and you
become a totally self-controlled person.
To use the powers of the mind we first need to
understand MIND - its various aspects, its working,
way of controlling and finally, conquering it.
18 | P a g e

Each human being is having a mind. This mind has

been divided in three stages. REMEMBER, we have
one single mind, just for the sake of convenience and
understanding; we have created three divisions of it.

1. Conscious Mind
2. Sub-Conscious Mind
3. Super-Conscious Mind

All human actions and emotions erupt from mind.

Understanding and controlling mind simply means
understanding and controlling the divisions on mind.
Once we understand each division and its function,
we can than have a total control over our thoughts
as well as our emotions.
19 | P a g e

“Mind has the

power to make
hell of heaven
and heaven of
hell, depending
the way you use
20 | P a g e

Now, let us understand each division of the human



Conscious mind is the upmost division. It is door for

the matters to enter the mind. We are in contact with
the outer world through the conscious mind. We stay
awake, active and alert due to the activeness of the
conscious mind. Whatever we are doing, it is by our
conscious mind. We sit, stand, move around,
presently you are reading this book, all this is
happening by our conscious mind. Therefore,
conscious mind is also known as the normal stage of
mind. If the conscious mind gets deactivated, we
than leave contact with the outer world and this
happens every single day in our lives. YES, each day
our conscious mind gets deactivated and we leave
contact with the outer, physical world. However, the
question is, when does it get deactivated? The
answer is simple. Conscious mind gets deactivated
when you sleep. Every day when we sleep, we leave
contact with the outer world. We are not able to hear
sounds or feel the touch of something or person.
Often, we don't even realize the time that passed by.
All this is due to the deactivation of the conscious

How does the conscious mind stay in contact

with the outer physical world?
21 | P a g e

All living creatures have senses. Humans have the

following senses:
1. Sense of seeing
2. Sense of hearing
3. Sense of smell
4. Sense of taste
5. Sense of touch

These five senses exist in each normal human being

and these are controlled by the conscious mind.
Therefore, the conscious mind stays in contact with
the outer world through these senses. When the
conscious mind gets deactivated, these senses stop
working and the human is unable to experience all
that happens around or with him.

Hence, we are able to see this beautiful world, hear

different sounds, smell the fragrance, taste various
types of food and feel the touch due to the conscious

Another function of the conscious mind is to think.

YES, all the thinking process is done by the conscious
mind. All the analyzing, reasoning, discussing and
calculating process is carried out in the conscious
mind. If you are thinking, your conscious mind is
active. Deactivation of the conscious mind , stops the
thinking process. So, there are three main points to
be remembered for the conscious mind.

1). We stay in contact with the outer physical world

through the conscious mind.
2). The five senses of ours are active and controlled
by the conscious mind.
22 | P a g e

3). All the thinking is done by the conscious mind.

We analyze, reason, discuss and calculate by the
conscious mind.
23 | P a g e


Sub-conscious mind is the second division of mind.

Sub-division mind is also known as the "store-house"
of our memories. All the matters that you remember
today, like your name, birth date, parents, religion,
incidents that occurred 10 yrs ago, the work that you
had been doing few hours back and so on, is due to
the storage in sub-conscious mind.
Over here the question is, how do matters enter
the sub-conscious mind?
As said earlier, matters enter the mind through the
conscious mind. Now, all the matters that enter
conscious mind than travels to sub-conscious mind
and settle here. There is no limit to the storage area
of sub-conscious mind. The storage process starts
right from the time of birth and ends at the last
breath. Therefore, its said, "Memories last forever".
However, by using the techniques of hypnotism or
meditation, one can also eliminate the unwanted
thoughts from the sub-conscious mind.
Secondly, unlike the conscious mind, the sub-
conscious mind does not have the power to think on
its own and therefore, it can easily get influenced.
Let’s have an example over here, to make it clearer.

Now, as sub-conscious mind does not have the ability

to understand and analyze, this leads to a
development of emotions. All the emotions (love,
hatred, jealousy, anger frustration, depression, fear,
etc) are generated from sub-conscious mind.
Therefore, for the one who desires to get a control
24 | P a g e

over emotions will first need to conquer the sub-

conscious mind.

So, the three main points for sub-conscious mind are

as follows:-

1). Sub-conscious mind is the store house of our

2). Sub-conscious mind lacks the ability of analyzing
and understanding and can therefore be easily
3). All the human emotions like love, hatred,
jealousy, anger, fear frustration and depression are
generated from the sub-conscious mind.


The third division of mind is super-conscious mind.

Super-conscious mind is pure and miraculous. It is
clean and thoughtless.

Today, if you are asked, "Who are you?"

The reply comes with your name. If you are asked to
tell something more about yourself then the name of
your parents, your religion, your profession and your
nationality is added by you.
Over here, we need to understand that whatever we
are today, it is not our real self. None of us is pure
and original. Today we are what our experience and
circumstances made us. We are known by a certain
name that we were given by our parents. Our
mentality is developed according to the environment
25 | P a g e

we received and the thoughts that were put in our

mind at our tender ages. Today, none of is us pure.
We were pure when we were born. YES, when you
were born, that was your real self, the original you.
When a child takes birth, it is at the super-conscious
state. Gradually, the sub-conscious and conscious
mind start becoming powerful and eventually the
super-conscious mind (the real you) gets buried
within your own self. However, even today, it can be
experienced by diverting conscious mind inwards,
deactivating sub-conscious mind and finally entering
super-conscious mind. This is possible through deep
meditation and even self-hypnotism.

Therefore, main points for super-conscious mind are

1). Super-conscious mind is pure, thoughtless and
2). Super-conscious mind is our real self.

These are the three divisions in which the mind has

been divided for proper understanding of it.
26 | P a g e

“Once you control

your mind,
happiness and
peace comes as a
27 | P a g e


Everyone is in struggle of a happy and successful

life. Some can’t find peace of mind, some do not
28 | P a g e

have control over their emotions and some are

having memory problems while some are unhappy
with the kind of personality they possess. This
struggle leads to various camps, classes and
workshops being conducted for different subjects.
However, here is a unique workshop that claims to
provide you all that you require, under one roof. Be it
meditation or developing your personality,
confidence boosting, fear elimination, memory
techniques, hypnosis or self-hypnotism. You now do
not need to travel to different places for learning
them. Here is a workshop that enlightens you with all
these subjects and guarantees you total satisfaction
and happiness.
29 | P a g e


MEDITATION - Meditation is all about relaxing the

various thoughts arising within the mind. There are
various techniques to meditate, yet there are people
who avoid it considering it to be boring or time-
consuming or both.
One needs to understand that the best and only way
to relax mind in this competitive, fast moving world
is meditation.
Now, let me make meditation easier for you. If you
think that meditating means waking up early
morning, sitting at an open place, in a particular
posture for a certain period of time then you are all
Meditation is all about being comfortable and
experiencing peace and positivity.
Meditation is simply focusing your mind on
something. Reading a book is a form of meditation,
as watching a movie. Thinking about the last
discussion with a friend or about the work pending at
the office is also meditation. Listening to CD is also

Yoga - It’s all about controlling your body, keeping it

fit and staying healthy. Hearing the word yoga, we
directly relate it to our body and various
30 | P a g e

Now, here we relate yoga with mind. YES, performing

yoga for controlling, relaxation and development of

How will yoga help us for controlling mind?

Yoga is for the improvement of the body, while

meditation is for the improvement of the mind. How
about combining both, yoga and meditation and
preparing techniques that help human for calming
and achieving control over mind.

The only and important rule meditation holds is, one

should never move out of his/her comfort zone.

You can meditate properly only if you are

comfortable. Though you try meditating for hours ,
if your aren't comfortable , you may receive no
positive results .Two minutes of proper meditation
can give such miraculous results that you might have
never thought of.

Hence, with techniques combining yoga and

meditation, it becomes easier for any person to
control the mind in their own way and use it. These
techniques can be performed at any time of the day
and at any place. You need to do it as long as you
are comfortable. Don’t force yourself to for a longer
time exceeding your comfort zone, as this will lead to
lack of concentration and diversion of mind. You
need to enjoy what you do.

Yoga and meditation are very down-to-earth and

practical and it is available to everyone regardless of
31 | P a g e

what religion you practice. Although many

meditations are inspired by spiritual traditions, but
here are meditations with the motivation of simply
creating a happier life for yourself.
32 | P a g e

“Meditation is
the only and
best way of
relaxing the
33 | P a g e

There are various techniques that are taught in the

workshop- ‘CONQUER YOURSELF, To Conquer the
World’. One of the basic breathing exercises has
been explained below in brief.

1. Sit comfortable on the chair or floor with your

eyes closed and back straight.

2. Inhale and exhale. The breathing should be

deep and slow.

3. While inhaling, speak in your mind, “All the

positivity is entering my body.” and while exhaling,
“The negativity from my body is being eliminated".

4. You have to enrich your mind by positive

thoughts and eliminate all fear and odds within it.

5. Continue such suggestions for some time and

then stay silent for a minute or two.

6. Then rub your hands against each other,

pass it over face and eyes. Slowly open your eyes.

7. You shall instantly feel fresh and positive.

Now, you are ready to face the world with a new
energy within
34 | P a g e


Hypnosis as a phenomenon is now becoming well

documented and more readily accepted.
Unfortunately, it is still clouded in mystery as far as
the public at large is concerned. People have terrible
misconceptions about this science. Many eyebrows
are raised. Several suspicions are expressed. They
think it as a fiction, black magic or illusion.
There is a certain kind of fear that has aroused in the
mind of people regarding this scientific phenomenon
of hypnotism. This is partly out of sheer ignorance of
fake hypnotists who do not have any basic
knowledge about the science of behaviour.

The other reasons could be…

1) Misguided beliefs

Due to lack of knowledge of hypnotism, people aren't

able to understand it and therefore, wrong
statements are spread in the society regarding it.
People are misguided as there are people who use
hypnotism for their livelihood, giving it the name of
‘black magic’ or some sort of ‘tantra mantra’.
Innocent and helpless people get trapped and
therefore, false face of hypnotism comes before the

2) Over-stated Claims

There are magicians saying that they hypnotize their

audience and the audience is able to see only what
35 | P a g e

the magician desires. Also there are certain

hypnotists and many other institutional heads who
desire to be unique for which they claim to have
powers gathered from the universe. Such over-stated
claims make hypnotism a matter of public ignorance.

3) Entertaining shows of hypnotism.

There are hypnotists performing stage shows, where

they explain the science of hypnotism, but along with
it also display certain sort of vulgarity. They call
about 10-15 persons from the audience , hypnotize
them and make them dance , sit, stand, and various
other activities, which on one hand are enjoyed by
the audience but on the other hand is increasing
distance between hypnotism and a common person,
who would never wish to become a matter of
laughter for others.

4) Television Clippings

Nowadays, television has a great impact on children

as well as elders. Various movies and programs are
being aired on television displaying the act of
hypnotism where the hypnotized person contempt
murder or robbery on the instructions of the
hypnotist. A person signs a contract or a lady who
gives away all her ornaments to a stranger who
hypnotizes her. People have been watching incidents
on the television, which creates a wrong impression
of this science in the minds of common people. There
could be other reasons also.
36 | P a g e

One fact to be remembered is none can hypnotize

you, if you aren't willing to be hypnotized. YES, it
can't happen without your wish. No one can be
forcibly hypnotized.

Now, in today's life, it is necessary to understand the

science of hypnotism as it is being used in various
fields. Be it crime branch, medical field, marketing or
our day-to-day life. Hypnotism is being used
everywhere. Hence, it has become a necessity for
each individual to understand and use it for a better
life, professionally and personally.

What is the phenomenon of hypnotism?

Hypnotism is totally related to conscious and sub-

conscious mind. Whenever a person, thing or an
incident creates an impact on one's sub-conscious
mind, the person is hypnotized.

How a hypnotist hypnotizes?

A hypnotist, through his techniques, deactivates a

person’s conscious mind and grabs total control over
sub-conscious mind. Then the hypnotist gives proper
instructions or suggestions to person's sub-conscious
mind, which get stored there and finally the person is
brought back to the normal state of mind
(consciousness or conscious mind).

What does the hypnotized person experience

during the process of hypnotism?
37 | P a g e

The hypnotized person gets into the states of semi-

sleep. As the conscious mind has been deactivated,
he is unable to experience any happening. His mind
and body is not in his control. He is not aware of the
suggestions are given to his sub-conscious mind.
After the person is brought back to the normal state
of mind, he is unable to remember all that had
happened with him yet he starts implementing upon
the suggestions that were given to him as they are
stored in his sub-conscious mind.

Example: For the treatment of a person who is

addicted to smoking and is willing to give it up, a
hypnotist will hypnotize the person and will suggest
him that he is capable of giving up smoking, will
state the evil effects of smoking and such related
suggestions. Then after he is brought back to his
consciousness, automatically and gradually he gets
rid of smoking.

Hence, in a common man’s language, we can say

that controlling and instructing one’s mind is called

Hypnotism is being used in our day-to-day life. Let’s

take an example of young boy and girl fallen in love
for each other. This loving couple is even ready to
die for each other. People say that they are made for
each other and their hearts can never be separated.
REMEMBER, love and all other emotions like hatred,
jealously, anger, frustration, depression and fear are
generated from the mind and not heart. The boy and
girl have been influenced by each other and are
ruling over each other’s conscious mind. Therefore,
38 | P a g e

they will help and support each other in all deeds

and activities disregard they are right or wrong. This
is because their conscious mind is under the remit of
sub-conscious mind and as the sub-conscious mind is
influenced, it is being controlled by their partner. If
for any reason, there is a break-up between the two,
the entire situation changes. The two who were
ready to give away their lives for each other are not
even willing to see their partner’s face. This is
because, the influence is lost and they are back to
their consciousness. Therefore, being in love is also
sort of hypnotism.

Now, what if one controls own mind?

Hypnotizing and controlling your own mind is called


Any person can hypnotize himself and attain a

peaceful state of mind. It is also known as auto-
Unlike hypnotism, in self-hypnotism you don't require
a hypnotist. You are in total control of yourself and
you can instruct your mind according to your wish.
Your conscious mind also stays active. It is only
through self-hypnotism, you can achieve a total
mastery over your mind

There is a belief in the public that learning self-

hypnotism is very difficult and cannot be acquired by
all. Well, contrary to this, fact is that anyone can
learn it, provided one must have a strong will, clear
mind and an effective determination to learn self-
39 | P a g e

Benefits of hypnotism:-

Hypnotism and self-hypnosis helps us in all walks of

life. It helps you to recognize your real self and
improve yourself whenever and wherever necessary.
It helps you get rid of all your bad habits like
smoking, boozing, drugs and any other. You become
a master of your mind and your influencing power
increases. Your confidence is boosted to the extreme
and your will-power also improves. You come out of
your frustration and depression. You stay in total
control of yourself. Self- hypnotism is a boon to those
suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness). One can
have relief from anger, stress and phobias.

Hypnosis is not just a cure for all diseases or a

means of becoming superhuman or a miracle man. It
is a method of reaching your mind and discovering
the hidden powers and abilities, which most of us fail
to tap, thus preventing ourselves from attaining full
It leads you towards a better and successful living.
40 | P a g e


Many people come up with the problem of not being

able to remember matters. Students have the
problem of memorizing answers, dates and events.
When they are not able to remember properly, they
along with their parents, name it as a concentration
problem. One needs to understand that none can
have concentration problem unless and until the
person can watch a three hours long movie, listen to
songs for long, sit at a place for about an hour and
watch television. These are the basic activities that a
person lacking concentration can't get involved in.
Students, who are not able to remember matters, are
not suffering from concentration problems. They are
actually having a problem in recalling the matters
that they have already learnt. Not only with students,
even elders have problem in remembering names,
faces, phone numbers roadways, etc. they suffer
from the same recalling problem. However, they
sometimes blame their advancing age for it and
other times just make excuses.

Whether a student or an executive, a homemaker or

a businessman, good memory is one thing that
comes handy in everyone's life. Everyone wants to
possess a good memory because it could make a
tremendous difference to their lives. YOU, too want
to develop a fantastic memory, isn't it?

Well, the good news is that anyone can have a good

memory. It is not at all difficult to develop this
41 | P a g e

particular faculty provided one makes a serious

attempt to achieve it.
42 | P a g e

"Memory is like
a knife. The
more you use it,
the sharper it
43 | P a g e

What is memory?
Memory is the power of conscious mind to recall any
information that has been stored in sub-conscious
mind. Sub-conscious mind, the store-house, has
everything stored in it. We need to make no
attempts to store matters in it. All the things that we
see, hear, smell, taste and feel through our senses
directly get stored in the sub-conscious mind.
Sometimes, our conscious mind is easily able to
recall them and at other times it fails. However,
being unable to recall, does not mean that the
matter is not stored in the sub-conscious mind.

What is a good memory and a bad memory?

The efficiency of conscious mind to recall matters
from sub-conscious mind is what makes our memory
good or bad. As such, there is nothing like good or
bad memory. It is just a matter of training conscious
mind to recall efficiently.

Remembering is a process that must be learned just

like walking, eating, talking, telling time and
calculating. We learnt these as a child and now we
can perform these without any conscious effort.
Similarly, the process of recalling also involves
various techniques that can be learnt. Once you
learn them and implement on them, you will have
hundred times more power of knowledge and
experience than what you have now.

The workshop, 'CONQUER YOURSELF, To Conquer the

World' has various such techniques that make you a
44 | P a g e

memory master and help you to recall any

information within seconds.

One of the basic techniques is as follows:

Suppose you have to memorize a list of 10 items in a

3. CAR
4. PEN

Now, we are not going to repeatedly read the list in

order to memorize it. On the contrary, we are going
to link a word with the other in a typical manner so
that we can easily remember and recall it. For this,
we are going to use our imagination in a creative
though illogical manner.

Let’s start.
Imagine a huge colorful ball. This ball breaks in four
equal parts and a banana comes out of it. This is not
a normal banana that we can eat. This banana is
similar to a human. It has hands, legs and also a
face. This banana sits in a car and starts driving it.
Well, everything is possible in our imagination. A big
pen is seen and the car has an accident with it,
leaving the pen into pieces. Now, you pick up one
45 | P a g e

such broken piece and find it to be a mirror. You

bring it home and place it upon your table. Below the
table you find a newspaper. You open it and
suddenly a clown jumps out of it with a cake in its
hand. You cut the cake and eat it. Soon after that,
the clown jumps inside the television and disappears.
Over here, we are not memorizing words, but are
imagining them in color and in form of a story.
Remembering words is difficult but not a story. This
story has all the above 10 words in a sequence. All
you have to do imagine the story and you shall
automatically be able to recall the words.

When a pianist plays all the notes correctly, there is

no one to appreciate but one wrong note heard and
the pianist is noticed by all. Similarly, we might
forget things that are practical and logical but funny
and illogical matters are often remembered.
Therefore, for memorizing the list of items, we use
our imagination in an illogical, ridiculous and funny
manner so that we can remember and recall them
This was just a simple technique known as the ‘LINK


A very unique self-study method is taught in the

workshop by which you can memorize any matter
within no time. Be it long answers, articles, speeches
or any other matter, if it is written and is to be
memorized, you can do it without much of effort. You
will not even have to waste time in revising it. You
46 | P a g e

once learn it and you are able to remember it as long

as you wish. You start understanding matters quickly
and your writing speed also increases.

By this unique self-study method, students have

solved all their study problems and have shown a
remarkable improvement in their academic results.
As it’s a self-study method, the child requires
attending no extra classes for studies. This method
makes studying easier and interesting.
47 | P a g e

“What you study

is not
important; what
you remember
of what you
study is
48 | P a g e
49 | P a g e
50 | P a g e


In today's life, scoring good marks in school or

college, having talent and productive abilities or
acquiring the knowledge of the facts and figures of
the particular field in which one is trying to move
ahead is not enough for progressing. It is a
competitive world and these qualities are of no worth
if you are not able to present yourself in the most
effective and attractive manner. You need to have a
personality that proves yourself. Having a powerful
and dynamic personality that reflects your positivity
and talent is necessary. If you have productive skills
in you, you need to confidently and effectively show
it to the world. Your personality should reflect the
kind of person you are.

If you enter a place, you should be noticed and after

you leave, your absence should be felt. This is what I
define as an influencing personality.
Possessing a powerful and dynamic personality is the
desire of every human being. We all like to be
noticed and appreciated.

What is an influencing personality?

Many people believe that having a good personality
means having a beautiful face, dressing up well,
possessing big cars and costly cell-phones. Well, all
this is an artificial side of a person. Though these
show your style but the real personality lies within
you. The recipe of an influencing personality is
simple and can be learnt. Your personality is the way
51 | P a g e

you walk, talk, behave and greet others. It’s your

confidence and the sharpness of your face.
Heads always turn towards the person with a sharp
and confident face, proper body language and
effective communication skills. You can’t stop
yourself from being influenced by such a personality.


The purpose of communication skills is to deliver

your message to others in the best way possible.
Your manner of communicating and dealing with
others makes you win the race. Having effective
communication skills helps a person to be better in
presenting himself, being confident and most
importantly, winning others just by words, in both,
business and personal lives.

Since we are born with the ability to speak, we think

that we are born with good communication skills too
just because we have been communicating with
others all our life.
Well, we need to understand that there is a
difference between communicating with people and
effectively communicating with people.
Many a times, people are not able to convey the
information they have in a proper manner. People
are often misunderstood by others. There are people
who forget what they were to say after half of the
matter is delivered. Many a times you are not able to
convince others with your point and blame them for
not understanding you. Well, there are many other
problems that are commonly faced but they go
52 | P a g e

unseen as people often have excuses to satisfy


Communicating skills are not about for how long or

fast you speak. It’s about what and how you speak,
it’s about specific and effective speaking.

Few points that you need to keep in mind for

effective communications are:

• Be specific (Do not rattle over matters)

• Listen to what the other person has to say.
• Don’t interrupt. Let the other person complete.
• Notice the other person.
• Use their name while greeting and speaking to
• Compliment them when they deserve it.

One basic rule of good communication: Treat the

other person as you wish to be treated.

Communication skills and body language

complement each other. If you speak effectively but
your body gestures aren’t effective and reflecting
your speech, it states lack of proper presentation and
confidence. Similarly, if your body gestures are
confident, you walk and stand confidently but if you
aren’t able to put your thoughts into words in a
proper manner, even then it’s a flop. Therefore, you
need to attractively convey your thoughts to others
along with proper body gestures so that your total
personality influences others.
53 | P a g e

Communication skills cannot be learnt just by

reading or listening about it. You need to actually
communicate with others in order to learn and
improve. Therefore, the workshop, ‘CONQUER
YOURSELF, To Conquer the World’, practically
teaches such influencing skills through various
demonstrations that help you in bringing instant
changes in yourself.


If a child starts crying few hours after drinking his

last bottle, the mother precisely knows what he is
feeling: He’s hungry.
Every day, whether we are discussing with relatives,
speaking to our boss or judging whether our friend
really likes our new dress, we are trying to read each
other’s mind. Drawing on our observations, our
databank of memories, our powers of reason, and
our wellsprings of emotion, we constantly make
logical guesses about what another person is
thinking and feeling. Throughout the most heated
argument or the most light-hearted chat, we're
intently collecting clues to what's on the other
person's mind at the moment. Mind reading of this
sort is a critical human skill. It’s the way we analyze
other people’s behaviour and talks and decide their
next moves on our own. Mind reading enables us to
negotiate, compete, cooperate, and achieve
emotional closeness with others. It lets us figure out
when we're being manipulated or seduced. It's how
we know when someone finds our jokes hilarious or
54 | P a g e

is honouring us out of politeness. It enables us to

understand people and helps us in developing our
convincing power along with boosting our

Such mind reading skills are properly explained and

taught in the workshop.
55 | P a g e

“There is a huge
gap between what
you are and what
you can be.”
56 | P a g e


Art of living. We all live our lives and we know the

way we are living it. Some are having business
problems while some are unhappy with their
personal lives. People are going through
concentration problems, lack of confidence,
frustration, depression, fears and phobias. Parents
are worried for their children while children are
tensed due to studies or friends. The head of the
family is balancing between professional and
personal lives and the house-wife has lost herself in
managing the family. Be an adult, a teenager or a
child, everyone is busy and facing problems. In this
hectic life, when do we actually sit and relax? When
do we find time for ourselves? In the entire day,
when do we find peace in our mind and a smile on
our face?

Well, art of living is all about living your life with joy
and happiness. Doing what you are supposed to do
with ease and a calm mind.

We get to travel this journey of life only once and

therefore, enjoying it is very important. Instead of
finding faults in it, we need to find the faults that we
have unconsciously created in ourselves and
eliminate them.

After acquiring the knowledge of mind powers and

getting them to work in a positive way, your lifestyle
automatically changes. You feel happy and secured.
You do your work and live your life with confidence
57 | P a g e

and enthusiasm. You basically start living your life in

a proper manner.
58 | P a g e

To Conquer the World

CONQUER YOURSELF, To Conquer the World, is a

workshop, entirely based on the powers the human
mind possesses. If you wish to win over the world,
you first need to win over your own self. Conquer
yourself simply means conquering your mind and
once you master your own mind, it becomes easier
to master over others. It is a workshop that makes
you realize your hidden powers by which you
become a master of your mind and develop a
powerful and a dynamic personality. There are
various subjects about which people are either
confused or totally unaware. Such subjects like mind-
waves, states of mind, telepathy, hypnotism, self-
hypnotism, will-power and many others, are clearly
explained, taught and demonstrated in the
workshop. It is a unique workshop that with
illustrations and practical demonstrations makes you
realize how powerful you are. You can do wonders by
using your mind effectively. By the science of self-
hypnotism you enable yourself to do whatever you
wish to and your confidence is boosted to the

After acquiring the knowledge of mind powers, you

develop a positive attitude and look towards life with
a positive view. You become a practical person and
get rid of your short temperedness, depression or
59 | P a g e

frustration. You are able to read other people’s mind

and are therefore able to handle different people and
situations accordingly.

Until you had been just adjusting yourself with life

but remember, you are born to live and not living
just because you are born. Here is your chance to
revive yourself and lead your life by your terms.

CONQUER YOURSELF is a workshop that guarantees

you a total positive change in your thinking, attitude,
behaviour, personality and life.

The workshop has being creating wonders in the

lives of people and now you get the chance of
discovering the hidden, bright side of you.

To Conquer the
60 | P a g e


Seminars and workshops conducted by Suhani Shah

guarantee a positive change in anyone’s life if the
person pays in his/her sincere effort.

Suhani Shah has being conducting seminars on

various subject like:
• Parenting
• Women Empowerment
• Time-management & Work Efficiency
• Mind Powers
• Communication Skills
• Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis
• Confidence Boosting
• Concentration & Memory Techniques

She has also being conducting workshops for various

schools, colleges, institutions and organizations.
Special workshops have been organized for people
involved in different professions like:

• Teachers and lecturers

• Students (Above 12 years)
• Company Employees
• LIC Agents and Bank Employees
• Executives
• Workshop on Memory Techniques (All ages)
61 | P a g e

Suhani Shah’s workshops are highly commendable and

are gaining a high response everywhere.

“For they
conquer who
have confidence
and believe
they can.”
62 | P a g e
63 | P a g e

We have made a journey through various

stages of mind and the proper ways of
nourishing it. To common people they are
enigmatic, mysterious and unfathomable. I
have tried to demystify them to show you
that they are within the reach of a
common man. This book and the workshop,
‘CONQUER YOURSELF’ is totally based on
mind, its powers and how much you can
achieve by acquiring control over it.
Whatever we are today, it’s due to our
mind. All around there is a cut-throat
competition and in such a world everyone
is called upon to make a mark, to carve a
niche. In such a scenario, none but you
yourself can help yourself. And you can
help yourself by manipulating your mind.
You can perform miracles. The power lies
within you – you miraculous men and
women, boys and girls. Good luck.
64 | P a g e

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