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Free Kindle Books for Kids

Get children's ebooks for free

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by Stacy Fisher
Updated December 16, 2018

These free Kindle books for kids will encourage your kids to read more and will save you the money
and time from going to the bookstore.

You'll be surprised at all the free Kindle books for kids out there. Non- iction and iction books, from
everything from animals to fairies. These free Kindle books are for all ranges of kids, too, from
toddlers all the way up to young adults.

Are you looking for even more books? I have a list of the best places to ind free Kindle books which
will help you ind a good book, too. You'll also want to check out these lists of how to get more free
books and where you can download free audio books.

Do you have a Nook instead of a Kindle? No worries, you can ind lots of free Nook books you can
download, too.

Important: Please be aware that some of the free Kindle books for kids that you come
across are only free for a limited time. Before you download any free Kindle book double-
check that the book is listed for $0.00 before you download it.

01 Amazon's Free Kids Ebooks

of 16
What We Like What We Don't Like
Downloading books is easy. It's easy for kids to accidentally purchase
things on Amazon.

The irst place you should go to ind free Kindle books for kids is Amazon. Nearly all of the websites
in this list point you to Amazon's website, so visiting it directly will take you right to the source.

The kids' ebooks at Amazon are categorized in the Children's eBooks section, and there are plenty
of subsections to help organize them, such as Animals, Sports & Outdoors, Comics & Graphic
Novels, Early Learning,  and Action & Adventure.

The books listed on Amazon are the top 100 best sellers, and they're updated hourly. There may
also be free books for kids in the Kindle Store's Limited-Time Offers section.

Visit Amazon's Free Kids Ebooks

02 OverDrive Through Your Public Library
of 16
What We Don't Like
No late fees for overdue books.

Participating libraries let you check out free Kindle kids books through OverDrive, similar to
checking out a physical, paper book.

Over 190,000 ebooks for children are available in the Young Adult and Juvenile sections of the

Once you've had a book for a few weeks, it will automatically be taken off your Kindle, which is a bit
similar to a regular book lending program that involves non-digital books.

For more information on how OverDrive works, see Amazon's customer service on how to borrow
Kindle books from a public library.

Visit OverDrive Through Your Public Library

03 eReaderIQ
of 16
With handy features and over 20 subcategories under the Children's eBooks genre, you can surely
ind lots of free Kindle books for kids at eReaderIQ.

Amazon's star rating, number of reviews, and description are shown for each book without having
to leave the website. You can also see when eReaderIQ last checked that the book was free, which
is really nice.

These Kindle books can be sorted so you can ind the most recently added ones, those with the
highest star rating, and ebooks that have the most reviews.

Visit eReaderIQ
04 Project Gutenberg
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Another place to ind free Kindle books for kids is Project Gutenberg. With 15 subsections,
like History, Literature, Picture Books, and Book Series, you're bound to ind something worth

You're able to read these ebooks online as well as download them for a Kindle and copy them to
cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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